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tv   Reporter - Last Farmer Standing - Defying a Giant  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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old number one ash party has just won the australian open after defeating danielle collins in the final on saturday bought he becomes the 1st australian woman in 44 years to win a grand slam title at home. the 25 year old australian took the 1st set, $63.00. the 2nd set was a back and forth battle with the american collins. but barty proved too much taking it's $76.00. the victory is bought. he's a 3rd major title after the french open in 2019 and wimbledon in 2021. congratulations ash monte, or this is daily news that your news update this hour. we'll have more for you at the top of the next out. i'm rebecca racist likes watching. literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see myself as the
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they often bulldoze whatever stands in their way. dozens of villages have already been flattened and it seems little god will be next other than the district government decided to expropriate will. but residence and activists are fighting back. they don't want more cool powered electricity about where's the since and touting an energy transition while flattening a village to mine, more coal who were on route to live, so that in the far west of germany, more than 1500 people once lived here and in the neighboring villages, most of now moved away in their place. climate activists have come. they are
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currently about $100.00 of them here. there are also private security forces working for energy company. ave. they keep an eye on what's going on here. loses lies within a few dozen meters of the gods. valesvi i opened, cast mine, which local simply call the whole every year across germany. ebay a produces about 100000000 tons of leg night brown coal. he presses, pushing further and further into the landed, coming closer and closer to loose harass i beheld mom. the excavators aren't going to stop of their own accord. this is before you were for years and we've had the sense that they're eating everything up. and it's like vicks wasn't the pick, keeps getting bigger. my, me, i used to live in the village of bush. nick, real mother won't, that's gone if i could put on and on. it goes, i don't so far. farmer eckart hoy camp as held on to his farm. but of the 100 hector's, he once had. he now owns just 17. the rest have been expropriated,
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and ebay also wants his remaining fields and his farm. he's taken the matter to court. it's a fight that's dragged on for years and cost him nearly $100000.00 euros. the david versus goliath struggle has led to some branding him a hero is seemingly has her, does this, i don't see myself as a hero. my miss it's. it's just the way it is on this. we can call me if he does a big issue here now. and a lot of people come in including the media, doing stories about it said see, mean he said, but it will blow over once the matter settled for news, but it's not over yet. in high camp stresses that he's always open to talks, but he doesn't think ebay wants to negotiate seriously. the company won't comment in front of our cameras. they respond to our inquiries only in writing and in very general terms. they say the coal is needed to secure
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energy supplies for a transitional period as a step towards a climate neutral system. in the past, the local cold deposits were a key part of this. but boy camp has seen studies that say otherwise. moscow, mom calmed all of these, if you get there without impacting the villages around kind of uncommon, including roots around. so i think all morgy energy companies have enough coal secure the energy suppliers we showed was good, but the conflict goes deeper than a legal dispute between a $1000000000.00 corporation and one farmer. the big question is, how fast should germany's transition to greener energy b? the country wants to become climate neutral by 2045. the activists here say the transition to renewables is too slow. for years, hundreds of them have been supporting the farmer. they've set up camp next to the farm. one of them is florian, it's shun the 30 year old studies philosophy living in
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a camp like this is new for him, but he's long been politically active, including campaigning for new refugee policy. a does this yolanda been the fact that i am here? no one has to do with new friends i met before we came here comes and damage of the info. i convinced me like the climate crisis is the most urgent challenge facing humanity at the moment is want on city men, so deep or survival of humanity that depends on it and side hanged on under 4 and especially the survival of people are in the global south hazard named, they sleep in hudson, the trees, wooden shacks, or air, their own, the buildings which they occupied. w just unfold. the resistance is working here in that we created an occupational a cam. i'm didn't cam in this can lebrans, we organize ourselves her off guard in the morning. more we distribute the necessary tasks. so puts whether it's cleaning the toilets or ships in the kitchens . and their next goal is to put on an event to save lid. so that
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that's also oliver can a bergs aim for almost 20 years? the seaman's employee lived with his wife and daughter in this house in cool, cool. a few minutes drive from little guard to day. it no longer belongs to him. it's owned by ebay and it's empty because cuckoo is also said to be demolished. the we were forced to sell was and we didn't go voluntarily and advising or we only had one buyer. and now was f a. these were at some point let's them as a family we had to say despite the big resistance we've put out on the life we're selling, we see ourselves as we settlers. so a necessity, but cuckoo missed that to survive. after all. that's thanks to the change of federal government. according to the new coalition agreement, the town won't have to give way to open cast mining. just when oliver canonsburg was coming to terms with his situation. logan reasoned us after we moved away for
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almost 2 years. i couldn't come here because i couldn't bear it, wasn't johan con to you to have the place was decaying for fun and how the village in our house or would probably suffer the same fate as others before them. old or foil one such place as mannheim a half hour drive south. in this village most of the houses have been demolished. the church has been closed. the heaps of earth are being used to shore up the open cast mine the future of little god. the village of farmer echoed high camp will likely be decided by the courts. ebay aide position is clear. the company needs legal clarity, so long as there are no new laws, the existing plans still apply. those plans include the end of little cut all of upon a bad can't understand it. especially since the new federal government has been clear about the eminent end of open cast mining. regardless of politics above all,
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he'd like to buy back his old house from ebay. alesongo for everybody says the villages will remain as they are grossinger, f, a n or, or basically just carries on as if nothing had changed once. woman, debts like the a bit that's really disappointing for us all dims and just ones for including in the sense which until you could come to the table and say, okay, be the end us. how can we fix this and bring these villages back to like from them of what's happening now. so it just hurts all over again. little seo. another cuckoo resident is student davi, dallas in his family, is one of the few who didn't sell their farm to ebay. much like farmer why comp, davida less concerned about money than about the fate of his home. they shan't, michigan's boston. i've made a conscious decision to continue my life here at my grandparents farm by this mere globe. if you means a great deal to me to be able to take the horses out in the morning to be among the
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chickens signs of cons. i'll he also have her on orchard on the about with her own apples and pears on davida and his family are relieved that the village of cocoon will remain standing after all. now they want to save little hard farmer. hi, con village to the struggle over their own home involved 5 years of bitter fighting. ellis, the zach ups are often moments when i didn't know how to go on was to v sits. anguish vied. i good. but something always gave me strength. cuts mankey muddy coffee, i knew that in the end and we had to prevail listening because it wasn't just about our little house. we're all one's at times how in the end mendez, it's a fight that revolves around the climate crisis and the key mac and also involves many people in the global south elementary camp. i'd denise came from. couldn't be bailey now. i'm in english and seen mid. so guns move on in
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the, in your study eyes i love, ah, a few days later there's a protest to save little got several 100 of come, many from neighboring villages and also former residents who have had to move away . the protest is being live streamed on social media florian, it's sean prepares for his role as m. c. more protesters arrive, not all of them want to be recognized. gus is mpo. it's just monstrous. what's being destroyed in terms of land and people being displaced in cultural assets and so ongoing throughout or you don't need to do this anymore. gov, i reached mil, ebay keeps going to mobile, which is really terrible. and switch lose. most of the demonstrators stay in one part of little hotel, but on the other side of the village,
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the protest takes a turn. activists suddenly occupy a building that's been bought up by ebay. until now it's been used by the companies on security forces who are standing guard. this is our house shelter protesters. it'll remain our house. oh, oh. oh. oh. the air they, a security forces are taken by surprise. they retreat as active as take control of the building. only the cannon bag wonders why there aren't police here, like a previous demonstrations here. here's me sort of, i see it like this. just you the young with law this one 1st cuz there's a government and the police once i have now determined that things can't go on like this either. oh,
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nice me. all right. again there fe. one has basically been using the government to put it's and the police to push through its own interest lesson. grew so toward me, a few meters away. davida lesson and his mother are collecting donations for the preservation of little that the cameras are aimed at the stage as florian talks to the crowd in high. i'm florian, so i'm an activist here and let's harass a little. and i'm one of the presenters here here to guide you through the slide stream today. and also if you belong before this, this resistance streamed alive to the world. farmer echoed hoyle, camp hope's the message will eventually reach ebay. did him is glad it's clear to every one of that leg. nighttime is the biggest polluter in our country. as far as c o 2 is concerned, was mold on campus to sweep it under the rug, both the hosting. so i think the end of leg night is obvious to energy company, ebay as wise. ebay has already announced plans to invest billions and green energy
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. but so long as the company wants to destroy the village of little lot, such promises won't change the mood here. ah m a single moment captured forever. with a sudden flash, the street lamps set it to be in a blanket. ah wera, she was suspended, gave a shout about the tod rafino august 21 next on dw her in the round of women. i don't think
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