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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 11:15am-11:31am CET

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helped by significant donations actress passed south free t shirts ahead of the women's australian open final tournament organizers. first band, the shirts on the grounds that it was a political message, but then made a u turn. now, the australian open says, wearing the t shirts in a peaceful manner is permitted. and a reminder, the top story we're following for you ukraine's president followed him. there's a lensky has cautioned the west, against stoking russian fears of a russian invasion and says, there has been no further escalation with russia and is urging the west to avoid causing a panic. is calling for more diplomacy with us. this is of course, did of the news live with from, with berlin. i'll nick spicer. thanks for watching. a
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soccer is a sport of many colors and the children in this mountain village. oh them all. but can everyone be a dog with them regardless of gender? emma wears blue, the color of her favorite sex. its traditions prevent her from going to games and playing with an insurmountable obstacle balloon. girl football on the peak that starts february, 4th on d, w ah, from argentina to bellows and from iraq to uganda. online activism is a vital tool for politically active. people were fighting for change. women who
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fight for a cause on line often become targets of hate speech and violence, but many stand their ground. nonetheless, what role has the internet played in their fight for change this week? on shift we're bringing you the stories of for politically active women. ah, changing your profile picture to honor cause online petitions and hashtags. the internet and social media in particular are highly useful for gathering supporters and raising awareness. studies show this goes beyond so called collectivism from black life matter to me to more and more social movements that spark online are leading to real social change. many of these protests are led by women who all to often become targets of online hate and even receive death threats. many kids fighting anyway, like the young politician athena fernandez from argentina. look at what i can do is
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to stop being the victim from now on. i'm going to be their enemy. i'm going to say the things they don't want to hear. what are getting any of the other will they can edit my videos all they want and spread fake news like lead from now on. i'm in the driver's seat, but, and i'm saying what i think even that a shuttle gland, that on to other women who are just as determined in their fight for change are must the elena jobs from iran. and tatiana cor bought from bella ruth alexander lucas shan't go, was once again sworn in as president of bellow, ruzen 2020 after he declared a landslide victory. but many saw the elections as rig tatyana quote about, and her team provided evidence for the vote. rigging, on the go los platform with a glenna pacific that we went through them, there was election for women. if we rotary court and shed it around the world, the e u. u. s. and os c e. have all said lucas. shank, as presidency is not legitimate more than a 1000000 voters registered on the go los platform and uploaded their ballots. the
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results officially announced could thus be compared with the votes actually cast lease, which had not been my left or right from the start. we understood that the internet gave us power at the city to it. it was, it provides protection for bella ruffian, society of austin, of lena, kentucky. and you can quickly and easily exchange information and connect with people the spook miss. for some amusing in, for bella, russian opponents like tatiana, quote about technology is an important tool in their fight for political change. protests are also moving online in other countries like iran, massey, elena, john uses the power of her 7000000 social media followers to fight for women's rights and iran. from her exile in new york. she posts, photos and videos of iranian women defying the countries compulsory had job law images. these women share with her despite the dangers this entails, the regime actually made a new law and saying that if anyone sign videos to massey,
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elena underwood would charge after 10 years prison that didn't work. they trying to like scare people to censor them. like a movie, the i got bombarded my videos from people saying that i rather go to prison than kits silent. a strong stand against censorship. the protest movement has reached a world wide audience. that's the achievement of the campaign. now the regimes is scared of when she, tatiana corvette and marcia lena jack, both had to go into exile. there were no longer safe in their respective homelands because they stood up for their beliefs and spoke truth to power. but how did they manage to build such successful online competes with, to protect opponents and repressive regimes, such as the one in bella? ruth, online anonymity is crucial. the team behind the goals platform thus used encryption
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from the very beginning. they see it as a necessary security measure. it gets lots of wallace impress quote, registration, nogales takes place through chatted gloves and messengers, telegram and find that last night. but then we'll stop. so it's absolutely safe because all people have to give us in terms of data is a phone number which is encrypted and fruit even our developers can't access the registered phone number in that i still if one of the biggest in the wallison so far this system has worked, nobody has been arrested for uploading their voting ballot to the platform. hashtags are a great tool for gathering supporters for a given cause. they work especially well on social media and search engines. massey elena jobs has created several successful hash tag campaigns. first i launched a campaign called white wednesdays. it means that every wednesday women walk unveiled in public, which is a punishable crime. i launched another campaign which is called my camera is my
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weapon. it means when the government harassed you or bully, you, you have your camera, you can expose them and the regimes as scared of this campaign. because this is how people are gaining. they voice hashtags can lead to powerful movements like in latin america where people have been highlighting the widespread violence against women using the hash tag, neat una manels, which translates roughly to not one woman less. the ongoing protests have let to women quotas an equal gender opportunity legislation. and in argentina, abortions were legalized and 2020. it changed that athena fernandez had long fought for me from instagram to the boon. as iris city ledges check the internet help, the senior fernandez get to where she is. when she was 18, a clip of husky came out, brought her online fame and b metal one. and now we are against this reform because
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it will, but it isn't it? no, no, hang on there, sweetie. we don't have anything against the protest that dorian will don't call me sweetie. the exchange became definitive for a feat of hernandez's political career. and then while i was really glad at the time that the clip went viral, as we were trying to achieve something that we did, but i thought it would quickly die down. i'm li moment daniel. the craziest thing for me was when i realized it kept going in the, in the yes, and there hasn't been up to date. she has around 1000000 followers on social media . she skillfully uses her online presence to campaign for more liberal abortion goals. community. we all know that secret abortions happen and that they are debbie, socially disadvantage women and trans men die. her digital activism helped to bring about the legalization of abortion and argentina in 2020. it was her 1st launch scale, political success and athena,
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for man. this was just 20 years old when the law was approved. but impressive as these women are, their success can come with downsides. women who stand up for their convictions on line often become targets for hate speech, mostly by men. as me now drew dea amnesty international researcher on technology and human rights. summarize it like this. the internet can be a frightening and toxic place for women. it's no secret that massage any and abuse or thriving on social media platforms. when it comes to female journalists, a study by the international women's media foundation found that a 3rd have actually considered quitting their jobs because of online harassment and threats. female politicians also know on line hate all too well, large antennae and politician or fella. fernandez is often targeted on line to the point that she says being insulted or threatened has become a daily experience for her members. someone role if you are a stupid idiot,
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a horde of men should rape and dismember you, but you are so ugly. no one would touch you. your mother was a whore. working almost exclusively online during the pandemic. it's become harder for her to ignore these threats. i mean that and they managed to damage my confidence in it, and fiona, facing up like the horrible things they said got to me and the danville in on. i think when i became really paranoid about, and i am going to see eminent, many women who take a public stance the suffer, similar targeting. for some the danger they face forces them to change their lives . belo russian tatyana quarterback and iranian marcia lynette john had to leave their homes because they feared state repression and even an exile. they are not safe. my life has changed significantly. they went after my family, they integrated my mother with my brother in prison for 2 years. they hired a private investigator here in brook and in front of my house to take photos of my
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private life. and they were planning to take me to venezuela and then kit knocked me from venezuela to iraq. and then executing in the past must see elena, john has been put under police protection in the us all because she campaigns on line against the headscarf law in iran. a different method of prohibiting digital activism is classical sensory ugandan, women's rights activist and journalist rose bel camire has reported on how political rulers have temporarily blocked specific social networks or slowed down internet speeds and the run up to elections. bonding, social media instant had sat downs is currently a dictates as profit soon against the people on these continents. you want to hold them, you want, shut them up, you shut the medium they're using and with your social media. most recently, the internet was hugely restricted during the unrest in kazakhstan, in january 2022. during that same period and burkina faso access to facebook and
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what's up was disrupted. this technique is, unfortunately not uncommon. a recent study found that since 2015, a 3rd of all countries worldwide have restricted access to social media. although usually only temporarily, some find themselves with no option but to go abroad. like ugandan journalist roles bell co mirror, she moved to senegal for months in order to have unrestricted access to the internet. the internet is a powerful tool over times for my work as an african feminist. you know, the internet has help us to break barriers in terms of and long wage borders, you know, to be able to understand like in, on a daily basis. just like yesterday i was on line as on twitter and suddenly i see images of south. so then these women protesting on the streets in juba on her website, african feminism, dot com,
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the ugandan journalist gathers exactly this kind of information together was around 30 female authors. she uses the online platform to document what actions women fighting for equal rights are taking across africa. i took pleasure in working with different women who are actually working with their communities picking out, breaking the silence in making sure they take us as a continent towards a more gender equal and a just world roles. thou camera and her fellow campaigners fight for women's rights and also take their fight online. but right now, even internet access is unevenly distributed in africa, where only 30 percent of all internet users are women. but these for women are taking the long view and fighting for change despite the significant obstacles they face. i find as really impressive, the way i see it, the word would be a better place if there were more women like marci, tatyana roles, bell and ophelia, and they need our support to help make change happen online and offline. which
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women are your role models and which online campaigns have impressed you the most? let us know on youtube or anti w dot com. good by and see you next time. ah . goodbye winter pillows, sign in with the climate, and the oligarchy is pretty mild and winter. and i want to properly explore this region and you get to come along to the south of portugal. that looks good. check in with
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listen carefully. don't know how those things you need to do, go ah, feel the magic discover the world around you subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. bill . ah, ah, ah.


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