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tv   Sports Life - Ralf Rangnick - Manchester Uniteds New Coach  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 8:15am-8:30am CET

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the tourists, the striking beauty of the mountains remains, but the people who live here are facing a winter of hardship since 2018 close to a 3rd of australia's squalls have died as a result of bush fires, disease, and deforestation. now the australian government is increasing its spending by over 30000000 euros over the next 4 years to restore koala habitats and expand research on the vulnerable species. researchers estimate there could be as few as $100000.00 of the native marsupials left on the con. this is dw news live from berlin annexed by sir. thanks for watching with t w's crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series
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continues, but all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d. w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now, imagine how many portion of us are now in the world right now. climate change event story. this is my flex the way from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to go. i'm going with his subscriber all morning with a with
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he's dub, the football professor, a tactical mastermind. i'm the godfather of keegan. pressing the counter press, united will be organized. you should realize that and that's obviously your quote for other 2 years. he's been linked with some of the top jobs in european football . oh flying. he's never want to leave a title or a champions league trophy and only coast one full isn't of top flight football. since 2011. so why should manchester united supporters be optimistic? he was one of the main figures to to convince me to try coaching. so he had a huge influence on all of us at this time. biting and so brought both to being showered by beer. i'll take you through his
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career to date. who is ralph chronic? let's get to know the man with the help of our extensive archive school gun nick was born and raised in a small town called back. now, he played amateur football as a mid field for script got 2nd team and a few regional sides while studying to become an english and sports teacher. at age 22, he got his coaching a license, and then at $25.00 he became player coach at his home town club, victoria buckman, and also coast a few more amateur sides. he got his 1st full time job in football, in 92, as youth coordinator pushed got winning the youth league. but he left just 2 years later when he wasn't considered for the vacant assistant coaching job another year past until he got his 1st head coaching, gig it the 3rd division side as is how voiding it and almost led them to promotion . but in an early sign of things to come again, nick showed he wants control and won't budge from his ideas. quite possibly
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a good thing at man united. but this my way or the highway attitude can cause trouble of the falling out with the hierarchy at avoiding and he moved to yet another struggling 3rd division side in s. s fall over here is strolling through the cities, christmas market talking into a broad boston role paired with another dry roll i guess nutritional know how came to play a little bit later in his 2nd season, he gained promotion to the 2nd division and then went on a 17 game unbeaten run that his team played with an italian inspired back for very is allen germany at the time and they bucked another trends by not relying on man mocking this device designed english. that is, is this is a completed all decal koala times or not, when are you looking for on monday and it finds much of your slate in the notes. and i launched off to blend england st. almost popular party. john nick had laid the foundations of his footballing style at all, and also inspired
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a certain thomas total, who was a player at the time, but was soon forced into early retirement guidance. and he opened some really eyes for us like because we believed that that time in germany that defend us run behind the strike us. so he showed us, it's not necessary we can defend in his own. and we can defend in the back for. so this was everything was brand new. from that moment it changed how i watched football games and television. and he was very, very demanding and put our like he made us over perform as a team, then rang nick shot to national fame when he appeared on a german sports talk show to explain his modern style, earning him the nickname professor. afterwards he was asked to become new germany, coach, you're going cleans month assistance, but turned down that job went to you, we live and the rest is history. instead gotten a could got the job at champions league side shaneka and was now playing from major
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titled, oh, it's got 3 and a half or so. and for anger. bob at me is i'm from a movie he's going to really for me to spin out in the marshal shop. let's see, teach me into. couldn't to, does it for me. and like i want, he said was, was he gets i told him to put negative pressure did soon arrive with shock and knocked out of the german cup and champions league by christmas, a dan meek was quickly frustrated by the media circus and the many interfering voices at this big club camp of middle of these, a politician speaking of the kind book medical amid rumors of a sacking in december got nick unexpectedly of revealed that he would be leaving by the end of the season times were begging him to stay with banners and stadium, that the next home game he did something wrong. before kickoff he took a sort of lap of honor, seemingly waving good bye to the fence. it was fired. 2 days later, it felt like lumnick was only going to be happy when he had full control. he found that at the division, oftentimes with many people confused, why he would take such
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a massive step down as la guns and force or does it even though i was given the wrong when we get psyched and for yeah. for manase like this is, emma did not often i'm when no normal 3rd division side, though the tiny village had no tradition of footballing success nor infrastructure to speak of. but local billionaire deep, my hope was financing an unlikely attempt to make it be using a loophole in the 50 plus one gun like overhauled the entire club. got them their 1st ever promotion to the 2nd 10 is 1st year and after back to back promotions academy managed to get them to the bonus league having signed youngsters like them . baba gill fees, tickets and, and louis gustavo from obscurity. he also laid the foundation for another successful coach in yoyo. now guzman, to eventually follow him often time when now talk of the league half way through the 1st ever been to see your campaign. but that's all he had foreshadowed about.
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oftentimes direction with hope did happen, and they didn't see i to the sale of midfield and louise gustavo, to buy and midway through the 3rd top flight season, from to the con nick, to called it quits. pop, want of stability run. nick wanted more ambition. so once again, he went to shelter in search of success made to prove the doubters wrong. he took over in march 2011 beat into milan and the champions league quarter finals. and then faced off with manchester united in the 70s, the also won the german cup, his 1st ever major types. he also had real stopped power for the 1st time, with class young, whom to laugh at his peak and ran madrid legends, raoul also still banging them in during a late career spell that chalka sounds reminiscent of rinaldo and colony at united right now. now back when kick off, interviewed him during his 1st tenure,
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it shall go. he said something that would prove to be prophetic. stressing how important it was to find time away from football. since this to get fog was does is to get that we're getting more into our district in of influenced by the rain when, when, when of not the fun times daddy shun from his teeth as museum of it as a he for a while now. several shop desperate to succeed, perhaps conduct did not heed his own previous advice. barely 2 months into his 1st full season back at chalka. he suffered from burn out syndrome and unexpectedly quit the club. this time he had clashed with himself rather than the club hierarchy . so where to go from here than nick was considered a visionary and football, but for one reason or another, things kept going wrong. after a 10 month break from football, he was unveiled in a new role as sporting director of red bulls, outspoken austria, a club. he had mentioned to us previously while at hoffman home with liquids, eyes,
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boy lemetre jealousy. damn. it isn't fine and absolute neat them who don't need my help next, middle mom of each other. my dishes are helped a lot. she, these are clothes, get new bones far as you have. i still didn't admit any undefined. harmon advice would empty the eroding as the legal b, i mean, that literally gotten differ. not only was the aforementioned magistrates now that makes boss, but in addition to his roles had red bulls out spoke. he would be overseeing newly founded abi live 6 development tasks with replicating the success he had at leading hoffen time up the leaks. and when we met the gang, like a few years later at light take, he took a much more pragmatic view of the whole red bull thing. we cannot blame ourselves for only being 7 years old. so what does tradition mean to you? if you only celebrate the ash is nothing to be honest, man, nick was fully in charge. now. he was the hierarchy. he implemented a structure and a footballing style across the whole red bull football imperium,
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from the academy sides to the senior team. and he boiled down his management philosophy to 3 sees, capitana is, is in placement of next year old that i, my brain was before monday and i was get a concept and competence of you that idea to some command and cons to a god. well flew cob, been wine, a sort of spider, the the us in the list and shown should be legal. united may have capital, but the other 2 seas not so much. at red bull, he had been given free ray in sales folk. he hired coaches like hawk schmidt on the hood, her and jesse marsh, all tasked with play a hi press usually and a for to to, to formation. the oversaw signings of prospects, including the knobby cater and saudi monet. as well as user kemesha and t mail. vanna ad lifecycle. so what exactly does that, nick look for in a player, judging by the variety of personnel he has worked with in the past, that answer may vary,
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but with red bull and lights he can sell sport. he was done adapting. and there are some core values, he looks for team players, any players who don't after scoring a goal. all of a sudden, all that the only thing they are interested in is doing that and celebrate themselves in front of the support as they should at least celebrate with a guy who gave the a says brother does like celebrating a little bit too much on his own to be fair. instead, chronic once his play is to press, calling the gig and press and added number 10 times. he requires them to win the ball bag and create chances within a limited space of time. by the way, run, it was not just an a sporting director function at light see lights. it was shooting up the leagues way ahead of schedule. and the young nick took the coaching job in 2015. the 2nd bullet figure to season after successfully gaining promotion. he handed the rain stuck. i've hasn't had a but took over again 2 seasons later in 2018. plugging the gap until now,
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guzman arrival, he led the side to a 3rd place finish and the policy got out of the german cup finals losing to buy and then moved back upstairs in the red bull foot pulling hierarchy again. then after 12 months away from the game, he announced that he would be founding his own consultancy firm. and his 1st stop would be like a motor of moscow. but that didn't last long did it. so what can manchester united expect from consultant gun? first of all, a clear structure with gun mix aforementioned receive united have always had capital, but since he left they haven't seen the competence and lacks a clear concept. his tendency to promote youth, i'm place a clear economy structure should pull some appeal to manchester, united support, previous coaches moreno. i'm time carl certainly had the tactical brains, but lacked career math and positivity. while they were there. all i had the chums but not the chops. seemed like
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a big brings both. and if given the control and license to build from the bottom up, united might just have the success that they have lacked for so long. whether that's on the sidelines or upstairs. and i'm because hinted the might be a coach below than you think. mm. good by winter pillows, sign in with the climate in the oligarchy is pretty mild and winter. and i want to properly explore this region. and you get to come along to the south of portugal with obsessed with speed and ready to pay for it with their lives in race.
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cars deployed any safety feature, what drives people to the sport, high velocity heroes and victims. the fastest on the road. in 45 minutes on d w, you stay, it is pulling no stress curve to put around. now i'm sure that it was, i know too soon or diana, please. we didn't, don't them. what's the, what's in a d. w books on you too. mm . ah.


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