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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 4:00am-4:15am CET

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i slept with single people in a room and it was harsh. fair. i even got white hair is learning the german language helped me a lot. this kids to me and craig opportunity to interact with you want to know their story for my friends, voiding. and for a while, i will information for my grants with, ah, ah, this is the w news live from berlin. you, as president joe biden says, he will send american troops to eastern europe, is ukrainian counterparts authority, as lensky is wanting, the west,
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not to stoke tensions with russia. he says, western warnings of a russian invasion, a hurting his country. also coming up a river and came yeah, hold a grim secrets. authorities and local residents are trying to find out who was dumping dead bodies in the water, but they have more questions than answers. and we go to catholics, dogs, largest city, a lottie offer. it was rocked by a week of deadly unrest. the city is rebuilding but trusted. the government might never recover. ah! hello that i'm really mohammed. yes, president joe biden says he will boost nato's presence in eastern europe to deter russia from invading ukraine. u. s. defense was,
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have warned that russia has deployed enough forces to invade all of the country calling moscow's trip, builds up something not seen since the cold war. yes, the president. i will review for future europe vedo countries in the near term. not long while there are conflicting messages coming from washington and kia about the threat of a russian invasion of ukraine, president lensky has cautioned the west against soaking fears of a russian military action. he said, war was not necessarily imminent. near the border with russia, ukrainian soldiers prepare for the worst. but behind the scenes, a flurry of diplomatic activity races to deescalate tensions. russia insisted it is not seeking war. in a press conference on friday, ukrainian president va laudermill zalinski, also called for com,
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saying that panic was causing damage to the economy. paul's, which we need to establish the economy of our country because of those signals which said that to morrow there will be war. because this signals will send by even respected to leaders of the respected countries of sometimes they are not even using diplomatic language. they're saying to morrow is the war. this means panic on the market panic in the financial sector. his comments come hours after a phone call between french president emanuel micron and russian president vladimir putin, in which bruton insisted that western responses had not addressed moscow's principal concerns. yet the cold did lead to some progress. the 2 leaders re committed to ease intentions through the normandy format. for way diplomatic talks between germany, russia, ukraine, and france. let's keep our reasons the ukrainian president, welcome to the idea as a step towards calming tensions,
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the but he also called on russia to prove its claims that it has no intention of invading ukraine. for now, tension on the border remains as high as ever. and as long as the risk of military escalation lingers, the diplomatic dance will continue behind closed doors. what else we spoke to former polish foreign minister at a slow at the kosky. he played a key role in formulating the ease response to russia during the ukraine crisis in 2014. and we asked him what he thought about present left e playing down this possibility of a russian invasion. well, president zalinski needs to keep or his economy, his, the finances of ukraine stable. so he needs to reassure people. but we know from satellite imagery that over a $100000.00 troops, a mass are all around ukraine. ukraine is surrounded on 3 sides by russia.
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that this has been exercised before and that russia is making demands, a president put in regards the ukraine as the temporary artificial stage and he's made it very plain. recently. i was the at the nature summit in bucharest in 2008 we're, we're, he spoke about it quite openly. and he, last july he published a manifesto for the subjugation of dismembering, of ukraine. so this is very serious or has a quick look at the mother stories making headlines around the world. a group of canadian truck drivers have staged a protest against governments vaccine mandate for cross border drivers. they're due to arrive in the capsule, ottawa on friday. industry officials say 90 percent of drivers commuting between canada and the united states already vaccinated. a bridge has collapse in the
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university of pittsburgh hours before president biden was due to visit and talk about rebuilding the country's infrastructure. 10 people were injured, the collapse trick of them. major catholic by dint later visited the scene wrapper. chris brown has been accused of drugging and raping an unnamed woman. she's filing a lawsuit against him for assault, which she says took place on a yacht in florida in 2020 brown denies the charges. the musician was accused of raping another woman in paris in 2019, but no charges were filed. the revered buddhist monks ticked, not hon. has been committed in vietnam. his coffin was paraded after the farewell ceremony in the central, hugh province. not hun was one of the world's most prominent buddhist teachers. he died at the age of $95.00 to kenya. now, where a series of grim discoveries in
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a river have local residents scared and authorities looking for answers for months . dead bodies have been dumped in the river. yella is unclear. who the people are, how they died or who is disposing of them to japanese, felix. my ringer has more on the mystery for larry viola pod into africa's largest lake lake victoria for months no knuckle residents have been making a gruesome find dead bodies in various states of the composition that have been dumped in the river. do not thank i have no idea where these bullies are coming, that they are bound some have their head tied up, needle cut my body. i slack work other than i have your hands time. yeah, i'm, i'm, if i'm gone, people see some of the bodies they have found shows signs of mutilation or torture . but the local doctor says he has found nothing suspicious there type of injury
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that sharp eyes manifest produces a briskly droning. we are not able to ascertain whether these any other type of injury and his bodies unless and until a post mortem is conduct. police and activist groups are giving different accounts of the number of dead rights group. amnesty international has voiced its concern and accuses authorities of don't laying the matter. we are here because we know that a minimum of 30 bodies, a minimum of 30 bodies have been found in the last 6 months. so don't not let anybody teach us or cheat us, that there were 30 bodies over the last 2 years. that is not the truth. not the true. even more bodies have been retrieved from the river this week before people hoping to find missing relatives among the dead have travelled from as far away as mombasa on the costs. no one knows where this would. these are coming from. because this revised quite lendy, it's about 200 kilometers long saw the bodies could be coming from even the
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neighboring counties. local police have been unable to provide answers living residents in the area terrified while i remodel, we're policy because we know what i'm afraid because i often watch football at the local barriers night. but now that we are finding this woodman, i'm afraid of meeting these people who are dumping bodies in their family. they see you, they may homo dampen those. who so that makes me afraid on being out at night. so my father and i home an investigative team from the capital ne robi has arrived to find out why these bodies have been dumped in the river. and who is responsible until then that my alarm will continue to hold a secret this room mystery to kazakhstan. now, which is reeling after a week of deadly unrest that left more than $200.00 people dead. the unrest exposed
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leadership struggle to tightened his grip. president cassim jo might took i have, has now taken over the leadership of the ruling party, sidelining, his mentor and former head of state protests, started of a rise in fuel prices at the beginning of the year, but then spiraled into mass disturbances, notably in cassock, stones, big a city almighty security forces are being used are been now being accused of using excessive force to put down the unrest and many an anal mattie still can't believe what's happened. t w's. emily sherman has more. the a city turned into a war zone. this is cause ox downs, commercial center almighty. in early january. what started as anger of a rising fuel prices soon escalated into full blown riots. arson and looting. many locals tell us they're still in shock. most boy, what were they even trying to take your ice cream?
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bought a goes, said the mit of us apartment is right on the corner of almighty's republic square. the location of the city administration building and the at the center of the recent unrest. out of her window, she witnessed peaceful protests turning violent. cuz i guess i went a bit nuts. i opened my window and started shouting at the riders. you should be ashamed of yourselves. what are you doing? the people who opened these shops are people just like you rebuilding will take time. the authorities estimate the value of the damage to local businesses in the country at over 150000000 euros. nearly 2000 shops suffered at the hands of the rioters artist and designer. meaning you need sca has been picking up the pieces. she's convinced that her workshop and office in marty's city center was set on fire during the protests in needs. care was at home with her children, the destruction she found when she returned to her workplace shocked her. whether
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she could have been like that because when i was coming up here, i was worried that i hadn't taken the key to my office, but then i came in and realized, i don't need a key. there's not even a desk. i never thought my own people could do this to me as the war authorities say over 200 people died during the riots. the government insists foreign terrorists and extremists are to blame for the unrest. but some experts believe the ruling elite used the protests as part of an internal power struggle. i'll mighty resident, but i got cedar mit over tells us she can't forget what happened. we got to see what is that. i'm still scared even now. it's a deep animal fear because i suddenly felt that we're living in anarchy rather than in a state. we don't have a government that can protect me and other normal people for choice. because like authorities said that the situation across the country is back under control. but trust in the government may also need rebuilding into nicea.
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deejaying is a male dominated world, but now more women are getting behind the decks is thanks to an all female d. j academy. that's trying to turn the tables on gender stereotypes. we meet one of the graduates conquering the clubs in the capitol. good in cherokee earlier. my name is rima rossi, and my d. j. m. at niagara, i became in d j because i love music. now my favorite hobby has become my profession, gave her a husband for the murder. all my fascination for electronic music, her just kept crying. i had to make a decision about her. and so i took the plunge blue, awkward, which way, which way on frontier and hug money enough here. instead of walking and communications. and i'm now d jane on the road. don't go which way, which way i play out 2 to 3 times a week to have. i always put on music with her and try my new mixes on the audience
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. no, that's not using her. mom chris, you know, monitor and nothing says in, oh, you only did of my audience once something special and men are everywhere or girl. their homes are lee. oh. and i can see how special it is right in front of me active there. your little because we're in this profession, you can read directly or that are in the eyes of the audience, has 3 month or any happy i to the not really how much she from the recognize and admire women's skills and talents in the world of electronic music applied uh huh. makes me very happy. misha, i live live dtn. you have this, my family had nothing against you. jane's per se, boss, her. but for them, it was at 1st hard to accept. but their daughter, who's staying up late, had them up and working late at night. the flower away from home lesson is good
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luck school umbrella. what about how i had the ah or his reminder of our top story, u. s. president joe biden says he will boost nato's presence in eastern europe to deter russia from invading ukraine. u. s. defense officials of one that russia has deployed enough forces to invade all of the country, pulling moscow's troops, build up something, not seeing the cold war. you're watching tedious lie from berlin of next is the got the business ah.


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