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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 2:00am-2:16am CET

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nothing has been transferred to my long carrier in durham, none more. um, it's a long evening stuff. i had us. i was its way of ordered by chosing this car. it has given a way to transmit. my name is natasha mon much and i will d. w. ah ah ah, this is the w news, lying from berlin,
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the cranes president warns the west not to so tensions with russia, that it means lensky says. western warnings all are hurting his country. he's calling for more diplomacy and with a russian and asia. also coming up a river in kenya, holes of grim secret authorities and local residents are trying to find out who is dumping dead bodies. but they have more questions than answers and we go to catholic styles, largest city, ultimately after it was rocked by a week of deadly oppressed, the city is rebuilding, but trust in the government might never recover. ah, and really mohammed welcome to the program we sought with the geopolitical tensions with russia and conflicting messages coming from washington and kiev,
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ukraine's president vladimir lansky has cautioned the west against stoking fears of a russian invasion. he said war was not necessarily imminent, but u. s. defense officials have warned that russia has deployed enough forces to invade. all of ukraine calling moscow's troops, builds up something not seen since the cold war near the border with russia. ukrainian soldiers prepare for the worst. but behind the scenes, a flurry of diplomatic activity races to deescalate tensions. russia insisted it is not seeking war. in a press conference on friday, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, also called for com, saying that panic was causing damage to the economy. paul's, what we need to establish the economy of our country because of those signals which said that to morrow there will be war. because this signals will send by even
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respected to leaders of the respected countries of sometimes they're not even using diplomatic language. they're saying to morrow is the war. this means panic on the market planning can the financial sector. his comments come hours after a phone call between french president emanuel mac, ron and russian president vladimir putin, in which potent insisted that western responses had not addressed moscow's principal concerns. yet the cold did lead to some progress. the 2 leaders re committed to ease intentions through the normandy format. for way diplomatic talks between germany, russia, ukraine, and france. let's keep our reasons the ukranian president. welcome to the idea as a step towards coming tensions the but he also called on russia to prove its claims that it has no intention of invading ukraine. for now, tension on the border remains as high as ever. and as long as the risk of military
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escalation lingers, the diplomatic dance will continue behind closed doors. what else? we spoke to former polish foreign minister, but a lot sikowski. he played a key role in formulating the ease response to russia during the ukraine crisis in 2014. and we asked him what he thought of president lindsey he's playing down the possibility of a russian invasion. well, president zalinski needs to keep her his economy, his, the finances of ukraine stable. so he needs to reassure people. but we know from satellite imagery that to over a 100000 troops, a mass are all round ukraine. ukraine is surrounded on 3 sides by russia. that this has been exercised before and that russia is making demands a prison put in regards to ukraine as the temporary artificial stage. and he's
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made it very plain ruby. i was the at the nature summit in bucharest in 2008 we're, we're, he spoke about it quite openly. and he last july, he published a manifest though for the subjugation or dismembering of ukraine. so this is very serious the co chair of germany's fire far right a f d has announced he's leaving the party yoke moisten was co leader of the f d since 2015. he said he was upset with the parties extreme right wing accusing it of rejecting basic democratic principles. he was co head of the f t for 6 and a half years longer than any one before him. today, he's not only resigning from office. he is leaving the f t completely. here, morton confirmed this in an interview with german state broadcasters. thus had to
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day the heart of the party beats far to the right. and at a high frequency which isn't healthy, i see echoes of totalitarianism. will these right wing extremists soon be in charge of your party? didn't fuss? they already have more influence than they should be. are achieve goes. those are his end of might and says factions of the party don't believe in the basic tenets of a free democracy. and that's one reason he thinks the f t has no future other than as a regional eastern german party. some accused morton of not having opposed the right wing extremists firmly enough. he at the head of at 1st he made those on the right wing extremists side seemed socially acceptable and led them to the center of the f t. he was a figure for right wing extremists. his rebellion came too late. it appeared he was just trying to save his own reputation when i can walk through it. whiten wants to keep his mandate in that you, parliament. but 1st, he has to deal with the trouble caused by his alleged acceptance of illegal party
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donations. the parliament is said to lift his immunity, clearing the way for an investigation by public prosecutors or his look at some of the stories that he had lines around the world. a bridge has collapse in the u. s. city of pittsburgh, i was before president biden was due to visit and talk about rebuilding the country's infrastructure. 10 people were injured, the collapse triggered and made a gas leak by didn't later visited c rappa, chris brown has been accused of drugging and raping an unnamed woman. she's filing a lawsuit against him for the assault, which she says took place on a yacht in florida in 2020 brown denies the charges. the musician was accused of raping another woman in paris. 2019 but no charges were filed. the revered buddhist monks take, not hon,
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has been committed in vietnam. these are alive images from the vietnam central, hugh province, where his coffin is being paraded after the farewell ceremony. now, tongue was one of the world's most prominent buddhist teaches. he died at the age of $95.00. that's a kenya where a series of grim discoveries in a river have local residents, sketch and authorities looking for houses. for once, dead bodies have been dumped into the river. yellow is unclear who the people are, how they died or who is disposing of them. he. w phillips. my ringer has more on the mystery. ah, larry viola point into africa's largest lake lake victoria. 4 months no. local residents have been making a drew some find dead bodies in various states of the composition that have been dumped in the river. do not thank. i have no idea where this bodies are coming
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that abound some have their head up tighter. ne long cut my body. i know like what other than i have the hands time. yeah. i'm, i'm, if we were gone. people see some of the bodies they have found shows signs of mutilation or torture. but the local doctor says he has found nothing suspicious. there type of injury that sharp eyes manifested is a biscuit lea droning. we are not able to ascertain whether these any other type of injury in this bodies unless and until our post mortem is conduct. police, an activist groups are giving different accounts of the number of dead rights group . amnesty international has voiced its concern and accuses authorities of don playing the matter. we are here because we know that a minimum of 30 bodies, a minimum of 30 bodies have been found in the last 6 months. so don't not let anybody teachers or cheat us, that there were 30 bodies over the last 2 years. that is not the truth,
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not to to do even more bodies have been retrieved from the river this week, or people hoping to find missing relatives among the dead have travelled from as far away as mombasa on the coasts. non knows where this would. these are coming from because this revised quite lendy. it's about 200 kilometers long. saw the bodies could be coming from even the neighboring counties. local police have been unable to provide answers living residents in the area terrified. while i remodel, we're policy because we know what i'm afraid because i often watch football at the local batter the night. but now that we are finding this woodman, i'm afraid of meeting these people now at dumping bodies in their, your family. if they see you, they may go damping those so that makes me afraid of being out at night. so most of our and our home an investigative team from the capital ne robi has arrived to find out why these bodies are being dumped in that reba and who is responsible
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until then that if i, allah, will continue to hold a secret this room mystery. well that's cassock star, which is reeling after a week of deadly address that left more than 200 people dead. the violence exposed, the power struggle in the countries leadership, security forces are being accused of using excessive force to control the oppressed . ah, a city turned into a war zone. this is cousin stone's commercial center almighty. in early january. what started as anger over rising fuel prices soon escalated into full blown riots . arson and looting. many locals tell us they're still in shock. there's much news, more symbol. what were they even trying to take your ice cream bottle goes sit down . mit of us apartment is right on the corner of almighty's republic square. the location of the city administration building and the at the center of the recent
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unrest out of her window, she witnessed peaceful protests turning violent on there. cuz i guess i went a bit nuts. i opened my window and started shouting at the riders. you should be ashamed of yourselves. what are you doing? the people who opened these shops are people just like you rebuilding will take time. the authorities estimate the value of the damage to local businesses in the country at over 150000000 euros. nearly 2000 shops suffered at the hands of the rioters artist and designer. mimi ill neat sky has been picking up the pieces. she's convinced that her workshop and office in almighty's city center was set on fire. during the protests in need scale was at home with her children, the destruction she found when she returned to her workplace shocked her. whether she could have been with me about it, when i was coming up here,
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i was worried that i hadn't taken the key to my office. but then i came in and realized, i don't need a key. there's not even a desk. i never thought my own people could do this to me as to the war. authorities say over 200 people died during the riots. the government insists foreign terrorists and extremists are to blame for the unrest. but some experts believe the ruling elite used the protests as part of an internal power struggle. almighty resident, but i go sid augment of a tells us she can't forget what happened. we did to see what is that. i'm still scared even now. it's a deep animal fear because i suddenly felt that we're living in anarchy rather than an estate. we don't have a government that can protect me and other normal people for choice. because like authorities say that the situation across the country is back under control. but trust in the government may also need rebuilding. as 6 men have gone on trial in germany over there alleged role in the jewelry robbery of the green volt museum,
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the robbery at the dresser museum took just 8 minutes. investigators say the suspect stole lute worth at least a 113000000 euros through their cultural valley though, is that although their cultural value is priceless, the sullen gems are still missing. security was high as the trial of 6 men got underway in dresden. they are accused of belonging to the criminal gang that masterminded the theft of the priceless treasures from dressed in green vault. mister lily, another over nixon for it is one of the most complicated cases of recent years with huge media interest. people are fascinated by this case. one of the offers on was causing that, isn't the crime? took place on november 15th 2019. shortly before 5 am. an electricity distribution box near the green vault burst into flames. and local street lights went out. the burglars climbed into the jewelry exhibition room through
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a window screen that was tampered with an advance. they used an axe to smash the security glass and pocketed priceless diamonds and precious jewels. the 1st arrests were made one year later. the prosecution based its case on traces of dna found at the crime scene, videos and witness accounts. the jewels themselves have yet to be found. but the museum hasn't given up hope that they can still be recovered. bus would sign, but it is very helpful that this case is getting international publicity once again with antenna sonata, if it increases our chances of finding the precious jewels, the highest prompted criticism over the green vault security. it's now being upgraded to help keep the museum's remaining treasures safe and watching up next is the w business. ah.


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