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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 12:15am-12:30am CET

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ah oh, here's a reminder of our top story. ukraine's president that he made zalinski has cautioned the west against stoking fears of a russian invasion. he says there has been no further escalation with russia. as the west to avoid causing a panic, is calling for more diplomacy with moscow. this is the w, it is live from berlin up. next is all the latest business taking a look at western plans to sanction russia. if it does decide to invade you praying to once again, you can find a much more on the website, the w dot com f watching of i think so i'm kinda,
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i think that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not allowed to see you anymore, we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance as of the what's your story of he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of violence in a lot of them take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor and other guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information with ah, few ask for prayer prepares to crack down on russia's economy as the by them. tracy
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lays out options for sanctioning moscow that attacks ukraine again. wall street considers the impact for global market. also coming up argentina narrowly avoid another financial catastrophe when us areas reaches the last minute debt restructuring deal with the international monetary fund and fridge. bakers are an uproar over back crisis. they see a supermarket chain is undercutting their ability to sell and chelsea delaney welcome to the show. the biden ministrations plans for sanctioning russia if it invades ukraine again, are taking shape us institutions would be prohibited from dealing with major russian banks and state companies. according to media reports, the biden administration is also considering banning trading and russia's government debt and blocking the export of key items like microelectronics. president biden has promised severe economic consequences for russia and president vladimir putin personally. in the case of an invasion world. busy now for more in
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this, i'm joined now by our financial correspondent, jens quarter in new york. so again, we're hearing reports from bloomberg that wall street banks have been briefed on these potential sanctions. what would it mean for wall street if the u. s. does come forward with these penalties itself is there is talk that we are talking here about the toughest, the sanctions against russia in a decade. and in general, disruptions in the global financial markets are never a really good news for wall street or us financial institutions. i mean, one big question a clear is will it even be necessary to start those some sanctions, wall street seems to be a bit hesitant of power. at least the whole conflict has not really shown in the stock price, at least in the us market that, that if you look at the ties between
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a wall street russian bang, so russian companies, those types are not that great. so i'm not really certain, even if we see those sanctions, if that will be a big blow to a wall street and us financial institutions. we and this is not the 1st time if that the u. s. would have imposed sanctions on russia. there seems to be a mixed history here of the effectiveness. if this does come to pass, what will the impact be? will they be effective? well, i mean, there probably would be at least a short term impact. and then we would need to see how the russian institutions and government can actually adjuster to vote some sanction. but you've already hinted, added president barack obama, while joe biden was vice president in a 2014 actually already started sanctions against russia. not as deep as the thing
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to we were talking about right now, but pretty similar sanctions and those didn't actually not do with a trick. also if you look at to conflict. so the u. s. had for example, with north korea or iran also both sanction did not really quite work. so yeah, that is a beauty one of the pick, chris, since if it really what change so much history a gives us a lesson actually those sanctions have not really worked that greatly and quarter in new york. thanks so much. no argentina has struck a deal to restructure $44500000000.00 and added over to the international monetary funds. the new york caps a week, a frantic negotiation ahead of a 700000000 dollar payment due to the i m f. on friday. the countries president said the debt was quote, on payable and left the country without a present and future argentina's deal with the i. m f came just
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hours before a huge debt payment was due. people on the streets of when affairs had been demanding the government not pay as one a 1000 gala. he'd be my dad is an illegitimate and hateful scammer and we cannot pay it. we're saying that old payments should be suspended about and that those billions would that payments be allocated to solving the countries structural problems and whatnot. we're suffering from rise and poverty estie and let and does . and i left rising poverty and surging prices. those are among argentina's current challenges. last year it logged the highest annu inflation rate in the g 20 group of nations at 51 percent. that has coals its currency, the peso to week and significantly against the u. s. dollar. making it even harder to pay back its $40000000000.00 debt to the i m f. now the last minute agreement was welcome use announced by the argentine president himself. have
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a rough well up would are. we will have access to new financing precisely because this agreement exists. this understanding anticipated sustaining the economic recovery already initiated. again, it anticipates that there will be no lowering of real costs and that yet langford, there will be investments in public works when the national government the deal has been in the making for months. earlier this week, the i m f expressed its concern we understand that the social and economic situation is challenging, which is why we are adopting a flexible and pragmatic approach. the timing of argentina's latest debt was couldn't be worse, but the country isn't alone. the i m f has warned that emerging and low income countries will face similar challenges making debt payments amid the coven 19 pandemic. so many governments are watching the events in argentina closely. now
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a convoy of canadian truckers have made the over 4000 kilometer journey from vancouver to the capital city. auto at the speak all to protest corbett 19 rules truckers are no longer exempted from vaccine requirements to cross between canada and the us. ah, this convoy has had a big presence on canadian roads over the last week, truckers protesting new rules that they're calling a coven 19 vaccine mandate. until recently, unvaccinated truckers going between the us and canada hadn't exemption. they were not subject to a 2 week quarantine like other international travelers. but both canada and the u. s. closed that loophole in january. both countries banned unvaccinated drivers. that's left some truckers and their supporters angry with
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other trucking is one of the leading occupations in canada, especially for men. the canadian trucking alliance estimates that only about 15 percent of truckers are unvaccinated. so not all truckers or ordinary canadians are giving the green light to these protests. it's ridiculous. well, we need to be vaccinated. you want to bring it back and forth over the borders. yeah, you want a job just vaccinated to of trade between canada and the u. s happened via trucking according to a trade group, the eastern border transport coalition, supporters of the protest say that limiting any of these drivers could mean food shortages, but government officials call that fear mongering. equally alarming is this the promotion by some elected officials that there is a risk of food shortage,
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trying to spread fear and panic among canadians. the canadian trucking alliance has come out against the convoy protests. adding that both the us and canada had implemented. vaccine requirements for entry and that the industry must adopt and comply. police in ottawa say they are prepared for the arrival of between one and 2000 protesters on saturday. no bread, a serious business in france, rising costs were said to fuel the french revolution. now bread is once again, causing an uproar. a supermarket chain has low and lower the price of their pick out to just $0.29. but gets our best seller in this bakery in northern paris. but at one euro 20, they now close, full times as much as look, lex, super cheap french loaves. that has this baker, worried about the future slacken comes in. why?
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yes, this is unfair competition. we can't compete with a price of $0.29. we already had to reduce our profit margin because of the rising flower prices. and we need to be able to pay our wages and production costs. since the start of the coven 19 pandemic, her turnover has slumped at times by up to 50 percent. but she says the crisis has also shown wides important. that local bakeries don't get crowded out by supermarkets. and that's the wrong, we're not in a gap. we local bakers don't only sell bread. we are also a crucial part of parisian life that became all the more obvious during the locked dance when our customers came to see us to have some human contact. no clerk denies. the cheap prices are unfair competition. they say they've lowered their own profit margin to help destitute families. the company declined our request for an
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interview. their policy is already pleasing some of their customers who tribble just to this is really good news, especially for those that are struggling to make ends meet founder to give to his my beget. this is great. i can do all my shopping and one go through this economist says the company chose the right time for the prize move, but for it to be a real success, one condition needs to be met. lower your scene of inflation has risen to 2.8 percent compared to 0.5 percent 2 years ago. and food prices have gone up by 30 percent. but the french are food lovers and will only buy the supermarkets cheaper gets if they're pleasing to their pallet. also, back at the bakery, local cline's have already made up their minds. and if it, this has been our bakery for years, and we'll keep coming here in february. and here we know where the products come from. supermarkets shouldn't be allowed to do this. we should go protests against
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that. she prices, in any case, this baker will continue to try to convince her customers with the quality of her begets instead of that price. and before we go, u. s. president joe biden has visited the site of a bridge that collapsed earlier friday. luckily no one was killed, but several people received minor injuries. when the 50 year old bridge near pittsburgh, pennsylvania went down. rescuers pulled people from a city bus that dropped into the 50 meter ravine, or ironically, vine, was in pittsburg to promote his one trillion dollar infrastructure law. he pledged to fix all of the u. s. as aging bridges. and that's all for me in the team here in berlin. thanks for watching hulu. it shows that tackles the issues shaping the continents d w. news. africa were gone with what's
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