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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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to dislike from the fact that they, they are interesting towards the famous right. did the chief political editor, michelle christner. thank you. he watching every news coming up next and d, w, news, asia we look at afghanistan, acute hunger crisis, people resorting to selling their own organs to get money to eat. a country seeing a wave of malnourished children being taken to hospitals in such numbers that they still have to leave again with that and a whole lot more coming up with the rush energy. and just a moment, i'm a rock and roll and i'll be back up with to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was
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a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws work through what's big. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to a soul, o peak world. this week on d w this is did other news asia coming up to day 3 stories of of got his thoughts on going human. tragedy fast hung up half the country's population doesn't know where it's
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next me. we've come from some or even resorting to selling the organs for food. second, i've got to saw children with no food to eat. many are ending up in hospitals that are themselves unable to cope with the never ending stream of malnourished kids. and 3rd, the economy, which is at a standstill, gosh, is in short supply and revenue on those like this tourism hotspot. a lying empty ah irish benji. welcome to d w. news asia. glad you could join us. millions of grandest on are going hungry aid agencies estimates half the ball permission doesn't know where it's next me. it is coming from. it's leading to desperation. that relief organizations are trying
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hard to fight. but the sure numbers of people needing help make it an almost impossible challenge. ah, every day go now sits on the side with bitterly cold highway to cobble with her son begging. they wait for cars to slow and give a few crumpled bills. on a good day, she gets nearly $3.00. most days it's left. the corner done is because we don't have any heating ovens at home. my children don't have anything to eat. they live hungry. it's winter and we have no firewood for heating. we have nothing. we have nothing at home and every day whether it's raining or snowing, we come and sit here washing machine info. now boucher mission, afghans are desperate for food. nearly 3000000 are displaced in their own country,
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driven from their homes by drought, war and famine. the extent of the problem now enough to understand for people is dire. 23000000 people are food insecure and what that means is 23000000 people don't know where the next meeting coming from the world food program. enough gone, it's done, reckons it needs 2600000000 dollars this year, but that only amounts to $0.30 per person per day. we're calling this race against time. we need to get to families in very difficult, hard to reach areas. it's winter, it's cold that snow. the w. f p distributes food vouchers to the neediest words spreads quickly through the streets that food is being distributed soon. scores of men and women are scrambling for rations.
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as the humanitarian crisis deepens, people are being forced to sell their own organs. organ harvesting is not a new problem enough. gone to stan, but it's worse and under the ongoing crisis, some or even forced to sell their children to survive. you know, no one can tell me to sell my children, but we are struggling to keep them alive. and that's why we thought of selling them . maybe it will be better for them and we can get food for the others. susie and i was this woman has already sold her kidney, and last one child of asian. soon she will have nothing left to sacrifice mazda. she did, he, she, my grandson's food crisis, is also visible in its hospitals, in the form of maldonado, children needing medical aid. so weeks,
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hardy had nothing to eat. her mother could no longer breast her and the family couldn't afford to buy milk. 14 days ago they brought her to this hospital and cobble with just because she was much worse before she fed milk every hour and she can keep it down to the best because the family situation has severely deteriorated in the past few months. oh, i still have skyrocketed. i have 3 sons and the daughter, my son, and we were able to buy food. but recent developments of hitches massively, especially the evaluation of the currency and inflation. i'm a widow and live in someone else's apartment ness sakina used to fee would normally look after 5 patients. now she has over 20. the number of people currently seeking hospital treatment far out strips capacity was going to get that issue for me.
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she must say more and more of the children. we see here a malnourished was this. when you go to our mission, we need more medicine, more space, more staff and other resources for the many patients. in view of me, recently the international red cross has been supporting the hospital with financial aid and medicine. to tara, come from a suburb of cobble and brought her son to the children's ward. jo, most my husband is a teacher. he's not being paid for the last 3 or 4 months. i sold a ring, so i could bring my son here for treatment. the family can only afford tea and bread to eat. often. there's not enough money for gas for heating or cooking food on. they say my husband will receive his salary, but i don't know if will happen. last week they announced they would pay and they
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still haven't gotten to them. so tara has the equivalent of just under 20 years left from the sale of her ring. she doesn't know how she'll get by after that loan, whom she lou, my son and the son of a son. we can only keep the children here for a maximum of 2 months. we can't keep them any longer because we have to make room for other children, even including the who do then see which one will i don't want to saw. people come to us from all over the country in june. malloy jam economically. so the children only go home once that well enough, but often that back within a few months, when their parents have no more food left to give them. and the dollars jeweler so daily spoke about afghanistan, thermometer in crisis with the head of the world food program. david beasley, mister beesley, could you give us a picture of the humanitarian emergency unfolding right now in afghanistan?
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afghanistan was already one of the poor structures in the world with train of 20 years, at least of conflict with the taliban. and now what we're facing is catastrophic. the number of people that literally are knocking on starvation is door is 23000000 people out of 40000000 people. it is horrific. in fact, i've been there several times of the meeting with families, mothers and fathers. in fact, one mother was telling me how she had to sell her daughter to get food for her family in the hopes that her daughter could be well fed by another family. and so mothers and families are having to choose because they have no money do. if i do have any money, do i buy a cookie? no, to feed my children, or do i buy heating? oh, to keep my children from freeze to death. this is how horrific it is in afghanistan right now. what kind of difficulties are you encountering in delivering food to the
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people in need? there, we've been operating in afghanistan before the taliban took over in and quite frankly, it's been quite remarkable. the access that we have, the taliban, i have met with our teams have met with out in the provinces as well as in cobble. and they have assured us allowing us to operate in partially independently neutrally. and dave honored that we've been able to operate, do what we need to do to reach the innocent victims of this conflict if we get the money that we need. and that's our biggest limitation right now we can reach the afghan people without any one including the taliban, interfering with our operations in that extremely important for us. that is a humanitarian effort. enough sanctions and asset freezes have been applied to the taliban since they came into government and they are hitting the wanted me in afghanistan. hard. should these measures be reconsidered? so the long term solution is not humanitarian aid. the long term solution is going
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to be the international community, figuring a path forward so that afghanistan can revitalize his economy and move on with his life. because we've got so many crises right now around the world. because if we don't have enough of money more wide, where am i going to get the money to feed all the children in afghanistan? am i going to take it from the children and syria, the children in ethiopia, the children in easier? molly, so this is a very serious issue in the leaders around the world have yet to really sit down and find a pragmatic way forward. otherwise it's going to be catastrophic. as you've said, there's urgent need for funding, not only for afghanistan, but also for other emergencies. around the world, like yemen and syria, you have many times appealed to the leaders and the millionaires of the world for funding. what has the response been so far? during this coven experience the world's billionaires have made unprecedented money
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over $5200000000.00 of net worth increase per day. all we need is one day's worth of their net worth increase to really address our short term crisis. is that too much to ask? i don't think so because the world needs the world billionaires who profited during coven, to help the world's poor david beasley, executive director of the world food program. thank you. thank you. and with the huge challenges facing of jonathan since the thought of on takeover, it seems almost trivial to think about its tourism industry. but prior to the taliban coming to power tourism did to create local economies that helped sustain communities of gone, struggling to different parts of their country, providing much needed employment for tour guides, boat operators and other professions. but since august last year old that has dried up leaving tourism industry workers in the large the deep blue lakes of bundy,
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amier, a pristine mountain landscape, 3000 meters above sea level. it's afghanistan's 1st and only national park. the area usually attracts thousands of visitors a year. all that changed with the taliban take over now its deserted, the normally busy kiosks. empty and padlocked. clubland hill, it used to be very good and all there was scheme, programs and competitions in the winter. the used to be so many tourists, but since the taliban came in the last 4 months, we haven't seen any tourists in bundle. mia hoody. see that the one as will the when ended 90. to day visitors are greeted by arm taliban soldiers and vehicle inspections. afghans once flocked to bondi, amir looking for a break from decades of conflict. the region prospered, but now it's taken a double hit. from the pandemic and the economic crisis following the taliban victory. madeline, when them 70 to 80 families living in the village,
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and they livelihoods depend entirely on tourism. couldn't you go if they are tourists? their income is good. if not one, they have nothing. when monsieur, without the tourists, the striking beauty of the mountains remains. but the people who live here are facing a winter of hardship. fortunately though some help is a getting through. we leave it to day with images of some of those aid efforts with you next week, a by to the point. strong opinions, clear position,
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international perspectives with the dire warnings mountain russian forces digging on ukraine's border and diplomatic todd stall, calls for germany to play a more active role are also growing louder is isn't letting its allies down, join us on to the point to the point with d, w, press this robinson to 6th grade only to tea, a a relevant to go put over convention home the force i'm told last missing that we can member withdraw that mr. about almost the valley that the last dragons in this world had called to home for 2 years, dw books on in dire warnings mount has russian forces dig in on ukraine's border and diplomatic talk stall is europe facing its biggest mil.


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