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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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we are not a because population is growing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to 77 percent now every weekend on d w ah, ah ah, this is, did we news live from berlin? keep calm and carry on. you crazy. president warns against panic made a stand off with russia after
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a call with the u. s. president vladimir zalinski says western warnings of war are hurting his country. he's calling for more diplomacy, amid fears of a russian invasion. also coming up defiance in sudan for weeks, thousands have been breathing bullets and tear gas to demand a return to civilian rule after a military coup or get an update from the capital hart and the coal leader of germany's far right. a f. d, quits the party, he says he lost a power struggle with the a u. d. 's extremist weight. ah, i'm glad i thank you so much for your company. we begin this broadcast with the latest efforts to diffuse growing tensions between russia and ukraine. ukraine's
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president vladimir zalinski is calling for com. after speaking with you as president joe barton, he said there has been no further escalation with russia at the moment. and his asking allies to dial down talk of war earlier russian, president of russian president putin's whose country has mast tens of thousands of troops near ukraine's border accused nato and the u. s. of ignoring russia's security concerns. nato says it's prepared to put more troops in eastern europe after washington warned ukraine to be on alert for an invasion. scanning the landscape on this ukrainian border city troops try to gauge moscow's next move. one soldier believes an attack here in lou haskell is unlikely. philip natural fulfillment anavia is not strong enough to withstand heavy attack when in missouri, coastline could be easily captured. but as a selena was,
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that's my opinion. everybody thinks about invasion through hockey for don bus, but that's the wrong point of view. cheers. clark. you should have them, but if they attack, they will do it from the see with it. from, with the shows more in the black sea rushes navy carries out drills on friday. still the kremlin says it wants a peaceful resolution. yes, with the ladies who if it's up to us, that's the russian federation. there will be no law. it's, you know, we don't want war boys or we will not allow interest to be violated. yes. and we will not allow our interests to be ignored. you either it's hoped a diplomatic offensive will deescalate tensions. high stakes talks with various players are giving hope that a war in eastern europe can be averted. for those stuck in the middle life is on hold, which in the days we just hope russia takes us for good because it has to stop at
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some point it's been what, but then you would 8 years of conflict with somebody to read to blame. yeah. as diplomatic efforts advance, the u. s. is still warning ukraine to prepare for a russian invasion. let's talk to our correspondence. mathias brinninger. he is in the ukranian capital k, f, a mathias, the ukranian president of laundry zalinski spoke moments ago were addressing the press. what did he say? well, he warned ofa a panic and he said, and he also disagreed with the assessment of some western allies who have warned that war is imminent in the next few days on the but on the other hand, he has also said that he does not a disagree with the assessments of his allies are in the big line and he feels threatened by russia. he has called, for example,
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internal destabilization, some attempts inside the country to stir panic by a rush or possibly through, for example, bomb warnings that we've seen at schools in, in recent days as of the biggest threat to ukraine. so he's, he's, he's, he's a, he's a bit in a dilemma. the, the, the fear of war has caused an outflow of capital out of ukraine. a significant outflow of couple though, and it has strained the ukrainian economy at the same time. of course, during these days, there has been a lot of military aid of financial aid to ukraine. so he's trying to walk a tied line between reassuring pete his own people and also allies that there should be no panic. but at the same time, of course, not a seeming to naive or on on the perceived threats. he has said that
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ukraine is facing threats and he has not, i hasn't been really able to defuse this contradiction. there is apparently a disagreement between a u. s. president, job vine and ukrainian presenter as a lensky about the wisc ukraine is facing well, yes, there is a disagreement about the urgency of the risk not above about the risk in itself. so what he has said is that he thinks that russia is not preparing for a war, but he could launch a war. and the main message is that by reiterating these warnings, and especially by such actions as withdrawing embassy personnel from a ukraine. for example, as the us have done, and great britain or the allies are creating kind of can making his job to defend
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his country. more difficult, this is his main agreement. i would say that the, the most important point of the disagreement is how to communicate the situation to the public and set it up for you so much as billing or reporting from care for ukraine. thank you. let's take a quick look now at some of the other stories in the headlines. north korea has released images of its latest missile test. the launches on tuesday and thursday were of new short and long range missile systems. john young has conducted 6 weapons tests in january, despite being barred from developing missiles and nuclear weapons. and money in the west african block eco was, has suspended burkina faso after last week's military crew. the regions heads of state condemned the takeover and called for the release of ousted president rock, cowboy, who has, who was detained in the coop. the leader of the new military junta says
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constitutional order will be restored when the conditions are right. malawi has declared a state of natural disaster after tropical storm anna made landfall. much of the country lost power for several days, most and beacon, madagascar were also hit by the storm. at least 77 deaths have been reported in the 3 countries. it has to sit down now and the broadening crack down on pro democracy protests. scores of demonstrators have been killed by security forces since a military coup. last october, demonstrators gathered earlier this week in the capital hart too, to demand justice for the victims. and 2 more were shot dead. all despite the danger, more people are taken to the streets, increasing pressure on the regime. here be a correspondent, adrian crash, or ports from cartoon. a call for action for demonstrators in
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sedans kept the 2 or 2, including sheriff up to the since the military crew in october, people have taken to the streets every week, calling for democracy. i took my let, then i want the civilian government to return to power. that you have been sure that the military turned back to clock, because they don't want a civilian and democratic government. joe, they raped women with any they killed. revolutionaries asked us a little more hollow, and with our protest, i think we will make sure the democratic system comes back to share my dental to live. no mom die me, leave me ali or sharif abdulla the fight against the military regime is personal on the banner. the picture of her son was a doctor, shot dead while trying to help other protesters recently sedan had been moving towards becoming a democracy. but this latest military take over his crushed all hopes, general upton, idaho han is now in charge. and the protesters want him out. but once again,
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they're facing is diff pushback from the security forces. so that has been the reality of 4 weeks ago. she is, a lot of people are getting injured during the protest. the security forces are responding with violence towards the demonstrators, more than 70 demonstrators were killed since the military coups in october and thousands were injured. neighborhood committees are blocking access to the streets, fearing attacks by the security for just it's a grass roots movement. the protests are not being organized by political parties. the people want a civilian government and no compromises with the military. but the military has lots to lose, says human rights activists without e blame adam after the cool, he was offered the position of a new civilian prime minister by the military to a peace protestors. but he refused. he doesn't believe they wants to reform under the skus and i said, you know, i know you are scared that young people, civilians and allan live in your room.
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dollies, you know, we've taken to local justice is also what sharif abdulla once back at her house. and moral reminds her every day of her son, bobby cur, aaliyah. he tore of jose and that he would be happy seeing us continuing what he started a feel of sin and what he believed in my heifer south that law shall alice and it would make him even happier. and if we succeed in getting democracy, this all up in the 5th or that i'm battling, the truth is, is that people are still dying. that is very tragic. will issue that we will succeed. i'd go and this will make him very happy less as ellen m as added. louis said, hurry far. duleigh says she will continue to join other protesters in their goal of democratic change for some done. she says they owe that to the many people who have
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paid the ultimate price money. the long time co leader of the german far right to a f. d party says he stepping down and quitting the party. juerg morton says he lost a power struggle after a long fight to get the party to take a more moderate course. the 60 all says he now wants to focus on keeping his job in the european parliament. within talking to did of you were chief political editor, michela christner in berlin, mckayla r critics, right? who we just heard? is this a resignation only to save his reputation or is there more to it? there certainly is more to it. i mean, he may have not that terribly much to lose any more as he faces an investigation for potentially with the aggregation of having accepted illegal part to funds. interestingly, some of from some of the same names that seem to here on a list of donors for vinyl, who is a co leader in parliament and seen is very friendly to the extreme white wing of
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the a party. what your mike did try to do is 2 years ago he stood up and tried to steer the car to party back towards unless extreme more centrist course. it's a spectacular resignation that we're seeing here today. but it is the recognition that he basically lost in his battle against coley, that you know, co holler and beyond hucker be seen as he most extreme end of the fall, right? a f d. and that's why we're also hearing some very, very tough rhetoric with martin after all, until just a short while ago, the co leader of the party accusing his party of being very close to if not in parts anonymous with neo nazis. we had to put this in perspective for us, contextualize, at how much of a conflict with right wing extremist is there within the a f d party. well,
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that sets the tone for any party gathering. in fact, it is part of the history. he is the 3rd leader to resign of us failing to steal the car seat, the policy back to the more centrist conservative of the course, and the far right one every single time. the big question is, how much further to the light will the a f d drift under this leadership that is very much open, that is not throwing any red lines. and how much of an opportunity is this now for angela macros? conservatives, and now led by a new deaf leverage mass, who wants to clinch back those voters who went to the far right a f d. now if this is clearly going into more extreme, is course, it probably has maxed out on how many votes it could get. that's what the last elections proved. they didn't increase their shed and no longer the strongest opposition party. and they mag, may now be fighting an uphill battle to deflect from the fact that they are
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interesting towards the extremist right. did have you chief political editor mika in christner? thank you. you're watching it. every news coming up next, and d, w, news, asia. we look at afghanistan, acute hunger crisis, people resorting to selling their own organs to get money to eat a country, seeing a wave of malnourished children being taken to hospitals in such numbers that they soon have to leave again. that on a whole lot more coming up with the rush of energy and just a moment and i'll be back in touch with to the dark side.


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