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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CET

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77 percent now, and d, w ah ah ah, this is d, w is coming to live from berlin. the wes steps up its warnings to russia over ukraine. the u. s. senate allies tell moscow
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a strategic gas pipeline would be sanctioned if prussia and bates, ukraine, and president biden warner key f to prepare for a possible russian offensive as early as next month. also coming up desperation in afghanistan. months after the taliban take over, people are running out of money. many can't feed their families and their children are close to starving. wait, find out what's hindering aid efforts. and it's often called the world's largest annual human migration. but this year again, travel in china ahead of the lunar new year is impacted by cope with restrictions. will have an update from beijing plus police comb through surveillance footage to find the suspect in a german museum jewel heist. their trial starts today. but the big question remains, where are the missing jams? ah,
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ah, hello and terry martin, thanks for joining us. stern warnings from the u. s. over russia's military build up on ukraine's borders on a phone call. thursday president biden urged his ukrainian counterpart laudermill zalinski to prepare for a possible russian invasion. washington has also pushed ahead on the diplomatic front requesting a un security council meeting on monday to discuss the crisis. germany has also warned that the north stream to gas pipeline could be part of a sanctions package. should russia invade ukraine? ah, russia military drills on the border with ukraine. these are the scenes keeping the west on its toes. yet russia has repeatedly said it has no intention of invading ukraine, and that even the thought of war between the 2 nations was unacceptable. a position also echoed by residence in the streets of moscow. but we were young little.
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i am not ready to go to war with a fraternal people like we are slavic, and it's not acceptable. there are no threats from the territory of the ukrainian state. therefore, i believe it doesn't make sense. to me, it is almost the up when you want. i understand that there is a risk of a full scale war, but i believe that the parties will manage to negotiate all their disagreement already to the store and come to a consensus lesson. he did you call middleton. but after the u. s. and nato rejected moscow's main demands, including bearing ukraine from ever joining nato. everyone is waiting to see how president vladimir putin will respond. so far, the kremlin has offered a glimmer of hope that a d escalation may be possible by keeping the door open for further talks. shook aside seducer concerning the document replying to russia's demands, concluded was,
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there is a response that allows us to consider the beginning of a serious conversation the bill. but on secondary issues loanable, there is no positive reaction on the main issue in this document, easily new. another chance for diplomacy will come next month when russian french ukrainian and german delegates will meet in berlin for talks. with our solution to the crisis inside the west is becoming clear on what costs russia would incur if it invades ukraine. here's you us under secretary of state for political affairs, victoria new lunch. we continue to have a very strong and clear conversations with our german allies. and i want to be clear with you today. if russia invades ukraine, one way or another nord stream to will not move forward.
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and how did you say that, for sure. where does your cabinet government? as i said, we've had extensive consultations at every level with our german allas. i'm not going to get into the specifics here today, but we will work with germany to ensure that the pipeline does not move forward. sco straight over to our correspondent, emily sure. when in moscow, emily, the north spring to pipeline is clearly on the table now among possible sanctions on russia. how serious is the kremlin taking that while publicly russian officials usually down play the idea of sanctions? they kind of say, you know, we've been under sanctions for so long. who cares if there is more? but i do think that the idea of sanctions on nord stream is serious. first of all, of course, it's an economic factor for russia. this is a huge project. and for russia, you know, the main pillar of its economy is income in oil and gas sales. exports and so on.
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i think it's hugely worrying to russia that the u. s. is making these back up plans for exporting oil and gas to europe in case russia cuts off supplies. so creating alternative routes that could be damaging to rushes economy. and i think more importantly, when it comes to north stream to there's a symbolic element. so germany, mainly has, you know, really stood up for this project over the years, despite bad relations with russia or differences with russia. it's always kind of defended this project among european allies as well. so i think, you know, this huge prestige project for russia if that's really stopped, that would be, you know, a blow symbolically in that sense. but also because it would show that germany and european allies really are taking this seriously,
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and they're willing to incur some economic damage themselves in order to punish russia. bloody mir putin is due to talk with emmanuel in the con, the french president this morning. what are the chances emily of progress being made there on the diplomatic front? why i think this is an interesting phone call because it's the 1st high level talks that we're seeing after the written response that russia received to its demands from the u. s. a. nato this week, so i think monday, my call will kind of been taking the temperature with vladimir putin letting me are putting has been kind of quite quiet actually on this whole issue. and on the question of security guarantees, basically for a month. so i think it will be interesting in that sense, most likely the 2 leaders will also talk about the talks in the norman d format, which happened just recently and their new rounds of talks planned on that. those
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of course talks over ukraine and the peace process there, including france, russia, ukraine, and germany. but i think for the russians, this is kind of a side issue. the ukraine question, the normandy format. that's a side issue. they essentially want these, these security guarantees from nato and the u. s. they have been issuing demands to nato in the u. s. so the europeans are kind of, you know, on the sidelines there. but it shows that russia certainly willing to keep talking on all levels and with all leaders. emily, thank you very much. t w's, emily sure. when they're in moscow, let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today . north korea has released images of its latest missile tests. the launches on tuesday and thursday were of new short and long range missile systems. john lang pyongyang has conducted 6 weapons tests in january, despite being barred from developing miss 1000 nuclear weapons. the u. s. coast
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guard is ending its search for passengers on a boat that capsized off the coast of florida, one man scene here has been rescued the vessel carrying 40 people had left the bahamas over the weekend. authorities believe this to be a human smuggling tragedy. in his 1st address and seizing power, the leader of burkina faso is military junta has promised to restore constitutional order when he says conditions are right. but he also warned that betrayal would not be tolerated for cane of passers military else did president rocca bori, on monday after widespread protests against his government. he watching dw news coming up unsolved, unsold questions, still linger as the suspects in germany's greens bolt. jewel heist. go on trial today. afghanistan is in the grip of a humanitarian disaster, and in the midst of a famine, the crisis had spin,
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made worse by sub 0 temperatures in recent weeks. according to the u. n. 23000000 people. more than half of afghanistan's population are threatened by hunger this winter, and an urgent need of assistance. some food aid has started arriving in cobble but much international aid was cut when the taliban took power last august. scarcity of food means many children are now malnourished, and children's medical wards are filling up. this next report is from the indira gandhi hospital in cobble so weeks hardy had nothing to eat. her mother could no longer breast her and the family couldn't afford to buy milk. 14 days ago they brought her to this hospital and cobble got up with them because she was much worse before she fed milk every hour and she can keep it down to the
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family situation has severely deteriorated in the past few months. then as the prices have skyrocketed, i have 3 sons and the daughter we were able to buy food. but recent developments of hitches massively, especially the delineation of the currency and inflation. i'm a widow and live in someone else's apartment ness sakina used to fee would normally look after 5 patients. now she has over 20. the number of people currently seeking hospital treatment far out strips capacity was going to get that issue though for me she must say mom and more of the children. we see here a malnourished was this one or do you tell us what we need more medicine, more space, more stuff and other resources for the many patients in new york. recently,
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the international red cross has been supporting the hospital with financial aid and medicine. the tara comes from a suburb of cobble and brought her son to the children's ward, joe mo, most my husband is a teacher. he's not being paid for the last 3 or 4 months. i sold a ring, so i could bring my son here for treatment. the family can only afford tea and bread to eat. often there's not enough money for gas for heating or cooking food on . they say my husband will receive his salary, but i don't know that will happen. last week they announced they would pay and they still haven't gotten to them. so tara has the equivalent of just under 20 years left from the sale of her ring. she doesn't know how she'll get by after that. loma is a muscular muscle and the thin of that we can only keep the children hair for a maximum of 2 months. we can't keep them any longer because we have to make room
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for other children, even including the who do then see which one with the want to saw. people come to us from all over the country. you'll moodle jim economically. so the children only go home once that well enough, but often that back within a few months, when their parents have no more food left to give them world food program, executive director david beasley has been working in afghanistan to distribute aid the w's, julia sal deli, had a chance to speak to him here in berlin about his work. mister beesley, could you give us a picture of the humanitarian emergency unfolding right now in afghanistan? afghanistan was already one of the poor structures in the world with train of 20 years. at least of conflict with the taliban. and now what we're facing is catastrophic. the number of people that literally are knocking on starvation door is 23000000 people out of 40000000 people. it is horrific. in fact,
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i've been there several times of the meeting with families, mothers and fathers. in fact, one mother was telling me how she had to sell her daughter to get food for her family in the hopes of her daughter. it can be well fed by another family, and so mothers and families are having to choose because they have no money do if they do have any money, do i buy a cookie? no, to feed my children, or do i buy heating? oh, to keep my children from freeze to death. this is how horrific it is in afghanistan . right now. what kind of difficulties are you encountering in delivering food to the people in need? there we've been operating in afghanistan before the taliban took over in and quite frankly, it's been quite remarkable. the access that we have the taliban, i have met with our teams have met with out in the provinces as well as in cobble. and they have assured us allowing us to operate in partially independently
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naturally. and dave, honored that we've been able to operate, do what we need to do to reach the innocent victims of this conflict if we get the money that we need. and that's our biggest limitation right now we can reach the afghan people without any one including the taliban, interfering with our operations in that extremely important for us. that is a humanitarian effort. enough sanctions and asset freezes have been applied to the taliban since they came into government and they are hitting the wanted me in afghanistan. hard. should these measures be reconsidered? so the long term solution is not humanitarian aid. the long term solution is going to be the international community, figuring the path forward so that afghanistan can revitalize, is economy and move on with this life. because we've got so many crises right now around the world. because if we don't have enough of money more wide,
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where am i going to get the money to feed all the children in afghanistan? am i going to take it from the children and syria, the children in ethiopia, the children an easier molly? so this is a very serious issue in the leaders around the world have yet to really sit down and find a pragmatic way forward. otherwise it's going to be catastrophic. as you've said, there's urgent need for funding, not only for afghanistan, but also for other emergencies around the world, like yemen and syria. you have many times appealed to the leaders and the millionaires of the world for funding. what has the response been so far? during this coven experience the world's billionaires have made unprecedented money over $5200000000.00 of net worth increase per day. all we need is one day's worth of their net worth increase to really address our short term crisis. is that too much to ask? i don't think so because the world needs the world billionaires who profited during
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coven, to help the world's poor david beasley, executive director of the world food program. thank you. thank you. preparations are under way in china for the lunar new year next tuesday. that means a lot of people rushing home for the holiday countries, migrant workers are expected to make over 1000000000 trips during the season, which is why it's called the world's biggest annual human migration. but the crown of iris pandemic is casting a shadow over their journeys. the annual trek to be home for the start of the year of the tiger is starting in china's cities. travellers returning home from the capital are happy to be seeing their families. for many, it's the only chance every year to see children, parents and friends. but they're also anxious about traveling during the pandemic. hayes. oh yeah. because the pandemic situation last year was worse. i also didn't go home. i felt lonely, staying here. and that's why i'm very excited that i could go home this year and i
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would cherish the time i spent my family fidel, our before the pandemic. the concourse of beijing train station would be packed with people at this time. this year, the number as more modest though the transport ministry expects 1 point one, a 1000000000 trips to be made during the lunar new year travel season. that's a 3rd higher than last year. but many local authorities are urging residents not to come home as they're worried about spreading, the highly transmissible, alma kron variant china has adopted a rigid 0 covert policy. focus on mass testing, extensive quarantines and snap block downs. local authorities are going all out to prevent coven flareups, especially with events like the beijing winter olympics looming in february. you know, he's in our little, i'm anxious every day because the pandemic is still quite serious. lajon of our i
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don't want to bring trouble to my home town. my wife i've tested negative now, but what if it changes to positive and i have no choice but i'm determined to go home. the coming days will see a difficult balancing act. how to keep the army crown variance in check and still allow migrants to return home for what's the biggest festival of the year. earlier i spoke to correspondent pub in crisper in beijing and asked him if the conditions this year for the lunar new year holiday are better than last year. yet this really an atmosphere of insecurity. and that's really one special case, and that's the case of the city of young. and it's really very close to paging model city, a new city plant by the central government. and they basically impose the locked down more than one piece. a 1000000 people cannot leave the city, they have to stay indoors, and there's also no train connections any more leaving the city. but officially it's not called a lockdown that has caused a lot of confusion. obviously this for m political reasons, they call it
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a voluntary situation, but, and that does not reflect the reality. and just to day 3 days after this looked on was imposed, it was discovered by international media by a german correspond of the site she found young. and that really shows you how well the censorship and the information control here works. if i'm just outside aging, there's a locked on of more than 1000000 people, and only 3 days later, the outside world knows about it. sailors, some of the other developments in the pandemic. a medical convoy from the united arab emirates has delivered 1000000 vaccines to the gaza strip, which has limited access to terraces just over 30 percent of the population. there is fully immunized. rocco is building a manufacturing plant in casablanca to produce more vaccines. it hopes to make over 100000000 units at the site by 2024. and south korea has reported record hi case numbers for the 4th day in a row. the health minister, however, says the medical system is stable. south korea has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world to expand go on trial today in the,
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in eastern germany over the, their alleged role in the spectacular green vault museum jewel half theft. the night time smashing grabbed job at the dresden museum took just 8 minutes. investigators say the suspects made off with lute worth at least 113000000 euros and the stolen jams are still missing. the thieves smashed glass display cases with an axe to gain access to the jewels video, surveillance captured images of what's been called the biggest highest in modern german history. they broke into dresden green vault museum in the early hours of november 25th in 2019. and made off with 21 pieces worth over 113000000 euros. it was a huge shock for those in charge. it probably in the prison. i don't have to tell how shocked we are at the brutality of the burglary. fine, boss,
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it's my job here to let you know as of, as i'm sure you do. does that we're talking about culturally and historically priceless pieces. could toys, tuition, via 100? the 18th century jewels and artifacts, including this diamond laden polish order of the white eagle, were part of the collection of augustus, the strong and 18th century saxon ruler, who also served as king of poland. subsequent investigations by police indicated the haste was a well planned attack. permission on his asthma for me, the security measures of the dressed and state art collections here at the dressing castle were excellent and comprehensive. in fact, and we can see now that this is not the case is the follows. it was nearly a year before berlin police carried out raids on the stronghold of the so called remo clan. a family of arab origin, notorious for its ties to organized crime, was often visible. prosecutors charged 6 men
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aged between 22 and 28 years with aggravated gang robbery and arson. but in play pursuing the arrested persons are all men, which is all german nationals who come from the so called klan menu. none of the missing treasures has ever been recovered. experts fear they have been broken up, melted down and sold, and may never be seen again. more now i'm joined by manuel shaws in dresden. m. a. the trial is getting underway today. what can we expect when we can expect here are the child to, to, to try and find out the chain of responsibility seeks people stand accused. here are interest and courts or to answer for their role for their participation or to what is germany's biggest height height to with her head in the report. the jewels
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are that were there that was stolen, a man to a worth of a 113000000 euros, with tears do not know. read those to us are perhaps, at the accused will, will give indications are asked to divert so far their lawyers have an answer as to whether or not they will actually say anything at all during this trial. so here in dresden, many expectations as to how exactly does a theft was organized? birds are so many questions as to whether we will actually find out to us about the charges that the defendants face. emma well, obviously there's a charge of organized crime tests, but not only the whole. the whole, the highest was a spectacular was extraordinary. a car was it was burned in a parking space in a residential or underground parking space, or
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e damage or not as 60 cause. he does so endanger d, nabby 10th of that space. so at the accused, we will also have to answer for data organized a theft. our sons are the charges. dad's early accused face emotion earlier that the jewels have not been recovered. do authorities think there's any chance that that least some of that jewelry would, will be found? well, it really depends, terry, on the watts, eddie accused will, will share or not share doing that or try albert's or as i mentioned during the, during the report, d accuse all belong to the same class at class. that is no stranger to a spectacular theft. some members of that clown are also involved in the theft over at the gold medal in valleys border museum, which was never a found again. so there's not really, you know, we can't do any save. are we gonna,
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are we gonna find a jewel again and a child that takes place and with a heavy security forces, dozens of police officers. he with a machine guns that tells you just how tense at the atmosphere is in jason today. emma, thank you so much. that was our report. it manuel shaw's interest. now, do you ever get the feeling that the world has been turned on its head? well, one austrian architect in columbia has quite literally flipped his world upside down the castle locker, better known as the upside down house is. the new colombian tourist sensation is not only the house itself that defies gravity, but everything inside it as well. yet, even the toilets, hundreds of visitors have already flocked to the new attraction just outside of bogus tal. it's hoped that initiatives like this one will help to boost tourism,
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which has suffered because of the pandemic. hey, you are watching d. w. news live from berlin up next week, up global 3000 for you. and of course you can always get all the latest news and information any time you want on our website that's at d, w dot com for me and all of us here at d. w, thanks for watching ah with
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who are my 1st then in japan,
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the kids are learning early on where their food actually comes from to reflect the nature is provision could result healthier diet and less obesity. school can take so good. mobile 3000 on d. w. ah, they were murdered to exterminating both their existence and history buried. and yet some people still experience their presence the ghosts of warsaw murano in 45 minutes on d. w. ah.
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with william, how to be gunner gonzalez, will i and was how you know, if i had known that the boat would be that small, i never would have gone on the tray, but i would not to put myself and my paris in that danger. oh god, it's a theme of the little for that he was late who love on center the hospital and live with him. i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there. but my tim, good of it. you want to know their story info, migrants clarified and reliable information for migrants. ah ah ah ah.


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