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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2022 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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ah, read on d w. blue . listen carefully. don't know how you live today. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube? no, they did have the news aisha coming after dave controlling the message,
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chinese style called film fight club releases online in china with a different ending one where a lot of parties prevent a bumping from a cutting. so why the different ending and what is china's message? and it's often called the world's largest annual human migration. but this year to travel in china ahead of lunar new year is impacted back over restrictions. we have an update from beijing. ah, i british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. called hollywood film fight club has a new ending, but only in china. it's a form of chinese censorship. we'll be looking at in detail in a moment, but for those of you who don't know which film i'm talking about, just
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a quick look. i want you to hit me as hard as you can. this is how i'm that tyler do me any here. let me start a new. you can't dive for insomnia. what about narcolepsy? not often wake up in strange places. so i make an issue. so tyler durden it came out in 1999. and as you saw it, stars brad pitt and edward norton. now here's a spoiler alert, those will seem the film. no, it ends with the norton's character killing his alter ego, tyler played by brad pitt, and then destroying multiple buildings. but that's not what chinese audiences are seeing. here is the tweet by fin pretty cut me howard, where she says that in the chinese version of the film on the streaming platform,
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10 cent video, tyler apparently provides clues to the police who are then able to stop the bombing . a trial follows and tyler is sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. so why that different ending? clifford conan, who has reported on the entertainment industry in china for a number of years, joints be now in the studio. clifford welcome. why the different ending? well, the rush, the 1st rule of fight club in china anyway, is that and the bad guys cannot win that it and that law enforcement, the side of justice always has to be the winner on death. censorship is a very strange thing in china. and because if you have a wrong doing, if you have say, a crooked cop, are the authorities failing to catch a villain and is a view that, that somehow implies approval for that. so things are very strict in, in how it things are controlled. you know, you, em all cinema is essentially propaganda in that way. and all tv and all drama.
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everything has to feed into this message that am that everything is under control, that the status quo is, has to be restored at the end, and the authorities, gaunt fearless sensually a bit. but this isn't the 1st time or is it, is that a hollywood film has had significant changes in china? no, it's not. i mean, this is the 1st time in, even in this current round of quite a lot of movies and our being put on to streaming services. because the coverage, you know, lot more people are watching streaming services, another western movie, lord of war feature, nicholas cage. and he's, you know, at the end of which he, he escapes and goes on, continue to sell arms. and that's been changed to where he ends up getting caught am. and i remember even over the years, you know, watching are and man the iron man movie, where at the end of which a chinese dr. saves his life and funny scenes like and transformers, where at one point they said we must tell the central government about this. and even in the cinema, people are laughing at this. and people are aware of this that it is propaganda.
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but i think things are becoming more and more strict lives, if it is your sight of his political. what is the overall aim qa? i think the overall aim here is to control the narrative am and that has never been more important. i think in, in contemporary chinese history than right now. and she, jim ping is looking to cement his position as the, at the total center of power. and nothing could be left to chance. in order this year, we have a meeting of the chinese communist party at which he will an unprecedented term term for simon 30 years for anything like that. so nothing is being left to chance on. i think am, that's why we were seeing a lot of these kind of and much more focus in word seen on we're seen things like at the lake of change in, which is a propaganda movie about the war with korea. and it's interesting talk many people laughing at the propaganda over the years. but the current thing with this movie lake of chang gym, which is the most expensive chinese movie ever made. biggest box offices taken
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nearly a $1000000000.00 and box office am. but at the end of it, people are standing up on their solution and it's, it's a completely no one's laughing any more. so i think this whole thing about controlling the narrative is, is very interesting. and it ought to ties in with some of the things that we're seeing globally. i mean that that film is setter into korean war when china intervene to help the north koreans when they invaded south korea. and now even if we look at ukraine, you know, we can see how china is very much backing rushes position. it's a very close ally, russia. so am we're seeing a lot of parallels also in the contemporary world here for good. and thanks so much for coming in and breaking that down for us and staying in china, where preparations are underway for the lunar new year. next tuesday, chinese migrant workers have already begun over 1000000000 trips to get back home to see loved ones. it's called the world's biggest annual human migration for that reason. for the corporate pandemic is casting a shadow over the journeys the annual trek to be home for the start of the
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year of the tiger is starting in china's cities. travellers returning home from the capital are happy to be seeing their families. for many, it's the only chance every year to see children, parents, and friends. but they're also anxious about traveling during the pandemic. hayes. oh yeah. yeah. because the pandemic situation last year was worse. i also didn't go home, i felt lonely, staying here. and that's why i'm very excited that i could go home this year and i would cherish the time i spent my family fidel our before the pandemic. the concourse of beijing train station would be packed with people at this time. this year, the number as more modest though the transport ministry expects 1 point one a 1000000000 trips to be made during the lunar new year travel season. that's a 3rd higher than last year. but many local authorities are urging residents not to come home as they're worried about spreading. the highly transmissible,
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alma kron variant china has adopted a rigid 0 covert policy, focused on mass testing. extensive quarantines and snap block downs. local authorities are going all out to prevent covered flare ups, especially with events like the beijing winter olympics looming and february. you know, he's in our little, i'm anxious every day because the pandemic is still quite serious. or john ever, i don't want to bring trouble to my home town. my wife i've tested negative now, but what if it changes to positive and i have no choice but i'm determined to go home the coming days we'll see a difficult balancing act. how to keep the army crown variance in check and still allow migrants to return home for what's the biggest festival of the year. and gentlemen offer moore's correspondent, fog on credit for in bridging sovereign. the lunar new year holiday is for many millions of chinese. the only time in the year when they can travel home to meet
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loved ones. how is that progressing this year in 0 covered china? yeah, i talked to many young chinese, he and beijing, and they're all em have been thinking very hard about that decision for weeks actually, whether to travel and visit their family or whether to play it safe and stay in paging because of course at you can trouble this not of, i mean it's not been overly bent, but they're, the roots could change any time. so that creates a kind of an atmosphere of insecurity and many are afraid that they might be stuck somewhere, or maybe even a stuck in a locked on. but i would say that according to the official numbers, and there's an uptick. i mean, last year there were fewer trips than those who are expected to day of the transport. ministry says that in the overall travel season, around the lunar new year, there will be up to a $1200000000.00 and tickets and trips that
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a chinese are undergoing. and it's not s at the same as before. the pandemic but am, are better than last year, but they're still appear to be some restrictions and i one other for howard. how that is affecting the lunar new year. mood of this time round. yeah, it is affecting, i mean i know from many families it and when they get together and you know, you would have some very big family dinners and now they would cut the tables. i mean, i have smaller meetings, not all the family members can join because some are living in areas where there are really strict a mattress impulse. and some are even medium and high risk areas. so that is affecting the area. and i would say that and especially the local, governs every, quite nervous. and there was, for example, 1 may or in the central chinese province of honan. who said that any want arriving here to my area coming from a medium risk area and will not only have to undergo isolation guarantee, but also i will have to go to the detention center. and of course, it created
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a lot of backlash and he had to apologize, but that gives you an idea how am afraid the local governments are that the city travelers will bring the virus to a provinces where there's not necessarily a really good health system. and we're also, they're not good and sufficient testing facilities. speaker for a local governments vaviante b gene where you are is set to play host to the winter olympics in less than 10 days. give us a sense of how that has impacted residence. yeah, i mean, really the lunar new years, much more important for most residents here that the m the i wish to visit family members. it's the topic number one. as for the olympics, i mean when i talk to bacon residents, most is a tell me the or what effect them is the traffic. because in many i'm a big lanes. a big, big streets. there's one lane reserved for the or olympic, and the people from the olympic bubbles. so basically the athletes and also journalists who are in
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a close loop and then they have to go from one venue to the other. and other than that, of course, i mean you see the mess cuts like step use in the, in the public and advertisements. and also the m t, v is full of m pre report or about olympics. but my impression is that um, people are quite busy about going on with their life and have other voice from crisper and better. thank you so much. that's it for today. as always are, we have a lot more news from the region at the dap dot com, forward slash asia, and you're going of course, follow us on facebook and twitter as well. relieved today with pictures from a great, a may cong area in southeast asia where 224 new species were classified in the year 2020, the wild wildlife fun said the discoveries underlined the rich biodiversity of the region. despite the intense threat of habitat loss into back half tomorrow, bye bye. i
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ah. ah
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money. the federal reserve sets out a plan to close out its pandemic stimulus and bring rising prices under control. we'll look at what the decision means for the u. s. t, and for the rest of the world. also on the show germany hopes its economy can shake off the pandemic this year and face the bigger challenge ahead. a climate transformation. we'll look at berlin's latest forecast and we'll go to india for look at how businesses are dealing with the latest wave of the pandemic. and we'll talk to our correspondent and deli hello, welcome to the show. i'm seen beardsley in berlin. it's good to have you with us stock markets in europe and asia tumbled thursday after the u. s. federal reserve laid out plans for pairing back the pandemic measures of the past 2 years exchanges in tokyo, hong kong and shanghai, all sinking as the fed signal. it would raise borrowing rates in march and wind down asset purchases. european markets also opened with losses. fed chairman drone,
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powell said, rising prices and strong job growth.


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