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tv   Doc Film - Opaque Worlds - The Power of Undercover Agencies  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2022 10:15am-11:01am CET

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credibility as a friend of judaism, were mentioned, words utterly. anybody who rejects people amongst us because they are different, or simply because they have not always been here, should certainly not use the word freedom. in this context. the router does mention it onto the wall. human dignity is inviolable of a dignity of every human. the lessons drawn from history shaped our constitution. i, exertion, and we know from experience that free societies remain vulnerable on the inside. so internalized these are, that is why we need his courage to show intolerance towards those who want to use democracy to destroy it. and that is why we need that. those are not my words. as i'm father. they are the drastic words of carlo schmidt,
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one of the architects of the german constitution, the basic law, one of my admission democrat, you will be very liberal democracy must be able to defend itself against those who repeatedly invoke democracy, but actually only mean their own freedom. for this i thought all who emphasized their own right to tolerance while showing only contempt for coalescence who spread lies in order to sow the seeds of doubt and sight hatred and violence. only to lay to distance themselves with expressions of outrage at the food. the majority in our country has no time for this. they will not allow themselves to be enticed into violence. they vote in denver, but they vote democratically and debate democratically. and they are often passionate in those debates. sometimes even fears so intolerable in our approach to the others, we need more courage to show intolerance after them with the resolute use of all means at the disposal of a resilient democracy. when right wing extremists,
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historical revisionists, and f know nationalists celebrate election victories. i law who is that? it is not a warning sign. it is a sign that is, is high time to take action. with them being high time to sit down together to defend the values and institutions of our free democratic science society. and the demo cutty quick kind even for democracy, bears no eternal seal of google and google. it is reliant and citizens who value it and bring it to life dawn in on wednesday that one. and this is also one of the lessons which we are reminded of on this day. and my german history, regular reminded me that it is up to all of us, george mckesson bonn. ladies and gentlemen referred to go with a diverse culture which had grown over centuries,
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was destroyed by murderous german, fanatical racism, this impoverish europe, intellect, scientists, intellectuals and artists were forced out. we went into exile, you lost their lives from sleep. i know from in there i got one of them was the composer from park house casa linda. his children are pointed back, was misused by the nazis for their propaganda in theresienstadt concentration camps . i thought it was there that hands. kaiser also wrote the string trio piece that we are about to here. he died in 1944 and outfits in because i would like to thank the musicians from the prague i'll press with. i would like to thank you so at the counter. and i would also like to thank all the other musicians and artists who have been involved in this ceremony of remembrance.
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nothing with her after the music is finished. the small miss our bah, you have the word. you have to flor. thank you very much. bye
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ah we are trying the here just joining us, just want to tell you that we are joining the ceremony is taking place in the german one to start with the holocaust remembrance day. good morning. sadly found this pleasant. empty bath, madam president of the buddhist tuck missus bos. techniques effectively. mister speaker of the canal such mister levy at the show you let the doctor shy
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black letter yesterday this deutsche members of the german bonus talk, i guess on her ladies and gentlemen, duncan hansley fill the i lied on. thank you so much for inviting me here. today, if me like you, so who am i l l i am a jewish girl from the village of keeping heim in barden, ethan and from ye been house and gaping and sway b a i and i, i was born on december the 31st 1934 in cape and hime, your room, chris warned. jews and christians lived together in peace next the youth she came, thus thought i was the last jewish child to be born there, please. i am some kid for the only child of eden bear torch, and like ina, our ha ha ha, ha. it very league. so god,
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papa served in the german army in world war one for one and was badly wounded. me them eisen and coy. he was it decorated soldier, he was awarded the iron cross 16 hand by profession. he was a text on merchant ost them cherish. mama was from ye, ben. how is in swaby? i would like my, her mother, my grandma, was in for me was from a large family. she was one of 14 children in florida, 4 of her brothers fought in world war one sly. and to them, elaine gave their lives to the german fatherland. my name is omar woodruff, when the last is my grandma of blessed memory was murdered by the nazis hustle. she is buried in a mass grave in beacon, nicky forest near riga in latvia. that's all oh i
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only he said, batch out our bah, woo! his real name was moses barrack, our baha, my and i was a member of my family, one of my relatives. and sir, in the 19th century he was a celebrated writer. oh, are you there either? i know today, lee, there is a streets named after him in dublin warner site, infant cit, yamaha in new york. new york has been my home for 75 years site, but i can, i still have very clear memories of that dark time, a chime of terror and hate live. these like slaves. he, sadly, this cancer has returned and hatred of the jews. he has become a very commonplace, again nature in many countries of the world, including germany. these, they come high was ocean,
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then the mercy. this disease needs to be eradicated as swiftly as possible. and i need you to seek your mind and keep in mind, mister, we were a happy little community in cape and hime until something happened to disturb the peace of our quiet village. in november on november, the 9th and 10th 1938 riots and violence erupt. judge against the jewish people across germany. these of, oh i this is hi there. oh, hong to day those events are known as the night of broken glass swung and keeping home safe in cape and haim. there was a pogrom. on november, the 10th, i live on my i was not even 4 years old at the time, did not see at all,
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did not see hoodlums through bricks through our windows. i'm dying. how can i get for i was nearly hit by one of those stones, not who would indeed neither give hahn. ah, synagogue was not burnt down, listening. there were christian houses in the neighbourhood, and there was a risk that they might catch fire as well, sates and yard. and what is that? all men and boys from the age of 16 were sent to concentration camps, wouldn't in my grandpa and papa aha were deported to the concentration camp at dow is there by acting where they were held in wanted loc 16. now i live in walking. wouldn't d. c and lastly, on call weeks later i was they were released and came back home wondering voice bala talk told on they told us smith terrible stories of the torture and abuse they had suffered is wrapped site stansell from us. it was quite clear that
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it was time to leave germany noise in whom the line and icy we sold our house in cape and hime in 1939. and papa lost his business. so in game in the house we moved in with my grandparents and ye been housing, so i'm hoping that we would soon be able to emigrate to it. so, oh so mm hm. but where to get the doors for emigration, we're closing very rapidly and i am as soon afterwards, if my grandpa died of a broken heart, auntie said with tissue at this moment, new antisemitic laws and decrees were being issued all the time. when all targeting the jews hate hero, and yet many of the residents of year been house and remained our loyal friends. one even though it was forbidden for christians and neighbors to have any contact with jews for saw on smudge mark me. some of the farmers sometimes gave us food as
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well in the us feeder al queda mid meal, and most children still played with me done by 6. yeah. then i turned 6, i feel then sure, and it was time for me to go to school. you to she kinda though from the mare and shopping shewn by now. so jewish children were not allowed to attend the local public school anymore. doping and i had to walk the 3 kilometers to gaping and meet and then spend one hour on the train to stood. got ha, where there was jewish school, these were the i'm think. yeah, sure. it was the only jewish school in the region. oh the island son, the housewife. i had to get. i special permission to travel door. as it jews, i no longer had any freedom of movement. so as back to me, papa, in the surely at 1st aid my father took me to school,
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swine self i. it either later my parents had to work as slave laborers in a factory and keeping an eye on it. and so i traveled to school on my own. so sure there was and all you feel is yeah, i've been it. and so the journey to school became even more dangerous after september. the 1st 1941. as all jews, aged 6 and over had to where the yellow star one is that she kinda for her. i was p taunted and harassed by some of the christian chill, heinous ha! lease. i knew how i need to do one day chin. a woman left a little bag of bread rolls right next to my seat. my gavin davidge down up. she must have seen that i was wearing the yellow star and we felt lie, some compassion for the little jewish girl who was sitting all alone on the
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train. the template patsy. oh no, not them. austin, begun indian going the deportations to the east, began at the end of 1941 on the mice kinda valued schuler wasn't that my grandma in land. most of the children from the jewish school were deported to riga in latvia. why? it shows the school in stuttgart was soon forced to close the in. before i could finish 1st grade. there was that house line of album in ye been house. we had to leave my grandparents house in ye, been housing, and move into a jewish house left in clipping. and it was nice and who and that's why i wouldn't mind the is on an august 1940 to my parents. and i and other jews were told to assemble in this school gymnasium at the sheila, shuler and gripping and all our belongings were searched once you've fallen. and
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i know one of the gods saw the that i was wearing a little wooden pin or not. she liked the look of a printer and he tore it off me was in a harsh voice. he told me, you won't need this where you're going. oh, that sounds a bit different and sway beehan. he said it in swavay. i hope of my own. and i had my doll in my arms and he ripped her from me too, and looked inside her hollow body to see if i was hiding anything. then see evil mind. there were tears streaming down my face. look as though i was so happy when he handed marleen my doll back to me, when serving in venus in the summer lava, from gapping, and we were sent to the keyless back transit camp in stuttgart noise. and then on august the 22nd 1942, we will put on a transport made up of jewish people from merchant bag and sent to that til easy
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and starts or terrors in concentration camp to use it on. so i was 7 years old at the time of hassle. the youngest, in the transport of around $1100.00 jews. boy, you believe my parents and i were among the very few who survived her. why ha miss? yes, we were on the train for about 2 days. you both feel her so not so then bon hall from both. it was still a passenger train, very crowded. and finally, when we arrived at the station in boucher of its laws, the 1st thing we heard were the gods yelling at us, i had been drop everything except your bed roll and metal dishes get going. march i and we just do as you're told what loiter with pension or when we were surrounded by gods with whips. oh i'm a site for me. my parents,
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he put me between them. so i was protected from the blows here he he buying a pulpit face. oh, i was holding on to my door for dear life. i. hello, mingo is fuss is where we walked about 3 kilometers long then for the older people. so it was a very long and difficult journey on foot, and i'm in i, in a whole finally, we passed through an entrance arch into a garrison. very large. our quarters were located on the top story. we had no beds, there was just the cold floor. it was very, very over crowded house. these again likes to raise inch touch or terrace in a consisted of vast red breaker barracks and old rundown houses. the concentration camp was so totally sealed off from the outside world by high walls,
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wooden fences and barbed wire window. the houses vans contact with any one outside was strictly forbidden, will talk to him. oh, noises i know. on october, the 10th 1941, either reinhardt. hi trish, on our door. if iceman and other nazi hi ups had decided that to raise the install should serve as a transit camp for jews before they were sent onwards to their death. thus laga, he'll pull back on, that's why i've missed that yet. in 1944, the nazis beautified the camp for propaganda purposes and called it a mortal get. so no, it was all for show an elaborate hoax staged solely for the inspection by the international red cross in denver. oh, oh, the camp inmates came from all over europe way when they were older people. prominent people. ha. and many were highly decorated veterans of world war one is
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5th. that's labor. it will tell you that up is saunders may live in there till 8 inch touch concentration camp was especially difficult for such a young child. he got home and there was no escape. there were only oh, the gas chambers at auschwitz, starvation hung high suicide, or death from disease in 4000000 men. oh wow. on hinder most families was good men, women and children had to live separately from one another. but they could still see each other, like visual wise with mine. luckily, i was allowed to stay with my parents in the quarters assigned to the disabled war veterans. i slept on sacks, extra, all crowded together on 2 or 3 tier bunks via kinda water.
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we children became independent very quickly. repre once the most important words in our vocabulary were bred potatoes and su pansy laven clancy. life revolved entirely around food. no love clean. the why the bathrooms were just latrines far away home and be allowed very occasionally we were allowed to take a shower. i saw a playground was a foul smelling garbage dump dawned in la. we rummaged around here for hours, hoping to find a treasure high followed in a rocking chair. nip sean awesome potato skin. no island is valid. if it was still edible, we would cut a little bit off to eat. it kinda felt school was forbidden for us. children might, it classes were held in secrets thus and we were taught some basic reading and
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writing skills like this was called, keeping ourselves busy. oh i am. what if you have a couple? i made a bed for my doll out of a dirty cardboard box, which i kept at the end of the top bunk, where i slept alongside my parents. i ha, and dick one day, a pole, i found a well dead mouse in the box and i, oh, another victim of starvation in movie just love is a bit to me. and then, and there were frequent epidemics caused by the lack of sanitation and the over crowded conditions that we had to live in. well, i was a givea. typhus was one of the worst dangers we face here. one, moisten rat, my soil fleas and one lies. and bed bugs in those were
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a constant companions. on mice, there were also frequent deportations, mostly to auschwitz, swindle field field was either place for sale, 1944 or the disabled war veterans lying had to report that home in alphabetical order made to the commandant's office. i know that's as if they had no idea i that this was a selection for deportation to ash with some real tyson consecration me pine of our media garment. we shared our room with a family named abraham from berlin. i lay out a tow. oh no. they had a daughter, ruth, nellie, who was exactly my age. and yet who was an only child just like me, i know falls on bach. her father had been wounded in world war one and walked with a limp in his site. so both our fathers were summoned to the command and self is at
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the same time, bob, i implants, a few weeks later, all 3 members of the abraham family were deported to the east. so by a miracle, we were left behind by ruth. and i would like sisters and shoe sizes we promised to visit each other. these are here. she would come to you, but housing and i would go to berlin. leave. hello. he's been here valley. dear ruth, i am here in berlin. i have come to visit you order. he le enzo, who am author ruth and her parents were murdered in the gas chambers in auschwitz, allan mar, young to see you. but she didn't even make it to her 10th birthday by noise and horns, looking from filthy cynthia, on the 8th of may, 1945, we were liberated by the russian army,
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and our misery finally ended household. the last 10 days out of the 140000 people who were sent to theresienstadt, how 33000 died there and 88000 were murdered. all should be mostly in outfits or at other camps. live. ha, since in total, kinda $15000.00 children and passed through the cherry the inch. dat camp honda and i wonder very few of them survived. miraculously it was i am one of them. ha ha. how are you that island mentally let me add something. i am wearing a butterfly here today, and it's not only a piece of jewelry, a cheque. boy. father friedman wrote a poem in terra's, either i mentally he wrote these i o never saw
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a butterfly again. and this symbol for the butterfly, heard that i am on high, you is a symbol for the one and a half 1000000 jewish children who were killed. so we always wear this butterfly hockey. toyed outspread cl here and i'm wearing it's to day, especially here at the german bundle dish that stood out or did the beacon you believe with the city of stood god sent a bus to pick up a few survivors in yet we went back to getting an but only stayed there for 9 months. sykes and phelps in may. 1946. we emigrated to new york. ha, ha ha. i was 11 years old. evelyn franklin. oh bye bye. i know i my parents found work with a well to do family. these major. my mother as
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a made esteem and my father as a butler, a meal cover for me. i'm so to me, america felt like wonderland hosting. oh, sadly though my dream was about to end. i'm very sick was i had a very bad cough so. so i was taken to the doctor once a i after he examined me, he told my parents so your daughter is very sick, mostly she has by tuberculosis in both lungs. so well, she has to go to hospital right away after i play up and mine is on the season hancock. the doctor told my parents that the disease was caused by the 3 years in the concentration camp there where i had been under nourished and lived in filthy conditions. i stopped by her house while i was placed in a community hospital now. but i could hardly believe it. yes,
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either. i thought i'm being locked up again. it can't be true. he played along the flu, so he behind his, my face was a wash with tears. i yahoo! all in favor. i had to spend 2 years in bed. and undergo painful medical examinations. i put my hands on i li, ronel in finally, my parents said oh it's enough. they had found an apartment in brooklyn by that time and they took me home. i looked like within a few months, however, i was in an even worse state than before with bleeding in my lungs and very weak fed it. so i prayed to god last please. oh, don't let me die. i want to live. we, i'm going ville is my by a miracle hancock, a new drug came out and strapped to my sin, the 1st antibiotic that was effective against you break you losses in nobel prize. a noble prize was awarded for its discovery in i had to stay in bed for another
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year. oh, but i was so thankful because there was painful injections of strep to my son, cured me me. senior he finally aged 15. i started school be up to the and i finished high school in 3 instead of 4 years. the business shop intimacy of the me say i was very interested in science one. so i went to college to study chemistry. i well, i can eat after a few years. i got sick again. what if i had to spend another 12 months in bed and take 26 pills a day, and 2 shots have strep to my son. if visa india, then at last, i went back to college and completed my studies for 38 years to me. i pursued a career as
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a chemist in medical research and clinical work. so wow. so much to sum up you. i mean as far as i know, thinking i am the only child survivor who was deported from stuttgart to the concentration camps. swanson fell soon from hunter from the 20 members of our family were murdered by the nazis i. i spent 3 years in the theresienstadt concentration camp in bed. i endured 4 years of bed rest due to the severe effect this had on my health. sure. i last 8 years of schooling, see and suffered still supply for years of stigmatization from having to wear a yellow star as well as stigma because of the pernicious disease which deterred partners from marrying me. me. i hope i never got to wear
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a wedding grasp rather me, mama with a home. i will never be a mom or a grandma. it's been lately, but i am happy hunting kinda that the children of the world are my family. easy with i would like to conclude by sharing what my heart desires, the most recent hatred against people is terrible on fiscal year for we are all born my as brothers and sisters and is the 1st sorry no my greatest wish is reconciliation among all people. why did i like caps? so light a candle to day?
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a lot to remember the murdered innocent children, how women and men and soon the, i need help please us labor light a candle to celebrate life and hold back for darkness a sinus rascal. take care of your sisters and brothers. look him up and then you will always be blessed at kinda for this your boy, we are all born as children of god on free lift gates to unity and peace. our opening me forget the past must never be forgotten. on one of your bare together, i let us pray for unity on her last home skin mine song. i'm together. let us welcome a new tomorrow. he's a hell and never me, never,
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never lose sight of this dream. thank you very much. the movie by our buffer a holocaust survivor on holocaust remembrance day, he just completed her address to the german bonus tag, the parliament here in berlin in our bertha ending her speech with an appeal for unity on earth. the 87 year old holocaust survivors spent 3 years in the to raising start concentration camp. she lost 20 members of her family. she now lives in new york. she had a career as a chemist. she recounted the holocaust, the years leading up to that as
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a child in germany when jews were deported to concentration camps is one of the few survivors we're seeing right now the kinessa speaker, who also will be addressing the business tar ah, helping her back to her chair for butter cy maya, embracing her the president, germany. if you just tuning in, this is holocaust remembrance day. we're following alive ceremony that's taking place at the german bonus target parliament in berlin. standing ovation form in our buffer. having delivered a very moving speech, recounting her life in germany and her recovery in the united states following the liberation of the reasons not concentration camp. and she spent 3
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years she described them horrible conditions were now going to hear musical interlude songs of the jewish resistance. whose songs will be performed by number of musicians including canter, your sa wreck, of the liberal, jewish community in hanover, all the composers had been turned at. the treason come to reason, shout concentration count laws at all from vessels. so guess we can hit
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the no pain o me toys. my leave, the cloak, glen ivy. mans muzzle coats. oh, this looks like mine. hey me. beg him that blah blah, sail on me. it makes them. oh, you stay a bit though. i didn't talk to him a oh oh oh i
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oh i . c a minute who i
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oh oh oh, i hate ah ah for ah, ah,
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ah ah, with ah, hey want us to get a chamberlain bayonet, a tough bike tunnel that me pain. oh,
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a good, a community in hanover performing during this to member to ceremony taking place in germany, one to start on holocaust remembrance day. the music that was just performed like all music that is being performed during the ceremony today composed by someone who had been in turned at the and we're about to hear. now mickey levy speaker of the israeli parliament that connects it


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