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ah, soccer is a sort of many colors and the children in this mountain village to know the mo, pima where is blue. the color of her favorite teen sex is traditions, prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle bloomed girl football on the p starts february, 4th on d, w. ah, ah, this is d w. news coming to you live from berlin,
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germany marks holocaust remembrance day on this day. more than 75 years ago, soviet troops liberated the outfits concentration camp. germany's parliament holds a special ceremony this hour to remember the millions of jews and other minorities murdered by the nazi regime. ah. hello, i'm terry martin. at this hour, a solemn ceremony is getting underway in the german parliament, barking holocaust remembrance day. on this day, in 1945 russian soldiers liberated out of its concentration camp in nazi occupied poland. it was the largest and a network of $44000.00 nazi run death camps and prison sites. golden, 11000000 jews and other minorities were ultimately murdered in the holocaust. go straight over to the bonus, talk l as the ceremony to remember the victims of the holocaust gets underway.
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socialist party officials met young louder to the topic of the meeting, was that the final solution to the jewish question? ha, was coming to mind. all those in attendance were aware of what this meant. wellings in gunner, the mass murder had commenced much earlier than the objective, was to discuss how to make this mass murder, systematic accelerated, and expand it to compare the whole of europe to encompass 11000000 jewess, none of the meetings attendees registered any concerns. remember the victims of the national socialist crimes, the murdered jews, visited windorama, the cynthia and roemer who died from fuko, the victims amongst the slavic peoples. mention if we remember the millions of people who were persecuted, dispossessed, humiliated, victory, deprived of their rights guys. peggy tortured was or left to die because they
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thought differently. worship differently. loved differently. he lived in the nuts and i would say listen or because their lives were classified by the nazis as well, unworthy for i'm stuck in the the fancy conference. who guess what stands for a state in which the injustice was legalized long for a saint, which planned, organized and administered, the crime would have for mention good god. this state was underpinned by individual people on telephone her from people who became murderous and accomplices to shop for does. so today is also a day of shame shrug upon her shame for what previous generations of germans dediker league. it's like a shame never shown by the perpetrators wish for good. for too few of them were held accountable by the cause which were offered are far too many of them for room escaped with sentences so mild as to be an insult to the victims. and that included participants in the fancy conference this year for i dear miss our bye. hi. if you
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stand before us to day as a witness of a time, which for most of us is consigned to history, it seems far away and completely unimaginable vincent with you. when you are 7 years old to res, interested, you are deported with your parents to the terrace in step concentration camping sites. this was the day in which your childhood ended. you want your district in approximately one and a half 1000000 jewish children died in the holocaust. and in one of your books, you write that you feel these 3000000 eyes on you, the britain go home before and you appeal that they should not be forget, forgotten. the bitter, these are bitter, is in and making. this appeal has become your vocation. been forgotten? yeah, but i'm just saying over the past years and decades, you've told your story on numerous occasions, particularly to children and young people to ensure that rank they do not forget your job. and i would like to thank you for making a trip from new york,
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and i know it was not easy, particularly under the difficult circumstances of the pandemic. so thank you for coming to speak to us today and telling us your story. we are honored to have you here with us. i see all the has from you. you didn't organize. winland in our family received the so called emigration order to deport them. the birthplace of captain heim had already been declared in nazi jordan to be free of choosing almost almost all the jews from barden, platinum and silent, had been deported to the girls camp and the non occupied parts of france in october
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. 1940. i love it. mustn't the 4th of this was one of the 1st mass deportations of german jews fund. i'm halley, kentucky, and all of this took place in broad daylight, what we can believe was, and as the responsible officials, julie reported back it went off for the main without incident. i'm destroyed, i good day to day. the restored synagogue in keeping time is a remembrance, education and meeting center. i think it is run by citizens on a voluntary basis for i'm, this is officer for di and it is also thanks to the dedication of a local group that the house of in our, by his grandparents in yemen with house. and i was able to be preserved and i and that to day it is part of the path of remembrance, commemorative, former jewish life in gulping. and you will come as a representative of all the dedicated local people. i would like to welcome the mayor of gripping him mister alex maya.
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no good being on the influence woodward is now culture of remembrance in commemoration is reliant on initiatives like this is given to a gun in these active citizens and associations which take care of remembrance sites on busy as well as school pupils who embark on voyages of discovery about the past for what the culture of remembrance is not something which can be imposed from the top downwards. and it is not confined to state rituals like this annual in active remembrance. at least not in a free and democratic society, wondered, remembrance evolves, buying them at a position with the passing of time and sure, but there were less and less witnesses able to give 1st hand testimony, georgia tech, more and more people living here, do not have german us ancestors and germany's horrific 20th century history is not their history that makes the work of schools, remembrance, sites, and museums. all the more important to get them to life would have been our culture
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of remembrance, which is earned respect from many quarters can only remain vibrant if we continually ask questions of our history and see cancers. and that applies particularly to young people literally good. and it also means being able to accept different perspectives and discussing with reference points of the history of others. as long as we do this. and the debates take place in a sensitive, responsible, and respectful fashion, ignoring the thought was august 1 to me. but this, i am particularly saddened by the fact that we have had to postpone the german blunders tags. you think, countered you to the pandemic? the but of course we will reschedule it as soon as possible with the youth encounter brings together young people from different countries with different life . it spirit says i different lie stories but sort of and they are united by one thing. he modes it all by their belief that what happened must never be repeated. anti semitism, misanthropy and racism have no place in our society get abroad neither to day,
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nor in the future long week and a beginning for and horton that our country bears a special responsibility. unfortunate for the genocide of the european jews is a german crime and a forgotten yet it is also a pass which is relevant to all not only germans and not only jews for tile is just a blue star. and that is why the bundles tied together with other european parliaments is participating in the social media, we remember campaign life together with many others world wide. we're taking a stance on remembrance of the holocaust. a stance against center phobia and anti semitism. a line of ice, but merely taking a stance is not enough thickness. i welcome to president of the connecticut mr. mckee, levy before
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in the z bowman. your book is a pleasure to have you with us to day. we're going to run with you and your visit and aligns the close and special ties between the parliaments of our countries about 70 years after conrad and will add an hour. and ben gordon signed the luxembourg agreement address, which provided for reparations for something which cannot be repaired. one is what you're actually looking back. reconciliation between germany and israel seems miraculous, a precious gift which must be cultivated when i am an online chairman in israel. do not agree on everything be done, but they are nevertheless true partners. as emphasized either then israel president
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ripley in 2 years ago when he spoke here. mister, let's combine some of the us. we are united not least by the shared values, the shared values to which we are committed and which are partly grounded in the lessons learned from history. and that applies particularly to the battle against anti semitism. we and politics and society has been engaged in this battle for many years. we've created commissions and commissioners to deal with anti semitism for tv, and we have innumerable civil society initiatives and groups. your mom land, we've tightened up. provisions under criminal law is what we're one of the dangers and make clear that anti semitism is not acceptable. full stop no matter how it is express it go ahead no matter where it comes from until you to steal your troops. never
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again, i must anti semitic stereotypes and prejudice be allowed to take hold. there never a game must choose be made responsible for the evils of the world. for all, never again, must anti semitism pave the way for exclusion, hatred and a fanatical ho id, ology of extermination. this ceremony of remembrance is also part of our commitment because we remember in order to counter any threat of repetition, as stated in the original proclamation on this day of remembrance, yet remembrance in commemoration to not create immunity to anti semitism. nor do they safeguard against racism unlikely, extremism. terrible understood in which they did not prevent the murders. terrorism of the n. s, you know, the anti semitic attack, and halla exclaimed water from hon. nor the right wing extremist murders in her. now she had missed for her and knowledge of history has not prevented one 3rd of the german polish your population. believing that the jews might indeed have too
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great an influence and has not prevented 70 percent of people from agreeing or partially agreeing. that is rated policy in the middle east and i quote just isn't as bad of that. of the knots is in the 2nd world war and it has not prevented the print. emmett the pandemic from further stokeland, the hatred of jews which was already rife. so anti semitism is there and it is to be found not only on the extreme margins, i'm not only amongst intransigent die hards on a few of the anti semitic trolls in the internet. it is a problem of our society, the under his image of society as a whole wonderful anti semitism is to be found in our midst remiss not eligible for oh, we must ask ourselves honestly, until until the midnight, including those of us who identify as committed on anti anti semites. how free are we really, from anti jewish cliches you pretty is what you reported to. we always managed not
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to hold juice responsible for israel policy and not tolerance. and do mosquito misguided notions of tolerance, lead us to be overly indulgent. running towards the anti semitism which some immigrants are brought with them from their own home countries, the futuristic you, the solution and to we actually notice the multi fatty acid, multifaceted german life, which fortunately once again exists in germany. this adroit on the diversity of contemporary, jewish life, encompassing german jews and jewish germans, orthodox in liberal jews, young israelis and jewish families from the former soviet union. you for dental juice, do not exist torching, just as the germans do not exist. what are the refugees of the muslims do not exist vigorously more on human globe, and incidentally, anybody who incites hatred of muslims and their faith undermines their own
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credibility as a friend of judaism were mentioned, won't openly. anybody who rejects people amongst us because they are different, or simply because they have not always been here, should certainly not use the word freedom. in this context. the router does mention it onto the wall human dignity is inviolable of a dignity of every human. the lessons drawn from history shaped our constitution. i, exertion, and we know from experience that free societies remain vulnerable on the inside. so into all of us, these are, that is why we need who them courage to show in tolerance towards those who want to use democracy to destroy it doesn't. that is why we need that. those are not my words. as i'm father. they are the.


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