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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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tell people wondering if they are safe, but if people have a ride to learn, if the valley is, if it's their job journalism, how i see it, and that is why i love my job. because i tried to do exactly this every day. my name is adding to, and i work at the w ah ah, this is the every news life from berwin. endless suffering, civil war pushes millions in yemen to the brink of starvation. after 7 years of
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conflict with no end in sight. well, look at the dire situation and what the un is calling the world's worst humanitarian crisis. also coming up, a high stakes stand off, russia shrugs off the u. s. spread of personal sanctions against president vladimir putin over the ukraine crisis. well, today's talks in paris help diffuse tensions before a red line is and the british prime minister under fire wars johnson fight for political survival ahead of a report. on alleged breaking allegations of log down parties are fueling calls for his resignation. class german lawmakers were up for a debate over expanding the vaccine mandate already health care workers must get the job starting march or risk losing their jobs. ah,
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ah unlocked, thank you so much for joining us. we begin our coverage with the humanitarian crisis in the arab world's poorest country, yemen. for nearly 7 years, a bloody war has been raging between with the rebels and supporters of humans. internationally recognized government as saudi. let, military coalition got involved in 2015. the conflict is seen as a regional proxy war. saudi backed government troops recently we gained control of the energy producing sub wat province, dealing a blow to the hoodies who control the capitol center. while the ongoing war in the fight over natural resources has triggered a devastating hunger and malnutrition for the beleaguered population of yemen, about 2 thirds of people depend on foreign aid to survive. our next report contains images that are distressing. i flatbread fresh from
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a stone oven. it's the specialty of alba, keith bakery, and downtown santa. well, some staff members are busy making. others are chopping wood for the oven. they used to heat with gas that made their job much easier. oh, there's no gas because of the war. we don't even have any for a bakery here. and then i'm, i have to buy firewood at the wood market and if there is none there, i have to go to the valley's outside of san on, on the one of i will help. i will go ahead and i'm a after 7 years of war conditions in yemen, capital santa are getting who are a spy. the day. saudi arabia is block and gas imports. and the military coalition bomb santos airport in december. that made getting access to humanitarian and medical aid even harder. hospitals depend on medical supplies from abroad. the devastating impact of the war is most evident in the children's ward. among is 11
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years old. she severely malnourished and fighting to stay alive. but the doctors here are overstretched. amo's mother says there's little the staff can do i, where i lead yet to the blind. we've been here for 5 days and it's not getting better of you. she's getting medicine and pain relief, you know, which is very expensive for us. i think that's all we can do to stop us about man, if i one and 10 children and yemen is malnourished. some 400000 and all i have in order to beg bread for the children of his country baker belong a shut abbey. as to head out to the valleys, he is not the only one looking for wood. the gas shortage in the capital has driven many empties to the valleys. the firewood business has blew me without a shadow, then let the profit between the vehicle owners and the wood cutters. why a load is worth around $100.00 lay the ab had out in belgrade,
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100 lot of lava belong a shuttle. abby has found a good tree to fell. he heads back with a decent load of boy. those who don't own a car to get to the valleys have to make do with the wood market in santa many women come here in particular none of them wants to speak on camera, but home, but she, it shows us her kitchen the bakery is too expensive for her, so she beg spread for her family at home with a meager means available to her. back in albuquerque, bakery the now got enough firewood to get through the week. there are the stuff that looked at it tells me in my staff, a lot of time and energy driving to the bentley and getting the wood. and it all has to be paying for the whole body of hulu. but he'll carry on working as long as he can baking bread and
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a country where more people are going hungry than ever before. with little hope of change in sight. i'm sure now by i'm shadow. yeah, i mean he is policy advocacy and campaign director for save the children yemen. he comes to us from amman, jordan, a very good day sir. i'm. some of the images that we broadcast in our report are deeply, deeply disturbing. how is the conflict affecting emma's children? it is at the side, the ality that these very disturbing images have now become a reality for children. and you know, we're, we're looking at more than 12000000 children who are living every day just because of the human and their systems. if human tacit business cards, they cannot meet the basic needs of eating of going to school or in hospitals. while at the same time, they are seeing their school is being bombed, their hospitals attacked even the internet was cut out for in the last $44.00 days
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. since friday. and children are living, growing, learning in this environment. what it means to be a chart. and it is a sad gotta do that, that has become, i gotta think, what should be human today for more than 7 years now? is hunger being weaponized in this conflict? hunger had become a real, real issue in yemen when, when the populations cannot even access the basic basic material they need for their own survivor. and it is definitely then their hunger is being used against them. whether, whether this is an intention or on intention and is wiped spicy, why we keep calling on part of the conflict to make sure that the population are able to access what they need, but there's a vibrant otherwise, it does tantamount to, to be used as a weapon, if children can't find enough to eat, that is on all of us and today and human, sir, you're part of the, your 8 organization, faith,
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the children. what obstacles does your organization face when trying to help him and he is in need. sadly, and sadly, the obstacles are just too many to comes. we it will finding it increasingly difficult to get supplies into the country because of closures of airports and ports and bureaucratic restrictions that off, which of us every day we have a warming, ongoing conflict that stops us from axis. and people who need help. and today these are getting very, very difficult for us to deliver that it doesn't stop us from working. but at the same time, it begs to ask the question, how much for effort that we are and i was and just to be able to access civilians, could have been more helpful for them if we had to put it towards age rather than just trying to get the age to complete and we'd been quoting on, potter's the conflict to make the life. so yeah, many civilians easier to make sure that him as an agency law able to deliver the aid that they need easier than this. but sadly,
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that extractions are getting harder. for example, we've had staff awful months, there was trying to wait for a visit to get into the country to deliver the program that they need to deliver. if we cannot move people, if we cannot move goods, if we can't access the a, is that all hot to each? now classify that where there is active conflict, we calculate the people who needs aid the most. as a desperation deepens, what can be done to save the children of eman? honestly, a lot can be done if that national community is trying. sadly, the situation now in yemen is so that we keep calling for attention for the security council to look into what's happening in the country for the national government to come together and demand. but sadly, we still cannot get the level of attention that is required on friday. for example, more than $95.00 people were killed in a single attack in 2 separate attack. sorry, one inside the and one data. and until now we have not had most of the
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international governments about that attack. we have had one that contribute to mechanism that looked at into investigating what's happening to children. and the international community board to stopping. it does seem suddenly that now the world was looking at him and as the new norman is for him to live, to live under this much more. and this is what we find unacceptable. and the very least we need that metric community to pay attention to them. and we need the warning policies to protect the videos during the $130.00. and we need to make sure we're able to feed them in the meantime. it is unconscionable for the world to look at $20000000.00. how many is we need to miss an aide? and a couple 100 i'm sure. the mean policy advocacy and campaign director for safe for children talking to us from amman. jordan, thank you very much, sir. just want to tell you bout says the other stories making headlines to day kurdish let forces say they have regained control of most of
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a prison in northern syria. days after it was taken over by inmates. dozens of people were killed when detained members of the so called islamic states seized the site last week. unicef has expressed concerns over around $850.00 children, held at the facility. 3 people have been injured in a large explosion in the greek capital athens. the bloss damaged un office block and smashed nearby store fronts and a busy part of the inner city, the police suspect, and the police suspect an accident rather than foul play. people across australia have taken to the streets to protest australia day, many carrying the australian aboriginal flag. the contentious anniversary marks the arrival of the british to australia in 1788. 0 to esther. say it explicitly links the country's national identity to colonialism and want the date changed.
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high level talks are being held in paris and a bit to diffuse tensions between russia and western nations over a potential russian attack on ukraine. ukrainian and russian delegations are meeting with diplomats from france and germany. the 4 way normandy format has been used repeatedly since russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula in 2014 ukrainian presidential adviser andre aramark sounded a positive note going into the talks, calling them a quote, strong signal of readiness for a peaceful settlement. let's bring him the w corresponds mathias brinninger. he is in t f in ukraine mathias ukrainian though you can in delegate that we are just quoted, sounding an optimistic note. does the ukrainian leadership believe that this normandy format will lead to something constructive?
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i think with the ukranian government, it's important that this is one of the few formants where they are at the table. it's germany, france, russia, and ukraine. it's basically the only formal way russian and ukrainian counterparts at least officially talk to each other. so there is, of course, it's of course, important for ukraine, although the biggest stakeholder, at least from moscow's view, is not at the table. that would be the u. s. it's hard to imagine what could be achieved, but talking is better than shooting the ukraine. a foreign minister mathias said today that russia has not assembled a sufficient forces to launch an eminence full scale invasion of ukraine. what is the signaling here? squalid c signaling to the population to stay calm. it's very hard to say that they have been also a very mixed signals from the ukranian government. the president has addressed last
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week, the nation telling them to stay, carmen, that no danger is imminent. and the next day he said that the about to the hark of the 2nd major city in the country that it would most likely be the object of an attack. so it's very hard to say what signals do ukrainian government is sending you over all their assessment seems to be that russia is showing muscles rather than determination to invade. now several countries have a set of arms deliveries to ukraine. germany has so far refused. how important are these arms deliveries for ukraine's defenses? if you talk to people here in civil society or her in the armed forces or reconnected to the armed forces, they say it's very important because a ukraine is lacking
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a lot of equipment in its army. and these anti tank massage, everything that has been sent so far is mostly material that is lightweight and can be easily use. so it would harm and invade invasion. it would, it would inflict a lot of harm on an invading force destroying tongues and it would lift the, the cost of an invasion significantly. and the hope is, of course, while these weapons will not, might not be sufficient to beat the, the russian army. that is much superior to the ukrainian army. it would raise the cost enough to deter an invasion, metty, as billing or reporting from keith. thank you. now to what could potentially shape up to be make or break days for british prime minister
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boys johnson. today the u. k leader faced a grilling in parliament as his political survival hangs in the balance. mister johnson rebuffed calls to resign and said he couldn't comment on an ongoing internal investigation into multiple alleged parties in downing street when the country was in lockdown. an inquiry into the galleries is expected to be published within days. meanwhile, lemons, metropolitan police and also opened their own investigation like my own. okay. let's get you more. we can go to london to dw correspondent charlotte at chelsea pill. charlotte, is this the prime minister's make or break moment suddenly being billed as such later, in fact, it has been for several weeks with every new allegations surrounding a gathering attendant either by the prime minister or some of his colleagues. additional pressure is being heaped on prime minister boris johnson. and then of course yesterdays, you mentioned this announcement of a police investigation into potentially criminal wrongdoing with
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a hammer below for this prime minister. now whether or not it's make or break that depends on what his own members of it, what is a members of his own party decide his future is essentially in their hands. and the feeling is that many a waiting for the findings of the c grey report that's that report that's being led internally into the allegations of those gatherings. and as you say, those findings are expected imminently. there was speculation. it could be today possibly tomorrow, possibly monday, but whatever that report details that's going to be scrutinized very closely by members of his own party, who are aware that every day that this scandal drags on more damage is being done to the to there are in posse i suggest show that we take a listen at q prime minister boris johnson and his exchange with the opposition liter tier, a summer that took moments that took place moments ago. oh, what are the he says in his statement later today or tomorrow won't change the fox
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. isn't this a prime minister on a government showed nothing but contempt for the decency honesty on respect to define this country? oh, this is beaca. we love this country. i'm doing everything, you know, of course, of course he wants me out of the way. this is because he want to be on the e dog. i caught many people. i course of course i didn't know it. it's reasonable to read as many people may want me out of the way, but i'll tell you the reason he wants me out of the way from his he knows that this government could be trusted to deliver a boisterous session there at the u. k. parliament. charlotte, this is not a man going without a fight. so he said is much in prime minister's question time just short time ago. he said he has absolutely no plans to resign. he stressed that before and indeed for the 2nd week running,
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he came out re fighting when being questioned by the opposition as you had there about these allegations he's. i said repeatedly that though his spokesman repeated again yesterday that he didn't feel like a he had committed any wrong doing with regards to these parties. in fact, yesterday he said he welcomed the police investigation, saying he hoped it would draw a line on to this whole matter. but whether or not he thinks he's planning to reside in the future ultimately may not lie in his hands. it will be up to members of his own party to decide whether this is the man who they want to lead them, who they want to leave the country and really many and now waiting as i say, for the findings of that report in order to make that decision, but what is his standing in his political party right now and among the general public? well, let's take the public fest. we know that there is a lot of anger among the breaches public at the moment for weeks and weeks since the end of last year, there's been a pass off to pass in on the airways talking about the sacrifices of ne made but
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the same time as the as the, the prime minister, and so he's, colleagues, are accused of partying. there's been many stories of sacrifice as i did that. it's one rule for those who made the rules. and another rule for every one else that's really resonated, of course, there are others. he still support the prime minister to who i. c who are very much welcomed, the financial support in particular, they've had during this pandemic, but the youngest on the streets, as we've had over and over again, is real. now, when it comes to members of his own party, there are some that think of course now is the time for the prime minister to go. this is proved so damaging for the party in some publicly said that they'd like him to go. well, they'd like to force a vote of no confidence, but they're all those as well who have been out on the airwaves to day members of his own cabinets, supporting the prime minister listing what they say are his successes. his achievements and stressing now is not the time for a change of leader sharla chilson pill reporting from london. thank you.
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germany has reported its highest ever 7 day incident rate of cove at 19 cases registering over 900 infections. 410-0000 people, health authorities recorded 164000 new cases in a single 24 hour period. the rise is largely being driven by the armor chron variant. chancellor olive schwartz has argued in support of a vaccine mandate. as part of germany strategy to slow the spread of corona virus on makers in parliament will debate compulsory vaccines today. legislation has already passed requiring vaccines for health care workers. starting in march, unvaccinated staff could be shut out or even fired. time to go to dw chief political editor, mckayla christner, mckayla, german lawmakers discussing a possible blanket mandate today. is that a departure?
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well, it's the departure in a process that appears to be continuing for at least a couple of weeks. if not months. germany is expected to hit the peak of the or microwave within days. here in germany, as you mentioned, we are seeing record rises in numbers. at the same time it was more than a month ago now that the now new chancellor last saw it said he would stand in for mandatory vaccinations. also when you look at the polling over 60 percent of germans are in favor at the same time, there is no policy line that impedes are expected to tow. and that is why today we'll see 3 hours of debate for m p 's to basically shape an opinion which way they want to go, but not which way they want to go today this week or even this month. but potentially at the end of february, either potentially at the end of february help us understand mikaela. how could
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a vaccine mandate once it's enforced, how once it's approved, rather how would it be enforced? well, it also depends on who you ask of this vaccine mandate. could mean people above 18 or above 50 or it could not happen at all. and what's expected is that you would have to pay a fine and potentially a free $3.00 figure thumb. but there's a lot of argument about exactly those details with some m p 's crying foul that this basically infringes too much on people's rights to health rights as well. and so there's still a lot more debating that m. p. 's want to conduct with the vaccination rates, simply not picking up pace fast enough. and while all who have sorts is a government managed to get 30000000 people vaccinated before the end of the year.
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the next 30000000 until the end of january simply was never going to happen. you would've needed round about a 1000000 vaccinations per day for that. and currently it's just around about 302400000. and in conclusion, and mikaela, how is that widespread support here in germany for this proposal to make vaccines the mandatory but despite the fact that there are a few people protesting today outside parliament against this, and the majority, according to the polling, is in favor, round about 2 thirds of demons. but at the same time, and you are seeing politicians reluctant to move fast and experts are raising more and more question marks with any mandate would actually come in time. a tool here look if nor a reporting. thank you. and d, w spoke to a nurse who works in a covert 19 ward herself, but says she won't get vaccinated,
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whatever the risk michelle gas law to day. sabina saluda is working as an alternative practitioner. she offers her patients homeopathy treatments. on other days, she works as a nurse in an intensive care unit. when the pandemic started, she volunteered and a cobit ward. even local newspapers reported on the story. as mclean, alan henzy, stealing of his little fawn above him, it is a small intensive care unit, but over 50 percent of it was occupied by corona virus patient as low as half during my shifts, i really experienced how desperately patients were struggling for air. and with that, that really got to me. and rudy puts in dod voltage album, loft lincoln, from her own experience. she knows that the disease has cost many lives. however, she doesn't want to get vaccinated against coven 19, even though it will be compulsory for health care workers and germany from much.
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and that ammonia instead of being vaccinated with the vaccine whose effect i can't assessable, i'd rather catch the virus. naming. of course the at that could go badly, but then i would rather accept death on my own term. and as i can kind of video, my put a phone call from him lawmaker and dr. paula p. shutter voltage for compulsory vaccinations. she wants to prevent patients from being infected by nursing stuff. oh, this one's a anna austin, medicine for all of us working in healthcare. it is our job that we do not put our patients at unreasonable risk on. and the coven. 19 vaccination is extremely safe. which is why it is acceptable to enforce it, to protect our patients. chosen, sabina believes an alternative therapy not in vaccinations, despite all the scientific proof that they work. most health care workers are
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vaccinated, but sabina could now lose her clinical job. voted us okay, so come on, doug and mine are by should that really happen and my employer would say 50, but we are a danger to the patients van. then i will accept that and then i will not work there anymore. and now at our biden veneta, that she would then be missing out on several 100 euros a month, but that won't change her mind. she says she will remain unvaccinated. you're watching it renews up next made in germany. it looks at the different ways we could be getting our energy in the future. i'm gonna rock and berlin on behalf of the entire new student. thank you very much for watching with
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who are the global population is growing, which means we all need more energy,
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petroleum, nuclear power, and wind energy, or maybe hydro energy, a reliable and or sustainable. what does the future of energy look like made in germany next on d, w. o . ah, one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach. oh, what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in
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a race against time. yeah, any molecules zone has 28000000 different powers. they are peers and rivals with one daring gold to outsmart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind down the hatch, on the brink of eternal life, starts february 16th on d, w. ah ah, ah.


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