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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2022 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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scientists all over the world are in a race against time. with the molecule has 28000000 different powers. they are peers and rivals, with one during gold to outsmart nature. for a longer, healthier, and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind on the blink of eternal life starts february 16th on d. w. b. visit, eat up the news asia coming up to date of gummy sounds minorities and women suffering under the taliban. delegates from the hard line islamist group failed to make
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binding commitments on improving women's rights at a meeting in our slow guarantees that the west once in return for providing humanitarian aid and a dumping report from human rights watch highlights the dangerous situation. for l g b t q. persons in taliban group of jonathan. ah . irish energy welcome to did up the news asia said you could join us. talks between rest and officials and taliban delegates have ended in our slow without any concrete agreement. representatives of the united states and european nations linked humanitarian aid to afghanistan with an improvement in the rights of women and minorities. the thought about don demanded the $10000000000.00 in of gone cash reserves, currently frozen by united states and other western countries,
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be released. so afghans can be held overall though they seemed pleased with the 3 they talk saying they gave them an opportunity to get caught closer to the world. these talks are controversial from the start. critic said sitting down with the taliban ment legitimizing them. but host norway disagreed, saying it was about creating a foreign exchanging messages. so this is, sir, i believe, a measure that makes it possible to hold those who hold power in afghanistan accountable. and to really communicate the clear needs. i know this is a challenge for many to see the totally wrong being received in also it is also something that is a troubling thing for, for many people, including for me, ah, the situation on the ground in afghanistan, the prime minister went on to say,
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is driving the need for such talks, more than $20000000.00 afghans are at risk of starvation to load him up. their misery is being compounded by freezing temperatures. before they got a mission of a corner, the economy has collapsed, eating many having to turn to desperate measures to make ends meet. to that look, snuck has walked, but i will not go please just before we suffered because of war. now we fighting hunger. people sell their children or risk dying, so we urgently ask for the help of the authorities. what is al qaeda caballo in norway? the group was told that for aid to start flowing and for afghan funds to be unfrozen, they must build an inclusive government. but crucially, they must restore the human rights they've taken away from women and girls. this is a, this is a red line for us. if we cannot educate girls, we cannot educate voice. they have to understand that we respect their traditions,
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but they need to understand that we also have had tradition. so we represent the civilization with gender equality is fundamental as a tell about headed home. one western observer said the have been incremental shifts that, that more meetings will be needed for the 2 sides to find a way of dealing with each other. joining me now from kabul is contra director of the norwegian refugee council olean a believe in miss bell. i'm in the parlor barn, in their meetings and or slower have demanded. i've gone to sans cash reserves was $10000000000.00 be released. so of guns can be helped. is the lack of that money hindering aid relief and have gone his thumb. it entering more on the economy and that money is needed to be released to shore up trade and investment in the country and also as a contribution towards paying salaries for health care workers for education
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workers in the country at the moment. is it an economic standstill because there is no investment and because all assets have been frozen, so it is critical that a resolution is found to, to release those funds, but also to open up the banking system again. and western leaders and officials were the austin, there were demanding of the polar bond improve women's and minority rights in the country before any money is released to the group. do you think that should be the priority right? bo? cuss me. i believe very strongly that what is needed for this country is a solution for the economic crisis, but humanitarian assistance needs to be able to get into the country and to reach the people who need it. it's not for nothing that the un has just launched. one of the largest, or the largest humanitarian appeal over $40000000000.00
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in order to be able to respond to the needs of over half of the population who are facing hunger, facing lack of access to health and to education. even basic shelter and resources for fundamental living. urine. gobble. what has been your experience. can one distribute aid in afghanistan without cooperation with taliban? we have been able to do a fairly comprehensive winterized ation program, distributing blanket shell tickets. non food items, kids with buckets and kitchen kids, stows to ensure that people have the minimum to be able to provide and cook for their families to keep them warm through the winter months. so yes, it is possible and much,
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much more of that assistance is needed to keep people. busy alive and well through particularly through the very harsh winter season. we have snow on the ground at the moment so and at night minus 13 degrees. so people who are living in very temporary shelters with plastic sheeting wooden frames, they need all the help they can get to be able to survive these very cautious conditions. bullying bellman from the norwegian refugee council ban talking to me while the taliban engages in talks of kindness and minorities are left in desperation. a new report for human rights watch and outright action international says the countries as g. b t q community is facing deadly violence and oppression under taliban role. to be clear, i've gotten it sounds conservative society was already a difficult place to live as a member of the n g b t q community, before the taliban take up. for example, a former president,
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i should have got his government criminalize, same sex sexual relation through a law in 2018. but under the taliban, the discrimination has descended to attacks, rapes and death threats based on interviews conducted with 60 guns last year. the report lists all main ways in which l g, b, t q. people are facing danger. now many interviewers say they were attacked sexually, assaulted or threatened by thought about members, many new others who were killed. others report threats and abuse from family members, acquaintances or romantic partners who turned against them. many reported the greatest threats came through their phones via s m. s or social media. and for many l. g, b, t, q. people in gunnison the most pressing threat is not from direct violence, but the inability to on and living are going out just to buy food for fear of being identified. the report includes 1st person because of the danger these people face
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both from victims and the taliban themselves. it costs $1.00. bon judge telling a german newspaper. i called for homosexuals that can only be 2 punishments, either stoning or he must stand behind a wall that will fall down on him. and one man reported having to pass through taliban checkpoints to collect his paycheck. at one he was beaten, then taken away to be whipped and gang raped. when he was released, he was told i caught from now on anytime we want to be able to find you, we will and we will do whatever we want with you. and for more, i'm joined by one of the authors of that report. heather bar. she's also associate director of women's rights at human rights watch and joint me from islam above miss . but from what the report describes, it appears there is just no way an l g b t q person can live with dignity in afghanistan. would you agree with that? i'm afraid, i, you know, it's pretty impossible to live in a place where,
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you know, you have all the homophobia that existed before. but now you have a situation where if somebody wants to engage in violence against you, not only are they not afraid or in punished anymore, but they feel that they may be war again. so it's, it's an intolerable situation for people. so what i, as you b t q of guns to do, i mean, do they leave afghanistan and go to neighboring countries, which as your report correctly points out, many of whom have criminalized same sex relationships. what do they do? so some people have managed to leave a very tiny number, have managed to find their way to safety and resettlement in another country. a far greater number, as you say, are stuck in the region, and their problems are not just criminalization of same sex conduct in other
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countries. it's also that they may have arrived without a visa. the may have come on a short term visa, which is now expired. they are likely not able to work legally, which means that they don't have a means to financially support themselves. and they don't have a pathway to reach settlement in another country where they can live safely. but the vast majority of people who are facing these risks and these, these forms of violence are in afghanistan trying their best to survive for one day . and next, many of them living in hiding afraid to even go out of their houses, to, to get food, let alone to find a way to earn a living and support themselves and their families. your report also suggests among other measures for the poly bon to revise laws of sore eligibility, people can have equal rights. is that a realistic demand to make awe? maybe it's not,
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but the taliban sees themselves as the government of afghanistan. they're arguing every day that they are the legitimate government. and if they're the legitimate government, then they need to provide rule of law in the need to respect human rights. and that's their obligation under international law. and so we make recommendations to them based on their obligation, not based on their behavior. now we're talking a day off to talks would bring the thought, yvonne burson officials ended in all slower. this spoke about human rights and you might have had an aid. do you think algebra to q rights for of guns is a priority for western missions? i actually question whether human rights her a priority for western nations period i'm in the oslo meeting was was disturbing, honestly because you know, we had this terrible kind of collision of images of the taliban beating women's rights protesters about a week and a half ago and spraying them with pepper spray and then rating the homes of 2 of
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them in arresting men and at night on wednesday night last week. and then the taliban flying on a private jet to all slow and a moment when no very few countries had spoken up about the brutality toward the women's rights protester. so i fear, i fear that with that human rights in general are being forgotten by the international community, let alone the rights of l. g. b t. people which have always been a sensitive and neglected issue in afghanistan. heather baldwin, lever bir. but thanks so much for joining us to birth. and that's it for today as ever. there's more on our website d, deborah dot com, forward slash asia. and you can fuss also follow us on facebook. and twitter wincy gift moral people in trucks injured one, trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away in
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order families. in the reason for the credit on it. administrative people being screened around getting 200 people from the june around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah, power outages and factory floor stoppages, 30 orders businesses to suddenly flash their gas supplies. what does that mean for
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firms already struggling in the countries? poor economy will go toward correspondent in istanbul. kathy pacific lowered its losses in 2021. a small bit of good news for the hong kong flyer, which is facing tough quarantine rules and legal complaints against its own air crews. and what's a winter wonderland without snow will take you to colorado. we're climate change. has ski resorts making their own powder pillow and welcome to the show. i'm see from beardsley in berlin. and we've been talking about the global crunch in energy supplies in recent weeks. now turkey is feeling the strain on kara has ordered its biggest gas consumers among them, electricity producers and large factories to scale back massively for 3 days. in effect, that means power outages and stoppages on factory floors. now behind the decision is a supply problem in a ran as the source of about 16 percent of gas supplies going into turkey ranch.


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