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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2022 1:02am-1:30am CET

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and faced heavy criticism for it's ineffective response to islamist violence. it's the latest in a series of crews in west africa in recent weeks are watching dw news. you can always get more on our website. that's d, w dot com. ah, party gate roles on the british prime minister finds himself in hot water again as police investigate a birthday party held at his official residence in the middle of the you case. first, colbert locked out, ken forest johnson house, his birthday cake and eat it to a growing number of people say no, but the prime minister doesn't look ready to step down any time soon. ah, i, the match is now investigating
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a number of events that took place at downing street in relation to potential breaches of covet 19 regulations. i will group the decision to conducted only verification day bad behavior and rule breaking. co show that the government has overseas. you can do both at once. he have eat. that is my message to you. oh. also coming out the taliban war on judges before the militant groups take over last year there were hundreds of women working in afghanistan, judiciary, now they've been forced to build a new life abroad. and we have seen them like attacking where prosecutors judges many were kidnapped, killed. i hope that something american would happen and does it change. i'll
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be back to my country as a proud judge, as a proud woman. first on the day, all eyes in the u. k. r on prime minister boris johnson. british police are now investigating allegations that parties were held a downing street that breached cobit tina lockdown restrictions. it's the latest in a string of allegations that british media are calling the party gates scandal in reference to multiple parties held at downing street while the rest of the country was in lockdown. johnson now faces what might be the biggest political crisis of his prime minister ship, as calls for his resignation, grow louder. buddhist johnson is under fire again for attending his own boat. their party at downing street in june 2020 a party that broke lockdown rules at the time. london's metropolitan police have now launched an inquiry into a series of possible locked on breeches and buddhist johnson's office and residents
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enjoy well cook permits, decision to conduct its own investigation. but as i believe this will help to give the public with clarity it needs and help to draw a line under matters at the time cove and restrictions did not allow more than 2 people to meet in doors. and a series of leaks suggest that a string of illegal social gatherings took place at downing street. this particular one was a surprise thrown by his wife and attended by several others. what we know is that 30 people gathered that his wife was there. and that the interior designer was there as well as if it was my birthday. ah, and my wife and an interior designer rock trumpet work. ah, there was kristi's k o birthday cake and a celebration. it preaches the rules, labor profit. as the investigation, luna light calls for johnson to resign are increasing across the political spectrum . and i think the public it might there molly himself. i
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think public opinion has already concluded that he broke the rules that he made on that he hasn't told the truth about it. what means he hasn't got the authority to lead the country when we're in the middle of huge challenges. and therefore, he has to go for the good of the country. for now, johnson may still sound bullish, but if enough, conservative, emp, decide the leader has gone too far. the prime minister could be forced to resign. i apologize sincerely for our london correspondent, charlotte shall some pill is covering the latest on the story for us. hi, charlotte. the findings of an internal inquiry that's being conducted into those reported breaches of locked on regulations. it could be released as soon as this evening or tomorrow. it's not yet clear, but will they be made public? well, this is absolutely and moving situation this evening. and to clarify,
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there are the 2 investigations now going on in tandem earlier. today we have this hammer blow announcement for the prime minister that the police will be investigating a number of alleged gatherings. and then of course, there is this in town and report which you were talking about as well, which has been running for several weeks now. and we had understood that due to this police report, the internal report would be pushed back for a while. it appears now that that isn't the case. as you say, there are reports emerging that it could be handed to to number 10 as soon as evening, perhaps tomorrow morning. and if that is the case, the prime minister has promised to address m p 's in the house of commons. as soon as that is those. c findings are released setting the stage for potentially explosive day tomorrow. now the question would it all been made puppy made public. there is something that is still apparently being discussed at the moment, according to the latest statement. but of course, there is going to be
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a huge amounts of public pressure and pressure from the old position for all of the details of that internal report to be released. this is a scandal that a sparked quite the outcry in the u. k. let's listen to what some people on the streets of london have to say about it. well then, a 2nd so long has been so many controversy so far and hasn't kicked him out of officer smith teflon pm at the moment, so i've never expected any more from him. totally disappointed. and it's just one thing after another, really. and i think the excuses around joy reading well to be on the slide you say surprised, rouge recall gardenia. these children, excuses will be coming from in june of everything. so excuse an apology of a died a slot. and so we know that intelligence railey is in teaching, so that dom that we're going to play voice it. yeah, i'll be on this. always valued response is gonna go in and protocols go shallow here. they're not a lot of support for boris johnson. what are the prime ministers chances of
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survival at this point? well, if he had not reported a short time ago, the prime minister, he said he welcome the announcement of this police investigation. he says that it will draw a line under the master. but as he had that for members of the public, there was an enormous amount of anger. also this allegation of the allegation of essentially the people who made the rules one then following the rules themselves, but it won't be the public who decides the prime minister's future at this particular juncture. of course, they have the option to resign. if the findings of that internal report or the police investigation of particularly dominant have absolutely ruled out the question of resigning. so the real question now is will his own members of parliament during unpaid and the conservative party turn on him and not as very much open debates at them and will enough members of the same policy decide that they don't have enough confidence in him. now, of course, the longer the drugs on the longer, the more damaging for the party,
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many themes to be waiting for the outcome of the inquiry. this su gray inquiry before deciding on the prime minister future. if that is indeed released tomorrow, we could see perhaps some m p 's making a decision on the prime minister future in charlotte, just taking a look at the bigger picture here. i mean, how significant is it that the police are investigating a sitting prime minister? well of course, that's extremely significant. it is changed damaging for the prime minister. that it, that it appears that enough information was found in this and tunnel inquiry for that to be submitted to the police to run what is a criminal investigation. that of course, is very uncomfortable for the prime minister and the others who will be investigated as part of this. now, the consequences are unlikely to be more than fine with the consequences for they were found to have broken coven rules during covered restrictions during the lockdown. but of course, this is another nail in the coffin of the prime minister. and his officials,
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who if i say, are accused of holding gathering off to gathering when all those was under locked down rules are correspond charlotte, chelsea hill in london. good to talk to you. i will move on to our next story now. when taliban fighters took over afghanistan last august, it spelled disaster for millions of women who had re entered public life. especially for hundreds of women, judges who faced threats of violent retribution. but $150.00 female judges and their families did manage to escape. they 1st reached greece, where they waited to be resettled. 5 of them have now arrived in germany. the w. matthew more met, 2 of them in london, boy, just outside berlin, where he does, he must job, was up holding the law. then our country descended into lawlessness. after graduating, she went on to become a judge on the enemy of the violence extremist who now run off canis. done. but
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many times are secure to branch like asked us and tell a told us that there are people like natal gone and many of us looking for judge's prosecutors. and we have seen them like attacking the prosecutor's judges. many were kidnapped or killed. no right now i'm here, but i'm feeling safe. but my heart and neck beats for my country for my people out there. where he does is not alone for him or to is a judge. they studied together and have been reunited at this temporary housing unit in germany. they escaped the taliban with the support of a global network for lawyers, which raised funds to charter a plane and helped $390.00 judges under families, flea afghanistan. the sources with at almost running the sla, it was really hard. i'm at our efforts of 20 years. all our study that university
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and in the judicial branch when are fruitless, sensible as people to interesting when they left behind our jobs and efforts in afghanistan on activities and they get the message we left behind our houses, relatives, and our ordinary lives, hold on more than me to them, it was a hard decision for us to talk at them, but as much the absurd, it does seem sac paramount. even before the taliban took over the waged war on the judiciary bombing court houses and assassinating female judges on the street. is that he got in trouble for him up remembers the d. the taliban unleashed thousands of jailed criminals. let me get them on the hush love with them. by my command after will they be released from prison assailed mcnamara. then they went to the court wellborn and destroyed all chairs and tables. there is a good cause and then they called my boss and threatened him, was there not much dozen together? me turn?
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yes, get him off for now, the judges have found safety at a former military barracks used by russian soldiers during the cold war. but more than 90 of their colleagues are still trapped in afghanistan. they're all very concerned. they are trying so much and they are just waiting for a time to be evacuated from afghanistan. meanwhile, the women are waiting to be housed somewhere permanent, where their children can settle in school, and they can find meaningful work. but they haven't ruled out a return with it. i hope that something american would happen and this will change and i'll be back to my country as a proud a judge as a proud woman and will enjoy in being there. because that's my own country. and i belong to there. i like it. my kids like it, and that's something
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a dream. and not just for myself, for all us who are out of afghanistan, we all dream of going back to my country one day, like us garnished on the face and uncertain future. unlike afghanistan, they can at least count on peace. ah, russia is becoming a destabilizing force. those were the words of french president emmanuel macklin. today on a visit to berlin. he met with german chancellor. all our faults to discuss the russia ukraine. tensions and to close ranks ahead of peace talks. my con said that europe will try everything to find a diplomatic solution to defuse the crisis. he will be speaking with russian president vladimir putin on the phone on friday. but the cheerleaders also renewed warnings at moscow would pay a high price if it attacks ukraine under the threat of war. some western nations have stepped up, arms deliveries to ukraine,
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and troops are on high alert and eagerly awaited arrival at keith airport. military equipment sent by the united states to shore up ukraine as it braces 4 possible russian invasion. it's the 3rd shipment, but it's not enough to resist a bigger and better equipped army government officials say bitter headphones. it will please help us to convince the german government to be more proactive dba to a geren of year. we urgently need defensive weapons, often visit online where alone and, and when not in nights, i know nobody will send those troops. not even the american arizona. we have to defend ourselves such i didn't. but germany's new government has not answered the calls at a meeting with french president, manuel, micron and berlin chancello all of shawls, once again ruled out sending heavy weapons to key if forgiveness. good. there are reasons for this which of course do stem from development over past years and
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decades to mrs. nevertheless, we have of course done a lot to actively support economic development and victim and the development of democracy in ukraine with fine and show possibilities and international responsibilities that we half of dish cut diva lisa. and that's why ukraine knows that it can rely on germany. and i think that also shows politics to a large extent, an approach that has and berlin heavy criticism from some of its eastern european partners and from kia itself. and while german and french representatives prepared to meet with their ukrainian and russian counterparts on wednesday to seek it of romantic solution, some ukrainians are preparing for the worst on the outskirts of their capital. these civilian volunteers are undergoing military training to defend their country on their own. if need be we can speak now to our chief political editor, mikayla kuth. now she was at the press conference given by ola shells in my my call
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earlier. i miss ella, what's your impression? how closely aligned are the positions of germany and france on these tensions of ukraine on terms of the outlook and the approach. they are very much aligned the way they interpret it is slightly different, and we just have to remind ourselves that united states have just put 8 and a half 1000 troops on alert. we're seeing nato lawrence demonstrations of power. we're seeing maneuvers on the russian side and right in the middle of this, the european union. it's leaders meeting here in berlin, left soil that his country, germany has the d 7 presidency, but particularly france french president emanuel mccall, who holds the presidency, need to find a way to not just to convey the message that they stand united, but that they would also be willing to act and we've heard all our shows that stress once again, that is quite clear that it will have
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a very high price. but clearly what he means is economic sanctions, where he says there will be very clear, but doesn't want to go into the exact details and the french side really wanting to demonstrate unity. well, the big question mark is, would anybody be willing to go beyond that? and that's where, but lynn has been very cagey, even when it comes to whether a country like a studio is allowed to pass on weapons that were formally german. indeed, and that's the question now about support for ukraine, because germany has continued to say it will not send defensive weapons to ukraine . do you see that the possibility of that changing? no, it, all sorts was asked once again what the germany would provide. weapons. he said no, not for historic reasons, and that germany would stand in for a ukraine remaining a country where a gas is basically sent through increasing and maintaining its strategic importance
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economic importance at supplying funds also a to the economy that at the same time, estonia wants to use, ironically, still cold war era, east german, a weapon, send those to a ukraine and that's something we're dominey is still sitting on the fence, but know that the government line maintains no direct supply of weapons to ukraine . a lot of criticism coming particular from eastern partners in poland for that. indeed, there has been criticism of germany for not taking a more aggressive position towards russia. how is the government reacted to that criticism? well, it is trying to be as clear as it possibly can by saying that it stands in for the sovereignty of ukraine. that is a lot of rhetoric. and the big question mark is, what would it mean if rossa steps over that line steps over that border?
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something that was diffused in 2014 after the annexation of crimea with a german proposal. and that's the norm on d. a format. and that includes russia, ukraine, france, and germany around the table to discuss this. now this talk of a more extended format, also that includes the americans that talked going on at the lowest level. so germany at this moment stands for the belief in diplomacy which succeeded to a certain degree, arguably last time around while at the same time maintaining pressure. also, thanks to united states or chief political political editor, michelle, are given a for us there. thank you so much. ah, now to an important trial that got under way to day, a german woman has been charged with membership of a terrorist group and aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. she travelled to
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syria as a teenager to join the so called islamic state. it is a case that has raised questions about how a young woman became radicalized and decided to join the extremist group. the story of leonora em has attracted great interest in germany. in march of 2015, that then 15 year old secretly left her home village and the eastern state of saxony on halt to join the so called islamic state and syria, where civil war was raging. in rocca, she became the 3rd wife of an elias intelligence agent, who was also from germany. investigative reporter for my car, bish carefully traced leonora story for years. his book and film on the subject became part of the case file in court. emma, based on what age, she did not commit any executions or anything like that, but she was posted. i so been i sation on the co has very much to work through the delta. and then that's the question of how it could happen. that she left
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everything behind the age of 15 to go to a foreign country. that was, it was in the german federal prosecutor charges leonora, m with membership and the foreign terror organization. i. s, breaching laws on the export of military weapons and accessory, to crimes against humanity. according to the german federal prosecutor, leonora m was tasked with investigating the wives of this law. mc state fighters were i us intelligence. and she is accused of together with her husband holding a yes edi woman. as a slave, however, leonora am is believed to have made several attempts to flee soon after her arrival in iowa controlled territory. in 2019, i asked was defeated and syria. leonora finally surrendered to kurdish forces and was sent to a refugee camp in northeastern syria. i was my own life beg, long time ago. no, no, no, no. no, i know that was with lucy. in december 2020,
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the foreign office brought leonora m and the 2 children she bore well in syria, back to germany. since then, she has been detained in a facility where she was trying to process her role in the tara militia. you know, those mission of leonor didn't go to syria for vacation and was that radicalized and stuck? this took place here in germany among us in our society. and that's why it's also very important that the trial take place here. yes, i'm not somewhere in syria, but here, after all, she was radicalized here. your id card is yet the trial taking place in the high security wing of the city of hollis. justice center is expected to last 22 days. due to leonor m's age when the crimes took place, she has been tried under juvenile crime law, which couldn't reduce her overall penalty. ah,
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the olympic games and china are set to get under way. and just about a week from now, despite the highly infectious alma kron variant of kogan 19 raging in many parts of the world. until now, china has pursued a 0 coven policy and claim. so i've recorded fewer than 5000 deaths as a result in the u. s, by comparison, kogan 19 has killed nearly 900000 people. but it is unclear if china will be able to hold on the chron at bay, as the country prepares to host athletes and visitors from across the globe. here in beijing, life appears to be back to normal with people enjoying traditional winter activities like ice cheer, writing cove. it almost seems to be a thing of the past. oh yeah. oh, you're the journal. i think being outside here is all right. besides, the gin has done an exemplary job of fighting the pandemic so far as yeah, clarion is long as people keeping careful everything should be okay. i have great
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confidence in china, but just 135 kilometers away from the olympic venue. life looks very different. the city of tianjin with a population of 14000000, has been in lockdown since mid january, according to authorities. it's the 1st city in china with known cases of ama kron and more cities are recording the new variant, almost daily, 500 kilometers away in the city of on young to i'm a chron cases lead to a complete locked em online media shows videos of students on their way to isolation facilities, china is strict about at 0 cove at policy, but scientists have doubts about it. success would have an old screen. i'd assume that only crone is actually spreading everywhere, and china will be no exception. it might take longer for it to catch on there. that could be, but ultimately it will arrive there just as it has in other parts of the world. back in beijing, the winter olympics are set to open here in early february. and i'm,
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a kron could spread rapidly as a result to make sure it doesn't. all olympic venues have been cordoned off and are closely monitored. the villages surrounding the olympic slopes are unlocked down as a precaution, gates are closed. even an interview from a safe distance is not welcome. here was the guard says that residents also have to ask for permission in advance if they want to enter. after all, were in the midst of a pandemic, a veritable no man's land separates the olympic village from the rest of china. in the media canteen, everything is automated. access to the olympic area is heavily restricted for the chinese. the government warns people to keep away from busses, carrying olympics participants, even in the case of an accident. no one should come to help. rooms with protection
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against the pandemic seems to be more important than protecting ordinary people's lives. in china, the fear of alma crohn is growing or about was the day as ever, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter or dw news. my handle is at some ugly us. thanks for watching. ah, with ah, the global population is growing, which means we all need more energy,
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petroleum, nuclear power, and wind energy for maybe hydro energy, reliable and or sustainable. what does the feature of energy look like? made in germany next on dw, ah, we'll come to the dark side where intelligence agencies pursue their own agenda. the cia director was trying to mislead again the president, congress and american people. and there is a power of undercover agencies in 45 minutes on d. w. ah
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hello guys, this is the 77 percent the platform with, you know, or this channel. we are not afraid to capture delicate topic because population is growing. as young people clearly have the solution, the future belongs to the 77 percent. now every weekend on d w a .


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