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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2022 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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economists imagine what could have been had there been no pandemic, a new study out of germany estimates the output that didn't take place over the last 2 years because of the virus. and it's not a small figure. we'll talk to one of the researchers. also on the show, it's the world's 4th largest country by population, and it needs more electric vehicles to meet its emissions. goals will go to indonesia for look at the countries, plants and poland was supposed to adopt the euro currency after joining the e u. but has held on to its beloved swati, will the growing gap between the 2 coins change? warsaw mind. we'll take a look flown. welcome to the show. i'm see from beardsley in berlin. well, here's one price tag for the pandemic. 350000000000 euros and output that never happened. and that's just for the german economy. the new figure coming from a new study by the german economic institute in cologne, the looks of the countries last output. technically it's value added over the past
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2 years. of the biggest share was by far on the consumer side, amounting to 270000000000 euros. and last output businesses also contributed. they held back 60000000000 euros and spending, as they kept their cash on hand. at the new figures do not include totals for 2022 . countries around the world are promoting electric vehicles as part of their broader net 0 plants. we want to take a look at indonesia, that's one of the world's largest countries by population, the government, they're aimed to reach nas 0 emissions and the transport sector by 2050. but a recent study points to just how big an undertaking that could be, just by the end of the decade, 110000002 and 3 world vehicles, 3000000 cars, light trucks, and nearly 2 and a half 1000000 buses will all have to be battery powered in order to meet the goals by 2050 of having a net 0 emission sector. now indonesia also wants to become a new center of battery production. and it has an advantage rich nichol deposits.
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now the country minds a quarter of the world's nickel every year. that's about $800000.00 tons, nickel, of course, a crucial raw material in battery production, indonesia, as their foreign pose export restrictions on its nickel or to save lots of it for its own production. now for more, let's bring an dw business reporter. not in fresh lot in jakarta are not a good to have you here. how realistic is this timeline to get to net 0 emissions by 2016. i believe i'm right. is 2050 for the transport sector. a given these figures that we're seeing, the figures in the study, actually they suggest that it's a harder road than jakarta on figures. is that right? yes, yes. so the way you put it now, i mean the study that we just saw, the figures from an independent think tank that created a model for how and he just could, you know, in theory, regents carbon neutral goal. and that's starting at long sectors like
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transportation, power, generation, and so on. in indonesia itself, the government that's responsible for the transition of the electric grid. and it actually has much, much lower goals for the electrification of transportation. and with regards to 2 wheelers, i think it's only planted 13000000 versus 110000000 that you saw. so yes, there is a huge gap in perception and a vision when it comes to that. and it's just the, you know, a testament to how complex it is to shift an entire transportation systems, electric r, i. so some of the most part of the, the more realistic though at this point. ok. so some problems out of the gate there . we look at just a discrepancy in numbers. to what extent, nadine, are indonesians already driving electric vehicles? so steven, and it's really still very early days. and the adoption in indonesia is driven largely by electric to wheeler. so that's, you know, small motorcycles or motor scooters and you will,
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that are already being manufactured locally. or if your brands that make these electric to wheeler is, and you see here and there, you know, these 1st batteries popping stations popping up. that's been a visible change to some of the bigger cities. but if you look at it in higher numbers, i think you know, it's probably still in the low thousands. and these electric motor bikes are actually on the streets. and when you look at cars, it's even much lower than that. the electric cars are still out of reach for, you know, most indonesians not here in germany, for example, to encourage people to buy electric vehicles. there is a premium other people receive back on the price of the car. that means for a lot of countries, there are these financial incentives that require state spending. what kind of burden are we looking at in terms of investment? not just for public, but also for private. right, and that's another thing about this transition. i feel like in indonesia,
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lot of the this adoption for to wheeler. the probably also cars will be carried by the private sector. and interestingly, you know, it's companies that have large motorcycle li like alright, hearing companies go, jack grab and also delivery companies like future pass who are taking the money and investing in the sector. and they are actually forming joint ventures and creating manufacturing companies to come up with their own electric to wheelers. and also coming up with financing models to get, you know, their drivers to make the switch. and with regards to government spending that has focused mostly on the battery ecosystem that you mentioned earlier. so there the government has really made some heavy invest and commitments. we'll see how it pens out. it's formed a large st on enterprise that's supposed to develop the better ecosystem from the ground up. of course we know that an electric vehicle is only as clean as the
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electricity. that's charging it. what kinds of build up are we seeing of renewable in indonesia? what are the plans for that that's definitely like the even bigger challenge if you will. indonesia, at that point is still largely dependent on coal fired power plant. there is a phase of plan for some of the older coal power plant. and in terms of renewable energy in the news has just recently, i think, begun work on a largest floating solar power fund, which will be the 1st utility scale solar array in the country. but even there, i mean, it's the same. we're only really starting to make the 1st steps right now. all right, and in fresh law. joining us from jakarta, thank you very much. thank you. and over to europe, serbia has grap plans to vote a lithium mine or lithium mine after weeks of protests and road blockades by environmental activists as
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a victory for those who took to the streets. but how long will it last? despite repeated intimidation from authorities, thousands of protesters marched to the capital city of belgrade and other cities for weeks denouncing the project on environmental grounds. leaders of the balkan country had promised mining giant rio tinto, $2400000000.00 to build a lithium mine in the western part of the country. lithium, the lightest metal is used in rechargeable batteries found in many consumer electronics and an electric cars. serbia's populous government expected to capitalize on the country's natural deposits when they made the deal with the anglo australian corporation. but after grassroots pressure, they conceded and canceled all plans for the mine. east for nearly half fulfilled all the requests of the environmental protests and put an end to rio tinto in the republic of serbia when he thought everything is finished till it's
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over. some critics of the government believe the administration is just trying to appease voters and that it may have other plans after april general election serbia as a candidate to join the european union. but as recently, been forging close ties with russia and china. and that has some worried that the strategic deposit might ultimately end up in chinese hands was go down to some of the other global business doors making headlines. greno nissan and mitsubishi motors plant, a triple their joint investment to develop electric cars. french japanese alliance plans to invest more than 20000000000 euros over the next 5 years. the manufacturers want to share batteries and other key components in an effort to decrease costs. ailing chinese real estate developer ever grant will get financial aid by the gong dong provincial government. the company will also have a state firm official joined the board of directors. now investors see that as
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a sign that the government seeking to stabilize ever grant, which has a debt load toppling, topping rather $300000000000.00. the c o genting hong kong has stepped down. lim, cock time resignation comes days after the hong kong cruise operator said that it would wind up its business after fail to secure funding to pay off its debt. the pandemic has ravaged printing and drove its german ship building subsidiary into insolvency. will euro celebrates 20 years of existence of existence this year? but many europeans still pay with their own national coins like the polish to day, the introduction of the european currency and poland seems even further away. and when the country joined, the you in 2004 in poland, people still pay with the swati. when the country joined the e. u in may 2004. it retained its national currency even though it committed itself
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to introducing the euro. but various criteria have to be met before that can happen, including price in exchange rates, debility in poland, case a constitutional amendment would also be necessary for my up if it's up to the governing national, conservative peace party. poland will stick to its own currency despite inflation that reached nearly 8 percent in november. was i have a problem, sir. the problem with our current government is that it depends on the votes of the most conservative members of society before this might will. yes, the, this will be in japan and nobody calls her about the people who are largely euro skeptical. yeah, our us to fix that e and to especially dislike free market economic policies that a yellow be boyish era. before the pandemic, a majority opposed introducing the euro. but that's changed with a slim majority, willing to jettison the swati some angry that it's losing its value. in a word it's bad. she, newt, call. i often travel abroad said the price of the euro is important to me. it's not
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a joke. i think you can see what's happening to our national bank and the economy. this is the bottom. no. but it's hopeless, hopeless virginia, polish investors made the plunge long ago, increasingly relying on foreign currencies, such as the pound, the dollar, and the euro. that is, a lot of can, i would owe equal, are fleeing our currency with their savings channel. we even recommend it all the time. if someone is looking for stabilization than invest in euros or other currency that the prices and fluctuations prevailing in poland. right now, are very destabilizing, especially for businesses. why should left a chimney effect trade with other e u countries is particularly important for polish companies. the most important trading partner is germany. a common currency would also help there. though many polls are in favor of the euro, the fear of price increases remains did not because at that the incomes would rise
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slowly after the introduction, but prices would rise immediately. no wonder people are afraid. it seems that poland won't be adopting the euro any time soon. not only due to e u requirements, but also due to the lack of political will and that's it for me and the dw business team. thanks for watching lou. ah ah,
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