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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2022 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone. operation in the criminal economy. where conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive. what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter, the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, who benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d, w, a. this is the w, as a shock, coming up today, talking humanitarian relief with the poly bond. a delegation is in no way to
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discuss age off guns and human rights about the poly bond have made clear what they really want is recognition as a government. but ease them that implicit in these talks, plus with children forced back over to learn online many, maybe getting far too used to the virtual world. we share one family's experience in india. ah, i british energy. welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. i've got a $1000.00 bundle as i'm eating breasted officials in our slow to press home to main demands legitimacy and on freezing of financial assets, the demands will be brought up over 3 days of talks, which began on sunday. i did the week thought about official derived in the norwegian,
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both the talks with leaders from the united states and europe emissions. this is the 1st time a thought about delegation is in europe. since the group to power in of gone is done last august. nobody saves the dogs. we're look at how to alleviate of gone his dance humanitarian crisis. it's foreign minister has stressed that the meeting was caught, not a ledger to mation or recognition off the taliban. but it's all about officially made it clear up that that is exactly what they wanted. it, sir. as tempted to list him eyes again, government by these countries actually based on 20 years propaganda. there was some problems regarding tyler one. but now these type of invitation and communication will help you open community, you as well. many other countries are to ease the wrong picture of the afghan government. we are requesting them and to and fries upon a sips,
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and not punish ordinary of hans because because of the political disputes and economists situation and political situation should be deep, distinguished, and they should not sacrifice ordinary of us. but i've gone to living in norway, have protested the thought of on delegations arrival in the country. several of them staged a demonstration against norway's invitation to the group. these were some of their reasons did not get adding in her invitation to live on had in the norwegian government has invited the taliban here to norway. i would say that we, afghans think this is a laughing in the face of all the people from afghanistan who have lost family members over there. so that there's somebody that if the f gotten with duncan, the in the how can they invite terrorists who have killed so many people to sit down and talk about peace. you do not talk to terrorists. oh,
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it is some time. let me tell you it isn't it. and joining me now from all stories, former of gun minister of mines and petroleum. now just there are miss. now you were invited to be a part of these talks in or slow, but then he withdrew. why? well, i've been away with that, the fossil to you back right from the beginning monday, the monday. but you will be having a discussion with us and then with the government and that will the demand that will then be signed to dc. the talking to negotiation with the fact that the, the month of putting those people responsible for the life of thousands of people from once again that the man was just to start the offset. that was the thought that the new location best move never into the c y d. because he knew she continued
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to negotiation with the team and needed to talk to you to be captured and deem to the in the so i think and this situation thought of them to us, haven't any credibility to be trusted. i was expecting that the international community would at least convince the telephone that they should open the door of the school. so i want to be providing them and inviting him to the custom. a thought about official has talked about getting some sort of international legitimacy for the government at these dogs. but do you think the very fact that the taliban has been invited to also to talk to western officials is in itself an implicit kind of legitimacy. if not recognition exactly, that was my other point that i was denied. he says, i have the consent because i'm hearing from the woodson compete, the opening,
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the embassy, while we see you're claiming that you're not moving from one government. i do get invited to talk about it in the us and in the think the so my question, what is this for the commission if you'd interacting with them? if you are opening that embassy to inviting you for the thought, what could be monday? nothing from them. there is also the question of human rights. i'm officially that is what the thought of on we'll be discussing with western leader, the issue of humanitarian relief and human rights. now my question to you is when you said earlier that all the negotiations with the taliban were never in good faith at least from birth. what kind of human rights assurances can one expect from this group that has banned? most women from working and goes from getting an education look why you're paying for coming to also speaking in the stuff the ton of
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on that to the team. so the activists who protest thing for nothing but the basic human right that and that can be the government jumping to actually actually waiting support for my taxes. those right? so that's what they have them delivered on the property they might need to bring off that journalist, the activity of legal farmers and or former employee. and on top of that, they're talking about the international recognition. so right now we don't have any indication on that. give us the sure and the confidence the problem of change they have changed, but unfortunately not so obvious talks and also pointless. they need to have talked to they know some situations quite complicated. so it didn't have to be see the thought. i don't know to be able to find
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a solution for them, but what it will often that we need to them from them do have to listen and should not be doing the thief, i believe, and don't have a deep why did up a 101 because came one think was 11. why did you progress? i was i was the same number but get a perspective that you use look like different. that is the hard will leave it there with the time being with thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. while the taliban discussed human rights and are slow back home and i've got some that understanding of what it implies is playing football to see such as the head of province where the taliban have ordered even the heads of female mannequins to be cut off. the taliban strict reading of sharia law extends into afghanistan. shopping malls, models of the human form are now to bu, especially of women. pasted on the walls inherit. the representation of human
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figures is forbidden. women shopping for clothes must cover up. some women shop against the tougher rules. women have rights and men. so it is i don't like it at all. i don't even want to hear about it. no one will force me to wear this kind of outfit. just women's faces have been raised from ads and shop windows. in one shop, the mannequins displaying bridle gowns is still intact. the shopkeeper refuses to cut off the heads up of the, you know, may go all. this is just the beginning of the now it's cutting off the heads up display mannequins, but they will go further to morrow you will see they'll forbid even more things to women. they'll do exactly as they did 20 years ago when they were in power and cameras. as one can initiate only got the taliban have stopped short of making the all covering borkam mandatory as they see greater international recognition and
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foreign aid. but outside the capital, the borchers becoming more and more prevalent. ah, are you and report says children's education globally has suffered caught nearly insurmountable losses due to the covert. pandemic eunice have says that learning losses have left nearly 70 percent of children in low and middle in countries unable to read and understand a simple text by each 10. and as the following report shows, a remote learning is also affecting children's mental health. it's a school day afternoon, and this is how tenured old john da costa spends time with her friends that do years ago when schools 1st shut their doors, allows me to introduce shout out to this multi plan universe. and she has been hooked ever since. in 5th grade. now, john has spent only 10 days in
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a classroom since the pandemic hit. she says she misses school and seeing her friends every day, but may also be getting far too used to the online world. when we are online, we usually like chatting and me like fingers to like i have now and music doc a me like forget words are like what are you going to speak? so it's like a little not like the scene and you know, joe's mother will just thing has also noticed this. like one time when some friends of kiara visiting during a lull between the co, nobody to me. i just walked into the room to see what they were. so about 3 of them are sitting and playing with each other on 3 different devices. so in the same room, they were doing a multiplayer game with each other on devices, but not really talking to each other. we feel that even have given a chance when there were those open videos way she could step out. she would rather, you know, stay home and talk to them one thing, why do you that this lack of face to face communication,
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but her girlfriend is affecting out of behavior. i think she goes through moods of extreme sadness or angle the high proportion of screen time. the lack of school routine and exercise are also impacting her daughter asleep. but got, i mean, not to return to school anytime soon. as authorities in, in just trouble to find the right strategy to keep schools open. there were times when cases dipped and some schools did partially open. but now with the country facing of fresh serge gibbon by omicron schools have again been closed indefinitely . docked arm at then, a child psychiatrist finds that this repeated closing and reopening of school with during the pandemic is taking a toll on the children creating a sense of insecurity in them. he feels it good in the long run, lead to post traumatic stress disorder. anxiety and depression, i don't think there any more certain as to how there was treat them anymore. other
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teachers of friends for them anymore. and that big down of trust and certainty about the world around them and lice can then begin to play out later. it can also target no manner that they find it's any hard to develop meaningful relationships and trust people. jobs are still hoping to return to school soon. she'd like more freedom and fewer restrictions on the school campus to actually see her teachers and friends again. she says, would be a nice greek from the screen and that's it for today. as of others, more on our website did over dot gov forward slash asia. and you can, of course, always also follow us on facebook and twitter every back again tomorrow at the same time we'll see you then
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you stay. it is pull. the news 1st goes to could have been now let me see that it was honestly, i know. so soon or diana, so she played window mother interposed, was saving with him, but i never d w books on you. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now, feel free. ah ah,
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economists imagine what could have been had there been no pen demik. a new study out of germany estimates the output that didn't take place over the last 2 years because of the virus. and it's not a small figure. we'll talk to one of the researchers also on the show, it's the world's 4th largest country by population. and it needs more electric vehicles to meet its emissions. goals will go to indonesia for look at the countries plants and poland was supposed to adopt the euro currency after joining the e. u, but has held on to its beloved swati. well, the growing gap between the 2 coins change warsaw mind. we'll take a look. hello, welcome to the show. i'm see from beardsley in berlin. well, here's one price tag for the pandemic. 350000000000 euros and output that never happened. and that's just for the german economy. the new figure coming from a new study by the german economic institute in cologne that looks at the countries last output. technically it's value added.


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