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tv   Reporter - Paradise Lost  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2022 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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lies us with confidence. stay with the past, the last teddy total of nearly 45000 best children who need water and to remind our the top stories we are following for you. the 1st shipment of extra america military aid has arrived in ukraine. it includes defensive weapons and ammunition as a country of repass, we possible rush an invasion. you're watching dw news up next report. how goes to be friends, ireland, to discover the fate of thousands of people who had torn from the families as children, and promised the brighter future that that didn't happen. i made him like a junior mall at the top of the aisle. i remember you can catch the latest from around the world any time. a d, w dot com state you informal these places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped into
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a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you up to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning packs like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing and download it now for free. mm hm. with god. no, it does. look. there she is. a meal has been waiting for this came in for more than
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60 years. he's meeting his sister again on the island of learning young, the place where he was born. and how are you, my dear, draw both of oblivion. oh little. when he was a child, the authorities took him away from his family and sent him to children's homes. a fate shared by 2000 children and the 1960s to eighty's. they were promised a bright future, but it was the start of a long and painful journey. mary joined the driving force. she's insistent immune all must find his really not. we'll have to take another look at our file where he's been living in france since he was 18. he's always try to suppress memories of his youth until he met manager. if you years ago to so silly choreography i've written all these letters,
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i want him to be had a lot of, i've often had about children searching. for there it is. i'd have done the same. it is awful as you want to know where you from to durgy i oh yes i see, but it literally looks. but even if you don't say it like that news or people bodies are be, they treated us like idiots and criminals and just made decisions for us to norma carnegie bags on killer beer. here it says, social services came to collect him to have a novel, un 9 years old dell like apparently your mother agreed to me, but she only signed with a fingerprinting on that could have been someone else's. huh. after months of research manager found image sister mary torres. he now talks to her every day. oh yes, yes. i really missed him. it's time for him to come back. it was generally the same blood flow robbins my lenses along the
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way. yes, i agree. it's finally time to gay. oh, meal hasn't slept for the past 3 nights here, burl, i'm afraid to rediscover a family that i don't really know sir. with this trip will help him reclaim a piece of his identity for his life. and we see it's not just about the people actually, but santiago, wow. this is the 1st time that a meal is taking a flight since he left the island of lot in your almost 60 years ago. after all this time, the 76 year old wants to hug his big sister again. her new door. oh young nora look. oh yeah. there she is. our love here. double. whoa. and how are you, my dear it good. and you. it's a wonderful to see you. oh,
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it's good. did you think you'd ever see your brother again now? no matter what. i looked for him, but i couldn't find it. i thought he was dead. just my mother father and my other brother emil seems to be settling in there driving to murray to his apartment where fill up the extended family is arriving t lee. oh that's it. oh night it is as nearly 30 children and grandchildren it must be amazing to rediscover a family of thought. you'd lost your thought. why come back? okay. i don't have any family here. it wasn't got one here. it was. i've got one here. the ha is mary to
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raise and one of her daughters have prepared some traditional local dishes, especially for it. mean it has to bring back memories. oh, we're sure her mother used to sell it on the beach. oh, lovely. let me no, no, no, no. okay. but it's not all plain sailing for a meal. family relations are strained, mainly between mary torrez and her youngest sister, jeanette. emil hasn't so far managed to get in touch with her. i love you of your walk mutter. i came to see my sister marie to resume, but much a startling year. well, let, i also want to see my other sister, so i and bono casually don't order. it's a chance to open a door that was shut for a long time. give me and reconcile the family that your family members don't offer me for wish or fun me. but 1st
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they go to a children's home way meal was taken at the age of 9. at the time, the colonial power, france was afraid that high birth rates on land in york could result in rebellion. and eventually the islands independence. children were removed from poor families and promised a good education which most never received to put the brookview upon. those for you there, maintained the village. that is traditional houses resulted in the children's home is in elbow, which literally means hell town. well, of the angels to the children's home was here a year, a meal and about 60 children were kept here for years. all are gone, bill middle, or hold on a while. the building has since been abandoned. oh, it is or whatever river that she saw,
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the house of slavery. ah, they find a way in early early the goal is to conservative milfey. when was of cushion on a mob, emil shows us where the dormitories and toilets used to be literal. it is, if you look on shore, roofing your boxes to broo, mom. sometimes i was bleeding all over but have eaten black and blue. but i didn't care much more go. i said to them, we'll do what you want to say, but follow my body was worth nothing to me. if i didn't deserve to be alive, shall please your corporation. it wasn't until later that i asked myself, why was i treated that way? cuz if immoral, i didn't do anything. i wasn't a thief or a murder, i'm retreat over all these years. a meal has never really left this place behind. was yahoo!
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republic, oscars or even funnel. i couldn't forget all this because i always thought maybe i just imagined it or your love is all. but now i'm here show you stick on them. i know it wasn't just a bad dream. we suffered here, it might milk or 0. and because i've seen it all again, actually i can finally forget it filled me. it's all in the past now julia, the next day they want to visit their father's final resting place, a mass grave. but the cemetery caretaker says there is no longer a wreckage of the site. i'm gonna know if you don't even know where he's buried. dubois, how are we supposed to find his greystone leo? when his father died in 1952. the family fell apart. let if you bought your and he's got, if there was no welfare back then don't go. our mother didn't have the money to look after us and $100.00 us children over to various relative school immune 7 years old at the time. when to live with
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a neighbor. then the state intervened under unclear circumstances. emil spend 10 years in children's homes in france. he, he was discharged from state care at the age of 20, but things weren't about to get any easier rebuke or feel thou boy, lot my life was hellish hours room even after the time spent in the homes because really cover. yep. all of horse. no one wanted to give me a job in france because of my dark skin, nakeema or steve. eventually he was able to set himself up as a self employed craftsman. he harbors no resentment towards his parents. the val are in honor of you, my dear father, i placed his flowers arbitrary but sad. none of it was his fault.
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he liked to pre k a meal and managers are on the way to see him means little sister jeannette, with a sense of unease. already, gil, i've been in a homeland revert to reluctantly, but she didn't respond to we're just going to see honey or feeling myrtle bolcko's . jessica. i'd like to see her again after all this time it she is a part of your life. we let the 2 of them go in alone, so as not to get in the way. i only thought really, i leveled to you a meal. introduces himself by his childhood name eve, a meal was a name given to him in france. well, hello is anyone here? i usually internet. yes, that's me. be waiver. i'm eve. come from a brother where come home, do you remember him?
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oh, let me kiss you both. oh yes. who is so are we gonna? no, jeanette didn't answer because she can barely write only my yeah. huh. his little sister. yes. my little sister hill therefore, but you know, she's never forgotten her brother, but i saw you name my son. eve will go story after the brother i lost and we, i don't even, i couldn't replace my brother, richie, you are prosperous. i'm good about what it was a way to remind you of me. we yes. oh, wow. need epi barton milan of the why were little pillow we brought you wanna hear me? i'm in the world. jennifer, it's been so long since you saw your brother. what would you like to say to him
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directly to demo that? i love him. he's the only brother i have left or toby levy get their motto. i rediscovered life shackleton up yourself. i'm your what, bruce? i was dead without my family. you know what? all the fun when you find it again, it gives you a new lease on life cobra. i feel younger after today. don't come let sit down at her table. how beautiful that is the floor. let's sit down for 5 minutes. oh, joy, the c m f. only yonder zone, sir richard was quite friendly to meet with his sister. but to find both of them again, but that's everything i could have hoped for. he had to renew it. i feel good. they allow i rediscovered my homeland. last, if remo lina could get with the way it gets done, it my final years here. i'm. if you rule, surely,
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he hopes the whole family can then be proceeded to set aside the differences and reconcile all this me want is to have kindly, just all i do. so i didn't. okay, is africa's most prominent environmental activist, the nigerian conservationist permission is to educate the entire continent about the catastrophic effect of climate change. a message that she regards as especially important for the youth eco africa. the next on d. w. try and repeat after me lunch there. who will again, you're gonna read, sherwin williams, go go. god mama, riot will swinggate. go get an aquarium throw pools. i'm to see leo cocoa ball.
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that is the longest name of any place in europe and it's wealth. and mean you should definitely try to pronounce at least one in city based on d. w. happiness is for everyone. human penises are very different from primate penises. we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature a there and david and this is climate change, regulate sex. oh, happy nurse. in 3 books you'll get smarter for pre d w books on you to ah ah, with.


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