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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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ah, what is true, what's the only criteria is? what will people we should light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits? and why are they a threat to whistle peak world this week on d w? ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin, mutiny in book in our fossil, so just to seize control of the barracks, demanding military brass reside. as anger rises over the countries in ability to
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stop on as long as the insurgency also coming up, the us and its allies send defensive weapons to care by germany, faces grow in criticism for refusing to help ukraine. as tens of thousands of russian troops prepare for a possible new invasion and desperately need at 8 arrives in tonga as the pacific nation grapples with the aftermath of last weeks on the what i will kind of corruption answer nami. ah, i made you make a junior welcome to the program. the government, a book enough also has called for cop to so just need to need demanding more support for the fight against islamist militants. and the resignation of military lead us hundreds of protest as i've got it in the capital. i got to go to show the
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our support for the mutineers, some burned undiluted headquarters of the ruling party. the ominous sound of tear gas fired on protest as by security forces. on saturday, a crowd gathered in the keener fast those capital wag due, grew dissatisfied with the government and president rock of boris inability to control a j. had it been certainty? this troubled the country for 7 years. if all grew earth or maps, rock must go. we all agree on that. we believe that the government is catastrophic . little grew law. we're not a capital fic catastrophic in always, especially when it comes to security. you can apply reply security day when i'm panel member. the next day fir the signs of unrest. this time from the army happened. gunfire coming from several barracks in the capital plus disrupted internet connections. prompted fears of a to the defense minister was quick to get on the air to deny the government had
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lost control at the moment. it is, you know, due to the government, the government has confidence in the army which remains committed to the republic. we asked the people to remain calm to carry out their duties. we are following the developing situation so we can provide information on the real reasons for the shootings who handle good. so i can tell you that for the moment, everything is under control and we ask our army to continue to support our republic and carry out its mission to protect its territory and its people. it will show the potential to the toya, it population. the unrest comes just a week after 12 people, including a senior army officer, were arrested on suspicion of planning to d, stabilize institutions in the country. on the streets, there was support for the army in the wake of the attacks linked to al qaeda and the islamic state group thousands of died in recent years, and around one and a half 1000000 have been displaced. let's talk to journalist brown posthumous,
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who's been reporting from west africa for 25 years, particularly on book an offer. so hello bram. so there are rumors of a possible cool in booking our fossil by the government denies an army take over what's going on. well, from what my sources tell me in the capital work, i do agree with the half the should things going on in enormous lee large for all of a camp, just west of the capital on the road to the 2nd city bush you lot. so that apparently also die down, so we're not quite sure exactly what the situation inside those camps is. you introduce in your introduction, you mentioned that they may have been taken. that is not altogether clear whether there has been an occupational use comes. and then obviously what you've heard later on were that there were reports or especially youths coming in on a busy intersection very close to this camp in support of the military support all
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what was already alluded to in the report. the departure of the current president. i mean, we've had some of the challenges the youth are phasing bad to tell us more why part of the population and we can are far so are so unhappy with a government that the could have your support and military revolt. well as exactly what was already said in the report as well, there is an islamic problem in the country in the sense of a g hottest insurgency which may be supported by either al qaeda or islamic state, or even both. and it has displaced a 1000000 and a half people. so you're looking at a catastrophically bad situation in the country and what the people are saying, certainly in the capital, by going to go. and another city said this as well, is that the government and its army has been incapable of stopping this problem and that is what they are angry about. so burma, how can all this play out for the country and the region as a whole?
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well, it's a region on tenterhooks now, isn't it? not only do we have this insurgency going on in various countries, including booking, also would also enabling molly. and then we also have the history of recent cruise one failed to attempt india to. and molly, one successful coo and get a military contest in power in both quickly and guinea obama go in my lease, or there is quite a bit of nervousness about good work enough. also, perhaps the next and given the bullets i'll situation in the country and this big street protests and the fact that the soldiers are unhappy with the way they have been sent away to drink this problem of the hardest to search and see that is not unlikely scenario, let's say ok journalist from post to nurse. thank you.
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now military aid is arrive in m t m from the u. s. poland britain and other democracies as the green phases, the threat of possible new innovation by russia. one country so far, refusing to healthy green is germany, and it's coming on the pressure from its allies that he does stand as russia masses its forces along the cranes borders. moscow, however insists it has no plans to launch an attack. the russian military flexing its muscles in the worn at region bordering ukraine. moscow denies its planning and invasion. but with this slick video released by its defense ministry, it at least wants to send the message that it's ready to fight. there is real concern in the region about russia's motives. russian troops are now positioned in bella, rues, all along russia's border to ukraine, and our mast in eastern ukraine were fighting has been ongoing for years. further
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to the north, the baltic states of estonia, latvia and lithuania, are promising to support ukraine with shipments of weaponry and military support. arguing that diplomacy alone can't prevent an armed conflict. aggressiveness, who said that her guidance was the aggressor, always weighed impossible. losses also is and likely damage. also i did in my, i think i had a strong state or capable of defending itself for steve is really the only way to increase the chances of a peaceful resolution. oh, really me there plus years to be just was that it however, it's a principle of deterrence not endorsed by germany, which has disappointed kiya by refusing to supply weaponry to crane. because now off the cuff comments by germany's naval chief have added more fuel to the diplomatic fire. hi, i'm him shown back on a visit to india,
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said russian president, vladimir putin probably deserve respect. and that the crimean peninsula annexed by russia would not return to ukraine just with some of the great economy of his license is gone locum. but this is this effect of we have to, to learn that, oh, legal issues are actually close and that you, most these remarks have now cost him his job. and the foe pot has added to the misgivings in kiev over germany stance on ukraine. but with the uncertainty looming, ukraine has been assured that it doesn't stand alone. the u. k. st anti tank missiles earlier this week, and the 1st delivery of u. s. military supplies has already touched down. meanwhile, residence in kiev formed a human chain in celebration of ukraine's national unity day, hoping that opposing sides can still come together and hold on to their stated goal
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of a diplomatic solution. oh now to some more stories making headlines around the wild belgian police have fired tear gas and use water cannons to disperse them with st. us, protest them against cuba. 19 measures. tens of thousands took to the streets of brussels after the government announced that people would need booster shots to gain access to bars cinemas and some other venues. a fire, the popular mites club in the communion capital yonder household at least 16 people . authority see the please spread to an area where cook and gas was being stored, triggering loud explosions. a tragedy comes as cameroon host, the after a couple of nations football tournament. talks are on the way in austin between the taliban members about then civil society and western diplomats. it is the
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telephones 1st official exchange with the western european soil at the season. par last august thought goals. prime minister donio costa hoss cast his vote in the snap general election polls show his incumbent socialist party still ahead of its center, right rivals due to the fund. i make this on any vote in option to reduce crowds next sunday, the planned election day. more than 300000 votes as i expect that the cast yeah. a lot today to the south pacific islands of tonga, now a country hit hard by is shocking on the woods. i've o'conny corruption answered nami families. i've stopped children from playing outside because of concerns about the asked that a fellow by the islands, which are north of new zealand and east of australia. but 8 is trickling in by air and by sea and clean operations are moving forward. from the air tonga still has
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the outline of a pacific paradise, but a damage assessment flight looks deeper and there is plenty to assess, not least the massive amounts of ash blown from the nearby volcano. it is one of many, many obstacles to getting aid to the people who need it most flying in our initial impressions with a hash that was most of the greenery even if it is played this one or affected ish. so this is so a whole communication is shown to water hello. to be moving from island to either satellite images before and after. reveal the transformation of tomba by the volcano, ash suffocating. many areas and where tsunami waves hit homes and businesses swept away, leaving dirt, bare rock and sand. a devastating moment tempered by reports of
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a relatively low number of deaths for such an event. now residents need this and much more emergency drinking water because ash and salt water have polluted so many sources is the 1st of a long list of needs for tomkins to survive and begin to rebuild. hm. let's talk football dot mulanda, keeping the pressure on by and munich at the top of the bungalow table after beaten huffy. and i'm in a 323 ella ellen hall and opened the scoring early on. i have some crafty team play in the build up under a camera equalized before half time with this 100 go off and i am after the break dots, one, captain marker royce put the visitors back ahead before our own go further extended the i lead. another little off and i was not enough, i start on went home with all 3 points on the on berlin. have moved up into the
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champions, the qualification places after a victory. how away from home against lucy? i'm more than glad back. it was max cruz who wrapped up the 3 points with this when i left in the 8484 minutes. i should say it's been an incredible week for you on the local rivals to book a police in the german cap core to final b. now find themselves 4th in the book to get table. you know of yeah, that season in the top flight now that 10000 sports fans attending on indoor hockey game in the u. s. last night. new the forecast a downfall after the 1st coast court by the home team, the hash cbs, the rain begun teddy best by the thousands, tens of thousands of teddy bad towards the z kids charity event held every year by the 2nd tech lab in the state of pennsylvania and the players seem to like it to the final numbers aren't in yet, but organizers were confident. stay with the past,
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the last teddy total of nearly 45000 best with children who need to remind out the top stories we are following for you. the 1st shipment of extra american military aid has arrived in ukraine. it includes defensive weapons and ammunition as a country for pass, possible rush, an invasion watch indeed out the news ob, next report goes to be friends island to discover the faint of thousands of people who had torn from the f. i'm in east as children, and for almost a brighter future that, that didn't happen. i made my good, you know, mol, on the top of the hour. remember, you can catch the latest from around the world any time a d, w dot com stage in from all these places in europe or smashing all the records.


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