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tv   Doc Film - Under Pressure - Joe Bidens First Year in Office  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2022 3:15am-4:00am CET

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go beyond theology ah, as we take on the world 8 hours, i do. all these were all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes, 5 policemen follow me pain. you go here we are, your is actually on fire. made for mines with soccer is a sport of the colors and the children in this mountain village. oh them all. but can everyone via dog with them regardless of gender? emma, where is blue, the color of her favorite sexes. traditions prevent her from going to games and
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playing with an insurmountable obstacle. blue girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d w. ah, ah. mm hm. i have joseph robin at bye junior, do solemnly swear that i will faithfully x one year ago. joe biden made a big promise to one, erica. i will be a president for all americans, all american but even back then, most republicans believe the lie about election fraud. and they continue to see donald trump as they are legitimate president weaver, normal god, law abiding video. i want our country, man,
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we are roads and the more rhythm right now. as the divide grows deeper, reconciliation seems further away. the fight against covert has now become a political rather than epidemiological battle, and you would have to haul me and put me coster's care before i got back to me or myself, a drastic rise in the numbers of undocumented immigrants is yet another volatile topic. since biden's taken over, honestly, we have a legal cross in they're not afraid republicans refused to cooperate with them and his own party members are more focused on in fighting than backing their president . now biden faces his greatest challenge to date. can he protect america's democracy? approach has to be at the time. and right now it's not time. it's not time to be
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9 biden's 1st day in office, no time to lose. after 4 years of trump, he wants to completely change america's course. oh, okay. his 1st priority will be to bring the corona pandemic under control by knows that his own political fate and that of the democratic party depend on his crisis management in a major effort and in the shortest time possible. the biden administration overseas . the roll out of mass vaccinations, science and politics working hand in hand. most americans keep their president
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a good grade here. however, his all clear on independence day comes too soon. 245 years ago we declutter an apprentice from a distant gay. to day were closer than ever to decline our independence from a deadly virus. but the virus has not been eliminated. each flag in this art installation symbolizes one cove. a death. around 850000 americans have now died from the virus. far up north on americas east coast lies augusta main home to dig. cabo republican and staunch vaccination opponent. he's holding a patriotic car parade. to commemorate the country's veterans even miss main is here. some others have
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a clear message. they think joe biden's policies are paternalistic. were a bad squash. i think we've got some politicians that are overreaching, and i don't believe that the listening to the people and sincerely believe we are the majority. now true, the democrats had held the majority in maine's legislature since 2020. and this criticism is directed at their masking and vaccine policies. 74 percent of maine's population is fully vaccinated above the u. s. average. but the anti boxers are loud and looking for a fight. i after the car parade, people gather for the national anthem. campbell has invited a number of speakers ah,
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the, among them one of the most popular conspiracy theorists in the us. former dr. christiane northrop claims the vaccine is a biological weapon developed by the government and can kill babies through breast feeding. this agenda is a deep population agenda. it is a crime against humanity. it is biblical, it is good versus evil. it has nothing to do with republican versus democrat. it is the book of revelation. joe biden, as anti christ. this crowd loves this hot dogs and hamburgers are devoured while conspiring against a president. they believe is attacking their basic rights with mandatory vaccinations seems to be slipping away. i'm really confused because we don't know
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if it's the person, his mental capacity or if it's a master plan. well it's, it's a process to control b. and i work back the great the via provide is losing your control society. and that's not america. for 8 years contractor, dick campbell sat in the main legislature for the republicans, and he talked with political opponents, even president clinton. and it was easier to understand democrats then he says, but capital sees biden's politics as an attack from the far left on his america abortion gun rights and school curriculums. all france in the raging culture war. it's baffling to me to a point where i can't sleep at night. if you just wake up and say, where are we headed? why have we gotten here in 10 short months?
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and what's gonna happen for the next 3 years? clearfield county, pennsylvania. donald trump got around 74 percent of the vote here at biden's, please to take the pandemic seriously goes unheeded. listen to the voices one vaccinated americans who are lining hospital beds. taking their final breath said, if only i'd gotten back straight, if only it's a tragedy, please don't let it become yours. no vaccine was available when call dickson caught corona. he wasn't worried about the virus. his sister stephanie tells us. kyle was a healthy 27 year old and an enthusiastic trump supporter. he worked in a prison where the family things he contracted the disease,
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healing maybe, but not everyone was within when he passed the same day, joe biden took office january 20th for 6 weeks. the young man fought for his life. these are his final photos. ah. so i was holding this hand. jen was at this foot norma's at this foot and mama's on that side of my brother. and my dad was like in the back just kind of watching everything. so we were all there and we hold on to him and till then like the convulsing and stuff like it, people could see what i saw was my brother. i feel like they might feel little bit more empathetic with the vaccine and stuff because that was nobody should ever watch their 27 year old healthy brother go that way, like he suffocated to death. and it's horrible. so me after we took some pictures,
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the wristband from kyle's 1st hospital stay still in the kitchen in a corner. an assortment of cough syrup bottles. one year on. it's all still there. kyle lived with his father, his parents separated years ago. but since their son's death, they've supported each other. kyle's mother is a nurse. many of her patients refused to face reality, even when infected support in parts of the us, the virus is seen as a tempest in a teapot stirred up by political rhetoric. well, when a half and society is making us ashamed of how my son died, they would have been happier if he would have been in a car wreck. they would have been happier if he would, his out in a shooting accident. they would have been happier. you know, dot, but you mentioned coven and innocent, who, you know what i mean?
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i mean, honest to goodness, it's like your kid committed suicide, or they were a druggie and they took an overdose. a mean? it literally has a bad connotation. and that's the shame. since kyle's death, the women in the family have only had one goal to make it clear how dangerous corona is. but trump supporters aren't interested and they preach their medical freeness and stuff. like i said, what about my brother? what about his freedom? he was a trumps aboard. he loved his guns. where were you guys when he was dying? where, where was tromp? where, you know, where was he? he wasn't there for cow. he certainly wasn't. so i just don't understand the way that they think on that side. it really doesn't make sense in her mind. trumps propaganda is to blame for kyle's death. the family would like to sue the former president, but they consider biden to be the better president. even if progress is slow. he
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got this from tramps last year. like there is, there's absolutely no way people still have tromp on their heads and it's a hoax. it's not real. the vaccines gonna kill you and all that stuff. so they're still sat in their ways. go flo stephanie remo land, her mother cindy wanted decorate kyle's grave. his favorite color was blue. like the headstone has an unusually clear inscription, cursing the virus. oh it does look good. and we can put something there for it to be over. the 2 women are aware that they are bluntness and their decision to not remain silent. is a provocation to many and this divided country this was absolutely something horrible happen. and that is what kyle would say. but also when we're gone and we're not here for him,
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his headstone still speaks and says, and i think kyle's message to the covert deniers me in the us 60 percent of all unvaccinated people identify as republicans, 17 percent, as democrats, in areas like this, where at least 70 percent voted for trump. nearly 5 times more people die from corona than in biden strongholds. bass, iron works, shipyard and main. plants with more than 100 workers must have mandatory testing or vaccination measures. anti vaccine was, are challenging in court. since this shipyard delivers to the u. s. navy, no vaccine means no job. jo killed us uses sweatshirts to express his opinion. most of his colleagues have been vaccinated, but the draftsmen is organizing the 1st protest of his life. for those who have not
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well my job, number one, and also my sons freedom and everybody's freedom in america. i feel that there is no reason why people wouldn't stand when they're being forced to do something. they don't want to do. we have the freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and all 3 are being taken away from me by the loss of my job. joe brought his 11 year old son to the protest at the shipyard. his sweat shirts are popular among his colleagues. like many killed of sees himself as fighting the good fight a defender of the constitution. we have these things here in america called rights. and they are inalienable that means incapable of being alienated,
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surrender or transferred. they were given by god not given by government to take away. we'd all be offensive. most of the protesters couldn't imagine interacting with abiding administration president by please look into the constitution and no, i don't know. it's very hard for me to talk to present in, but i don't think we have anything income. the political divide is deepening, even in congress. president biden only has a slim majority, and the republicans are set on stonewalling. oh, on the anniversary of the attack by trump supporters on the capital,
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most republicans avoid the evening commemoration. they fear his revenge. trump keeps a tight grip on his party and is considering running again in 2024. he continues to incite his supporters and still speaks of electoral fraud without offering any evidence. remember, this is not about me. hey rob, over the luncheon. this is about the american people having their country taken away from them. that's why the lies seems to be working. and poses a growing danger to american democracy. one in 3 americans does not think joe biden is the rightful president. among republicans more than 70 percent believe he only got into office through election fraud. republicans are using the suppose it fraud to justify further restricting voting rights in the states. they govern voting laws
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are set at the state level, giving them even more power. minorities are particularly affected, an internal attack on democracy. and an unprecedented challenge for a president may grow the full promise amerigroup to protect that fundamental right . right. to vote the sacred right to vote. you know, it's democracy threshold liberty with it any pass without knocking. oh, ruther may, harris is 81 at the albany civil rights museum in georgia. she evokes the past a time when black americans fought for the right to vote. as a young woman, harris was a part of the legendary freedom singers. they were the soundtrack to the civil rights movement of the 1960 s o. 2 b,
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o was, i want to keep the song to lie in the song to the civil rights movie, played a very important role during the civil rights movement. and they still play important role right now. because the sounds people from being afraid. harris pictured here on the right was 22 at the time. she still feels the need to have her voice heard. oh, voting rights were further restricted in georgia last year as well, which unsettles her they're trying to put his back into slavery. ah, the wiper, we're trying to take back over, they say they, they own this land, which they do not. that's why we fight it. freedom, it a constant struggle. younger people are taking to the streets. one campaign is
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aimed at motivating black citizens to vote in future elections despite the continuous new hurdles in georgia binding one by a margin of almost 3 percent. thanks to a record turnout of black voters. the republicans promptly changed electoral laws. absentee voting rules were tightened and voting hours shortened. part of the law is now is that you have to have a driver's license and we know that in the african america to me at least a lot of people don't have the proper id to do that. and so i think that's just another way, another way to hold us back when to hold down from voting. here in the southern states, the spirit of the civil rights movement lives alongside the white confederate legacy. at home with ruth may harris. she sang in front of thousands in 1963 as martin luther king gave his historic i
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have a dream speech that then harris says she felt free despite all the possibilities. and i'm sorry, people have had to die. we've been to jail. some people have been beaten. i've been in jail. still fighting for the right to go. back this day. 2021. we still fighting for the right to bow. what does freedom mean to you personally? they say they're free now. who is a constant struggle? oh, they say that, oh, not even america's 1st black president could make a decisive improvement in this struggle. her hope now lies in obama's former vice president, joe biden. we're the ones who put him in office. he is trying to help the
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community. like i said, it takes the both current but the both congress to come together and pass the laws . he can't do anything by himself. black congregation still play a big role. and so does the music. before cove at 193000 people showed up to harris's church every sunday. mount zion baptist church, in the sixty's, they converted traditional spirituals into protest songs, races, abject poverty. b, a birches to day still serve as a hub of information and inspiration for many black americans. we ain't done yet. from church to ballad bunk, a poor biden's political opponents fear. and one reason they refuse to make sunday
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the default election day. ah, i must. but ruth m a harris is determined to outlast her opponent. i don't know whether i had the integer, hey, becca, the sixty's, be 81 years old and a few days. so, but i do whatever i can use. my boy, president biden still has support here. but if you let them down, he could lose his most loyal voters. me equal voting rights for all. biden wants to protect the rights with a new law. the republicans are blocking his idea and creating their own narrative in their home states. but only isolated cases of voter fraud have ever emerged
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a year after joe biden victory, $900.00 states have further restricted voting. the process is ongoing and 7 states, the conservative texas leads the way. always a safe bet for republicans. governor greg abbott wants to stay that way. he proudly presents the latest reform to texas is already strict electoral law for india and there you go and i'm going to get a whole different crystal mason had 1st hand experience. she served a prison sentence for tax broad a decade ago. what were out on parole? she wanted to vote. no one told her she couldn't. although she was only able to cast a provisional ballad, which was never counted. a judge sentenced her to 5 years and prisoner for voter fraud. she appealed, and the case is still pending. she has been
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a voting rights activist ever since. supported by her entire family. i have the okay. i have to have ya to say, it's okay. we're not talking, we're not, we're not playing with, i don't like what we're doing. we're trying to get rid of people. get our information. so please say focus. not everybody i want, we want in texas and many other u. s. states. criminal records make voting difficult. many enlist predominantly black neighborhood of fort worth are affected. the 46 year old believes that not knowing her rights was her undoing. that's why with the help of volunteer lawyers. she wants to educate people about how important it is to vote, despite the restrictive laws. how may i i didn't vote filled out a provision about that never counted yet. sharon wilson seriously and i'm so i have
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you. okay. oh really? but i think appears to search your limitations, you know, for the vote, why not in the state of texas? we can be fell and i'm a fell into. but are you, are you on formation of? oh, no, you see that's what we don't know. so we think because we got a filmy, we came out no more, but technically we have that right. the black population hope spiders will create equal voting rules. but so far, it's just hope he's not able to fix every category immediately is going to be time . you know, so i, i believe in him and i believe that in the e and everything is gonna work his way out. but he had a lot of stuff he had to really fix. mason runs a beauty salon and has a large family support. her 3 children still live with her, and she is also raising 4 of her brothers. and she has grandchildren. we can't show her house from the outside. fighting her conviction has brought death threats.
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mason has a weird feeling about her alleged crime. my name is okay. nelly, an election worker had advised her to cast a ballot. oh, i was embarrassed. you know, i was hurt. i felt like i felt like i feel okay. and what he, what he mason founded in the organization, to showcase political candidates. today's guest is running for district attorney. sure. so yes, good afternoon. this is roy from offices like these are important because they also have a safe and civil rights. mason is convinced local elections are even more important than electing a president. because in the us, judges like the one in her case are also elected. we,
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the people who did this to me are elected officials. you know, the judge could have changed, his da da could have changed as the prosecutor can changed it. so is so important. who sit in her seat and what are they actually really represent? her appeal is now at the texas supreme court, which has yet to rule every morning i wake up, no one if i go to prison. my attorney tells me every wednesday because something comes out everywhere. see if anything has been updated for me for the scary. mason does not endorse candidates. her organization is impartial. she says her attorney kim cole supports the neutrality. coal grew up in republican household. but the electoral restrictions instigated primarily by the republicans have raised her expectations of the democrats,
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she expects more than what president biden has done so far. i believe the biden administration should take a much more aggressive stance with regard to voting rights. i understand that that's not jo biden's character. he's more of an old school gentleman li, um approach. and unfortunately those times are for over mason is a bit more sympathetic to the new president. big changes take time biden's approval ratings have dropped drastically since last summer. independent voters at moderate conservatives have especially abandoned him. the unsuccessful military withdrawal from afghanistan is a big factor. biden had been promising
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a new leadership role for the us on a global stage. america is back. the trans atlantic alliance is back and we are not looking backward. we are looking forward together. biden was looking to close ranks with his western allies and made lofty speeches about solidarity. nevertheless, he disappointed his partner as with the unilateral withdrawal from afghanistan, america 1st, even with biden. but the withdrawal turned out to be a disaster for him. the chaos and kabul and the death of us soldiers cost him credibility and popularity and things are not going according to plan at home. either biden managed to pass a historic infrastructure package, an urgently needed modernization boost worth trillions. but his massive social and
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climate protection package has failed due to resistance from within his own party. illegal immigration is yet another issue, vital to abide and survival. with trumps threats gone even more illegal immigrants have begun arriving at the border. immigration has always been essential america. let's and are exhausting where we're migration. for more than 30 years. politicians taught marla gresh reform. when done not in china fiction. dissatisfaction with the situation on the mexican border is growing since biden took office. the number of those who see illegal immigration as a big problem has risen significantly from 43 to 72 percent, among republicans from 15 to 29 percent. among democrats, the situation keeps escalating in the summer of 2021 thousands of haitian refugees
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tried to cross the rio grande river and were ruthlessly pushed back by us police officers. for days the refugees had to hold out and sweltering heat underneath the del rio bridge. many biden voters were horrified. was this the immigration policy of a democrat like government biden had sought to distinguish himself from predecessor, trump, vowing to be more compassionate. the border is in texas, where republicans and democrats both consider biden to soft and his policies to welcoming joe frank martinez is the 1st hispanic american sheriff in the region. he's a democrat and works out of del rio. he and his people saw the suffering of the refugees under the bridge up close. second officer is even helped with
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a child birth. the pictures that you, that you saw on or on camera that were being reported by media. ah, didn't do justice to actually the to what the agents on the ground actually dealing with. i mean the sides, the smell of the crying of babies. ah, no highlander mixture. there was a low water to give them. you can't put those efforts into a picture. you have to be there to see it. no more groups as large as those in the summer are now arriving. sheriff martinez tells us, but border patrol officers are still making daily arrests even this morning in attend next to the police station. detainees are processed including asylum applications, then they're transported to other parts of the country. locals who are worried about the trend, turned to the sheriff. his motto, the american sheriff can handle it, however, when so many come, martinez,
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patients start wearing thin. when all these 1519000 people showed up here. they had to pull all the resources more control did all the manpower that generally works. this area. they moved him down here to work. so this was wide open . this whole area was wide open. you know, in some locations offensive. good, but out here. i think it's on call for. i think technology and manpower. okay. mario and martinez has been sheriff since 2009 repeatedly reelected and supported across party lines. he is something of a modern democrat coming from a humble background. as a boy, he watched his father, also a democrat, helped the poor hispanic population vote. nowadays. the conservative fox news channel plays in the background of his office. martinez feels abandoned by his
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party and by biden, where is the promised immigration reform? i think i've lost hope and his words. i think that are in oh words are just words, but i don't think that they've put a, an effort behind it when you want to make a change. you start with a process and i don't think that there's a process in place to at least start changing the policy. sheriff martinez has the support of many republicans, but he's not thinking of changing parties despite biden mother called him better. not to worry. busy that there's republicans or, or far right under democrats that are far left, that i really don't got no use for you know, so if i, if i, if i leave the party that i'm in, just because is not popular. you know, who's going to be left to fix a party down by the river that doubles as
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a border. nobody men says words. president biden is unwonted. let's go brandon. the phrase is isler directed at biden, mostly by trump's supporters. diane schroeder once saw this place as her personal retirement paradise. but that has changed. she says, life in rio grande has been a nightmare ever since biden took power. we have the legal cross in, ah, they're not afraid. especially if you're a woman there, they'll come right up on the property if they want to. and so i carry a gun in at night time. yes, this is my 9. she was encouraged to carry a gun by the sheriff who she respects, even though he is a democrat. he said you go walk in or whatever didn't hurt. take your gun. i have a license to carry. we go tubing, take your glen. it's like, no, i'm not gonna do that. it's an yeah, it takes all the fun out of it. mexico was so close the river,
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easy to cross. the local say they are not against immigrants, but they must come legally. now through the back door, diane shows us one spot where she has repeatedly come across intruders happening right over there. we don't get any families here. they're all like right down the road when we get mostly drugs. and i know for a while they say if you drive down the road, you see a black trash back. don't touch it because they've dropped drugs off for somebody on this side to pick up. people like diane schroeder armed themselves in part because they feel in adequately protected several times a week. sheriff martinez has breakfast with a group of men. most are staunch republicans and although some didn't like trump, they did agree with his rigorous order policy. everyone here hopes 5 and gets the message in the next election to their 1st phase to get
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somewhere like everybody in the country knows that this administration not doing their job. they can nothing. they can all agree to that. would you like all of that? he comes down to 5 and come to the present by they wouldn't be welcome immigration reform as promised on the campaign trail. seems a near impossible task for by now. like so many although he has only been in office for a year. the clock is ticking on his promises. mid term congressional elections or next ad biden were likely lose his majority in the house and with it his political power for change. this bond is not over. this door is not closed.
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we have to keep up the fight and get it done because our democracy depends on it. biden offer slogans of perseverance. but for many young americans, they neither go far enough nor fast enough. social worker, madeline marriage and her friends are in los angeles in south central home to many undocumented m grants. you are, you vaccinated, my friend. i don't know. i've heard of m o m. the vaccination rate here is only 25 percent merit. once every want to know they can get vaccinated regardless of residency status and without risking deportation to her biden's immigration policy is his biggest failure. i think fighting, made a lot of promises coming into his presidency about how he would improve things for undocumented people in this country. and he really had bailed on those promises. he,
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you know, many people in the undocumented community feel betrayed. they feel like he's just doing the status quo, exactly the same as it was under tron. and people, so feel at risk of being detained indefinitely and deported. merit belongs to the bernie sanders camp. the figurehead of the democratic left, she only reluctantly voted for biden. she wants a radical restructuring of the country, and she wants to put pressure on the tame biden. and i don't think he has the political power to really get what needs to be done. done because he's always been much more of a snoozer much more of a handshake or much more abroad. i'm let's, you know, let's make a d o bob, you know, and i just, i don't think that's the type of leader we need in these times. i think we need a really strong and brave leader. and unfortunately, i don't see that. and by that yet, according to merit, so much needs to be done,
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even here in democratic california. in this city of contrasts, the glamorous hip and expensive neighborhoods of los angeles. but also the homeless encampments of skid row. at least 70000 people live on the streets of al 8 and inequality that biden seem determined to tackle. no merit refuses to wait for the president. she became active lending a hand on a street where the homeless live on their own terms. ne, in this encampment self determination seems to be working so, but marriage wants change and more state welfare. we live in a system without, without health care for folks. we live in a system without a right to housing. we live in a system where wages are depressed,
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where people can afford to live. some of these folks on this block have jobs that they go to every day. but that doesn't mean that they can afford an apartment anywhere in this county. many had hoped, widens, reform program would transform the us into a modern welfare state in line with the demands from people on the left, like madeline merit. she makes sandwiches for the homeless while waiting for washington. we had a lot of hope when the bill fact better was 1st announced than it was, you know, the 3.5 trillion and there are a lot of money for community colleges or i, you know, infrastructure, green infrastructure or social services for maternity leave. and all of these things had been cut for the original bill down to 1.5 trillion. and then it doesn't appear that they're going to work that hard to even pass the limited bill. hey,
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you want to do anything with the room too idealistic young radicals, biden has already turned out to be a dud, quite different from their shining idol. bernie sanders, re every one here is a staunch supporter of the left wing politician. different, their reaction to the moderate biden's 1st year falls somewhere between disappointment and damage. criticism even when you compare him to somebody like obama, he's just sort of like he's not really bare. you know, a biden's kind of fiddling oil america burns. it's, he's not there. he's not present and the fuels checked out, and therefore, my hope for what's gonna happen next in this country is, i mean, it's chicken. these young loaders always thought biden was nothing more than a half hearted reformer. they are cautious, support is now waning joe biden. you have a real opportunity to make big differences needed differences and people's lives.
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and you have an obligation to the people who elected you to do this rather than a transitional president, joe biden wants to be champion of change. but that image is already beginning to crumble. the suppose that most powerful man in the world has only been able to see a few of his plans become reality. a sobering truth, and joe biden knows all too well. if democrats lose their majority in november, his congressional elections, his presidential legacy is at risk. he back to life after terrific crash. vs anton barely survived
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a near fatal accident. now, the indian motorcycle raised their faces, his biggest challenge, yet. finding himself a heroes remarkable. come back. read in 30 minutes on d. w. a winter wonderland. i'm almost there. all that's left is this mountain pass. this time i'm going to be pretty high up in the anger the. it's a belly in the swiss alps. and it's my very 1st thought, luca shows us the highlights of this stunning region from st. morris to the matter horn. chick in 90 minutes on d. w. o
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