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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2022 2:30am-3:01am CET

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a good is back and now he's being evaluated against his promises. what has he been able to accomplish so far? how do americans feel about him today? an unflinching analysis of a still deeply divided country. that's not america. in 45 minutes on d, w. these places in europe are smashing all the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube, and know also in book form. ah, ah ah,
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ah, 400 kilometer is through the ice and snow in the french alps. we had to one of the toughest sled dog races in the world. and will find out just how challenging it is to compete in just a moment. and with that, a warm welcome to the show with me, your host, hannah, remote. glad you could join us. let's see what else we've got lined up for you this time, right? we find out why cut bradley's cheese is stored for months in mountain site, kate and we meet up with a coffee, an artist, 2 crates. miniature sculpture is from pencil point de la combed adi. c, competition has just taken place in the french alps for the 18th time, but it's not exactly your typical race. the star competitors are dogs. the sled dog
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race is considered one of the most difficult of its kind in the world. g partly to the major differences in altitude. we headed to the mountains to meet up with one woman from norway who was competing for the 2nd time. ah, in the french helps the region of savoy host, the dog said race, lug honda odyssey sicily . both murmon is one of $66.00 meshes, entering the event this year. she and her team of dogs are competing in the open category. the race spans nearly 400 kilometers, split up into 10 stages. this is tanner. he is 4 years old. he goes as a leader, he's not the past as leader, but he is a very safe leader. and there is a very difficult route that we're going. so it's nice to have a,
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a safe one. there get born always in my living room. picking cecil arrived from yellow in norway with 12 european slate dogs. she loved 2 dogs, and that even one her special award as the marshal who took the best care of her team during one of the stages. before racing off, the dogs always get little something to eat, mostly protein. the real feast comes after the race. hulu fled dog races may still often be considered a male domain. but women when several of the top places in the 1st stages of this year's edition. it's generally dominated by men and especially egg ah, in the big classes on top level there is still more men, but there's more women coming. i just have to trust their team and the team they have to trust me and then it doesn't matter which gender you are really.
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critics often deem sled dog races, 3 harmful to the animals health. but i'd like honda the say, a 12 person, visionary. he takes care of the dogs, the staff, examine them before each new stage. and if there is the slightest health concern, the canines are not allowed to race. for why yet gaussian, the medically dasanya, i don't see any signs of animal cruelty in this discipline. that is for one simple reason why. if you just look at the dogs, i get all excited and play around together. they run really fast at the beginning and give it their all, they just want to run, looking or easy, get it here in the winter sport resort. pays evelyn please. stage 6 is about to get started. the look root spends 30 kilometers who the starting and finish line in the same place, says flint, her assistance, harnessing the excited dogs ah
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and off lego does not holding back these dogs. log on to the sea is considered an extremely tough race covering a distance. an altitude of 12000 meters this sport is also physically demanding for the mushers. they have to stick to the defined route and lay into the curves with the dogs. when they go up hill, the mustard spur, the dogs on going downhill. they break. it takes us about 2 hours to finish the stage coming in 6th. i very happy they were running good. i have a problem that they're going a little bit slow enough pills, but they just need training. that's because i have a very young team, so they need to learn to push
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a little bit harder in the appeals. they were going very strong, downhill. i had to really work to keep with lads where it's supposed to be logged, then no problems. no, nothing's always nice. a clean scene runs no problem. after the race, the dogs a fit and enjoy a good dose of pacing. love moon and ended up coming in full of roll. but one things clear. she's determined to compete again next year. for our next report, we stay in the mountains, but this time we're headed for northern spain. that's where cub rallies, blue cheese is made. i have to admit that blue cheese is one of those things that i've always find a bit strange. but after seeing how the famous cab rally isn't variety, is made and stored. i think it's time for me to give it another go. lu, this speciality comes from a serious and northern spain,
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brawley's blue cheese. it ages in caves and the p cost out of the mountains. spaniard and connie butter arrow has been producing it for over 40 years. and capital cheese is my life. i've always known it. my mother and grandmother both made it and i think my great grandmother to the cheese is produced until they a village with less than 100 inhabitants. located in the municipality of cub rallies up to 3 types of milk are used from cows, sheep, and goats. that's what lends the cheese. it's intense, sometimes somewhat tart flavor. a g as a wheel are never the same. tomorrow's will be different than to days. we don't have a strictly defined routine been. the process is natural with an artist and touch with the cheese makers heat the raw milk to $26.00 degrees celsius and let it sit
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for a few hours until it thickens. this process is called coagulation. then the resulting kerns are put into cylindrical molds and allowed to drip. and carnie produces 12 cheese wheels a day for making cup alice cheese takes daily hair from the very beginning to the point it's ready to be sold. we 1st tend to it here in the cheese, daring wheat, and then we have to take care of it in the cave. it up basically from morning to night. don't dip. after about 15 days in the drying room, the cheese wheels are stored in the millennia old limestone keys located at an elevation of 700 to 1500 meters. the temperature there is $8.00 to $12.00 degrees celsius and the relative humidity is 90 percent. ideal conditions for cup brothers, cheese performance characteristic mold would have been hamilton. we bring the cheese here to store it. you know how much after
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a few days we turn over the wheels and moisten them if necessary. it didn't affect it. after 15 days, if we turn them again and check if they need more moisture, you mind and we keep going until they're ready for sale. it can take $45.00 or even 6 months with a face. oh, cobra's cheese can only be produced in this municipality and 3 neighboring ones. it enjoys world wide fame. and as one the prestigious world cheese a word several times. i get the, these is perfect, wanted blue on the inside. ok. copper, alice, please, always has to be even light blue inside this and it has to have a very soft consistency. so you can spread it, it and it has to taste good. that's the most important thing. there are about 20 mountainside caves and co brothers, and some are open to the public loop. in the ascii nod to he con, a traditional shop,
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a specialized and hand crafted gourmet products from a studio for over 60 years. carruthers cheese is a real hit. get la gabriella. so capital s, cheese stands apart from other blue cheeses good through its intense, somewhat tight flavor then. so we'll go because don is very characteristic taste that is because i won't leave the cheeses easy to combine. austrians light appear with pretty sweet tastes, like jam or cider. per kilo of cub rallies retails for between $25.40 euro's it's a cheese. i like a lot. i like strong creamy cheese, always eat it at home. well no, it's good capillaries. cheese is an ancestral thing here in our story. yes. awesome . okay. every family always has a piece of it in their fridge or but it can be used as an appetizer or as a desert. oh, but i bought it from the experience point of view. her brother's cheese is
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a tradition that will last forever blue, yoko, i think so with more facilities, but yes, this tradition must go on. what would cover unless div without capitalism cheese nikolai ah lit courts just arrived in the mail. a post card from euro, max reporter hendrick felling. apparently there wasn't enough room on the card to write more than best wishes from, and then the name of the small village that he was staying in. and no wonder, because that village and wales has the longest place name in europe. i'm not even going to try to pronounce that. i'll leave that to hendrick. he took a look around and asked to local what the name actually means for our series europe to the max. ah,
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welcome to fun liar put quin give go get a clearance. dropoff fantasy leo. go go go. really. what a tongue twister i am here in the town with the longest name in all of europe. 123, it's one word with thousands of letters and no spaces. 758 letters. actually i'm convinced that this name is just the collection of characters randomly put together. but that's not true at all. there's a reason for this name and it even means something. and that's what i'm going to find out now. but when i learn to pronounce it correctly, well, we'll try, sam via per square gage, go care clairmont road frontage, and we'll go go,
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go. that's a totally different story. i'll stay right on the heels of alan mammary. he used to be a counselor for this town, and he's lived here since he was a little boy. to get here, i've traveled to the western edge of britain to the isle of anger. see at the north western tip of ways. oh, that's too long. oh so we'll use the official short version aside from a few sheep, only 3000 people live here. and since i mainly interested in the towns of the wall name alan murray takes me to this church. ah, this is the church of mary. they start off with, with the church tongue via that's where the name on the chin is. ton means church and via mary. so it's ton of value. so this is the church of saint mary ton
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wyatt for swinggate co, gara aquarium drop off to sylvia coco goss. what is the name actually mean the church of saint mary's in the hollow of the white hazel's near for the rock it whirlpools. the church of sin to sylvia, and the red caves all the past. together, it forms a complete picture of the village. most people here speak well, sure. it's the 2nd official language here after english. a good place to practice a little would be where half the town gets together, the local park. and i thought that maybe a beer would help to lose the time. is that an option? so if you were not, yes, there's nothing for it to practice. somebody comes out to post one by it was bring your school, get it, but i'm go. oh and you have also like a gym with
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a name on it. right. how to how to spell with. but why the name is so long. his best answers by alan murray don't come in and converse contrived fire at taylor in 18. 69. who wanted to attract visitors to come in to the the latch off to one. go see. and i think that said, you know, with a 150 years or so. busy more on from his days, and i think that his benefits are still being read by the amount of people that have a city the village. you know. so it was essentially a marketing ploy meant to draw attention to both the town and the language
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the people in here. i thought of the welsh people, i think they're very sort of how can i say it? i think very proud nation i, we're proud of our heritage, we proud of our language and we want that language to carry on into a future generation. well, what can i say? small village and a very long name and very friendly and cheerful people over here. and oh, definitely did not forget this visit until i know how to pronounce his name correctly. hunger bush. go good. by the way, you can find all the episodes of our series europe to the max on our youtube channel . and in this pick, it features a 111 extreme places in europe that you shouldn't miss. now, would you pay upwards of $400.00 euros for a pencil? well, perhaps you might, if it was sculpted into a masterpiece. it's one thing to create larger than life figures out of marble or
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stone. but sculpting one on the tip of a pencil is something else entirely. one, both the an artist is considered to be one of the leading experts in the world. at doing this, he conjures up the most spectacular motifs and his motto, the smaller their better. ah pencil is so much more than a writing implement. it can also be carved into delicate masterpieces like these crafted by bosnian pencil artist. yeah, thank who george of ich what see people on it? must it be? and i will show volume school tools. i pushed an art forms i like sculpture based on where you are because it's 3 dimensional to all of that on. of course, creating one on a pencil lead. what is very complicated, the naval clear does, but it takes you to a higher level,
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and that's precisely what fascinated meal about this kind of art with the artist has already produced. more than 200 pencil sculptures. his motifs include the world's tallest building, due by sports khalifa, tower, and an interpretation of edward monks. the scream through his work hole, pencils become trains, passing through tunnels. yagi shall be ama directly. so normally i choose things that are right around us out on morality. sometimes i also work on objects that come from pop culture article to it, but in most cases i choose motifs from my immediate surroundings, with even us a crew in his home city of to his law. he's already immortalized numerous tourist attractions, in graphite, like the statue of kings for a call, the 1st of bosnia, or the former gate of my dresser, dating from the 17th century and
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a public fountain built in moorish style. yes, ankle, georgia, which has already found his next motif always the last year because what's behind us is a replica of the old salt well towers that we used to mine salt. not it was like $40.00 known for insult violence or the name to surf to rouse him tooth. the turkish word for sold about georgia, which miniature pencil sculptures have been attracting attention for a decade now. he is presented his art at more than 30 exhibitions around the world, and recently at a gallery in paris, georgia which can now live from his art. the prices for his pencil sculptures start at $400.00 euros and depend on their complexity. he needs between 5 and 10 hours to ref, out the design,
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but it can take days to refine it for his miniature tower. he uses numerous scalpel blades as well as needles. lug alexia, nodded. la nicky mckee, what deeper earl's cook is much easier to work on. subjects like the human body. we can correct the shapes. so few things while you were working is prove it did look good. whereas buildings have strictly straight line on seaman that must be followed precisely rationally. iniquity, similarly is posted yet thank or ga which puts the finishing touches on right in front of his subject. here it's the tower threats that make for the most intricate work. it requires has full concentration and dexterity to enjoy the graph. i doesn't break before the artworks finished lucky with you. totally was because unequal for many of the sciences over to sla have already been captured in photographs and painting. douglas, i want to use my skill and this kind of,
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i'll for you to still to present these motifs in a new way. i will still get lost the dog there with the package in the capital. you know, after several hours his work is completed. two's last salt, while tower has been cut down to size and fit on the tip of a pencil. ah, no, i'm not trying to make contact with aliens. believe it or not, this is actually a musical instrument. not that you'd be able to tell, by the way that i play it. the ferryman produces different science through a magnetic field, german musician, catalina icc, plays it on a professional level. in fact, she's considered one of the best ferryman players arrived. so i'll leave it out to her to explain how it works. oh. 2
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you please a ferryman without touching it if he wasn't in even the yen slow tone around hand, so i can play a note here speak or hear a hear or hear. oh, oh, tara lena, i numbers among the world's best theorem in players. she's an echo classic award winner and performs regularly as a soloist the world over here in concert with the brussels philharmonic. she also plays electronic music. she wrote herself ah. 2
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the chairman sets up an electro magnetic field tech me influenced by the human body that in turn changes the sound. double this upright antenna determines the pitch. in the when i move towards the antenna, the pitch rises right. in this loop container on the other side, it controls the volume. so if i move further away, the sound gets louder. lou, lou rush. it is. this is leanne. merriman unveiled the instrument in 1920 some of the musicians and bands who have experimented with it since are the beach boys led zepplin. tom waits, and john michelle jar. the movie going public is familiar with the sound of this
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for bare of the synthesizer from horror and science fiction films. it's still used occasionally on soundtracks even now because this tradition came about because when the therapy was developed, musicians played with lots of vibrato, even on the violin and other instruments. ah, the men of if you apply that to the fair amenities exams and it still came carolina, i got her very 1st fair men at age 7. she learned to play from among others, the inventors own grand nice age 16. she had developed a new technique that's now in general use world wide. it allows the musician to play with far greater precision. the instrument reacts to every slightest movement lou lou, finish i so much is breathed that changes the sound of the telephone.
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so to play very precise now it was for, i have to say completely cell aladdin. but if i play notes more freely in an experimental performance, for instance hormone i can move my entire body monitor being rude. ah, the thurman was one of the 1st electronic instruments. now, 100 years after it was invented, it still sounds futuristic. who's and that brings us to the end of today's shield. but just before we go, a quick reminder to check out our viewers draw on our website. and as always,
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don't forget to follow us on social media. and with that for me and the entire euro, max team here in berlin. thanks for watching and see you again soon. ah ah ah ah ah ah, with
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ah! with who under pressure. joe by these 1st year in america is back
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now he's being evaluated against his promises. what has he been able to accomplish so far? how do americans feel about him today? an unflinching analysis. they still deeply divided country. that's not america. 15 minutes on d, w. o. one of the main kinds, oldest ambitions could be within reach. oh, what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time,
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with any molecules or has 28000000 different powers. they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to help smart nature longer, healthier, and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. down the hatch. on the brink of eternal life, starts february 16th on d, w. listen up, people, you're headed for climate disaster. and yet every year government spend hundreds of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies. imagine
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a bridge spent hundreds of billions per year subsidizing giant media yours. that's what you're doing right now. around the world, people are living in poverty. don't you think helping them would make more sense than i don't know. and for the demise of your entire species, you've got a huge opportunity right now as you rebuild your economies and bounce back in this pandemic. so here's my wild idea. don't choose extinction savior species before. it's too late, stammering and humans to stop making excuses and start making changes like ah, this is d w news and these are our top stories. germany's top.


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