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tv   Doc Film - Afrobeats - Nigerias Groove Moves the World  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2022 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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year civil war, which the u. n. has called h a monetary in catastrophe. you're watching the w news. you can get more on our website. that's d w dot com. ah, ah, ah, and in yula potter shooting the video for her new album. this time the queen of afro house has gone sole in her native nigeria, the afro be jaundra is a never ending mega trend. and one, the artist revel it. ah, i am so happy to be black because we're rich, our culture so rich, so many memories to please and reading. i love to dance. i love to think in my
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language. the see. i've been leading, fucked, or a. i would say, i'll probably it came with the hype west for their fuss. them embraced a cultural san didn't corrupt they enjoyed it. the way they have friends at africans house, they always introduce them to, you know, before you know, as like fire amongst the, you know, the use and definitely you the whole use of when vital with the whole world a new law is leaving nothing to chance. she's determined to make it as a global music star. nigeria got too small for her a long time ago. i'm well, you'll bow more do anything. i'm a child of what to do. i am
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a nigerian child. i am a west african child. i'm an african child, i'm a child of the world. nigeria is a hot bed for africa. cultural scene and lagos is home to the 2nd, the biggest film industry in the world, which for budding musicians also offers a wealth of opportunity. music videos will later end up online, and that itself has the potential to make a career right from the start. i went to google typed in the search words took niger and producers, and his name kept coming up on all the lists. and i reached out to him and i told him i just wanna sing and death. and then he said, okay, no problem and that's how it by deep was meet. so when the song came out, everyone to love teeth are like, all this is so freshest, different. no one is doing this in a journalist, afro house and all that. and then i joked the city became a hit, and then i joked the 2nd one, so key also became a hit and people stayed colin quinn over for health. and i like okay, i like that with the adult in that's how i'm the journey started.
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as its name suggests, the genre is a marriage of house music and afro beats the result, both the rhythm that few club goers can resist nino, las powerhouse persona. as closely entwined with her purse. her childhood was shaped by the violent death of her father, but also the strength of family. i'm glad that i am from a polygamous home. god bless my late father, i was his favorite child. i loved him so much. i still love him, and i miss him so much and growing up in the big house like that. with my siblings and relatives, it was a very, very be house though i learned how to love with the people to share and just leave amongst, you know, a large family. it gave me that confidence em to view myself as a human being. not just as a woman though,
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come in to the music industry. i didn't see myself as a female artist. so to say, i saw myself as a human being an artist, elena. i mean yolo star rose in 2015 when she began sweeping up awards 1st in nigeria. and later in the u. s. and around the world, she also garnered huge acclaim as a composer on beyond say's grammy nominated album the lion king with, with 14000000 residents, lego says the continence of 2nd biggest city in africa's most populous nation. nigeria is a land of superlatives and contradictions from oil rich billionaires to the poorest of the poor. i got
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a cultural melting pot and birthplace of afro beats with we me 23 year old ox laid. he's been singing his way up the charts since 2018 lego says his city and the suburb of pseudo laira, his spiritual home as an artist. this is where i found, you know, don't want the vision to want to sing. surely, as per said, a lot of superstars, if you track down the road, you're going to see a bridge called or drilling by bridge is for like one of the most famous places in legos where a fox whiskey use that approach to sing the song, the name of that area to sing the song, you do it, know my food a. i mean that song is quite impactful in awful beast. so stuff like that, you know, the box laid grew up in one of the poorer parts of legos,
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which he now says taught him a lot about life with god. i play all get more that box laid still finds it incredible that he's a celebrity in his own city. after only starting to sing at the age of 10. i started music from the church. ivy church boy for a fact. but you know, growing opening and you know, meeting new people, me to new friends and getting more exposure. i went deeper into music. well also boys in the trenches in the streets, trying to eat leisurely, trying to feed ourselves. and from day we're also osbourne to be bigger than where we are right now. on the budget pos for one of those where it's been play with my life. this is
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going to appear me to eat on my law. big key. our new can fit ox late still has close ties to home and loves meeting friends at his old neighborhood bar to eat amola a traditional dish from western nigeria. he tells us that these days afro beats are nowhere near as non political as they once were. at least for him to lamar a civil law on approach with and asked to come here to represent my people last year and lego, the special anti robbery squad or sars was caught on video beating up a man at a checkpoint. the police unit already had a reputation for torture and extra judicial killing. a wave of protest against the
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police violence, followed with a number of people subsequently shot dead or wounded silos, his material. i'm not doing the for me. i'm doing it for my kids. for them to have it this who lives with me for my brother and then the sooner i would sooner go oh yeah, now alive. i wrote a full is vitality. i'm also a victim of bud gaudinas. we just want to be free. we just want to leave live once we happy. i live, i didn't speak that i'm a coward. i mean, i was a friend, brother. like he was bitten glitch in hood latch incidents have put oxalate on a mission. he wants to use his famed especially on social media and also wants to
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give something back to those who helped him on his way go to products surrounded me, helped me better myself, music kidney, man, to me, how i spend money, how i relate. there's something called streets hold. see is orientation how, how st smotts are you unless you're out is one of those places where you have to switch to actually achieve anything in asia as you know how to work ios not work. but while afro beat might be the way for some to living a better life, can it lead to a better country? sure, says ox, late. yes, the continent does have problems. and i, jerry suffers with its image. little of the state of new. and they help africa and i had 0 changed the negative perspective. that's the out. the old
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more than music for me. the poetry, the life out, the night games offered me the next oil for he goes there. yeah. for me see, has been leading fucked. or she could be out in nigeria after death and dinner, a rod on major level 3 on ought to do a super star that shut down the old. you are not to put fuel. 30000 people in the death europe. same gay act will be that is to follow up with you, sir. david said enough, stadium fiddler now sitting on wednesday. he thought days after the storm force of nature and a nairobi,
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the economic hub of east africa and the regional heart of popular culture. what do we want to find out how much impact nigerian beats have here a we're going to break down east africa music scene with artist octo pito. although he's not a fan of putting people in boxes. though p o is most widely known in kenya as a rapper, and many independent labels on my master's, not planning to be signed at all. i had robbed and seeing and shank, which is a culture of men of english, your mother tongue and swahili, you'll make them, they could say, oh, there's a court long. this was the day you too. bye bye bye. that's not a very like you can never have one. so you can say this is kim. so like you can be
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a success people, but just in general, for instance, you have to be after me. there's no big rapids in i did. it doesn't mean they don't have rappers, it just means the sound that people know and people to associate with and push in the area and gunner is absolutely. but if you're only doing an i didn't sound and calling it up for a bit africa afro should be africa. nigeria is not african a did is a country an o and is a thing. the west always confuses, like all your from africa. so what is your drums with i would say outlook. it came with a height before it was just 2 people doing it say was had to actually pin it didn't . i was like 51000 people doing it so they couldn't ignore it. it was, it was not on your face, you couldn't ignore it. then he was the musicians were less like it was fellow quit was only fellow cookie. it just like god said the west for the fust them embraced
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a cancerous on, didn't corrupted. they enjoyed it. the way they are he bearer to one of the biggest slums on the continent, i tell yadi my motto pizza wants to show us where he comes from. it. he says, when you man, you have to move on to some key fit to fit. maybe they, they like oc slade, autopay though isn't looking to turn his back on the path. david, just the opposite. in fact, that you did? yes. well born and grew up and went to school from primary to high school show under this bless will be even if it means if ask about our children, we will make it better if he was hospitalized people are cost would enough medi. my grumble's who my dad and mom met you there all day and cause the last hope in or and i could have been to say milk would have been on the simplest too. i didn't lose all like did is hormone a threat,
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not them, not to, to meet different death. so i, when you come so often, this is so much that did that, that element go away. so did you really normally and that's what i one via depends when i come for an event or it's crazy. crazy day like people even on to below, on the roof. ah ah. ah, in auto p those world, a recent trip to far off iceland is normal. ah, yeah. today he's dropping in on his cousins family and taking them some souvenirs here. right in the center of ki berra, looking wildly. no, he was born and my birthday. so is the special guy
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gillian, agree? he grew up here with the so most local people know him like one of us or we treat him like one of us, only this, but other people who were not here when he was growing up, say, ah, this guy, i saw him on cd auto p though the local success story from the slums to start him, success is when you are ever your music, especially for me as an art. does i use music and as of a social impact to what are you doing or what you're doing? how has it affected people as it turned out, people think as it turned out, people think about themselves as it, given people more confidence that success, how many people did asian plug? so what they will remember was this kid doesn't on my soul, but his anglia, you octo p o takes us next to the power women's group, a group of h, i v positive female entrepreneur selling plastic beated bracelets, home made masks,
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and garments making a living isn't easy, but these women have to do well now by the issue as we do as not yet, many of us are widows, and we are both mother and father daniel. we need to sell goods so that the kids can eat again and we find a way to pay rent the same time. at the same time, we are on medication and dana and food is also crucial a whole lot because it goes hand in hand with taking the medication from to our medication. music will serve for itself. this. people need us to show people what they're doing. they need us to bring our friends to purchase something. when you purchase one thing, you're feeding lake 10 families. does that is bigger than when you play my music. one person
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across the capital of ghana, india, and that in the 1st sub saharan country to gain independence. and it's so it's people proud the music heavily influenced by nearby nigeria. and yet there's far more to ghana and music than just afro beats. with miss pay a visit to a legend of the industry. mister, easy nigerian born. he came to ghana as an engineering student and named his 2nd album across to lego side. his work brings together a range of places and influences. i've run through this place for a while just to create a, a sub doing it here. i would do a quick so new could. the wall may be serial you and for all the child is everywhere, has like a different, you know, spirit like you step into berlin. the energy you feel from berlin is different from
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if you like, go to money, beach house come creative hobby. and then like the dining table is the editing suite and a new album is on the make here. but what's being created next door on the laptop is strictly under wraps. is there anything we can we could hear from you know? oh, stuff wasn't nice. try a secret. totally making alarms of thought, mr. easy style of afro beat is named after a gun and dish that makes us lots of different components. just like the music, unquote. a ton. no. another ingredient in the recipe with the songs, elaborate choreography. donna tina with
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albany, missouri, i left when i was 15, i lived 7 years. yeah. yeah. you know, so it's a little bit of a mix. i think i would have to go back and say that one, if i were to go back to legos, arguably the birthplace of afro beats. hey, this is scales. his 2015 album man of the year featured the catchy track, shake body since called up millions of times online. now he's back in the studio just in time. he says before people forget his name, i would say a scales definitely was her name that i you know, i was inspired by a teacher of mine and he,
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i was good with the minus grieves and she was find any hard to mention to pronounce my name my son name. oh, so she said he missed his give you by body body, body, body, body, body, body, body, body, baby, go, maggie, your babies. body. i was raised by a single parents. my mom, she used to own like a cdn cassette store. and as a kid, i she, instead of me watching like cartoons and nino tom and jerry install from having fun . all i had was a dick and a taped cuz we didn't have a tv. so i'm always listening to music. you know, i, to life, years up the years like music just grew up with. the clicks are soaring, and everyone's streaming. and what is a burgeoning scene on my behalf. and yet, apart from the absolute superstars me, there's still a lack of money being invested in artists and marketing. nevertheless,
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anyone who gets their foot in the door can count themselves lucky. you can sustain yourself music, yukon, so see yourself, music production. you can so steamed yourself with beats making. you can sustain yourself with being a songwriter. so it's not just, you know, you don't have to be on stage 2. we don't owe half of the skin. ma'am, after a, we have different types of us. we have, these are through saw us, we like to comment that's, you know, talks about anything. once a year we have the afro bus boost the r 4 days, like the offer that's out there that everyone is fighting to the our songs to make you forget about, you know, your pains, us africans ask nigerians, basically this is radio nigeria and les goes the interview as part of the sales pitch and the mood is good. scales is no stranger
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here, so no. march, 2021. we have marching on to greatness. i told you guys that i have a special guest in the studio, but it, oh here. now we just, we just dropped a new sound for you. so what is the middle is wonder, you know, just a wonder. i agree with the reason why a lot of people know attributes is maybe they have things that africans have. they always introduce them to, you know, and before you know, as like fire amongst the you know, the utes and definitely if the whole use of went viral with the whole world. a
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funny part is the younger sister of nino life, according to the financial times. she's one of 5 nigerian artists with global potential music for me is just i don't i think i do sometimes, but when it gets to microphone i just a thinking stuff. restating. yeah. law it is on. yeah, i love it. i know i go from afro beats to mainstream pop. penny is landing, one streaming hit after the next. she even got us nigerian superstar dobby go on board for her latest off to the next video. shoot the song list as long. it's shaping up to be a tough but creative here for 20 cove at 19 hasn't put the brakes on anything coating. the music was fun for me. during course i didn't have to do it. i want things in the day. i was looked up. my friend produces and we
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looked up to give us a we actually great to meet. i think it was fun before she discovered music and he studied business administration in the us so she knows how to work the market and how to deal with men with what you all didn't stop me. that's that way. you see me know, stop me, naomi rehab and august to got yes, you know stopping, but respect me because you had to go do on a leg, mix them all the time. the next that way. see me stop. what did with the what exactly. and he's to be home, any point shot that needs to be who may need to start fighting. those will 5 people
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in your area, additional guarantee to, to join the actual then there's going to change the style of how did you change that to them not to make we mental illness change. emotional mom come to the said they will my gun to this issue. she don't limits what women can't do. what women should, women should be free to be who they want to be a expressive so however, they want to express themselves. don't mean with what speech. dalton, armando, he meant to be what you want him to be eligible. my penny is free. she's made it. she earns a decent living. now thanks to the internet and streaming services provided you're popular enough, she says you can make money even amid the chaos and challenges that come with life in legos. like a song muscle and that's what makes it legos. what very,
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very hard to give the identity burden just a city of genes, city of gold, to, to see those change. it was like indigo sleeker. ah ah, with ah, well the warranty is you have, can we just all a dosa? i didn't. okay. is africa most prominent environmental activists. the nigerian
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conservation is commission, is to educate the entire continent about the catastrophic effects of climate change and a message that she regards as especially important for the youth, nico africa. next, on d. w. a winter wonderland. i'm almost there, all that's left is this mountain pass. this time i'm going to be pretty high up in the anger the it's a belly in the swiss alps. and it's my very 1st time, luca shows us the highlights of this stunning region from st. morris to the matter horn chicken. in 60 minutes on d w. o t
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