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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2022 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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is a lot of scammers out there and there's not the same kind of a systems that banks use or other companies might have to protect users. users have to be buyer beware, but she'll stuck when thank you so much for booking us through that. appreciate you sound good to say so good to see it. and that is open. now you're watching daily news up next way. stick with the digital and we take you the shift, our digital magazine shock looking at how take keeping memories of the holocaust a lot. i'm anthony howard in berlin. good to say, say again and 45 minutes time with
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people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away on the border. families play on the tax in the reason for the credit on it is with people lean extreme ross getting $200.00 people from the june around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah, shift special how digital technologies keep our memory of the holocaust alive?
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meet lily ebert, a 97 year old, tick tock star. she's telling her story as a former prisoner in auschwitz. to day she lives in the u. k. and is one of the last remaining survivors to report on the nazis atrocities. why are you afraid of death outfit? you owe sheet. you'll then note that please note that you read in 2 days. when lily abbot talks, it was ready shopping for the world. listen secret b. as i tell my page what more or less pd dean told me how many lily ebert is one of the last remaining survivors of the nazi death camp auschwitz. with the help of her great grandson dove, she now shares her experiences on tick tock to an audience of millions. before
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read what think staircase is so monday route calmar, they had me picked up. i heard these were, but they don't know what you are talking gabriela. dan did. she does now, did just a few months. they've picked up 1400000 followers, offering them a precious chance to put questions to her directly. if you still believe and go wow i. ready because not me so home mind. ready it's just incredibly incredible to say how many people actually want to love and care and once while questions. and at times it's very sad to learn about what happens on her family. but again, it's got such important stories of monumental since we're really in the last moments of hearing the holocaust survivors fast hon. lilly and dove came up with the idea during a coven locked, and earlier this year, when lily became unable to share her stories in person. oh!
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after surviving covered herself, the importance of documenting her accounts became even clearer than the sod. why blessed? i've gone. i've gone, nobody can ask, nobody is nobody here and name. she little asked what really happened? but now suddenly i see. no, is the last. oh ma'am, ma'am, ma'am benny? i am in this video alone hit over 20000000 views and accounting. it's a platform beyond anything they imagined. i think it's so important the work that we are doing different people masters of hope, tolerance, survival of the importance of never giving up. and so i think we feel incredibly proud, proud what was excites. it's on the platform, lilly abbot and dove foreman,
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have now mastered social media and have written a book reaching and even broader audience. this fulfills lilies life's work, ensuring that the tragedies of the holocaust on never forgotten, i dramas. but why said, i, why any chance? weird. so why i ladies tell beller that lee, my aim that thou, i should know all for can. there are few holocaust survivors still alive today. but state of the art technology is meant to keep the young people familiar with their tails. con, were you able to forgive them to cease out of signing flag at these? i get asked that alas i nap. so whether i've managed to forgive them, eileen. yeah. and no i haven't had seen on this film screen holocaust survivor.
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if our own love does more than just tell her story, she even answers questions and view a see her in 3 day. because the recordings are part of an interactive personal account. the project is the brainchild of anya balise and her colleagues at the ludwig maximilian university of munich. they want students to be able to talk with the holocaust survivors even in the future does as a mouth damn gate. the idea is for young people to be able to pose the concrete questions they have on their minds. and yeah, dustin and the digital format is meant to help create a certain distance so that they feel comfortable asking what they really want to be able to stand in. and, and gandhi gunam and often megan planning anabolic reached out to holocaust survivors. and she managed to get eva love and abba now on board. he immediately said yes. born in 1928. albano survived
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a death march at age 17. but eva m love had reservations. born in 1942, she was 2 years old when the red army freed her and her mother from ashes money seemed on her. it makes me feel torn enough them now get a we just on and i'm really various how people will react of my lesson is to em. i wonder if it's too artificial. like something served straight out of a candle via i asked a big tech, ebay know, and eva home now spent a week in a studio answering over a 1000 questions. the production crew shown their responses in high 6 k resolution, so that the material can be reused for decades. by filming with 2 cameras at once, with a slight offset, the team created images that don't completely overlap on the movie screen.
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that way, view is can watch the recordings in 3 day using special glasses the tame film at 100 hours of raw footage that is being stored at the live in its computer center. immunity. and the recordings are incredibly valuable because it wouldn't be very easy to reproduce them. ah, daniel cove is responsible for the projects technical implementation. as a specialist in dante visualization, he advocated using the elaborate treaty format. now it's time to see whether all that effort paid off, students are supposed to ask the digital survive as questions. voice recognition software then analyzes each one and determines the right answer from the saved interview clips. female girl brother bra. how did you manage to keep going short lived, mitchell? i wanted to live survey. i didn't want my life to end and thus the other thing,
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and i always thought those we had lost would come back one day. that's fulton. but i didn't want to give up because that would have meant giving up my whole life a. my guns is their mouth. so again, the 1st showings are also hoping train the software. the program correctly recognizes 70 percent of questions and associates them with the right clips. but the goal is to reach 90 percent. results are less accurate with certain dialects, voices, and frequencies. the 3 day visualization impresses the students in any case. in there i think it's really exciting and emotion to that 3 d format makes it seem so alive. you really feel like abba now is sitting in front of you. i'm gonna offer an am fits your finish record career. does my think it's really cool how you see what his character's like via is since i don't his persona really comes across did the 3 d technology fed detachment viet me guns. it'll never fully substitute the personal
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accounts of living survivors and said some kind of atheist, but it is the only way to pass them i am that is divided so gave so that's a good dentist. good. so if a loaf and abu now or will continue answering questions in the coming decades, and that will keep the stories of holocaust survivors alive. even if one day they'll only be around on movie or computer screens. to prevent the victims of national socialism from being forgotten, the arrows and archives have launched the initiative. every name counts go and anyone can help record names digitally. this storage space bez unsettling secrets. the arrows and archives contain documents on 7500000 victims of the nazi's, the biggest collection of its kind. there are index cards from concentration camps, deportation lists and clothing fragments from examined bodies. the documents
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feature, the names of forced laborers and can prisoners, many of them jews. the collection gives an unparalleled glimpse of the victim's plight. the goal of the worldwide crowdsourcing campaign, every name counts is to make the archive accessible to any one on mine. the initiative aimed to build the biggest digital monument to victims of national socialism in existence helping index the millions of notes is a new way of remembering. to pass nuance against all you need is internet access of its then you go to our website where you can use the documents to enter the names and birth dates of the nazis, victims into a database den as the affordable in anna dobbin bunker. i'm and then the names are published and remain accessible for ever into anyone in the world to other than fight you go to yours from bonham is one of 20000 volunteers working on
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digitalization documents. they often contain abbreviations or a hand written in the script that has fallen out of use called su to lean shrift. no computerized system can transpose these last by over fees. so it takes the hard work of people like her. it's not some i'm not to the stand on the one hand. this helps people who have lost someone or can't manage to completely piece together someone's life story and oh, i'm sorry, but as a volunteer it also helps you become more aware of what happened back then. so you get a totally new perspective on the subject is under the visor, the shifted. yeah. go to yosh, works for the city government. and she says that motivates her all the more to be involved in this project. because it would have fallen to clubs like her to fill out these cards and behalf of the national socialist regime and hit ellen. it often gives you pause for thought much more. sometimes i look at the
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birth date and maybe see how a prisoner was just 15 years old, left. and then i see he's already got 4 stamps because he has changed camps 4 times . it's unfathomable and for say about the time i'm on the point, every name contributing to the project, every name counts, immunize, su, against racism, and anti semitism, my own gable. if someone around me is the victim of anti semitic violence, what should i do? not just stand by them, as most people make the connection and think, i think is what does this mean for me personally, is for me the algorithm randomly shows you go to yosh the index card for a man from vienna on it. she can see how alfred jessica was detained as a political prisoner for reading a flyer. now any one will be able to read his story. he came to book unveiled from outfits and allied documents show that he survived the war. this new digital form helps keep these people alive in our collective memory. but even if the survivors themselves are disappearing, discrimination and anti semitism remain cavities. lindsay, because you to that,
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i think raising awareness about the historical depth of discrimination, antisemitism, and racism. this is, that's not history. that's all still happening every day in europe and world wide. it's invade 7500000 names and every one counts ah, in this episode, we appreciated the odds checking out the zine and meeting patterns across the african continent. 77 percent in kinshasa, we met some boxes from all over the country who told us about the struggles they faced in the our quest for the additional cost and support for their work and aboard. this takes us straight to our street debate. 17, with the show back cycles,
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the issue is shaping the continents of d. w. news africa were gone with what's making the headlights and what's behind with the way on the streets, to give you enough reports and the insights all the trends don't matter to you. in 60 minutes on d, w number sentences of grades only the p cooking available to go over. i mentioned home the 4th i'm holiday most recently made that we came up with the valley that the last dragons had called to home for 2 years. typically you books on hello my fellow 77 percent as welcome to a new edition of the show for africa majority the youth. i am eddie, my.


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