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tv   Check-in - A Winter Journey to St. Moritz  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2022 11:30am-12:00pm CET

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ah, we'll go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings, were organized crime rules, where conglomerates make their own laws? we shed light on the opaque worlds whose behind the benefits and of why are they a threat to us all opaque wolves this week on d w? ah ah ah ah
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oh mm, i'm almost there. all that's left is this mountain pass. this time i'm going to be pretty high up in the angle dean. that's a valley in the swiss alps. and it's my very 1st time winter always arrives a little earlier in the year here, the mountains in the anger, these are already covered with snow. the lakes located about 1800 meters above sea level, have not yet frozen over ah,
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my destination is st more, it's a place that stands for winter tourism like no other it's pretty cold up here in the end in and in order to warm up every now and then i have plan some activities, all variations of winter sports on the slopes, on the cross country ski run, and on a bike. i also want to find out how and why tourists have discovered the good dean in switzerland. i even german philosopher if you believe nature love to get away from it all in the, in getting ah hands because we're in switzerland. we just have to show you one of its most famous landmarks, the matter home and our sample. some local specialties like anger, the not kick and cheese phone to ah, ah, saint lawrence used to be a simple firming village,
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but today you see massive hotels and shop windows with luxury items. it is still pretty quiet before the destinations peak season. tour guide leave you place to go explained to me that winter tourism was the result of a bet between the hotel owner, 100 spotwood and a group of 4 summer travelers from england. none that he made a bed with the english guest. he said, come just st. moritz in the winter and if you don't like it, i'll be for your trip from london to saint moritz and back and if you like it, you can stay at my hotel for as long as you want the bed. yeah, they had to pay the side. as the result, st morris became a popular travel destination in winter time. 25 luxury hotels are spread across the alpine resort, which is home to about 5000 resident movie shows me one of the oldest preserved
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houses. a typical anger, the farm house, from $1658.00 owned dollars. i'll explain the architecture a bit more about here. the traditional houses were built with really thick walls today. got a cold and you can see that the windows are set back slightly. why don't you keep the warmth inside glass and yet still allow sufficient daylight in? and then i have individual windows that haven't rates in front of them before they have proof that the saracens were here. if you go to an arab country like morocco or tenicia to day, you'll see filigree window grades like this everywhere. oh, by the way, there is also a leaning tower in saint moritz, the remnant of the st. maricia church stance on an unstable slope and has to be
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secured again and again. saint moritz consists of 2 districts. and escalator takes you comfortably from xact, wheat stove, or village down to exact lead spot or spot. on the walls, you can see photos with motifs from winter sports history. international competitions take place in this with mountain town regularly.
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even the st. lawrence lake is used in winter for a rather unusual event. a portable tournament who and this lake is guaranteed to be frozen over every year so that horses can walk on it. yeah, yeah, this in december we need about a week of minus 30 degrees temperatures every night. ideally without any wind and then it freezes over nicely. it'll be covered in about a half meter to one meter of snow. the ice isn't too slippery since there snow on top of it so far. it's always been cold enough like to day it's quite braces. sure . your eyes are tearing up from the cold. oh well, i was thank you very much for taking the time to day. was my pleasure. come back any time. well, i noticed st more it is
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a pretty cold place in winter. so exercise is required. and right now i'm going cross country ski ish named it as there's the slightest look of it 1st i'm going to take your poles away so we can start off together. turning on here in switzerland, we say that every one always has a chocolate foot. they might one that's a bit better than the other. well, which is yours over to his son? shy to say the right one, that is there and the right one it and then we'll put on your left ski though. okay, so that is now your more or less fully attached it or the heal remains free and cross country skiing, but i am long low. hm. oh boy, yeah. here full with the extended leg. yeah, i do. okay. rests right side, her bend your knee and ankle oven, and then let yourself fall forwards. like a board on to the left ski can g r a left is the hardest
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law this again, wait to bend down on the right. look ahead. a 4 and let yourself fall forward of all and loss. very good, that's cavity. now i'll give you these 2 rings to hold and you'll keep looking ahead for dinner on then when the left ski moves forward, on the right hand comes up on top of that. so can you take really small steps at for i? none. should it then level been lifted and diverse her firmly. ha ha ha ha ha ha mon the him for me. i don't understand why this is so difficult of all i have to do is stand my lame a bonfire. excuse me. oh job. this must look totally stupid. they're very nice.
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with after i finally get going, i can't help but challenge hines. a new through how better than race, ethnic i get with the trail also serves as a training route for a young athletes. this
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is so it filthy. i'm sweating so much that my clothes are soaked but once you get the hang of it, it's a ton of fun gliding over the snow, especially with a backdrop like this. ah, i feel like both old bag later i'll hit the downhill slopes, but 1st it's time for a break and some refreshments. the anger dean is also renowned for its sweet treats . the master confectioners, from the dean, have made a name for themselves as far as venice. i try a piece of the famous anger, the nut cake. it's made out of short crust pastry and filled with roughly chopped
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caramel lies. walnuts. ah, it's very tasty in the perfect way to refuel the oh. all right, before i go ski, let me show you a swiss national symbol. the matter on one of the most famous mountains in the world. 6 centered unconquerable and due to its menacing heights and dangerous slopes. the mountain has claimed the lives of many climbers.
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the 1st, the sense was finally made an 18. 65. that history is documented here at the mac horn museum in zermatt. at the foot of the mountain museum director eddie schmid tells her the climb of match a horn pioneer. edward whimper, entered in disaster. when for members of his team, including mountaineer, michel croz fell to their debts. vin peralta. onboarding when fur was determined to be the 1st to reach the top from side lot, he detached himself from the route best and arrived 1st as while fisher i was certainly a triumphant mountaineering career. it perched, i get it, but during the senate upstate, these 7 heroes became for tragic heroes, but argues she held because you might assume short, there's the father occurred in that split 2nd. instantly catapulted on these in the me heroes form held dead. men soon porton him,
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that was incredibly bitter and was sodden on his lot on gulping, bitter and possibly negligent too, since the ambitious whimper was alleged. to have cut the rope that would have secured michelle cross them on it's, i'm putting one on one together. you could deduce that whimper, color routine, to get past quotes for all one good, all for bite to call that he never admitted it. it had this need saga, gave, vexed, triumphant tragedy was later portrayed in several films, including the mountain calls, which can also be seen at the museum. ah, along with st words, czar mats is among switzerland's most famous vacation destinations in wintertime. even if a striking mountain peak isn't always visible, but so then it fish for tail if order, it has
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a very special shape. i'm the concord, if it as a famous french mountain climber. one, said stuart, if a child had to draw a mountain and it would probably wind up resembling the matter horn, if that's washing. so sidney, that's not the road. sometimes it's shrouded in snow. with the times it's visible from miles away. but to matter horns mystique draws visitors in time and time again. ah, to now my sites are set high to the of when it's a is the name of a ski area near saint moritz. with a water view man, lean us, your mountains, hunger. that's then we're going to now the toot of almost 3000 meters and because i
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don't have a lot of experience lenise my ski instructor. it should help me on the slopes. i'm helping climb. we're definitely looking forward to today. i've been skiing twice before my life, but i'm anything but a professional. so if you show me some tricks, i'd be very grateful. and then there's a few been twice the 3rd time's the charm and the weather's berth. it wasn't a bad thought. i'd done better. i want to take it slow at 1st, the snow plow technique will check and up again.
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lena's technique looks a bit more elegant. lucas shower her, faked where's the applause? lina, c noise. now here comes the crowd called 1st when it gets a little steeper, i have to put in a lot of effort and i'm glad when i make it down safely. pedal lenise. what do you say? what grade would you give me 1st a day to me again for the northern talk through that i think and thought for to dia, give you a b, you did very well, and that was a tough star. i really, i'm really good how to start with a thank you who you are a benevolent teacher. i've. i've that resume until next time when i'm not till next
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time. ah i found this exhausting while the others make it look so easy to me as a beginner fear and fun is pretty close to each other, but this is what makes it challenging. anyway, i won't be the king of love today. ah, you cannot only go skiing here. you also have a great view. ah, ah,
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ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, my next stop takes me away from the slopes to a neighboring town of the more cosmic politan saint moritz. everything here is a bit more rustic. ah, it's pretty deserted here. i've got the old place to myself. ah, this is maria and the neighboring lake foods have fascinated travelers. over
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decades. the german philosopher really meet you, for example, was often here this is the police were the same as need. she used to walk around here. you could let his thoughts run free. ah, i. 6 really need to came to this navea regularly in the 800 eighty's, and this is where he stayed. the house was converted and opened as a museum in 1960
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unlike me however neat. it was only here in summer. oh, tough. i'm busy. this is the room he actually stayed in. i'm allowed in. yeah, of the fun. yes. we'll make an exception for you. as you can see, it's quite a simple room and i'm for home. but over there this was niches you. what we see out there is what he saw then and i'm a could be not yeah, a lot on his iep. yes. on that house was already there. yeah. and there was a path up into the woods on, on each, a loved taking walks. and that's evident through his works, went up in, thus spoke zarathustra. there's this beautiful notion directly linking physical movement with spiritual freedom of guys zarathustra. one said, have been, i learned to walk my since then, have i let myself run he and good. so let's go run and be free. the flow from the, from his pilots, ah,
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leaches salt and found peace and relaxation in the anger dean. the mountain air was also good for his ailing health. ah, but above all, he probably appreciated the solitude after his time as a student and bon or as a professor and bother that isn't actually typical of nature. i wasn't really a people person when he had few close friends. but when he went to bon, he tried to make some of the bottles for peer. incidentally, he gave up his prussian citizenship and used a swiss passport to travel. at 1779, he came to anger dean for the 1st time to st. more. it's a gun to was enraptured by the air for the landscape and the tensions and the landscape. these contradictions attracted him home. i'm high valley that leads to a mountain pass that than the glaciers and opening to the south of north from suton,
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him and in $1889.00 nita suffered a nervous breakdown on a trip to italy. he was brought to germany by his sister and never came back to the anger dean. the router wouldn't each feel that we're here talking about him with everything displayed this way. so yeah, i saw where ever i think he would enjoy the fact that people had finally taken note of him because that wasn't the case during his lifetime, not after it though spokes are a thorough stroke. he didn't own a cent from his writings. if at a lived very frugally, in order to have enough money to print as books form and close to the end of his life, he said, i think my day won't come until the day after to morrow. he mentioned that some people are bored post humorously find the money for can misnamed. ah,
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this is santiago he's originally from, but they're gonna but has lived and worked in saint moritz for many years. as a ski instructor at mountain bike guide, i go on a tour with him followed by fondue. this is my final activity on my trip to the anger the and also a great way to experience the natural landscape. first, stop, that's a lake. it's even frozen over versus what special about the anger teen for you personally, i'm in the it's hard to say, but every things is, every thing not to the nature ah, the gastronomy is greater than those the ambient and i'm coming to nga. dean is
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like entering another world is on that event would get the cold doesn't bother you at all. i know. are you cold his record yet? no, i'm warm. shall we continue with the with the highlight of the tour is cycling through the dark. ah. and of course, the reward that waits us with more wonder show us that the phone do is calling ah,
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ah, well, san diego, how does it work be from janelle brought put a few pieces of bread on your plate that stab one with your fork. ah yeah, no, i just duncan with bon appetite with ready for the next one. to for live, you lose your bread. you have to do the washing up to kind of rush so with, if you really want to get moving in winter, the angle dean is the perfect travel destination for you. but there's not only
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winter sports action here. that's also something that's increasingly difficult to find to day peace and remoteness by cnx back. ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah, ah, with ah
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ah ah ah ah, with british colonialism. oh, how does she, modern to europe? ah, artists searched for treason. and she who
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colonialism izzy planning issue act 2030 minutes, d, w ah, internet knows all it's creators for everything and we digitize everything from the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data, smart devices are embedded in our daily lives, tracking our every move, the internet of everything. it's 75 minutes on d, w o. our interest in the global economy,
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our portfolio d w business beyond. here the closer look out the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance, east, this is west. good is still ahead with the w business beyond on you to people in trucks injured one, trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. families, please see the reason for the credit on its way located in this trade. people fleeing extreme dreams. rough getting 200 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge.
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yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah ah, this is deed of the news alive from berlin vs upper re surgeons as the so called islamic states conduct a small, significant.


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