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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2022 9:00am-9:16am CET

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for in a race against time, the dna molecules though has 28000000 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals, with one daring gold to help smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. on the brink of eternal life starts for june, 16th on d, w. mm mm. oh, this is dw lie from berlin. fears of
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a resurgence as the so called islamic state conducts its most significant attack in 2 years that your hottest group targeted a prison in the northeast of syria in an attempt to free thousands of it. spiders also coming up, crisis talks top diplomats, russia, and the united states pledge to keep the channels of dialogue open on ukraine. moscow says it has no plans to invade its neighbour. despite the $100000.00 plus russian troops at the ukrainian border. and taking the german theatre, seen by surprise, a director who has left russia and years, shows up at rehearsals and hamburg ah and abbey cuevas and welcome to the program. the so called islamic state has launched the largest scale attack in syria since it was defeated there in 2019
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their target a prison holding jihadists in the northeast and a kurdish lead syrian democratic forces. now say they repel b attackers and recaptured all or most of the inmates who escaped and the chaos 24 hours after the initial onslaught, the neighborhoods around whereon prison were still a battle ground. conflicting reports of numbers of dead fighters and civilians hung over the city like to plumes of smoke from explosions. almost a 100 suspected eye as fighters managed to escape from the prison. these courteous security forces prepared for combat. we're now going into the basel round about where there is about $300.00 islamic state fighters coming out. we'll be facing them and turning them back to where they came from. will make them regret what they did. they're killing and trying to win, but we're here to stop north of them, not hundreds of residents with homes near the prison fled the fighting. some of
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them i witnesses to the bloodshed and a lot of there's been bonding and war planes since yesterday. and young people were slow, tense. what is happening? the situation is catastrophic. we got scared for our children and fled, nevada. there has been shelling and killing since yesterday. harlot, i asked, killed 4 or 5 people in our neighbourhood. this footage allegedly shows fugitives who are recaptured by kurdish forces. human rights organizations have criticized the kurdish authorities for the inhumane conditions in its prisons. with over crowding rampant and due process often denied to suspected. i asked militants figured out how to cover the growing resentment toward the kurdish lead administration could help i. s, bro, it's ranked the group once controlled swabs of syria and iraq, but was driven out by a coalition of us, kurdish and iraqi forces in 2019 just hours after the attack and syria began. i s
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gunman assaulted this army base and centrally rock military officials say the insurgents killed 11 soldiers as they slept. the 2 attacks show that i s as once again ready to pull off large scale attacks on both sides of the border. earlier i spoke with momma would shake abraham a freelance journalist base in arable iraq. he provided us with this update this morning. there clashes room at about 5 30 in the morning it there resumed again. and as you know, since yesterday they clashes rush started about the night before, at about 8th it's p. m. at the local time. and the, the estimated number of the attacker to us i says, sells about a 100 armed men. and they started her attack with the car boom, talked at the gate of the prison. and when we talk about this prison, it's not a normal prism is just a makeshift present. it was an advocate,
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industrial revocation, old as to kendra school in the past. and after 2019, they turn it in to me, a, a prison or a jane for isis, a 1000 of ices by the roots around it. after by goes battle, for instance, ration is or so now i was just going to ask you said that it was a make shift further. what kind of security than did it have? because as we saw, this is quite a brazen attack. actually they are the intensive the guarding process and the coalition was helping with watching and air support. but this is not the 1st time to be this happened in this prison or makes you prison. it's happened. it's maybe the 12th or the 11th. i'm this time. but this is the biggest deadly attack on the prison. and the biggest operation of the eliminate, the so called islamic state. so they were depending guarding and dependent on such
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a human beings. not me kill our complete process. i was mama and shake abraham reporting for us from arable in iraq. u. s. secretary of state anthony blanket and his russian counterpart, sergey law. rob have met in person to diffuse tensions. the us and its allies are concerned the kremlin is moving to attack ukraine. but law rob and says moscow has no plans for an invasion, despite the presence of some 100000 russian troops at various points near the ukrainian border. by the time these talks wrapped out both sides pledge to keep talking at least their talking. but with relations between the u. s. and russia, at an extreme low point, the 2 countries top diplomats had radically different goals. the u. s. to avoid russian military action in ukraine. we been clear if any russian military forces move across ukraine's border,
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that's renewed invasion. it will be met with swift, severe, and the united response from the united states, and our partners and allies. russia has said it wants security guarantees from the west, including denying nato membership to ukraine. russian foreign minister, sergey love ro said he hoped for a d escalation, we shouldn't have graded. so i spoke frankly about this with tony blankenship and he agreed that we need to have a more reasonable dialog hulu. so i hope that emotions will decrease. although there are no guarantees will suit boobs auto guns because you. meanwhile, ukrainians are preparing for an invasion that could come any day. the satellite photos are said to show russian military equipment near the border. tens of thousands of russian troops have also been station nearby. in the east, where any invasion is expected to begin ukrainian soldiers took heart from blinking european trip circumstances. and how can i think now when we faced this really
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tense situation, this is very important for our country. it shows that we are not alone, that we have support you for fun. with a russian threat we can count on our forces and our allies powers, selena sewer. however, the u. s. has ruled out a military response to any russian invasion. instead, it is outlined a range of possible sanctions. russia says it doesn't want to get bogged down and endless talks with the us. but both sides to say they will indeed keep talking. let's look now at some of the other stories were falling free. this our, a saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels and yemen has denied reports that it carried out air strikes that killed at least 70 detainees in a prison. humanitarian group say several children and civilians were also killed. the strikes targeted a jail and a telecommunications hub. and destroy buildings in to cities. tens of thousands of
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anti abortion advocates gathered in washington dc for the annual march for life. demonstrators headed to the u. s. supreme court, which is due to rule on mississippi's 15 week abortion ban, down from about 24 weeks. the decision could up and long established abortion rights across the united states. life saving fresh water brought by the new zealand navy, has reached tongan main island 6 days after the devastating volcanic eruption and soon ami. more supplies are on their way via defense aircraft and naval vessels from australia, new zealand, and the united kingdom revered then buddhist monk take not. hahn has died. he came to prominence as a poet and a peace activist during the vietnam war. martin luther king junior nominated him for a nobel peace prize in 1900. 67. the vietnamese spiritual leader championed engaged
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buddhism spreading messages of kindness, compassion, and non violence. he was 955 women have reportedly been arrested in kabul after a group of men claiming to be taliban officials were seen breaking down the door of an activist home, dominic, or yabby, mariani was among a number of women protesting against the mandating of the her job over the weekend, the arrest came just hours after the campaigner published a video on social media calling for help. the taliban have imposed a number of crackdowns on women since they toppled the civilian government last august. and the campaign even extends to female mannequins store fronts, looked different under tall yvonne, rural clothing shop owners have received an order to be had their female mannequins desperate for customers they used to capitated displays to attract female shoppers
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. what did of the taliban told us that these heads were against charee law? it's a bit like when they blew it, but a heads. so i was false to remove them as the order came from the taliban ministry of virtue in the city of herat. it has angered many shoppers, some are even refusing to comply with it. for shopkeeper fi, armine, this is not just about the mannequins, actually. he is deeply skeptical of to taller bonds promise to grant women more rights than in their previous rule. actually get on the middle. it says all of this is just the beginning. now it's cutting off the heads of display mommy kings, but they will go further to more you will see, they will forbid even more things to women that they will do exactly as they did 20 years ago when they were in power in many can only anticipate what the taliban will
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order next. now to quite a surprise in germany steered or seen a claim director carol sarah ben. i carved turned up at rehearsals in hamburg earlier this month. shocking co workers, as he's been forbidden from leading his native russia authorities, granted his request to travel to germany. he doubly went along to his production and play. nobody expected him to be able to direct ah, when curio to robbery cove directs music choreography and acting. come together in a very special way. this time around in hamburg, he's taking on the black monk a live no novella by the great russian playwright and tom. check off an enigmatic play about the search for one's own identity about liberation, but also about the deep at this of the human soul. and pituitary is very much what the russian director has in mind. oh, let's get you to written because the theater is
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a place where the audience learn something new about human nature science literature. check off the black mark caused controversy in it. stadium and our production will do the same, but i'm sure who for the director, it's his 1st in person. directorial work. after a break of almost 4 years in the summer of 2017, the theater director was arrested in moscow. the accusation, embezzlement, of state funds. his supporters are sure it was a show trial targeting a free thinking artist. his suspended sentence will not be lifted till next summer . so his statements are cautious but clear. your butcher is fundamentally counterproductive to play a victim role, which after all, we are all adults and we know how and why the whole thing happens. i have my own says, but i prefer to keep them to myself because our role is cultural people is not to lie, not to fear anything and to maintain
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a human dignity in all situation was discouraged. neutral when the tale of theater in hamburg invited cerebral cove. nobody really expected him to come. it is no, we don't know how it happened in this respect. it's a miracle to us as well. it is, in any case, a positive signal in terms of cultural policy, but whether it's a positive signal that goes beyond this individual decision, i wouldn't dare say any. think about that since his ard was when the premier celebration is over. here you, sir, i've ranked off will return to moscow to burn his legal action now or on friday night. frankfurt saw their champions league hope slip as they suffered, a 2 nell defeat at home to be la felt the visitors took an early lead through patrick bimmer, who then got creative with some fine set up. play alessandra. shove scored with his
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chance to make it to nell bimmer, his eye catching skill, help seal an important win for bill of valve who move to points clear of the relegation zone. previously informed frankfurt, meanwhile, extend their windlass run to 3 games. a reminder of the top story we're following for you so called islamic state has launched its largest attack in syria since it was defeated there in 2019 targeting a prison in the northeast, a cornish lad, syrian democratic forces said they've re captured all or most of the inmates who escaped in the chaos. you're watching the dell windows up next doc found an ivy coil. awesome for all of us here in berlin. thanks for joining us.
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