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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah ah ah, this is the w news live from bird made the top diplomats from russia and the united states hold crises, talks over you crate. meeting in geneva,
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russian foreign minister survey life raft health is u. s. counterpart anthony blinking. but moscow has no plans to launch an invasion, despite a russian troop build up on you. crazy florida. also on the program. is it time to start treating cove? it like any other seasonal illness, probably vaccinated? spain is thinking about doing just that. and ah, usa new clothes, best known for his in the seventy's fit out of hell has died age 74. look back to the g career in entertain. ah ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. you are secretary state on to be blanket and russian foreign minister. so guy laughed ralph of andy. today's high stakes talks
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over ukraine meeting the meeting in geneva was held in the hope of reducing tensions and growing concerns at russia's preparing to invade ukraine. russia's mass, tens of thousands of troops, new ukraine's border. the u. s. as an evasions. likely russia denies this, and the 2 men played down hopes of finding an immediate resolution. we'll hear 1st from antony blinking, and then from so gay laughter of that's the choice that russia faces. now, it can choose the path of diplomacy that can lead to peace and security, or the path that will lead only to conflict, severe consequences and international condemnation. the united states and our allies and partners and your stand ready to meet russia on either path. and we will continue to stand with you christ to i spoke frankly about this with tony lincoln's uses and he agreed that we need to have a more reasonable dialog boot. so i hope that emotions will decrease,
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although there are no guarantees with guarantee. good. well, let's get more on this from d. w is a brussels bureau chief, alexandra font nomine, and geneva, and d, w, corresponded emily, sherwin in moscow, welcomed both. let's start with you. alexandra. has this meeting lowered tensions over ukraine? those sites have agreed to father talks, and that's actually good news because we can assume that as long as the door to diplomacy is still open, we are not going to see a major escalation on ukraine's border. however, we have to add that it's sub sense that there has been no breakthrough, no real progress. both sides remained very firm on their positions with russia saying that they wanted their demands to be met. and the you as saying that now it's up to russia to de escalate,
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and to decide whether they would like to choose the pass of diplomacy or the past that would lead to a confrontation and severe consequences. and emily, our monthly break inside russia would receive written responses to it. security demands next week, presumably, moscow's not expected to the us to just roll over. i doubt it. i think that russia went into all of these talks that we've seen this week. and last week, as well, potentially knowing that many of their main demands were kind of non starters for the west. just to remind you, their main demand is that they want the west nato allies to stop their eastern expansion. they also want a guarantee, a written guarantee of that, and a written guarantee that ukraine will never join nato. now, the west in different formats of dialogue is repeated again and again that that will never happen. some experts here has even been saying,
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actually that the kremlin may not even really want to know what they want out of these talks in the end, what their end game is, considering that it does seem that they want to keep talking. we've heard again these demands for a written response from a city a lot off today, which seems it seems to me that russia is buying time there. and hoping to keep talking with alex sandra house, tony blink can indicated any willingness to make concessions on demand. now that's emily's described as non starters. no, not at all, and said they are really nonstarter as for the you ass and for nato. because it's really difficult to imagine that we could see at the administration or nato officials saying that they would never edmund admit to ukraine today, elias, or that they would to pull back troops from eastern europe. so what you
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ask is willing to talk about and to have a serious conversation, is there some areas where they believe that both sides could reach an agreement? for instance, they are willing to talk about arms control or about the scope and scale of military exercises in europe, and they are talk about father a trust to building measures. however, as emily just mentioned, it doesn't seem that the kremlin is interested in those areas at all. right. and what of russia's aims has been to elevated status of it to that of a superpower digging i to i with usaa, alexandra, how is this meeting going down with european allies who are sort of reduced to bystanders? while we have to say that initially, the u. as russia security talks went down, not very well with the europeans. we heard from you foreign policy, chief burrell,
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criticizing them, demanding a seat at the table for the european union. our officials or so criticized that the you is not sitting at the table. only 2 days ago, french president emmanuel, my colon, suggested that the europeans should sit together and discuss their own security framework and then consult with the u. s. and then start talks with russia. however, we have to say, and it's my impression in the last week, states that the buyer and administration has done a good job consulting allies intensively, almost on every day basis. and we see more and more officials come forward and saying that they really appreciate that right. emily showed in moscow despite not getting a yes to any of its demands. yet, what one does, if russia's actually counting these meetings as winds rushes, making the,
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the running, their issuing demands in the world, essentially a dancing to it's june? absolutely, so as you just mentioned, i think it's very important for russia and for russians, president flooding you're putting into have the west see russia as an equal partner as an important player on the world stage. and look for the last few weeks, we've seen all kinds of formats of dialogue, diplomatic talks with russia, everyone is talking to them. everyone is taking russian security concerns seriously at this point. and it may just be that russia has kind of gained deceit going forward when it comes to creating perhaps a totally new european security architecture. it does seem that that is something that the kremlin would certainly be interested in. and so, emily, what, what is russia saying that about the next step, if the u. s. response to their non stop, the demand is deemed unsatisfactory?
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will deputy foreign minister city? good? because i was asked just that on the sidelines of the geneva meeting today. and he said that they don't want to preempt any response, and russia will need to take serious political decisions. though he repeated again that russia does not want to launch an attack on ukraine and never did. russia has been repeating that in the last few weeks that they don't plan to attack, but it does seem clear that they want to leave the military threat on the table. we've seen military exercises, new military exercises that will be taking place, joint military exercises with bella. ruth and russia isn't moving its troops from the ukrainian border. it says, you know, we're allowed to move our troops within our own borders as we see fit. so definitely leaving the pressure, you know, really strong and leaving that military threat in place, perhaps going forward in the, in these talks to keep the pressure up. okay. emily show in,
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in moscow. alexandra norman in geneva. thank you bye. we'll take a look at some more stories of making news around the world. now we start in yemen where several people have been killed in air strikes, targeting be contested city of a data. they've also caused a nationwide internet blackout, according to an advocacy group. the saudi, like coalition supporting germans, government destroyed a telecommunications huffman, nearby buildings, even numerous casualties and celtic scenes at a local hospital. mexicans in the border city of a few bad waters are demanding justice for murder. lesbian, couple activists. march to the attorney general's office seeking harsh punishment for the perpetrators on sunday police found the dismembered remains of the 2 women on the road. i fear that i taught us this already see, 11 women murdered this year. $172.00 were killed last year. un general assembly is approved a resolution sponsored by israel and germany condemning holocaust denial and urging
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countries and social media firms to combat anti semitism. the resolution was passed on the 18th anniversary of the so called ramsey conference, which nazi leaders coordinated plans for concentration camps, the murders of 86000000 jews and austria, where a parliament has passed a new law making cove 19th vaccination, mandatory for adults. first european country to approve such a measure. only 72 percent of austrians are currently fully vaccinated against the corona virus, as one of the lowest rights in western europe. 137 in favor to 33 against austria's vaccine mandate passed by clear majority in a 1st for any european country legislators said it was a drastic but necessary step. a compulsory vaccination isn't something we wanted, but unfortunately it's become
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a necessity to close that big vaccination gap in austria. it's my deep conviction that only then will we have a realistic chance regaining the life we had before. the corona virus is from early february, everyone over the age of 18 must be vaccinated. with exceptions for those who are pregnant, have a medical exemption, or have recently recovered from coven 19. after an introductory phase, anyone still holding out could be find thousands of euro's thousands have joined regular street protests against restrictions and vaccination . a few 100 protesters gathered outside parliament in vienna as votes were cost. but inside only the far right freedom party voted against the mandate, their leader said he would continue to refuse to be vaccinated.
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her employee. but this vaccine mandate is an act of disenfranchisement m ers, with a single blow. millions of austrians are being downgraded mortgage. they're not independent sovereign paypal, any moral. they're sinking to the level of subjugated people, of servants, for north offer an em font connecting. the bill must now passed the upper house and the freedom party has vowed to challenge it in court. spain meanwhile, has one of the highest corona, virus vaccination race in the world. and it's now considering a pandemic exit strategy. the government says it's time to start treating covered 90 like any other endemic seasonal respiratory disease. and it might to be of you that said resigns with a spanish public, but it doesn't yet have the backing of experts the w's. yon phillips shots reports from madrid,
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cafes full of people enjoying the sun in the spanish capital. some guests may even have covered the infection radius breaking records by the day. but it seems like almost nobody yet cares. apart from a general, mast mandate, few measures are being taken against the virus. but i mean, like we must free ourselves of this fear. you can't live in constant fear on the other, no, be the most l daniel get damaged that this virus can still do, has lessened considerably recently funding there they say it in, i think we are learning to live with the virus. just as we have with a flu virus and with others seeing as getting on day at a man, they know this relaxed attitude is partly based on spain's vaccine nation success. more than 80 percent of spaniards have been jumped at least twice. while the number of hospitalizations has been rising for weeks, the high death rate seen an earlier waves has been absent. that's why spain government has now taken
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a radical step. there will no longer be mass testing are strict quarantine rules in the future. instead, the infection rate will only be estimated if flu instead of a deadly pandemic. this is how prime minister sanchez wants to treat the corona virus in the future, and he sees them serve as a pioneer in europe. but they're also critics that say that it's too early for such experiments. they point out that many spanish clinics continue to work at their limits. one of spain's leading experts, isabella sola also or just caution. she conducts research on the corona virus at the national center for biotechnology class leaders by emerson gun. but we must stay prepared for surprises. the virus development is simply unpredictable, of course at once to keep spreading, that may result in a weakening of symptoms that it causes. but the opposite can also happen. okay, honest masters of what the hell of a patio at the moment. it seems as if it's the people in spain who want to surprise
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the corona virus. with an you attitude after 2 years of pandemic, they seem to no longer want to believe that the virus can still be dangerous. take a look, a quick look at some more developments in the pandemic. a dozens of drugs makers have agreed to manufacture cheap versions of macs, cove in 19 pill, and drug deal to help poor countries. the drugs been reported to cut their hospitalization rate among people with early signs of infection. japan's health ministry has issued fast track approval for the bond tech pfizer vaccine for children from $5.00 to $11.00 rollouts expected in march. and france will begin to lift cove at 19 restrictions on the 2nd of february because of what have been called encouraging signs that the are only chron waive at is ebbing or thousands of activists are preparing to descend on washington. d. c. m. one of america's largest ever anti abortion rallies planned to gather in front of the
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supreme court, where the conservative dominated branch is due to rule on mississippi's. 15 week abortion back, their decision could up and long established abortion rights across the country dw caught up with an activist in kentucky who says, she'll keep fighting for women's rights to decide whatever it takes. oh, wow. these could be the last weeks when abortion is needed across the united states . the supreme court is expected to vote on a case that could overturn roe v wade, which made abortion legal in $9073.00. west of washington d. c. the conservative state of kentucky. once had over a dozen abortion clinics. now, louisville with only 2 clinics, is the last place in the entire state where women can get necessary treatment. the kentucky health justice network, make sure as many women as possible can reach the clinics. the organization is run
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by donations and grants, make stern has dedicated more than 20 years to this issue. what i fear as restrictions on abortion access continue is the impact that will be had on the communities that already face barriers because of poverty, racism, lack of access to all health care. as we move into these further restricted times, one of the hurdles mac helps women in kentucky overcome is a sheer distance. they must travel to get an abortion. that's why make deliveries $25.00 gas carts to the women at the clinic. even if the medical practice became illegal in kentucky, she's determined to continue her work. but what they cannot do as restrict to my speech. which means i can say to any kentucky, an you can still get an abortion. here's how organizations exist to support you. i will give you money and a plane ticket and
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a hotel stay. if getting an abortion is what you want. if 2022 is the year when abortion becomes legal in kentucky, this clinic might not exist much longer. but it's clear, there will still be people like meg, try to keep abortion axis as safe as possible. i. one of the biggest voices in rock music has fallen silent. marvin lea a day, also known as meatloaf, has died at the age of 74. he sold more than 100000000 records in that career that spans 6 decades. is a look back at his life and legacy m o . u. s. single meat loaf died on thursday at the age of 74. i left finger whose real name was
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marvin lee a day initially pursued a career in musicals and 1st affected wider attention. as eddie in the rocky horror show it to be a best known album. back out of hell came in 1977. it's so 43000000 copies. ah, the hit followed, but his career suffered times due to truck related problems and disputes with the right to of his hit songs. jim steinman, he was happiest on stage performing for his loyal and devoted fans. that's easy. the fact that they have bought tickets come to shows. and the majority of my loved one, i'm done. that's been the best present then you can ever get. ah,
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now the big man of the rock bennett has gone. but the music lives on. oh i oh, let's take a look back at a slice of a chocolate. swift a w culture correspondence got rocks for welcome scott. a meatloaf was a huge presence in the entertainment industry. yes, i mean larger the life and every aspect and every aspect of what he did on stage in films, obviously his own personality as well on the i don't think there was ever a pop star like in before and that probably won't be a won't be ever again, he really, i mean, he was one of the most popular musical artists in the world. he thought that he said over a 100000000 albums a worldwide of they did. so by almost breaking all the rules. i mean,
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he didn't look like anyone's idea. what a pop star should look like, and his music didn't sound like what pop songs were supposed to sound like. i mean, my favorite song of his is paradise. by the dashboard light, which is a, you know, a, a story of, of teenagers making out in a car that he basically turned into an 8 minute pop opera. and i do anything for love is the full version of that is 12 minutes long. i mean, that's half an album for most artists. i'm so he broke all the rules and, and always went full out and everything. and he did. i'm and at one him a global fan base vanities of course now was, is very sad disease passing. yes. oh, that's what setting a pot was it before, but he was a sort of anti pop pop star who was not really pop, not really rock, but just doing his own thing. yeah, i think that and also on his theatricality, i mean, a meatloaf came from a stage musical background. i mean he, he played various roles and stage musicals and including the rocky horror picture show his role eddie, he played 1st on stage before taking on the same role in the cult, a movie of,
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of the same of the same name and, and that sort of over the top theatricality that sort of playing to the cheap seats . i'm was, i think, one of his key, the key aspects of, of, of his artistry of he said, felt that it held him back a bit in the united states. where a lot of critics unlock people in the pop industry didn't take him seriously the farm. it's almost something like a circus clown and things were bit different in other countries like in your native of england, where critics will the embrace them as sort of the, the really artist that, that he was and will famous as a singer. but he actually considered himself to be, am i more of an actor didn't yeah, i mean, you can see his theatricality and they sort of performance. i think that was key to everything he did on. and as i said, he started on stage and he always stuck with acting. and even though he was, he was in a lot of movies and rarely playing the lead, but i thought he was incredible and everything he did it. my favorite is probably in fight club where he has a small but really powerful role. i'm as the big hearted and even bigger chested, a man who sort of consoles a edward norton, it at men,
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counseling men's counseling meetings. he sort of stands out. i mean, anything that meatloaf did, he did all, and he always went full out in every performance that he did. he left nothing on the stage. i think that's what a people around the world now will be remembering from scott's rocks for on the life and times of meatloaf. now, a british belgian teenager has become the youngest woman to fly solo around the world after a 5 month journey sorrow. another foot is back on terra firma in belgium. she says she took on the challenge to encourage more girls and women to get involved in science, technology. and of course aviation. there was no cabin crew on board to prepare for this landing. at 19 year old daughter, mother ferg touched a new belgium. she became the youngest woman in history to fly solo around the world. and the youngest person to do so, you know, micro liked aircraft. i heroes. welcome away to turn. i really have to be there
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when to play the trip 5 months long. and even this last both pretty tricky. so even yeah, it's been a challenge the whole way through rather for, it's around the world right. spend 5 continents and covered 52000 kilometers. she raised money through sponsorship, and often stayed with host families. zara shared the highs and lows of her adventure on line. the trip took much longer than expected, and there were moments of turbulence. the right now my russian visa has just expired. so i'm actually not allowed to again, to the country which is frustrating. or is it that way? oh, no, allowed to get the place it because they don't like blank blank right from where you have on the ground. that is the 1st. it will be, it was fine and then suddenly the closet getting low and low. i think at the i one point i was at 600 feet above the ation which was pretty scary. beyond breaking
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records, zera had a bigger mission meeting locals and giving talks along the way. she tried to inspire other girls in young women to get involved in aviation science and technology. back on belgian soil that work continues to growing up, but many of the other female pilots own kind of hoping to be a friendly base. and yeah, what is an amazing messages from the girls? unwilling to saying that they started flying up to see what i've been doing, which is really good. either your teeth, your reason? i think so. i think i like to think that it was an emotional reunion for his r as mother beatrice. he says there were some nail biting moments. of course this is not without risk. she is breaking records after all. but, but i was very confident in our skills and her experience and also in, in the team, the whole team behind. and that we kept at the same spot, barely out of high school. zara rutherford wants to keep her feet on solid ground for no and apply for university. but she hopes her double world record,
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will encourage girls everywhere to spread their wings in any way. they can. quick line of tennis after another job, which is deportation. men, the men is defending champion, was out of the australian open. now the women's champion is going home or japan's now me osaka, suffered a shock defeat in the 3rd round, she lost to him 3 sets to 20 year old or amanda. i miss him over an american rank 60th in the world. i mean to soccer mrs. out on a much anticipated 4th round match with world number one ash party. that's it. you're up to date, telephone world years at the top of the hour next on the w peak of india looks at mom buys through the forest i with with
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who ico, india. how can
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a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and the environment? when there are doers who look at the bigger picture, india, a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. eco india. next on d, w. o. we love europe. we love diversity and anything unusual, no mountain is too high and no road is too long. in the search of the extraordinary we are the specialists of lifestyle europe,
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euro max on d, w. ah, we're all good to go beyond deal with as we take on the world 8 our i do all this. yeah, we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes 5 police and i'm a deal we are your is actually on fire made for mines.


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