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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CET

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went up by mackenzie, cassandra says it ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, high level talks between the us and russia and in geneva. russian foreign minister
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survey leverett says he hopes tensions over ukraine will wait after what he calls, frank talks with anthony blake, and he says the dialogue will continue also coming up in a 1st for europe, austria's parliament votes to make cove at 19 vaccines mandatory for all adults, people who refused to get vaccinated could soon face past define ant ah, us singer meatloaf, best known for his seventy's, hit that out of hell. has died at 74. we look back at a legendary career in entertainment. ah, ah, i'm see me so much gone to thank you for joining us. america's top diplomat, antony blanket and the russian foreign minister, sir gay lover of held high stake. although short talks in geneva this morning,
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the meeting followed a 10 stand off over ukraine and that some fear could lead to war in europe. that countries have agreed to keep pursuing a diplomatic path to work on their differences. but both men of played down hope of finding a resolution. let's listen to what the leverage had to say just after the talks. no room scheduled, as i told you, it's not the end of our talks next week. we will, as anybody can highlight several times, receive the written response, which will be smooth. let's go right to geneva now are brussels bureau chief alexander phenomena has been following this meeting for us to day highlight. hi, alexandra. a we saw there that does a good lover of held a press conference, followed by antony blinkin. what did you take away from what was said? well, maybe 1st explain where we are standing right now. we are still at the hotel. we're a russian foreign minister lover of held his press conference that i attended and he described his talks with the secretary of lincoln as
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a fruitful and meaningful conversation. he also said that he was hoping that the level of emotion will now go down. so he seemed to be no to dis, satisfied with the talks to day. however, he once again insisted dad to russia is waiting for a written response to its demands. and that they're expecting to you as to give them such a written response next week. because as it seems, there are not breaking down on what they are expecting from the us and nato. you hinted at the fact that the circle of our did seem pretty satisfied if you will, with the talks today. what about antony blank and is he on the same page? well, i think that he is still talking to the press during his press conference. so we have to wait a bit to understand his assessment of the meeting today. however, at the beginning of his press conference, he both that was my impression, at least a bit more cautious. and he described the talks also as,
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as at frank and substantive. however, he also said that what he told his counterpart, his russian counterpart was a clear message, if you will, the message that any aggression against a crane will have massive consequences and that it is up to russia to show that they want to continue this path of diplomacy and they are ready to de escalate and alexander if you look at what we saw today in geneva, and really of the last 2 weeks of this diplomatic activity. as anything we've seen, really changed the position of the un and nato allies. have they been reassured, perhaps at all by anything that they've heard? well, it's really difficult to answer. and my impression was that there was nothing really, really new that we heard from the russian foreign minister. because even though he
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said that he was satisfied with the talks, he also reiterated that only after receiving the written response from nato and the u. s. the kremlin will decide what it's going to happen next. whether there would like to continue at a consultation to continue to negotiations with the west, and he didn't seem to make any confessions. he said the russia, and it's not thinking about changing its position on nato, on ukraine. instead, he accused the west of being hysterical of you know, not telling the truth about russian rushes intention. he also said that it's not russia that it's planning any kind of invasion or aggression, but it's a maybe ukraine or the west. so i don't really see anything that could help nato and to the u. s. understand better, what putin,
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sir. really 10 intentions are and whether we can find or they can find a diplomatic solution to the crisis. alexander phenomena reporting from geneva. thank you very much. now to some other headlines from around the world, several people have been killed in airstrikes in yemen, targeting the contested city of her data. they have also reportedly caused a nationwide internet blackout. according to an advocacy group, the saudi led coalition supporting yelman's government destroyed a telecommunications hub and nearby buildings, leaving chaotic seems at a local hospital and numerous casualties. mexicans in the border city of c, that's what us are demanding justice for a murdered lesbian, couple activists. march to the attorney general's office seeking harsh punishment for the perpetrators on sunday police found the dismembered remains of the 2 women
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on a road to that. what as a scene 11 women murdered this year already after a $172.00 were killed. last year. officials in gonna say at least 17 people have been killed and dozens injured and a massive explosion in the west of the country. police reported the blast occurred when a truck carrying explosives to a gold mine collided with a motorcycle. videos posted on local media, showed a large blast site and dozens of destroyed buildings. austria's parliament has passed a new law making coven 19 vaccination. mandatory for adults. it is the 1st european country to approve such a wide reaching measure so far only 72 per cent of austrians have been fully vaccinated against the corona virus. one of the lowest rates in western europe. 137 in favor to 33 against austria's vaccine mandate passed by a clear majority in a 1st for any european country legislators said it was
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a drastic but necessary step. probably compulsory vaccination isn't something we wanted. but unfortunately, it's become a necessity to close the big vaccination gap in austria. it's my deep conviction that only then will we have a really stick chance, a regaining the life we had before. the corona virus. oh. from early february, everyone over the age of 18 must be vaccinated. with exceptions for those who are pregnant, have a medical exemption, or have recently recovered from coven 19. after an introductory phase, anyone still holding out could be find thousands of euro's thousands have joined regular street protests against restrictions and vaccination . a few 100 protesters gathered outside parliament in vienna as votes were cost.
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but inside only the far right freedom party voted against the mandate, their leader said he would continue to refuse to be vaccinated. her fleet, this vaccine mandate is an act of disenfranchisement john m ers with a single blow. millions of austrians are being downgraded march. they're not independent sovereign paypal, any moral, the, sinking to the level of subjugated people, of 74, north, or offer them for connecting the bill must now passed the upper house and the freedom party has vowed to challenge it in court. spain as one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. and it's also now looking at an exit strategy from the pandemic. it says it is time to start treating cobra 19 like any other endemic, seasonal respiratory disease. it might be of you that resounds with
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a spanish public, but a doesn't yet have the backing of the experts. des, john phillip schoultz reports now from madrid. cafe's full of people enjoying the sun in the spanish capital. some guests might even have covered the infection, righteous breaking records by the day. but it seems like almost nobody yet cares. apart from a general mask mandate, few measures are being taken against the virus. but i am like we must free ourselves of this year. you can't live in constant fear on the other another the most el daniel get damaged that this virus can still do, has lessened considerably recently. funding, they are the same will think we are learning to live with the virus. just as we have with a flu virus and with others seeing as getting on day at a man, they know this relaxed attitude is partly based on spain's vaccine nation success. more than 80 percent of spaniards have been jumped at least twice. while the number
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of hospitalizations has been rising for weeks, the high death rates seen an earlier waves has been absent. that's why spain government has now taken a radical step. there will no longer be mass testing or strict quarantine rules in the future. instead, the infection rate will only be estimated if flu instead of a deadly pandemic. this is how prime and is the sanchez wants to treat the corona virus in the future. and he sees himself as a pioneer in europe. but that also critics that say that it's too early for such experiments, they point out that many spanish clinics continue to work at their limits. one of spain's leading experts, isabella sola also are just caution. she conducts research on the corona virus at the national center for biotechnology class leaders by emerson gun. but we must stay prepared for surprises. the virus development is simply unpredictable, of course at one's to keep spreading, that may result in
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a weakening of symptoms that it causes. but the opposite can also happen. painful kiana's, missouri is up on the asset love and added at the moment. it seems as if it's the people in spain who want to surprise the corona virus with their new attitude. after 2 years of pandemic, they seem to no longer one to believe that the virus can still be dangerous. you're watching d. w still to come on our shell 19 year olds. our brother ferg becomes the youngest female pilot to fly solo around the world will hear about the highs and lows of her record breaking flight the 1st to a damning new report on the child sex abuse scandal rocking the catholic church in alleges former po benedict failed to take action to stop for priests accused of child sex abuse in germany in the 1980s. their report concluded that he covered up the abuse when he was the archbishop of munich turning
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a blind eye to sexual abuse. that was the definitive conclusion of a report published in germany on thursday commissioned by the catholic church. it accuses the former pontiff of knowing about sexual abuses committed by priests. while he was archbishop of munich, a posty held between 19771982. the report said the offending priests in bavaria during his tenure were conscious. the captain pastoral carol's visiting and supporting members of the community the current archbishop of munich and phasing called the report, an indispensable building block in the healing process. if you know sure, appreciate it. i am shocked and ashamed for me having to begin the encounters with the victims of sexual abuse. i have brought about a turning point where they have changed mine of our name and continued to change my
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perception of the church. and these of either benedict who stood down from his rolling 2013 has denied the claims. but the lawyers investigating were categorical . he was aware in exquisite, in a total of 4 cases, we concluded that the then archbishop cardinal ruts singer is to be accused of misconduct in cases of sexual abuse. and those who represent victims said, the catholic church must do more. we believe um they are, they have become better in training of lay people and i put a protection programs for children. but, but in terms of on dealing with the victims and not protecting of the perpetrators, it's still the same old system. benedict proffered his resignation as pope ameritas
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last year, an offer declined by the current pontiff. but thursday's report is just the latest in a torrent of abuse claims that have come to light in recent years. further exposing the decades of hidden crimes committed by the catholic church. thousands of activists are expected to descend on washington d. c. and one of the largest ever anti abortion rallies that the u. s. is ever seen . they plan to gather in front of the supreme court. the conservative dominated court is due to rural on mississippi's. 15 week abortion ban. it is a decision that could see long held abortion rights. opp, ended across the u. s. d. w caught up with an activist in kentucky who says she will continue to fight for a woman's right to decide whatever it takes. oh, wow. these could be the last weeks when abortion is legal across the united states . the supreme court is expected to vote on a case that could overturn robi weight,
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which made abortion legal in $9073.00 west of washington dc. the conservative state of kentucky once had over a dozen abortion clinics. now louisville, with only 2 clinics, is the last place in the entire state where women can get necessary treatment. the kentucky health justice network, make sure as many women as possible can reach the clinics. the organization is run by donations and grants. mike stern has dedicated more than 20 years to this issue . what i fear as restrictions on abortion access continue, is the impact that will be had on the communities that already face barriers because of poverty, racism, lack of access to all health care. as we move into these further restricted times, one of the hurdles make helps women in kentucky overcome is
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a sheer distance. they must travel to get an abortion. that's why make deliveries $25.00 gas carts to the women at the clinic. even if the medical practice became illegal in kentucky, she's determined to continue her work. but what they cannot do as restrict to my speech. which means i can say to any kentuckian, you can still get an abortion. here's how organizations exist to support you. i will give you money and a plane ticket and a hotel stay. if getting an abortion is what you want. if 2022 is the year when abortion becomes legal in kentucky, this clinic might not exist much longer. but it's clear, there will still be people like meg, try to keep abortion axis as safe as possible. of to some more headlines. now, u. s. prosecutors have charged for bella lucien government officials with an aircraft piracy for diverting
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a right ryanair flight last may to rest dissident journalists, roman participants. the u. s. justice department says the officials concocted a false bomb threat to force the plane to land, and the beller was in capital minced. the un general assembly has approved and israeli and german sponsored resolution condemning denial of the holocaust urging nations and social media companies to combat anti semitism. the resolution passed on the 80th anniversary of the so called bonds, a conference where nazi leaders coordinated their plans for concentration camps and the murder of nearly 6000000 jews. the 1st delivery of aid supplies have arrived in tongue. days after the pacific island nation was hit by a volcanic eruption and su nami, many areas were devastated. the islands were cut off for most communication for days afterwards. toxic ash from the volcano was covered much of the landscape and contaminated drinking water. the u. s. singer meatloaf has died
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at the age of 74. he was best known for his hits bat out of hell. and i do anything for love because of his death has not been disclosed. the grammy winner was born marvin lea a day. his career span the 6 decades and he sold more than 100000000 records. he also started over $65.00 movies, including the rocky horror picture show here, says hit, i do anything for love from 1993. 0 wow . i mean, but i and scott, roxbury from d w culture is covering this story for us. hi, scott, really was a huge presence in the entertainment industry. tell us more about me. love sighing . yeah, i mean he was a completely larger than life, a character um, um, in his,
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in his music on, on stage in, in many films or that that he did a, i mean meatloaf really broke all. busy the rules, he wasn't anyone's idea of what a pop star should look like. um or what a pop star should sound like. his music really defied all the pop music or categories, or it was almost operatic in its scope. and, and, and, and also he made these incredibly long pop songs. his, his is, is music songs with, with stretch 891012 minutes long. i could do, i'd do anything for love was over 12 minutes long and spent 5 weeks on the u. s. a top of the u. s. charts. and he managed to break through despite all this and become one, the most successful pop hours of all time selling upwards of a 100000000 albums worldwide. what do you think? set him apart as a singer and a performer? yeah, i think performance is the key a meatloaf said himself that he had trouble being taken seriously as, as a, as
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a pop star. and that people often saw more as a, as a circus clown. i'm. and i think that it came a bit from it's sort of theatrical background. he started in stage musicals, and he was incredibly theatrical performer. his music was a theatrical and i'm t, as i said, broke all the rules of my favorite song, of his paradise by the dashboard light, probably the best ever song about making out in the back seat of a car i'm and that as again, is, is, is is, has musical range that goes from maybe janis joplin to, to freddy mercury. and he, as i said, broke all the rules and, and that's why his, his fans worldwide really adored the man. and he really is known around the world as a singer. but i understand he actually considered himself to be 1st and foremost an actor is that right? yes, that's right. as i say, start on stage and he started a. he performed a eddie from the roster, pictured her in a stage version before i'm performing the same role. i'm in the film version of
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that, a people of who of love of the film fight club. i remember him as the a big hearted and very large breasted man, who, who consoles edward norton in various a male therapy sessions in that film. and he said that he thought himself as an actor, 1st and foremost, and i think that sort of the act trap, the patrick ality, that sort of performance is really what carried over into his music. i'm not all. critics appreciated that about. his fans definitely did. and i think looking back, we'll see that was truly his contribution to, to pop music into entertainment general. the rats got rocks per from d. w culture on the death of meatloaf at the age of $74.00. scott, thank you very much. a british belgian teenager as become the youngest woman to fly solo around the world after a 5 month journey. sorry. rutherford is back on solid ground and belgium. she says she took on the challenge to encourage more girls and women to get involved in science, technology. and ation there was no cabin crew on board to prepare
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for this landing. at 19 year old daughter rather for touchstone in belgium, she became the youngest women in history to fly solo around the world. and the youngest person to do, you know, micro like aircraft a heroes welcome. a way to turn really has to be to say the truth 5 months long. and even the last i was pretty tricky. so even yeah, it's been a challenge, the always or rather foods around the world, right? spend 5 continents and covered 52000 kilometers. she raised money through sponsorship and often stayed with host families. zara shared the highs and lows of her adventure on lane. the trip took much longer than expected, and there were moments of turbulence. so right now my, my russian visa has just expired. so i'm actually not allowed to go into the country, which is frustrating, sir. is it that way?
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i know, unless you get to places, because i don't like abilene lying around somebody on the ground that is the bit was fine and then from the cloud. so it getting low and low think at the i 160 feet, which is pretty scary. beyond breaking records 0 had a bigger mission. meeting local in giving talks along the way. she tried to inspire other girls and young women to get involved in a vacation science and technology that conversion soil that work continue growing up. many of the female part of some kind of hoping to different. yeah, i'm going to messages from both girls and women to saying that they split a line to see what i've been doing, which really go even your to your mission. i think so. i think i'd like to think it was an emotional reunion for czar as mother beatrice. he says there were some nail biting moments. this is no risk. she is breaking records after all. but. but i
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was very confident in our skills and her experience, and also in the team of the whole team behind. and that when we get to the same spot, barely out of high school are rather for inclined to keep her feet on solid ground for no apply for university. but she hopes her double world record, will encourage girls everywhere to spread their wings in any way they can we have a chance to speak to our a rather ferg earlier we asked or what inspired her to embark on her a v ation journey. if she had any scary moments during her solo flight and what were some of the highlights and here's what she said. so i always dreamt of doing something crazy and flying around the world, but i never thought it be possible. so i always thought it be too dangerous, too expensive, too complicated. so i never, it's just about it. but then i was finishing school and i thought actually this is the perfect time to do something crazy when i've got to do nothing, basically,
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and fly around the world. so i plan my route. i got sponsorship, i should be soft. a web hosting company from bulgaria came on board to help out. and i basically showed another old, one of the most challenging movements was flying over siberia, because it's like minor said surgery shots on the ground and it was very long flights. where i'd go for 100 o'clock without saying anything human know, roads, electricity, cables and the villages obviously, you know, people. and so if the engine stops then told me, i am hours away from rescue. and i don't know how long i can survive in minus 5 degrees. i'd say some of the higher, but again, flying inside there for the interest is very remote places to siberia. i had to avoid those current aspects, but that was a really interesting place on its own. and then taiwan is beautiful. saudi arabia is very beautiful as well. so some of these, so the longer, more challenging flights will also be the most rewarding. and those are the most
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amazing coming up next on dw news, asia, the fight to be legal. parents, a look at the unequal adoption laws for taiwan. that same sex couples, villagers in kashmir, unite to keep their stream clear of garbage. and the 10 year old girl in pakistan wants to educate kids about climate change, with eco friendly dulls. they turn for d w. news asia with the rush banner day coming up next thanks for watching. ah ah, with
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soccer is a sport of colors and the children in this mountain village. ah, can everyone be a dog with them regardless of gender? wears blue, the color of her favorite sexes traditions prevent her from going to games and play with an insurmountable obstacle. little girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d w. i n german with d w at any time in any place. losing me video, nevada, they have like a bit of sons to sing along to download the as the combo t from super lousy. i didn't use them during the time i varied courses,
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