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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2022 8:00am-8:31am CET

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m a y. suffice for market dominance. east. this is west. get a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to with business the w news live from bullet,
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the u. s. says western allies are on the same page when it comes to russian aggression against ukraine. any russian military forces move across the ukranian border and commit new acts of aggression against ukraine. that will be met with a swift, severe united response. the u. s. secretary of state meets his russian counterpart for talks later today. also coming off the 1st aid supplies her arrive on the devastated islands of tama prudently drinking water beginning to run short after a volcano and synonymy hit the south pacific nation almost a week ago. and the you is to decide where the nuclear power deserves a label that would see a classified as good for the climate, germany as against it called the initiative and attempted greenwashing plus flying into the record books
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a 19 year old becomes the youngest woman ever to fly solo or otherwise we'll find out what propelled the fearless flyer to make that record settings are ah, i'm go ahead office. welcome to the program. america's top diplomat, antony blinking is in geneva to meet with russian foreign minister. so gay love rav 4 make or break talks that could determine war or peace. in europe, on thursday, lincoln was in berlin, where he held talks with german foreign minister, analynn, a burbock, and their british and french counterparts meeting meant to show a unified front and clear up any misunderstanding about western unity regarding russian aggression against ukraine. the stakes are high, u. s. secretary of state antony, blinking,
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landing in berlin to try and rally america's allies and prevent a war. unity is the main goal here, blinkin and his german, french, and british counterparts disgust the intense fears that russia may soon invade ukraine. their focus had a credibly deter moscow with warnings of what could follow even as were relentless in pursuing this diplomatic path. will continue to make very clear that if moscow chooses the path for the regression, we will impose swift and mass of cost. if one who has lung thing and that, so we urgently call on russia to take steps towards steve collation, you divide act any further, aggression would have serious consequences. see it. would it not even the cleanse, extensive nasty scene. but comments by the u. s. president a day earlier have right questions about whether those consequences really do apply
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to any active aggression. russia will be held accountable. if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing influences minor corrosion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not to which cetera. but if they actually do what they're capable of doing with the force, the mask on the border, it is going to be a disaster for russia. the white house later tried to clarify, insisting that the west would react come, what may. but the issue has highlighted questions over what level of aggression would trigger what kind of response the u. s. has made it clear that he would expect berlin to target the controversial nod stream to pipeline which linked germany to russian gas. it's also worth noting that gas is not flowing through nordstrom to yet, which means that the pipeline is leverage for germany, the united states and our allies, not russia. for now though, there is another round of diplomacy coming up. antony blinkin will meet his russian
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counterpart in geneva on friday, seen as one of the last chances to find a way of avoiding war. all the w political corresponded hands brand is following this story for us, hans. and what do you make of that meeting that the result or did it result in the show of unity that the western allies were hoping for? it certainly was a show of unity. the question is to what extent the unity is real behind the scenes as it were in the discussions that were going on. and one has to say that there to the diplomacy that has been going on in recent days and weeks. a lot of it behind the scenes has resulted in more agreement, i think on the side of the one we'll call it it, western allies. maybe the german foreign minister emphasized all the groups that are involved in this a g 7 that the european union and also nato, that all of these were involved. so we're talking about dozens of countries and
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that obviously is a stiff sco to try and coordinate all the different opinions amongst all of those countries. but i think what is clear now is that negotiations with russia are on the, on the most important at the moment. batch of the responses that might result from russian aggression are being formulated in the background. although not much about that. it's being said in the open, at the moment of lincoln set in that report. interestingly, that the not stream to pipeline was leverage in favor of germany and its allies, meaning that germany could still refuse the final go and to open the taps on the pipeline. is it likely the german government would do that? in the event of a russian invasion. yes, that is one of the possible responses of that, in fact, has been discussed openly quite extensively because it has been particularly controversial. the german government has said for quite a long time that this pipeline is a project that is run by private companies. it's
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a commercial venture and that it did not want in wanting to involve this in the whole dispute. but most recently this week, the german chancellor will have shawls has implied that the pipeline will, in fact, become part of the dealing with russia if aggression should happen in the ukraine. so there's been some movement, some significant movement on that germany is weakening its pose. and this giving in basically 2 united states demands and brought there for us. thank you hands. the 1st deliveries of aid supplies have arrived in tonga days after it was hit by a mechanic eruption and it's an army in the south. pacific water was among the supplies delivered after toxic ash from the volcano contaminated local drinking water. communication equipment was also flown in after the islands were virtually cut off from the outside world. more aid is expected to arrive the air and sea. in
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the coming days. we cannot talk to dr. mark jacobs. he is the director of pacific technical support with the world health organization and his leading w. i chose tama volcano response, insurances from fiji, mark the 1st a deliveries have arrived in time. so presumably that means 8 workers on the ground have been able to make a 1st assessment of the situation. what can you tell us? well, the 1st thing to say is that the, the assessment. so of course being led by the tongue and gotten them. and that the you and staff including the w r, jo, staff that were already on the ground, helping with that. but the assessments are being done by the government. those the statements had not been completed yet. they are ongoing. but certainly the, the initial assessment indicates that the 1st set of needs for food for water of fuel as, as your introduction already highlighted. some of the tire is
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a very remote island group. are you expecting any difficulties with regard to your supply chain? well it is remote certainly by european standards, but it has, it has infrastructure for, for receiving flights. now back working again, a strip has been cleared. as you mentioned, ships are able to come in to the main orland on the top 2 and 2 other islands as well. and there's a number of countries that by pacific standards have not that far away that have already same slots in flight 2nd. try your new zealand and ships are on the way. so i think i think the logistic side of things is working out. and we already know in the country had a number all pre positioned important supplies. so for instance, w r jo in recent years has been working with to make sure they had their own emergency medical assistance team in place and ready to deploy within target. and
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that team, we've preposition supplies was able to get very quickly into the most depicted areas and do very quick health assessment so. so those sorts of things do help. but now i'm, i'm, i'm very confident that that logistics sort of things is being, is being worked through and will continue to be worked through in some ways the, the main, i think logistics challenge is probably the communications one because it'll take a bit longer. i think for the on to say communication table to be, to come back online, but at least things like internet, he's working in a limited way already for come up jacobs for the world health organization talking to us from 50. thank you. let's have a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. us prosecutors have charged for bill erosion, government officials, with aircraft piracy for diverting, arrive in flight last night to arrest dissident journalists,
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roman protest verbage. the u. s. justice department says the officials concocted a false bump threat to force the plane to land in the boiler region capital minsk. lawmakers investigating the attack on the u. s. capital last year have asked vanka trump to testified. the daughter of former president donald trump used to serve as a senior advisor. her summoning marks a significant step in the probe as investigate to seek answers from trumps in a circle about his role in last year's insurgency. officials in gonna say it is 17 people have been killed and does is injured in a massive explosion in the west of the country. police report it. the blast occurred when a truck carrying explosive to a gold mine collided with a motorcycle videos posted on local media, showed a large glass site and dozens of destroyed buildings. report commissioned by the catholic church and germany as found that the former pope benedict knowingly failed
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to take action to stop for priests abusing children. the cases span the period from 1977 to 1982 when he was archbishop of munich b. a independent report was compiled for german law firm. austria's parliament has passed a new law making coven, 19 vaccination, mandatory for adults. it's the 1st european country to approve such a wide reaching measure. so far, only 72 percent of austrians have been fully vaccinated against the corona virus. one of the lowest rates in western europe. 137 in favor to 33 against austria's vaccine mandate passed by a clear majority in a 1st for any european country legislators said it was a drastic but necessary step. you complete the compulsory vaccination isn't something we wanted, but unfortunately it's become
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a necessity to close the big vaccination gap in austria. it's my deep conviction that only then will we have a really stick chance, a regaining the life we had before. the corona virus. from early february, every one over the age of 18 must be vaccinated. with exceptions for those who are pregnant, have a medical exemption or of recently recovered from coven 19. after an introductory phase, anyone still holding out could be find thousands of euro's thousands have joined regular street protests against restrictions and vaccination. a few 100 protesters gathered outside parliament in vienna as votes were cast. but inside only the far right freedom party voted against the mandate, their leader said he would continue to refuse to be vaccinated.
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her influence this vaccine mandate is an act of disenfranchisement john m with a single blow. millions of austrians are being downgraded. no, but they're not independent sovereign paypal anymore. they're thinking to the level of subjugated people, of 74 north off an em font connecting. the bill must now passed the upper house and the freedom party has vowed to challenge it in court. let's take a quick look now at some of the other developments in the pandemic. germany has reported a record number of new corona virus infections, some more than 100. 40000 in a single day. that's 48000 bore new cases. then this time, last week, france will begin to lift, covet 19 restrictions on february. second, thanks to what are being called encouraging signs that the wave of omicron variant
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infections is ebbing. and the world bank has approved a $750000000.00 loan to south africa, aimed at helping the poor. it says recover from the effects of the pandemic. b u. s. considering whether to label nuclear power as green, that could make atomic energy eligible for investments aimed at making the future carbon free. and today is the last day for countries to object to the plan, which has been controversial from the start. overall, 13 e u. countries use nuclear power generating just over a quarter of the blocks electricity, but there are huge differences between countries. in recent years, france got almost 70 percent of his electricity from its 58 reactors. the share in germany was down to 11 percent in 2020 and the government here is shutting down the last 3 remaining locally at nuclear reactors. this year,
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belgium says it wants to face out nuclear by 2025 and spain by 2035. meanwhile, france plans up to plans to ramp up adding 6 new react. slovakia and finland are also building new facilities and poland has long said it wants to build its own. so this issue has exposed a fortnight between the use major pars germany's position is largely that the risks of nuclear accidents outweigh the benefits of climate friendly and reliable energy production. but the french and others say, nuclear power must be an essential part of transitioning away from carbon based fuels like coal. again, they know that they are they who, cushy mouth and nuclear disaster that shook the world in 2011 and changed the way many people, few nuclear energy onto shack says fukushima mobilized him. the french anti
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nuclear activists traveled to japan after the catastrophe for mercer to hold for me . this looked like the end of the world. after from this moment on, i really asked myself about the risk that the population is exposed to, especially women and children. when living next to a nuclear reactor or other nuclear facilities, being exposed to possible nuclear accidents because she was actually door nuclear, where some you countries decided to face out nuclear energy after fukushima, france stuck to its nuclear tradition. more than 15 nuclear reactors are spreads over the territory right now. clearly a wrong choice. andre shacks is the 70 year old lives on a peninsula normandy, northern france, that is well known for its natural beauty. and for its high number of nuclear facilities, france derives about 70 percent of its electricity from nuclear plants like this one here in flam, or will it f electricity of france. a largely state own company operates these
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nuclear plants and says they're safe and strictly monetary products like andrea shock, think differently, brutal for the older nuclear power plants get. the higher the risk of accidents, you really cannot say they are infallible food. finally, nuclear power plants produce nuclear waste. 100 hold you. vehicle receiver easy. here in la. ugh, close to the activist town town. a plant process as nuclear waste. the factory is the regions biggest employer at this local debate on further investments in nuclear power. residents also bring up the huge risks that the company spokesman says nuclear is better than gas in carbon facility. we're facing a climate emergency and global warming. and even if nuclear power is not designed for this purpose, it now represents a huge advantage that it doesn't to mit, lots of greenhouse gases, book who de guess if it's here in it's,
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it's to become carbon. neutral by 2050 france has already announced it will start building new nuclear power plants. despite criticism from some e o countries like germany energy expert, nicola massett, she supports the french governments, knew them at the idea now is to develop reactors that can be produced on an industrial level in factories as automated as possible to make it cheaper and guarantee quality yardly liquidity, alpha for aren't they, sag new technical solutions are not the answer. he wants nuclear power to belong to the past, but france has already decided it will be part of its future. so as nuclear power green or is it not? let's bring in folk a cautionary. he's a professor for renewable energy systems at the berlin you university of applied scientists, sciences are the campaign of for wind and solar energy. according if the, your classes, nuclear energy, as green germany is against it. but it does look pretty isolated there, doesn't it?
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not really. so we have a lot of countries in europe. they don't have nuclear power, for example, or austria then mike, if you go to norway as a, we have a lot of countries, so they have no nuclear power. france, of course, they have a lot of. so it's a discussion. germany is not isolated, clear. and if b e u classifies a nuclear as green, are you worried? there will be less funding available for projects with regard to solar and wind energy. that could be course new nuclear power stations are very expensive. you have to spend a lot of money. there are more than 3 or 4 times more expensive than investment in solar and wind energy. so if you're going to nuclear power, the money is missing for the way for their new builds and to become carbon dikes it free. so for my opinion, it's no good idea to spend money in new nuclear power installations. talking about
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c o 2 luca proponents say that nuclear is nearly c o 2 free and reliable and scalable. shouldn't it at least be part of the solution in the fight against climate change for an industrial? spect, if an industrial industrialized nation like germany. yeah, we know that we need for most of win power and the whole, our power for our future electricity and energy demand. and these technologies, they are fluctuating. so we have fluctuations in the energy supply and nuclear power is not the way good option to cover the remaining energy supply. because i know the power station they, they are produced to produce electricity over the day, continuously. and that's not possible in the future energy supply with a high share of solar and wind power. and for that nuclear power is no option. and
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nuclear power is expensive, so it's really expensive. so we have expensive technology with a high risk. that's not way good. competing bill to supply with solar and wind power. and for that reason, it's better to go to renew with technology. let's have a look at the future in a study that you conducted in 2016. you found that the push for renewables needs to happen at around $4.00 to $5.00 times the speed that we are doing it. now, if we're looking at a growing resistant, again, for example, wind power in the countryside, in germany, do you think that's realistic that we can scale up so massively than we have to do? and if you look at that context, so nuclear power is also no option. so at the moment, nuclear power have a 3 percent of the german and energy demand. so if nuclear power should make a part for climate protection. so we have to install a 100 new nuclear power stations. so if the german people are afraid of $100.00 or
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even more, and that's not possible the course, you know, we have also some problems to install wind power stations. you can imagine what will happen if the government decide to install new nuclear power station. so it's a ridiculous discussion here. and what do you think? again, looking at the future about the new generation of smaller nuclear plants that could even burn the existing a nuclear waste that we have lying around this nuclear power stations only exist on paper. we have no real power stations. and we know that we have to become carbon dikes, it for you way fast. so in germany we have $15.00 to $20.00 is time to become carbon dioxide free. we have not the time to make experiments for another 10 or 15 years to look at these nuclear power stations may work. and then we need a lot of now that 20 or 30 years to install the high number of nuclear power station. this technology is too late. it's too expensive and touristy focus
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question. thank you very much for your input. you're welcome. now a british belgian teenager has become the youngest woman to fly solo around the world after a journey that took 5 months. zara rather, ford has landed back in belgium. she says she took on the challenge to encourage more girls and women to get involved in science technology and of course flying there was no cabin crew on board to prepare for this landing. as 19 year old daughter weatherford touchtone and belgium, she became the youngest woman in history to fly solo around the world. and the youngest person to do so, you know, micro lights aircraft. a heroes welcome awaited her. a really has it's a visa, it's been a crazy trip 5 months long and even it's lost both pretty tricky. so even yeah, it's been a challenge. the whole way through rutherford's around the world right spanned 5
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continents and covered 52000 kilometers. she raised money through sponsorship, and often stayed with host families. zara shared the highs and lows of her adventure on line. the trip took much longer than expected, and there were moments of turbulence. the right now my v russian visa has just expired. so i'm actually not allowed again to the country, which is frustrating. no stories ever that way. oh, i'm not allowed to get to places because they don't like more adlene lying around. i'm really happy on the ground. that is the 1st. it will be, it was fine and then suddenly the glass getting low and low. i think at the i won't point us at 600 feet above the ation which was pretty scary. beyond breaking records, zera had a bigger mission meeting locals and giving talks along the way. she tried to inspire other girls and young women to get involved in aviation science and
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technology. back on belgian soil. that work continues during our buddy manny the other female pilot, some kind of hoping to be a friend. yeah, i'm going to amazing messages from both girls and women to saying that they sort of flying up to see what i've been doing, which are legal, even your to your mission. i think so. i think i like to think it was an emotional were union ferrara's mother, beatrice. he says there were some nail biting moments. this is no risk. she is breaking records after all. but. but i was very confident in skills and experience and also in the team on the whole team behind. and that when we kept the safe spot, barely out of high school, or rather for a plan to keep her feet on solid ground for no apply for university. but she hopes her double world record will encourage girls everywhere to spread their wings in any way they can. you're watching the w
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news is a reminder of our top story. u. s. secretary of state of antony blinking is in geneva for high stake talks with russian foreign minister said a lover off the meeting comes amid warnings from the west that it will take swift and severe steps in response to any aggression by russia tools ukraine. and that's it. from me and the do seem for now, don't go away though. next stop is all debate. so to the point and the head of the winter olympics in beijing, the panel is discussing. if china can beat, i'll make, i'll be back at the top of the r with an update. and don't forget, you can get all the latest information on our website that he w dot com. i've got f, as in berlin, thanks for which booth with
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with ah,
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who to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. final preparations are underway for the winter olympics in beijing, china, and struggling to sustain it. strict 0 cove, its strategy. so count countries, new, great wall to wall around the athletes. hold. find out on to the point shortly. to the point with d. w. legal goals. mines as far as the i can see, mozambique, city, money, money, national park is on the verge of collapse with the provincial government now wants to step in with reconnaissance and mining licenses.
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but we'll work global 3000 in 60 minutes on a b, w. ah. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge of gross through sharing, download it now for free the winter olympics in beijing all looming, ever closer and china is being put to the text as it battles to contain out.


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