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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2022 4:00am-4:16am CET

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a strew was big, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is, well, we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d, w? mm. mm hm. this is the news live from berlin. the united states says western allies are on the same page concerning russian aggression against ukraine. any russian military
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forces move across the ukrainian border and commit new acts of aggression against ukraine. that will be met with a swift, severe united response. also coming up in a 1st for europe, austria's parliament evokes to make coven 19 vaccines mandatory for all adults. people who refused the job could soon be facing, have to find and damning accusations. a new report fines former pope benedict, the 16th turned a blind eye to cases of child sexual abuse during his time. as archbishop of music . ah,
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i'm pablo solias. welcome to the program. america's top diplomat, antony blinkin, is in geneva for a summit with russia's foreign minister, sergey lover of make or break talks that could determine war or peace. here in europe, on thursday, blinkin was here in berlin, where he hell talks with german foreign minister. and alina burbock and their british and french counterparts, a meeting meant to show a united front and clear up any misunderstanding about western unity regarding russian aggression against ukraine. the stakes are high, us secretary of state antony, blinking, landing in berlin to try and rally america's allies and prevent a war. unity is the main goal here, blinkin and his german, french, and british counterparts disgust the intense fears that russia may soon invade ukraine. their focus, how to credibly deter moscow with warnings of what could follow
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even as were relentless in pursuing, mr. bradley path. will continue to make very clear that if moscow chooses the path of further aggression, we will impose swift and massive cost. if what on who is landing, and that's who we urgently call on russia to take steps towards the escalation, you divide any further aggression would have serious consequences. see it? would it even the cons extensive, nasty thing. but comments by the you with president a day earlier, have right questions about whether those consequences really do apply to any active aggression. russia will be held accounting. if it invades, it depends on what it does, is one thing, inferences, minor incursion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not to which cetera. but if they actually do what they're capable of doing with the force, the mask on the border, it is going to be a disaster for russia. the white house later to try to clarify,
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insisting that the west would react come, what may. but the issue has highlighted questions over what level of aggression would trigger what kind of response the u. s. has made it clear that it would expect berlin to target the controversial nod stream to pipeline which linked germany to russian gas. it's also worth noting that gas is not flowing through nordstrom to yet, which means that the pipeline is leverage for germany, the united states and our allies, not russia. for now though, there is another round of diplomacy coming up. antony blinkin will meet his russian counterpart in geneva on friday, saying as one of the last chances to find a way of avoiding war. so is there a diplomatic way out of this crisis? we put that question to you, asked political analysts to jessica berlin. this point, the only way out of this crisis sister deterrence,
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anthony blinkin has already been pushing hard behind the scenes for germany to take a stronger stance against russia's aggression for the you to tow a stronger line. and now he's here in person to push that at the end of the day dialogue will not solve this issue. anthony blinking tomorrow is going to have to make perfectly clear to russia that the cost of invading ukraine will be higher than the cost of invasion. and russia is one of the used largest trading partners. not only in energy, i mean trade between russia and the you in 2020, accounted for over a 170000000000 euros rushes, also germany's largest gas importer. so the economic cost to europe, to serious consequences for russia would also be dire. and this is why we haven't seen a clear line yet. but this is hopefully what secretary blinking, i'm is pushing for with the quad group and at the level to make sure that at least
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behind the scenes, that we agree on a price tag. that europe and germany are willing to pay economically, to preserve security and peace in europe. well, that was political analyst, jessica berlin, moving on and austria's parliament has voted in favor of a new law, making coven, 19 vaccination mandatory for adults. it's the 1st european country to approve such a wide reaching measure. excuse me, june. so far, only 72 percent of excuse me. only 72 percent of austrians have been fully vaccinated against the corolla virus, while of the lowest rates in western europe. 137 in favor to 33 against austria's vaccine mandate passed by a clear majority in a 1st for any european country legislators said it was a drastic but necessary step. you completed the compulsory vaccination isn't
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something we wanted, but unfortunately it's become a necessity to close that big vaccination gap in austria. it's my deep conviction that only then will we have a really stick chance, a regaining the life we had before the corona virus. and me from early february, everyone over the age of 18 must be vaccinated, with exceptions for those who are pregnant, have a medical exemption, or have recently recovered from covey. 19. after an introductory phase, anyone still holding out could be fined thousands of euros. thousands have joined regular straight protests against restrictions and vaccination. a few 100 protesters gathered outside parliament in vienna as votes were cost, but inside only the far right freedom party voted against the mandate,
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their leader said he would continue to refuse to be vaccinated. her influence this vaccine mandate is an act of disenfranchisement john m. earth with a single blow. millions of austrians are being downgraded more, but they're not independent. sovereign paypal, any moral. they're sinking to the level of subjugated people, of servants, one or more often em font connecting. the bill must now passed the upper house and the freedom party has vowed to challenge it in court. well, let's take a look now at some of the other stories making use around the world. u. s. prosecutors have charged for better recent government officials with aircraft piracy for diverting a ryanair flight last may to arrest dissident journalist, roman protest savage. the u. s. justice department says the officials concocted
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a false bomb threat to force de lithuania, banged plane, to land in the battle received capital minsk. lawmakers investigating the january 6th 2021 attack on the us capital of asked if vanka trump to testify. the former president's daughter used to serve as his senior advisor, her summoning marks a significant step in the probe, as investigator seek answers from donald trump's inner circle about his role in the right. officials in gonna say at least 17 people have been killed and almost 60 injured in a massive explosion. near the town of bukosa, police reported a blast after a mining vehicle carrying explosives to a gold mine. collided with a motorcycle videos posted on the local media showed a large blast site and dozens of destroyed buildings. the 1st deliveries
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of aid supplies have arrived in tonga, days after the pacific island nation was haste by a volcanic eruption, answered mammy. many areas were devastated. the islands were cut off from most communication for days afterwards. toxic ash from the volcano has covered much of the landscape and contaminated drinking water. a 19 year old belgian british pilot was welcomed home after setting a new world record as the youngest woman to fly solo around the world. zara rutherford landed her ultra light aircraft and belgian thursday. after $155.00 days of travel. rutherford made stops in more than 40 countries. she says de soto expedition was an adventure and she hoped to inspire more girls to explore aviation . former pope benedicts, the 16th has been accused of failing to take action in for child sex abuse cases
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here in germany. and you report has found that he covered up clerical, sexual abuse. when he was cardinal, joseph ratner, archbishop bishop of munich, the report identified almost 500 victims of abuse between 194520. 19 in and around munich. turning a blind eye to sexual abuse. that was the definitive conclusion of a report published in germany on thursday commissioned by the catholic church. it accuses the former pontiff of knowing about sexual abuses committed by priests. while he was archbishop of munich a post he held between 19771982. the report said the offending priests in bavaria during his tenure were conscious the kept him pastoral carols, visiting and supporting members of the community. the current
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archbishop of munich, confiding, called the report and indispensable building block in the healing process. it been a shorter compression. i am shocked and ashamed for me having to begin the encounters with the victims of sexual abuse have brought about a turning point. they changed mine of our name and continued to change my perception of the church. and these are whitey benedict who stood down from his rolling 2013 has denied the claims. but the law is investigating what categorical he was aware in exquisite. in a total of 4 cases, we concluded that the then archbishop cardinal ruts singer is to be accused of misconduct in cases of sexual abuse. and those who represent victims said, the catholic church must do more. we believe they are, they have become better in training of lay people in
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a protection programs for children. but, but in terms of on dealing with the victims and not protecting of the perpetrators, it's still the same old system. benedict profit his resignation as pope ameritas last year. an offer declined by the current pontiff. but thursdays report is just the latest in a torrent of abuse claims that have come to light in recent years. further exposing the decades of hidden crimes committed by the catholic church. scientists have discovered a pristine karl reef off the coast of tahiti. much of the news in recent years relates to karl degradation because of climate change, but a group of french scientists have discovered a pristine 3 kilometer long reef of giant rose shaped carls at depths ranging from 30 to a 120 meters deep. it's thought the waters are deep enough to protect the karl from
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the bleaching effects of warming ocean waters. they looked like roses blooming under water over 35 meters below the ocean surface, running the depths of 70 metos. these giant coral reefs are growing in what marine biologists call a twilight zone. they get enough light, but are shielded from damage by human activity. researcher leticia headwind discovered them during one of her dives. it just wonder for and which is very interesting is that the reef like this is part of the read seems to, to go for ever dispatch of the reef runs for 3 kilometers. it is not bleached or diseased. and that's despite warming, ocean waters which have killed coral reefs in many other places. kill even the fish at different lower diversity
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than the shallow ribs. it is different. it probably has different species of corals and fish than the shallow roofs export, say this coral reef as they for now not forever and gets hope that there may be other untouched ecosystems out there. waiting to be found, you're watching did over the news from berlin up next in business. global oil prices hate a 7 year high chelsea delaney has that and more business news that's after the break. and don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information on our website. that's d, w dot com. and you can follow up on our social media accounts. i'm probably alias invalid. thanks for watching. see at the top of the next there take care people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center.


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