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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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clean a russ getting 200 people to sign around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah. ah, busy w. news lived from berlin tonight, the united states wars of
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a quicken united response. if russia invades you, grave after price is talked here in berlin with european allies, u. s. secretary of state antony blink and says, the west is on the same page concerning russian aggression. any russian military forces move across the ukrainian border and commit new acts of aggression against ukraine that will be met with a swift, severe united response from the united states and our allies and partners also coming up tonight, serious accusations against former poca dick the 16th during his time, his german archbishop, did he know that children were being sexually abused and did he choose to look the other way? plus, flying into the record books and 19 year old becomes the youngest woman to fly. so low around the globe will look at what propelled her to make this record setting journey.
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ah, i'm bring. gov is good to have you with us on this thursday. america's top diplomat is in berlin to clean up and clear up any misunderstanding about western unity regarding russian aggression against ukraine. today, us secretary of state antony blink and met with german foreign minister under lena bear bock and their british and french counterparts. the meeting known as the quad grew, is meant to show a united front on the eve of a summit, between blinkin and russian foreign minister, sergey leverett. make or break talks that could determine war or peace here in your the stakes are high. you a secretary of state antony, blinking, landing in berlin to try and rally america's allies and prevent a war. unity is the main goal here, blinkin and his german, french, and british counterparts disgust the intense fears that russia may soon invade
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ukraine. they focus how to credibly deter moscow with warnings of what could follow even as were relentless in pursuing this diplomatic path. will continue to make very clear that if moscow chooses the path of further aggression, we will impose swift and massive cost. if one was landing and that so we urgently call on russia to take steps towards the escalation, either by any further aggression or would have serious consequences. see it would not even the cons. extensive nasty thing. but comments by the u. s. president a day earlier have right questions about whether those consequences really do apply to any active aggression. one, russia will be held accountable if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing for 2 minor corrosion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do which cetera. but if they actually do what
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they're capable of doing with the force, the mask on the border, it is going to be a disaster. for russia, the white house later to try to clarify, insisting that the west would react come, what may. but the issue has highlighted questions over what level of aggression would trigger what kind of response. the u. s. has made it clear that it would expect berlin to target the controversial node stream to pipeline which linked germany to russian guess. it's also worth noting that gas is not flowing through nordstrom to yet, which means that the pipeline is leverage for germany, the united states and our allies, not russia. for now though, there is another round of diplomacy coming up. antony blinkin will meet his russian counterpart in geneva on friday, saying as one of the last chances to find a way of avoiding war. every morning i'm joined by jessica berlin. she's a u. s. political analyst who's based here in berlin,
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a familiar face here to our viewers. it's good to see you again. jessica. let's talk about where we are in this diplomatic sprint by antony blinkin. he was in key of yesterday here in berlin to day. do you see a diplomatic way out of this crisis? at this point, the only way out of this crisis is there deterrence, anthony blinkin has already been pushing hard behind the scenes for germany to take a stronger stance against russia's aggression for the you to tow a stronger line. and now he's here in person to push that at the end of the day dialogue will not solve this issue. anthony lincoln, tomorrow is going to have to make perfectly clear to russia that the cost of invading ukraine will be higher than the cost of invasion. and if this does not happen, i fear that we will have to calculate with some sort of invasion or incursion. yet the consequence is, we hear a lot about that. the u. s. has warned that it is going to be a disaster for russia. if russia invade ukraine,
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but no one wants to spell out exactly what those consequences will be. why is there? well, russia is one of the use largest trading partners. not only in energy, i mean trade between russia and the you in 2020 accounted for over a 170000000000 euros rushes, also germany's largest gas importer. so the economic cost to europe, to serious consequences for russia would also be dire. and this is why we haven't seen a clear line yet, but this is hopefully what secretary blinking, i'm is pushing for with the quad group. i'm and at the you level to make sure that, at least behind the scenes, that we agree on a price tag that europe and germany are willing to pay economically, to preserve security and peace in europe. jessica, it was, it was important for anthony blake and to stop here in berlin today to talk with
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the quad group of but there's, there are still some dealt are the europeans really on the same page of the united states when it comes to what to do if russia does indeed invade ukraine, not yet. i'm even yesterday we saw from president my call in france proposing that the you should also open up a bilateral channel. i'm of dialogue with russia. this obviously did not help projects on the unity that the united states was hoping for. i'm also president biden's comments about a minor incursion, somehow potentially being acceptable to the united states. definitely did not help these kinds of gaffes and missteps. however, are hopefully what now, after the consequence, if it isn't seen how this weakens natives messaging, i'm hopefully now all nato member countries will tow the line tighter and tighten up because at this point in the crisis, every day matters and we need to show in europe
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a united front starting right now. otherwise, this could indeed play into the kremlin hands and leave us in a situation where they act before nato is in a position to present a clear plan of response. your time is running out. we will be watching to see what happens tomorrow at those talks in geneva. jessica berlin is always jessica. we appreciate your analysis. thank you. thanks, brent. let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world . at least 29 people have been killed in a stampede in liberia's capital monrovia, many of them children, large crowns gathered for a christian prayer service, a wednesday evening. local media report, that robbers with knives and machetes, attack the worshippers, and that this may have caused the stampede. scores of people or fear did every massive explosion near the town of but go so in western gonna police reported a huge blast after a mine, mine a vehicle, carry explosives to a gold mine. it collided with a motorcycle videos posted on local media show
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a large blast area. austria has become the 1st country in europe to vote in favor of a vaccine mandate for all. busy adults, the new route targets all residents of austria, 18 years and older, while makers voted a 137 for 33 against a crowd of demonstrators marched outside austria's parliament in vienna to protest against the vote. 70 percent of austrians are already considered fully vaccinate. former pope benedict, the 16th has been accused of failing to take action in 4 child sex abuse cases in germany. a new report is found that he covered up clerical, sexual abuse. when he was cardinal, joseph france, and your archbishop of munich, the report identified almost 500 victims of abuse between 19452019 in and around munich. turning
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a blind eye to sexual abuse. that was the definitive conclusion of a report published in germany on thursday commissioned by the catholic church. it accuses the former pontiff of knowing about sexual abuses committed by priests. while he was archbishop of munich, a post he held between 197719822. the report said defending priests in bavaria during his tenure were conscious the kept him pastoral carols, visiting and supporting members of the community. the current archbishop of munich, confiding, called the report, an indispensable building block in the healing process. it been a shorter compression. i am shocked and ashamed from me having to begin the encounters with the victims of sexual abuse. oh have brought about a turning point where they have changed mine of our name and continued to change my
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perception of the church. and these of either benedict who stood down from his rolling 2013 has denied the claims. but the lawyers investigating were categorical . he was aware in incident, in a total of 4 cases, we concluded that the then archbishop cardinal rat singer, is to be accused of misconduct in cases of sexual abuse. and those who represent victims said, the catholic church must do more. we believe on there they had become better in training of lay people are in a code, a protection programs for children are but but in terms of on dealing with the victims and not protecting of the perpetrators, it's still the same old system benedict profit his resignation. as pope
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a meritus last year, an offer declined by the current pontiff. but thursday's report is just the latest in a torrent of abuse claims that have come to light in recent years. further exposing the decades of hidden crimes committed by the catholic church. women account for just 5 percent of commercial airline pilots, and they're consistently under represented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. one belgian british teenager has made her mission to try and change this calculus and she's doing it by spreading the word by flying around the world. and bagging a couple of world records while she's at there was no cabin crew on board to prepare for this landing. at 19 year old dot or rather for touchtone in belgium. she became the youngest women in history to f, like so little around the world. and the youngest person to do the, you know, micro like aircraft
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a heroes welcome. a way to turn really has to be to say the truth 5 months long. and even the last i was pretty tricky. so even yeah, it's been a challenge, the always or rather foods around the world, right? spend 5 continents and covered 52000 kilometers. she raised money through sponsorship and often stayed with host family. zara shared the highs and lows of her adventure on lane. the trip took much longer than expected. and there were moments of turbulence. right now my, my russian visa has just expired. so i'm actually not allowed to get into the country, which is frustrating. no stories that way. i know unless you get to places because i don't like lying around somebody on the ground that it would be, it was fine and then suddenly the class so it getting low and low. think at the i 160 feet, which is pretty scary. beyond breaking records, 0 had
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a bigger mission. meeting local in giving talks along the way. she tried to inspire other girls and young women to get involved in education, science and technology. that conversion, soil that work, continue growing up money, the other part of the phone. kind of hoping to be a friend. yeah, i'm going to be moving messages from both girls and women to thing that they let us line to see what i've been doing, which is really go to your mission. i think so. i think i like to think it was an emotional reunion for czar as mother beatrice. he says there were some nail biting moments. this is not risk. he is breaking records after all, but it, but i was very confident of ins, our skills and her experience, and also in, in the team, the whole team behind. and that we kept at the same spot, barely out of high school. zara rutherford wants to keep her feet on solid grain
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for know and apply for university. but key hopes are double world record. will encourage girls everywhere to spread their wings in any way they can. scientists have discovered a pristine coral reef off the coast of tahiti. in recent years, much of the news about coral has been about it's degradation due to climate change . but a group of french scientists have discovered a 3 kilometer long reef of giant rose shape corals between 30 and a 120 meters below the surface. their beautiful, aren't they? the water there is thought to be deep enough to protect the coral from the bleaching effects of warming, ocean currents watch the w. news of next w business. news with chelsea delaney, chic ranch of direct.


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