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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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different knowledge grows through sharing. download it now. feel free. ah, ah ah, ah ah, this is d w. news. why? from berlin tonight, the united states wars of a quick and united response if russia invade ukraine,
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after crisis talks here in berlin with european allies, u. s. secretary of state antony blake and says the west is on the same page concerning russian aggression. if any russian military forces move across the ukrainian border and commit new acts of aggression against ukraine, that will be met with a swift, severe united response from the united states. and our allies and partners also coming up tonight, serious accusations against former pope benedict, the 16th during his time, as german archbishop did he know that children were being sexually abused. and did he choose to look the other way? plus 80 years ago today, high ranking nazis gathered to sign off on the mass, murder of europe's jews. we look back at the infamous bonds a conference and the blue print for the holocaust.
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ah, i'm brent golf is good to have you with us on this thursday. america's top diplomat is in berlin to clean up and clear up any misunderstanding about western unity regarding russian aggression against ukraine. today you were a secretary of state antony blake and met with german foreign minister on the lena bear bock and their british and french counterparts. the meeting known as the quad group, is meant to show a united front on the eve of a summit between blinking and russian. foreign minister sergey lever off make or break talks that could determine war or peace here in your the stakes are high. us secretary of state antony, blinking, landing in berlin to try and rally america's allies and prevent a war. unity is the main goal here, blinkin and his german, french,
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and british counterparts disgust the intense fears that russia may soon invade ukraine. they focus how to credibly deter moscow with warnings of what could follow even as were relentless in pursuing this diplomatic path. will continue to make very clear that if moscow chooses the path to further aggression, we will impose swift and massive cost. if thought on who has lung thing, and that's who we urgently collin russia to take steps towards the escalation, you divide any further, aggression would have serious consequences. see it would not even a cons. extensive nasty team, but comments by the u. s. president a day earlier have rates questions about whether those consequences really do apply to any active aggression. russia will be held accountable. if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing, inferences,
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minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, et cetera. but if they actually do what they're capable of doing with the force, the mask on the border, it is going to be a disaster for russia. the white house later to try to clarify, insisting that the west would react come, what may. but the issue has highlighted questions over what level of aggression would trigger what kind of response the u. s. has made it clear that it would expect berlin to target the controversial node stream to pipeline which linked germany to russian gas. it's also worth noting that gas is not flowing through nordstrom to yet, which means that the pipeline is leverage for germany, the united states and our allies, not russia. for now though, there is another round of diplomacy coming up. antony blinkin will meet his russian counterpart in geneva on friday, saying as one of the last chances to find a way of avoiding war. if a morning i'm joined by jessica berlin, she's
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a u. s. political analyst who's based here in berlin, a familiar face here to our viewers. it's good to see you again. jessica. let's talk about where we are in this diplomatic sprint by antony blinkin. he was in key of yesterday here in berlin to day. do you see a diplomatic way out of this crisis? at this point, the only way out of this crisis sister deterrence, anthony blinkin has already been pushing hard behind the scenes for germany to take a stronger stance against russia's aggression or the you to toe a stronger line. and now he's here in person to push that at the end of the day dialogue will not solve this issue. anthony blinking tomorrow is going to have to make perfectly clear to russia that the cost of invading ukraine will be higher than the cost of invasion. and if this does not happen, i fear that we will have to calculate with some sort of invasion or incursion. yet the consequence is, we hear
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a lot about that. the u. s. has warned that it is going to be a disaster for russia. if russia invade ukraine, but no one wants to spell out exactly what those consequences will be. why use that? well, russia is one of the use largest trading partners. not only in energy, i mean trade between russia and the you in 2020 accounted for over a 170000000000 euros rushes, also germany's largest gas importer. so the economic cost to, to europe, to serious consequences for russia would also be dire. and this is why we haven't seen a clear line yet, but this is hopefully what secretary blinking, i'm is pushing for with the quad group. i'm and at the you level to make sure that, at least behind the scenes, that we agree on a price tag that europe and germany are willing to pay economically, to preserve security and peace in europe. jessica, it was,
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it was important for anthony blake and to stop here in berlin today to talk with the quad group of but there's, there are still some delts, are the europeans really on the same page of the united states when it comes to what to do if russia does indeed invade ukraine, not yet. i'm even yesterday we saw from president my call in france for posing that the. you should also open up a bilateral channel. i'm of dialogue with russia. this obviously did not help projects on the unity that i'm, that the united states was hoping for. i'm also president biden's comments about a minor incursion somehow potentially being acceptable to the united states. definitely did not help these kinds of gas and missteps. however, are hopefully what now, after the consequence, if it has been seen how this weakens natives messaging, i'm hopefully now all nato member countries will tow the line tighter and tighten
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up because at this point in the crisis, every day matters and we need to show in europe a united front, starting right now. otherwise, this could indeed play into the kremlin hands and leave us in a situation where they act before nato is in a position to present a clear plan of response. your time is running out. we will be watching to see what happens tomorrow. at those talks in geneva. jessica berlin is always jessica. we appreciate your analysis. thank you. thanks. brent was denied former pope benedict, the 16th face, his accusations of failing to take action in for child abuse cases here in germany . a new report claims that he covered up clerical, sexual abuse in the late seventy's of the early eighty's. when he was cardinal. joseph rot, singer archbishop of munich, we met one abuse survivor who says that he is still traumatized by what happened to him in the church. my numbers, my name is marcus elder. i was abused by
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a chaplain 6, quoth marcus elton. i grew up opposite a church in bud hope. in the rule region of western germany, his mother raised him and his siblings alone. a young clergyman from the church peter h, took an apparent interest in the family. he invited 12 year old marcus to visit him in the parish house. that is on the bottom, under frontier already at his bathroom on he didn't have to undress much at all, but the video he sat down next to me on the couch and after a few advances, all the blows started to go a little on. it didn't take longer to go out, just a few caresses for him to show me how it was done, arden. and then i had to do the same to him, so i thought orally gratify him was so somebody, mo, malcolm, does you know god with getting moister job on the funny should i started letting myself again and hiding under the bed was taken. i also drank a lot at that time because he gave me alcohol at the age of 12 and 13 from 12 quarts and the organ. the abuse continued in peter
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h went on to abuse several other boys as well. a number of cases became public and he was even sentenced, but not dismissed. instead, he was transferred to rural parishes in bavarian. there he was supposed to undergo therapy, but instead continue to abuse boys there as well. only years later did these cases come to light. marcus, else and happened to see a tv report about the abuse. it was then he released his tormentor from back, then it continued to abuse boys unchecked, rightly. i was actually feeling quite robust and strong at suddenly when i saw on television, not everything collapsed, round me. i started having suicidal thoughts. eisley. i didn't know what to do. i was at work a dog noise was what if i told wilson told his mom, sorta just without saying that the former archbishop of munich and later pope benedict was in charge of the diocese and bavaria at the time. either he knew about the abuse cases and covered them up for peter h or he violated his duty to oversee the parish. peter
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h is now retired and lives once again in the rural region, about 10 kilometers from the scene of marcus eleanor's abuse. we think again, i think of them every night and day and night and the foreman nightmares oxen during the day that i could run into her somewhere were victims were traumatized for life . yes. with what were never freely real. that was needed. a loss will that work? where was god wellness? happy not just to me, the, to all of us children. why didn't he intervene with, with marcus eleanor has never wanted to enter a church ever again. with me in the studio now was martin yankees or religious affairs correspondent martin. what was your response to today's report? well, i didn't think about my own reaction to be quite honest, but i think of the bad i can say that i had the 2 usual ones that i had over the last 20 years following this. and the last 10 really doing it in a professional,
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in a professional capacity, which is absolute shock. and then a sense of the job. i mean, so, you know, it's a sense of absolute outrage. i mean, this story is particularly brutal because you're talking about a 12 year old kid. i mean, i have, i have a child. so i see my child in the stories repeated over and over. and i, i not only cringe. i mean, i really just have nightmares at the same time. um and i realize the church has attempted, or at least i mean for the sake of public consumption. but it's very clear, very, very clear that this has simply not gone far enough yet. can not police itself you will you say deja vu, i mean we've heard cases like this reports have come out time and time again. i'm thinking about what we heard from france last year is this wouldn't different in any way. well, it is, it is a former poll, and so i think that this is sort of the major li, france, and this what a lot of people are sort of, you know, pointing out that the church was courageous enough to actually go for an investigation that could potentially implicate and ultimately did
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a former pope and sort of head leaving head of the church, former head of the church. so i think that that's meant to be the difference. the fact however, is that, you know, it's not that the previous cases where a, needless outrages and this one. so the question to be asked here is not really, and i have said this today sort of time. so forgive me, but it's not really just about redress. it's not really just about a pope having been in an arch vera shop position and not doing what he had to do misconduct according to the, to the, to the lawyers. but the question is, how do we prevent this happening in the future? and it is not clear that the church actually, he has cleaned up attacked. so we don't know what he's really happening in the water right now in the abuse victims. i mean, what can they expect other than, you know, getting an apology? well, apologies will, of course come because this has become of the specialty of the church. i mean, the catholic church presents its apology every time one of these questions. i think
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that the church, the crimes can not be undone and the kind of life that been grew in to the extent they've been ruined, that will never be taken back, not only by the church, but as a society in some way. i have begun to think that we have become complicit in this by just sheer force of repetition with a done with it is we become outrage. and then we just let it kind of slide until the next that will become desensitized because i see it happens over and over and over again. i have to say that i think it's because it happens over and over. and i think because in some sense it's impossible really to cope with this. i mean, i have been reading this reports for the better part of 10 years. yes. i don't wish this up on my worst enemy. right. so i think that the question really is about who are we in society and what kind of things do we tolerate from the institutions in our midst? and you know, again, that the brutality of it is we're talking about children entrusted to the institution. yeah, that's exactly right to our religious affairs correspondent martin gac martin. as always, we appreciate your analysis even even if it is a dark story like this. thank you. you're welcome. we've got some breaking news
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coming in. scores of people are fear dead in western gone after a massive explosion. this is what we know. police are reporting a huge blast after a mining vehicle carry explosives to a gold mine collided with a motorcycle. the incident happened between the towns of boca so and ball d in gone as western region and verified video that was posted a local media, which is what you're seeing. it shows a large blast area with dozens of buildings reduced to piles of wood, brick and twisted metal. and we will try to get more information to you as soon as it becomes available. or let's take a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. this hour, at least 29 people have been killed in a stampede in liberia's capital monrovia, many of them are children. large crowds had gathered for a christian prayer service on wednesday evening. local media reporting that robbers with knives and machetes,
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attacked the worshippers. and that this may have caused the stampede. police in pakistan say a blast in law hor has killed 3 people and injured more than 20 others. a spokesperson says a bomb was planted on a motorcycle and placed outside of shops in a market counter. terrorism and forensic teams are on the side investigating the attack. a 19 year old belgian british pilot was welcomed home after sending a new world record as the youngest woman to fly, so low around the world. zara rather for landed her ultralight aircraft in belgium on thursday after a 100 there she is. a $155.00 days of travel or the food made stops and more than 40 countries as she says, the solo expedition was an adventure and she had to inspire more girls to explore aviation congratulations to her. the 1st aircraft carrying humanitarian aid to tonga has arrived. 5 days after the pacific island nation was hit by
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a volcanic eruption and soon ami. a cargo plane flown by the royal new zealand air force was able to land after a carpet of ash was cleared from the runway. now as basic communication slowly begin to be restored. the world is getting a 1st impression just how badly tonga was hit. these images provide a glimpse of the devastation left behind. this is tongue is biggest island tongue, a top who escaped the west of saturday's volcanic eruption and c nami, which it was still badly hit and all around there is a blanket of volcanic ash. the ash might have health where the cushion my comp was water, the effects it would have on agriculture and the recovery of livestock culture,
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possibly the ecosystem fish stocks. we have to have push poison testing kits now to ensure that people's livelihoods and local food sources for, for consumption. the cleanup has already started as tom goods try to restore a sense of order. knowing the outside world is struggling to get in to help. but help is finally beginning to arrive. this will strain in 8th flight is the 1st to land in tonka. both new zealand and australia, all using then naval ships, as well as the air forces to bring in aid as quickly as possible. despite the difficult logistics, they parties from the colon and government. what we're really working to primarily
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in the 1st is the provision of clean water. that's the key priority that the government has asked for. and then a range of other stores from shelter. now, further communications equipment and the like to make sure that we can start to search and photography and such a effort can't begin soon enough. as this nation made up of around 170 islands, tries to start rebuilding its life. now to the pandemic, poland is bracing for a surgeon corona virus cases as it heads into a 5th wave. government forecasts indicate that this will peak in mid february at about $60000.00 new cases per day. a significant percentage of poles remain unvaccinated, only 56 percent have had 2 shots, only 23 percent have had booster shots. the w corresponded jack para reports to
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night from a hospital in krakow, which is preparing for its beds to fill up, yet again on ventilators fighting for their lives. none of the 20 people on this coven 19 ward at krakow university hospital of vaccinated. greco, she's just been admitted to the ward says he was scared, the vaccine would affect another medical condition. he has a brother and have a junior shipper. got one of them much convict of until now i didn't know how to vaccine would affect me. but anyway, i'm not an anti vac, sir, and only because the question is now from my doctor how long after leaving the hospital can i be vaccinated? she isn't on the mortgage. the search right now the case load here is manageable, but there, bracing is infection numbers in poland. surge and my frustrated that people are not getting vaccinated. frustration is a difficult turned to to define. i just wish people trusted our medical experts
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more weak and weary. the staff try to get the patients moving again. up to half of the patience on this road will end up needing intensive care support. it's so frequent that the staff here at clack, of university hospital have set up special pathways that go underground straight from this ward to the i see you doctors here say currently around a 5th of the people admitted with cove. it don't make it out of the hospital when i remember our 1st wave. we had most sleep, very other people. and a lot of them, in fact, died at to day. age of patients is different. we have patients who are 40 at 50 years old. there's an ongoing discussion in poland about whether the reluctance to be vaccinated comes from longstanding, lack of confidence in public institutions, a hangover from the communist era, or whether the government's information campaign around the jobs was insufficient.
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only 56.5 percent of polls are vaccinated with 2 doses. and it wasn't hard to find people on the streets of krakow, who hadn't had it back to shark, whatever vaccinated people also get the virus and they're spreading the virus to left and carrying and suffering at the place where i was working. everyone who was vaccinated got severely ill, me, i wasn't vaccinated, and i never got sick. my, any kind of, i mean, given so, so, so something like, i don't know what to say about vaccines because i'm not vaccinated. is there something new in the world? and i don't know what the side effects might be. every makia available some ago, my goals. i not the go, the steel production company, acilo, midtown, poland, is offering its 10000 employees, a bonus of just over 400 euros. if they prove they're fully vaccinated, they say it's getting results. the response has been overwhelming because the program was only introduced on the 21st of december last year. and in the 1st 3
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weeks, we received as many as 4 and a half 1000 applications. so it means that 4 and a half 1000 of our employees have been vaccinated. while private initiatives like that might have a local effects. increasing vaccination rates needs a nationwide effort. poland has passed the unwelcome milestone of a $100000.00 covey deaths and with the low vaccine take up. and with the 5th wave looming, hospitals like this one warned the number of deaths will spike again. germany's central council of jews is calling for more education in schools about nazi crimes committed during the 2nd world war. and this comes on the day that germany marks a dork anniversary. 80 years ago to day senior nazi officials met to discuss the systematic murder of up to 11000000 jews here in europe. now the vans a conference on january 20th 1942 was held in the building that you see behind me.
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it's considered one of the key dates in the history of the holocaust, a symbol of bureaucratically planned mass murder. in january 1942, this idyllic lakeside villa in berlin was the scene for the infamous van z conference reinhardt high durish, head of rice security, sent out the invitations. there was only one item on the agenda, the so called final solution of the jewish question. in europe, hydro had been placed in charge of the task at the beginning of 1941. now it was a matter of implementation. the plan to transfer more than $11000000.00 jews to the occupied eastern territories and murdered them at off, eichmann was in charge of logistics. the van z conference has become a symbol of bureaucratic re planned mass. murder hearing is that the issue here was
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how individual sectors of the administrative said participate in the planning organization and implementation of the matter of european juice. this is an important point for us, but it's also important to highlight that without the participation of society, this mass murder could never have taken place most in math, moran gave him, conan, private denunciations and laws. that excluded dues worked together. at the end of the process, there was to be a relatively harmless sounding re settlement. deprived of their property and citizenship. deportees were left with only one suit case. they had to pay for their own tickets to the labor and extermination camp. a one way ticket to our shreds escaped, can it their no perpetrators, without victims and no victims without perpetrators. of course, we can 1st deerwood what the perpetrators did or did not do. then we can understand what effects the perpetrators actions and decisions had on those who were affected
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15 that felt that i think that these cannot be separated from each other. even here at this place, at the house of the van, the conference deposited on the confines county for 21 another. in 1992, the sight of the perpetrators became a memorial. the museum and educational center focuses not only on the past. it likes to relate it to the present. for example, when studying the technocratic dehumanizing language of the conference protocol. pleasantly. i know from colleagues that visitors who work in aetna, jason definitely have this moment when it sent to analyst the protocol linguistically, when they say, oh, the language we use now actually quite singular understanding history and being vigilant in the presence. that is the mission of the house of the vans e conference in they'll some good news. scientists have discovered a pristine call reef off the coast of tahiti. much of the news,
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a recent years relates to chrome degradation because of climate change. but a group of french scientists have discovered a pristine 3 kilometer long reef of giant rose shaped corals at depths ranging from 30 to a 120 meters like of that gorgeous. it's thought that the waters are deep enough to protect the coral from the bleaching effects of warming, ocean waters. you watch the w news. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day tonight a look at the 1st year of the presidency of jo. bye. what did he get right? what did he get wrong of your joint? ah ah, with
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who to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives,
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on you tube and know also in book form. ah, soccer is a sport of colors and the children in this mountain village. oh them all. but can everyone be adorned with them regardless of gender. huh. where's blue? the color of her favorite. but sex is traditions. prevent her from going to game, playing with an insurmountable obstacle. little girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d, w. ah. the winter olympics in beijing all looming, ever closer and china is being put to the text as it battles to contain out.


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