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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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oh mm ah ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. the u. s. secretary of state is in berlin for
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crisis talks on russia, ukraine, tension, america, top diplomat. and to me blinking is meeting with germany's foreign minister and other european allies. part of a whirlwind diplomatic tour to try to stop russia from invading you crate. also coming up as a 1st humanitarian aid flights reach. tonga, images, emerging from the pacific nation's capital, shows a scale of devastation, a massive volcanic eruption, and to nami, cut it off from the rest of the world. last week and did retired catholic, pope benedict to cover up clerical, sex abuse in the 1980 will hear from an abuse survivor and get more on a just published report that has the former german pope among those in the spotlight. ah,
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i'm sorry, so misconduct. good to have you with us. you are secretary of state antony blinkin is in berlin. his latest stop over 3 days of shuttle diplomacy aimed at preventing a war in ukraine. he's holding discussions with his german, british, and french counterparts on how to contain the threat from russia, including a face to face bilateral, meeting with drummond, foreign minister unaligned of havoc. lincoln left kiev early this morning after a meeting with ukrainian leaders. he told them he would keep working to avert a russian attack. and he urged western countries to remain united in the face of what he called relentless russian aggression. blinkin is also due to meet with russian foreign minister, a survey lover of in geneva, on friday. clearly, let's bring in our chief international editor richard walker for more on these talks. he joins us now. i richard. so antony blinkin is here trying to bring together allies to, to forge a common approach towards russia. what are the biggest challenges that he's facing? yes to me is it, as you just mentioned, really,
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unity is it is the main goal here that the americans have ever since the, this kind of crisis, this later stage of crisis with relations with, with russia bubbled up again towards the end of last year. and at the moment they really focused on trying to make sure that there is credible to terrance in place to russia, deterring it for from mounting an invasion of ukraine, which of course, there are those intense fears of after the massive build up of troops along the ukrainian border by, by the russian side. i'm now trying to ensure that unity so far, the nato, a member states here in europe have really been pretty much singing from the same hymn sheet. but it was interesting comments just last night from a joe biden himself, antony blink ins boss. back in washington, d. c. in a press conference. raise some questions about whether there really would be that unity under certain scenario. so i think we can just quickly listen into what joe biden said. russia will be held accountable. if it invades,
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it depends on what it does. it's one thing if richer, minor kirschner, then we end up having to fight about what to do, and not do, etc. but if they actually do what they're capable of doing with the force of mash on the border, it is going to be a disaster for russia. in a richard that comment on a minor incursion there from biden did raise a lot of eyebrows. what do you make of it yet? that's right to me means being criticized. it's quite a serious gaff of by joe biden. sort of opening the door potentially to, to vladimir putin sort of thinking. alright, what he's saying there is that as long as i don't go into big into ukraine, then maybe i'll get away with it and reinforcing the sense that this was a gaff. also, the fact that his spoke soon jen sanky had to put out a statement later on trying to clarify that what joe biden was talking about was something on the level of a cyber attack. in that there would be a different level of responses to something like cyber. but essentially what joe
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biden is saying here is effectively true. we've kind of got a little bit of a window into the potential challenges that nato will have face here because it's one thing to have unity on really massive sanctions. if let me put in, does of mount a massive invasion where there's really absolutely no question that it, that it demands the, the most serious response. but where the debates will come in, where the uncertainty will come in is what if it is a scenario that's below that? and there are any number of scenarios, not just cyber attacks, but also as he referred to minor incursion. what is the point at which certain levels of sanctions are triggered? that's where it's a bit of a difficult sort of tricky situation for nato potentially. and where it needs to establish these kinds of credible lines of deterrence against the russians doing, taking certain actions. so what exactly could the us and europe put on the table to deter a such an incursion?
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well, there are lots of issues on the table buying himself, talking about massive sanctions that could target the financial system. for instance, potentially even cutting off a russia from, from using the dollar in trip financial transactions. that would be a really major step here in germany. all the focus has been on the very controversial gas pipeline between russia and germany called north stream to which has recently finish but hasn't gone into operation yet. all of shots, the german chancellor just earlier this week for the 1st time really quite clearly indicating that he would consider slapping sanctions on that potentially preventing it from going into operation if there is a major incursion by the russians against ukraine, that level of sanctions potentially would have a deterrent effect on russia, as long as russia believes that they would actually be implemented or chief international editor, richard walker, reporting for us there. thank you. well,
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back at home, joe biden is marking one year since he became president of the u. s. at a news conference bite and field of questions about the setbacks he's encountered with key parts of his agenda, blocked by both republican lawmakers and hold out in his own democratic party. but he also defended his achievements so far as per year challenges. but it's also been a year of enormous progress. we went from 2000000 people being vaccinated at the moment. i was born in to 210000000 americans been fully vaccinated today. we created 6000000 new jobs war job one year than any time before. monte daddy's washington bureau chief in as poll has this report on the highs and lows of the 1st 12 months of the biden administration. i joseph robin hood by junior do solemnly swear. one year ago, large parts of the western world breathed a sigh of really not so much because of the new occupant. a white house president
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joe biden, a long term figure in washington with almost a half a century of policy making experience. but because they hoped that the chaotic chapter that was the donald trump experiment would soon be at an end. david mariners is an award winning journalist and a presidential biographer, that he was clearly the right person for the job. a year ago, he was probably the one democrat who could get elected and stop the trump descendants. but now a year later, there real questions about that about whether his right person for the next 3 years . to start with the positives, his 1st year in office president biden was able to push a one trillion dollar infrastructure package through congress of feet that no president had been able to accomplish in 60 years. but it's mpeg won't be felt for a long time, and people might not reward him with their walt in 2024. what they do feel
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immediately are the increasing prices for basic goods. inflation has risen at its fastest pace in nearly 4 decades. pushing prices up at a 7 percent annual rate for the international community. the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan raised many questions, especially about how closely the new white house is really willing to work together with its nato partners. one, like most parts of the world, dealing with the co, with 19 pandemic, is a major challenge. the midterm elections coming up in november biden is in danger of losing his razor. thin majority in the senate in the house biden has to walk a fine line between protecting the american people and scaring or ignoring the concerns of possible voters. with his approval rating at an all time low with 65 percent of americans, believing his presidency is
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a failure. what could the next steps be? requires more than just job by to reclose the entire democratic party to get its act together, which it hasn't been able to do in this last year and getting some luck on the pandemic. i mean, some of it is beyond his control. even one of the most powerful politicians in the world phase the severe limits to pushing through his agenda. let's take a look. some other stories were, were on the world now. norwegian mass that murderer under his breath vac has arrived in court for the final day of a parole. hearing that we'll decide is he should be released after spending more than a decade behind bars. breville killed at 77 people in norway's worst peacetime atrocity in 2011. the 42 year old is now surveying norway's makins at maximum sentence of 21 years. the pentagon has released video footage of a botched us drones strike and cobble that killed 10 civilians. as
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u. s. troops were withdrawing from afghanistan, the target of the strike was an extreme as to u. s. military thought was about to detonate a bomb near couple airport. it later admitted the strike was a tragic mistake. the caribbean island of barbados has held a snap the general election 2 months after the former colony cut ties with the u. k . queen elizabeth and became a republic incumbent to prime minister mia motley, called the vote. more than a year ahead of schedule. opposition leaders have accused her of trying to consolidate power. the 1st aircraft carrying humanitarian aid to tonga, has arrived. 5 days after the pacific island nation was hit by a volcanic eruption and soon ami, a cargo plane flown by the royal new zealand air force was able to land after a carpet of ash was cleared from the runway. now as basic communication slowly begin to be restored. the world is getting a 1st impression of how badly tango was hit. these images
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provide a glimpse of the devastation left behind. this is tom good, biggest island tonga top who escaped the worst of saturday's volcanic eruption and su nami. but it was still badly hit and all around there was a blanket of volcanic ash. the ash might have health for the cushion. my comp was water. the effects it would have on agriculture and the recovery of livestock and culture, possibly the ecosystem fish stocks. we have to have push poison testing kit, now to ensure that people's livelihoods and local food sources for, for consumption. the cleanup has already started as tang goods
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try to restore a sense of order knowing the outside world is struggling to get in to help. but help is finally beginning to arrive. this will strain in 8th flight is the 1st to land in tonga. both new zealand and australia all using the naval ships, as well as the air forces to bring in aid as quickly as possible. despite the difficult logistics. they parties from the colon government. what we're really working to primarily in the 1st is the provision of claim water, that that's the key priority that the government has asked for. a range of other stores from shelter. now, further communications equipment and the like to make sure that we can start to search and photography and such a f. it can't begin soon enough. as this nation made up of around
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170 islands, tries to start rebuilding its life. poland is bracing for a surgeon corona virus cases as it heads into a 5th wave. a peak of 60000 daily cases is forecast from mid february, according to the government. but a large percentage of the people in poland are still on vaccinated, only 56.5 percent of had 2 doses and only 23 percent have had their booster dw jack parent reports from a hospital and crackle, which is preparing for its beds to fill up once again, on ventilators fighting for their lives, none of the 20 people on this coven, 19 ward at krakow university hospital of vaccinated greg halls who's just been admitted to the ward, says he was scared. the vaccine would affect another medical condition. he has
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a rather than have a jamie shipper got one of them you watch content of until now i didn't know how to vaccine would affect me. but anyway, i'm not an anti vax or a w because the question is now for my doctor, how long after leaving the hospital can i be vaccinated? kids haven't 20 movies or shipped right now. the case load here is manageable, but they're bracing as infection numbers in poland surge and my frustrated that people are not getting vaccinated. frustration is a difficult turn to to define. i just wish people trusted or medical experts more weak and weary. the staff try to get the patients moving again. up to half of the patience on this road will end up needing intensive care support. it's so frequent that the staff here at clack, of university hospital has set up special pathways that go underground straight from this ward to the i see you doctors here say currently around
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a 5th of the people admitted with cove. it don't make it out of the hospital when i remember 1st wave, we hat most sleep, very other people and a lot of them, in fact it died at to day. age of patients is different. we have patients clar 40 at 50 years old. there's an ongoing discussion in poland about whether the reluctance to be vaccinated comes from long standing, lack of confidence in public institutions, a hangover from the communist era, or whether the government's information campaign around the jobs was insufficient. only 56.5 percent of polls are vaccinated with 2 doses. and it wasn't hard to find people on the streets of krakow, who hadn't had it back to shark, whatever vaccinated people also get the virus and they are spreading the virus to left and carrying and suffering at the place where i was working. everyone who was vaccinated got severely ill, me,
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i wasn't vaccinated and i never got sick like any kind of harm needs given so, so, so civilian, i don't know what to say about vaccines because i'm not vaccinated. are you there something new in the world? and i don't know what the side effects might be. every makia effect. obama go home or goes. i love the golf, the steel production company, arsenal, midtown, poland is offering its $10000.00 employees. a bonus of just over 400 euros. if they prove they're fully vaccinated, they say it's getting results. the response has, has been overwhelming because the program was only introduced on the 21st of december last year. and in the 1st 3 weeks, we received as many as 4 and a half 1000 applications. so it means that 4 and a half 1000 of our employees have been vaccinated. while private initiatives like that might have a local effects. increasing vaccination rates needs a nationwide effort. poland has passed the unwelcome milestone of a $100000.00 covey deaths and with the low vaccine take up. and with the 5th wave
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looming, hospitals like this one worn, the number of deaths will spike again. here in germany, a report about an abuse scandal and munich that embroiled the now retired catholic . pope benedict has just been released. the inquiry looks into whether benedict, then known as cardinal joseph rossimer, covered up clerical, sex abuse in the 1980s. one of the most prominent cases involves a priest known as peter h. in 1980. he was transferred to the munich archdiocese, lead at the time by the german cardinal, who later became pope in 2005 and we can speak now to our religious affairs correspondent martin. god was following the story for us high martin. one of the biggest issues that are covered in this report mean, so the mean, the scope of the, the scope of the report is, you know, what happened when they're just sis of munich over sorta for very long period of
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time. and who are the responsible party? so it looks again, a report that the same law firm had actually producing 2010, which actually has revised, they say in light of new evidence, a new people that came forth. i bet, despite all the details and some of them are truly, truly troubling. i mean, one of the things that they point out is that nobody should thing that sexual abuse in the church is a matter of the past. clearly pointing out that there is still things, there are still things afoot, the b a c issue. it's really what was the role of ameritas po benedict in the handling of cases that happen within that, that parish and those parishes under though that urge the us. we are talking about church leaders who are still alive said do they now have to expect criminal prosecution? well, this is actually a very good question, which can not quite the answer yet, but we do know by from the prosecutor in charge of cases in this,
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in this region that there are 42, i believe cases they're actually looking at that they are obviously not saying who those people are, but you know, the numbers are really quite staggering because what the report shows, once again, we must say it's not only that there was sort of a pattern of sexual abuse, but there was actually pattern of cover up up of people that were engaged in abuse that were moved from one parish to the other in order to protect them and then continued to abuse children. well, we mentioned that one of the cases of putting pressure on po bennett, i can bought a clergyman who is alleged to have abused numerous boys and did up he did speak to one of his victims. let's take a look. my number's law, my name is marcus eleanor. i was abused by a chap long 6, quoth marcus elton. i grew up opposite a church and bud hope and the rule region of western germany. his mother raised him and his siblings alone. a young clergyman from the church peter h took an apparent interest in the family. he invited 12 year old marcus to visit
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him in the parish house. that is on the bottom until sunday already. it is last or long without. he didn't have to address much at all. he sat down next to me on the couch and after a few advances, the blow started to go a little on. it didn't take long to go out. just a few caresses for him to show me how it was done, arden, and then i had to do the same to him, so i thought horridly gratify him more so so, but you most welcome. does general garb excluding worcester young fellow, should i started wedding myself again and hiding under the bed frustrated. i also drank a lot at that time because he gave me alcohol at the age of 12 and 13 from 12 quarts on the organ. the abuse continued and peter h went on to abuse. several other boys as well. a number of cases became public and he was even sentenced but not dismissed. instead, he was transferred to rural parishes and bavarian. there he was supposed to undergo therapy, but instead continue to abuse boys there as well. only years later did these cases
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come to light marcus, else nor happened to see a tv report about the abuse. it was then he released his tormentor from back, then it continued to abuse boys unchecked, rightly i was actually feeling quite robust and strong at suddenly when i saw him on television, everything collapsed around me. i started having suicidal thoughts. i. i didn't know what to do and how was it to work a donkey voice was what if i told watson what martin sorta? joseph got singer, the former archbishop of munich, and later po benedict was in charge of the diocese and bavaria at the time. either he knew about the abuse cases and covered them up for peter h or he violated his duty to oversee the parish. peter h is now retired and lives once again in the rural region, about 10 kilometers from the scene of marcus eleanor's abuse. thank you. didn't i think of them every night and day,
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lots at night. and the former nightmares oxen during the day that i could run into her somewhere for victims were traumatized for life. were never freely real. that was needed a loss. what? where was god when this happened? not just to me, but to all of us children. why didn't he intervene with, with marcus eleanor has never wanted to enter a church ever again. my listening to that a troubling story and in what can abuse victims expect at this point beyond an apology? well, i mean they're of course different questions. i mean, i think that from, from you know, a private citizen point of view. i mean, there is no repair that can offer even us as a society, forget the church to children that were with those conditions and so systematically . and course us a states that did not oversee the church in it's and doesn't have children. so from that point of view there, it's really no one doing the catastrophe that has actually been because been
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unleashed from an institutional quite a few with a church continues to push reform from the vatican bed. quite obvious. i mean the, it's very slow and what the report continued to show is that movement does not suffice to actually keep in check outs already send clergy members that are actually at this time. no, i want to point out that one of the things that the report finds is that there was essentially a complete or well a like a lack of oversight or appropriate oversight. bad blood finger himself over 4 cases . and you know, it's not clear what the regret degree of responsibility or whether the reports. i mean, the report is over a 1000 pages, so it needs to be blow through. but whether there is but it points to fingers directly, a rud singer for actually like a forward siding for it takes it so at least there is some sense that those responsible are actually being on to her are being brought forth. are religious
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affairs correspondent martin, gac thank you very much. now, museums and concert halls in the netherlands have been offering haircuts, and manicures in protest against corona virus restrictions. that's because the government recently eased restrictions for small businesses like hair salons, but not for cultural venues. they have been close to since mid september, much to the dismay of many dutch people. ah, it's a different kind of into met. so at this concert, hold and amsterdam, the orchestra plays 2nd fiddle to a pair of hair dressers. ah, yes, it will say it's so beautiful too to be here. now in these days where there's no possibility for opening the culture sector, the netherlands was put on to lockdown in mid december due to record cove at 19 cases, hair dressers,
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beauty salons and gyms have now been allied to reopen museums, concert halls, and other cultural venues. have not in a protested auction called hare saloon stages and galleries were turned into small beauty parlors or yoga studios. at the famous vanguard museum, you could get cheer fingernails painted for organizing this to make the points that we think the cultural sector should be open in museums, in particular, very se places to visit. the way we've set this up is also according to the rules. there's plenty of social, different thing, there's lots of space, lots of fresh air. and we thing, we just really don't understand why we're close. and beauty salon is over with this concert up to eventually stop. but the barbara of seville would surely have been proud, hulu. and we had some good news for you from tahiti scientists
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have documented a previously undiscovered coral reef in wonderful condition. much of the news in recent years relates to coral degradation because of climate change. but a group of french scientists have discovered a pristine reef. it consists of giant rose shaped corals and as 3 kilometers long making it one of the longest in the world. it's at a depth of between 30 to a 120 meters. and scientists believe the waters are deep enough to protect the coral from the bleaching effects of warming, ocean waters nearer to the surface. coming up next on the w. r. show focus on europe, goes to italy to meet a mayor who was fighting, organized, crime, fed tooth
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oh, the italian government just demolished this man's house. father used to be his father built it decades ago when the mafia was profiting off of the home and shortage and more people here could soon find themselves homeless due to forces beyond their control, the mayor of castle, the printer is trying to put a stop to this focus on europe next on dw, into the conflict zone with sebastian when it comes to the nuclear talks between iran and is a national community. no country is watching as closely as israel this week, comp exam talk to the former israeli defense minister marcia. yeah, alon, who slammed her friend, he 15, you pay agreement as an historic mistake conflict zone in 60 minutes on d. w o
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thinker is a sport of colors and the children in this mountain village of them all. can everyone be a dog with them regardless of gender wears blue, the color of her favorite sex is traditions prevent her from going to game play an insurmountable obstacle. little girl football on the peak. that starts february 4th on d w. ah, ah, ah.


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