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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2022 8:00am-8:30am CET

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oh, i mean, this is the w news live from berlin. the u. s. secretary of state, heads to berlin for crisis talks on russia. ukraine. tensions america's top
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diplomat, anthony lincoln, will hold meetings with key european allies is a part of a whirlwind diplomatic tour to try to stop russia from invading. you also company year challenges, but it's also been a year, but enormous progress. one year since jo by became president of the united states, he counts his vaccination, rollover and infrastructure bills as wins. but other key parts of his agenda remain store as the 1st humanitarian aid flights reached toma images in emerging from the pacific nations capitol and show the scale of devastation. a massive kind of interruption added synonymy cut it off from the rest of the world. last at the shop and tuneful protest against covet restrictions in amsterdam, cultural venues off a hack cuts and joke, alice, in an attempt to persuade the dutch government that it's time to reopen,
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ah, ahead of us, welcome to the program. us secretary of state antony blinking is on his way to berlin. his latest stop over in 3 days of shuttle diplomacy aimed at preventing a war in ukraine. he will hold talks by videoconference with his german, british, and french counterparts. ahead of a face to face bilateral meeting with germany's foreign minister and alina bell, lincoln left key of this early this morning. after meeting with ukrainian leaders, he told them he would keep working to avert a russian attack and urged western countries to remain united in the face of what he called relentless russian aggression. lincoln is also due to meet with russian foreign minister, sergey lover off in geneva, on friday to speak clearly. now let's bring our political bond and hands brown for
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a bit more background on that. hans, what can we expect from these meetings today? well, as you've just said, this has been a flurry of diplomatic activity. in fact, in the last couple of weeks last week, the deputy foreign minister of russia was in europe talking to his american counterpart, talking to nato, talking to european security structures. this week, the german foreign minister has been both in keith and ukraine and in moscow yesterday, blinkin was in ukraine while the nato general secretary was here in berlin, talking to the german chancellor. and now lincoln is coming to berlin himself to speak to the german foreign minister, and also to have discussions with the french and british counterpart. so a lot going on. and obviously, the idea is to here is to try and coordinate responds to the a ration pressure on ukraine to decide what to do about a possible russian invasion in ukraine. a lot of coordination that still needs to
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be done on that, on that point. now, well, blinking is in europe trying to dissuade russia from invading ukraine, his boss president, but made some comments that raised a lot of eyebrows. let's have a listen. russia will be held accountable. if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing, if it's a minor incursion, then we end up having to fight about what to do and not do, etc. but if they actually do what they're capable of doing with the force of mass on the border, it is going to be a disaster for russia. let me just repeat this. it depends on what russia does. it's one thing if it's a minor incursion, that doesn't sound like a u. s. president, being tough on russia right. it, will he allow a minor incursion or what does this mean? absolutely. it's something very surprising from the united states president, something that goes against the line of what the americans have been trying to do
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to put forward in the last couple of weeks and or the white house. in fact, you immediately try to do some damage control and issued a statement saying that what bite and in fact had meant to was that if there were some sort of cyber attacks on ukraine or something like that, the response might be, let's say, open. but if the military were to, in fact the russian military would in fact enter ukraine territory, then that would, that would be a tough response from, from the allies. but in fact, that exactly what, what needs to be clarified now, and i'm sure blink, and we'll be trying to do some damage control on that matter as well. here in berlin. obviously the europeans are hoping to get the united states on their side. there has been some sense in recent days that the united states were just having discussions with russia without really taking into account european positions. and the russians themselves are saying that they would prefer to talk only to the
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united states. there's a lot of coordination to be done. in other words, the europeans themselves are not completely at one or one opinion either. the great britain, for instance, has been a lot tougher already in its statements on ukraine, and in fact has decided to supply weapons to ukraine. that's something that germany, for instance, has so far, ruled out completely. well talking about germany, there's a lot of pressure on germany to employ with some c, as it most powerful weapon to get russia to stand down. that's in north stream to gas pipeline, from russia to germany, chance that all of shaws could refuse final approval to get it operational, but as long been unwilling to do so. do you see any movement there? yes indeed, there has been movement on that for, for the 1st time. all of shaw it's the german chancellor yesterday said that if the situation in ukraine escalades, if there is a russian invasion and if there's very tough and very and every this is that the
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reaction for the economic reaction from the europeans and united states against such an evasion were to become necessary. the north stream to this gas pipeline would also become part of that issue. did up his political correspondent, hunts blunt. thank you, ones now i'll, america's top diplomat is busy in europe. the back of the home joe biden is mocking one years since he became president of the united states at a news conference by the field of questions about the setbacks he's encountered with key parts of his agenda blocked by both republican lawmakers and also hold out in his own democratic party, but he also defended his achievements so far. it's been year challenges, but it's also been a year of enormous progress. we went from 2000000 people being vaccinated at the moment. i was born in to 210000000 americans been fully vaccinated today.
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we created 6000000 new jobs war jobs in one year than any time before. now the ws washington bureau chief venus paul has this report on the highs and lows . the 1st 12 months of the biden administration. i, joseph robinson by jr. do solemnly swear. one year ago, large parts of the western world breathed a sigh of really not so much because of the new occupant. a white house president joe biden, a long term figure in washington with almost a half a century of policy making experience. but because they hoped that the chaotic chapter that was the donald trump experiment would soon be at an end. david mariners is an award winning journalist and a presidential biographer that he was clearly the right person for the job. a year ago, he was probably the one democrat who could get elected and stop the trump descendants . but now a year later, there real questions about that about whether his right person for the next 3 years
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to start with the positives. his 1st year in office president biden was able to push a one trillion dollar infrastructure package through congress of feet that no president had been able to accomplish in 60 years. but its impact won't be felt for a long time, and people might not reward him with their walt in 2024. what they do feel immediately are the increasing prices for basic goods. inflation has risen at its fastest pace in nearly 4 decades. pushing prices up at a 7 percent annual rate for the international community. the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan raised many questions, especially about how closely the new white house is really willing to work together with its nato partners. one, like most parts of the world, dealing with the co, with 19 pandemic, is a major challenge. the midterm elections coming up in november biden is in danger
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of losing his razor thin majority in the center and in the house. biden has to walk a fine line between protecting the american people and scaring or ignoring the concerns of possible voters. with his approval rating at an all time low with 65 percent of americans, believing his presidency is a failure. what could the next steps? b requires more than just jo bye to re crazy, tired democratic party to get its act together, which it hasn't been able to do with this last year and getting some luck on the pandemic. and some of it is beyond his control. even one of the most powerful politicians in the world face a severe limit to pushing through his agenda to not ever look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the u. s . supreme court has rejected a request by former president donald trump,
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to block the release of documents related to the storming of the capitol last year . trump, who has been accused of stoking the assault on congress. hart saw to prevent the records from being given to the panel, investigating the events that the pentagon has released video footage of a botched u as drawn strike in cobbled that killed 10 civilians. as u. s. troops were withdrawing from of gun to stand. the target of the strike was an ex extremist who u. s. military thought was about to detonate a bomb near campbell airport. a letter admitted the strike was a tragic mistake. caribbean island of barbados has held a snap in general election 2 months after the former colony cut tie is with you case queen elizabeth and became a republic incumbent prime minister, mere motley, cold. the vote. more than a year ahead of schedule opposition leaders have accused her of trying to consolidate power. the french actor gaspard ileal has died in
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a skiing accident. leo became famous for peering and for a few months and several film and television roles eventually becoming a top french actor. most recently, he had a leading role in the upcoming marvel series, moon nights. he was 37 years old. now the 1st plains carrying aid have landed in tonga after the pacific islands, nations. main airport was cleared of volcanic ash. these images here show the extent of the damage from last weekend's volcanic eruption and the following synonymy. though some phone lines have been restored, it will take weeks for the main on the see communications cable to be repaired, ash has contaminated, fresh, fresh drinking water as well on some islands. entire villages have been wiped out. little earlier, we spoke to peter tow for the food lim pick athlete from target based in brisbane,
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australia. a. have you managed to speak to any of your family and friends on song since the rob samantha nami. so i haven't, i haven't been able to speak to any of my family, all both friends and i had that there was one message that a come through from out by saying that the ways that come through every one was safe. but i haven't heard from i have enough my father will be able to get through to anybody. so 8 is arriving by plane on top of that must be a huge relief. right? yes, absolutely, absolutely. yes, a scale of devastation is big message. so just knowing that aid is starting to trickle in, this is a very, a very positive thing. how has it been waiting, you know, to find out what happened to your family and friends? it must have been a nightmare. it's been very difficult waiting process,
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but i, you know, we, we haven't just been waiting. we've been, we've been working hard trying to get the well support to let them know that in the middle of the po can a cloud, there's a little island country which is covered in ash. so we've been working very hard. we didn't really, i didn't really have the option to, you know, to go into my room and sit there and, and cry and wait, i have to stand up and what do you feel there is enough support for a full time international support. a lot of what we've been doing is trying to get more support. i. one of the challenges is that with the communication people down and see the devastation and you know, i'm really hopeful and with outreach to the world a lot more places around the world. wow. the little country.
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thank you very much, peter. thank you. thank you so much. until the u. k. now, where boris johnson is fighting to stay prime minister after revelations about boozy gatherings held in his downing street residents while millions were enduring cove 19 locked downs. johnson is facing mounting pressure to quit from the opposition, from his own conservatives, and from ordinary citizens. after the drink parties to hang over in parliament bars, johnson defied called to resign from his political opponents, most likely is no time for him to resign. here is the speaker, but what i can tell her is, as i said to him next week, i apologize sincerely for any misjudgments that were made and continued. johnson is apologize for tending bring your own booth gatherings. if y'all percetti told it was a work event and wasn't told to was against the rules. he sitting tight for now,
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but even his tory peers may try to asked him, one law maker defected to the labor opposition and his party's former breakfast minister urge him to resign. you sat there too long for all the good you have done in the name of god go. as the political storm continued in the house of commons, johnson announced the end of covered 19 measures introduced to car the rapid spread of the arm across variant. some people were skeptical about the timing and felt was meant to distract from his current political woes. m. o, being cynical, i think his baby book 1st johnson feels he's about to be f says, and he wants to offer the public something maybe among health workers in particular. there was anger at the idea of the government boozing while they fought the virus. ah, 100 percent legion related. yeah, anyway, resign. well, we're sitting now says,
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and we those let think about why city by england we're working hides as anger grows, johnson will now hoped out an inquiry is ordered into the downing street parties, plus a bit of luck can help save his job. germany's central casso of jews is calling for more education in schools about nazi crimes during the 2nd world war. this comes on the day germany marks a chilling anniversary. 80 years ago to deb senior nazi officials met to discuss the systematic murder of up to 11000000 jews in europe. the so called bonds, a conference on january 20th, 1942 held in this builder. you see behind me, near belin, a symbol of bureaucratically plant, mass murder is considered one of the key dates in the history of the holocaust. in january 1942, this idyllic lakeside villa in berlin was the scene for the infamous van, z conference reinhardt. hi durish, head of ry security,
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sent out the invitations. there was only one item on the agenda, the so called final solution of the jewish question in europe. hydro had been placed in charge of the task at the beginning of 1941. now it was a matter of implementation, the plan to transfer more than 11000000 jews to the occupied eastern territories and murdered them. and off i, sherman was in charge of logistics. the van z conference has become a symbol of bureaucratic re planned mass murder here going is that the issue here was how individual sectors of the administrative st participate in the planning organization and implementation of the matter of european juice. this is an important point for us, but it's also important to highlight that without the participation of society, this mass murder could never have taken place. miles didn't matter. moran gave him conan,
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private denunciations and laws that excluded jews worked together. at the end of the process, there was to be a relatively harmless sounding re settlement. deprived of their property and citizenship. deportees were left with only one suit case. they had to pay for their own tickets to the labor and extermination camp. a one way ticket to our shreds escaped, and there are no perpetrators without victims and no victims with our perpetrators . of course, we can 1st deerwood what the perpetrators did or did not do. then we can understand what effects the perpetrators actions and decisions had on those who were affected 15 life healthy. i think that these cannot be separated from each other even here at this place at the house of the van, the conference them out of other conference county for cleaning, for an under. in 1992, the sight of the perpetrators became a memorial. the museum and educational center focuses not only on the past,
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it likes to relate it to the present. for example, when studying the technocratic dehumanizing language of the conference protocol. my concluding, i know from colleagues that visit his work and administration definitely have this moment when it's time to analyze the protocol linguistically, when they say, oh, the language we use now is actually quite similar. understanding history and being vigilant in the present. that is the mission of the house of the von z conference. poland is rising for a surge and corona virus cases as it heads into a 5th wave. a peak of $60000.00 daily cases is forecast for mid february, according to the government. but a large percentage of the people in poland are still unvaccinated, only 56.5 percent have had 2 doses. and only $23.00. i've had their booster shots. did up is jack parish reports from a hospital in crocker,
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which is preparing for its beds to fill up once again on ventilators fighting for their lives. none of the 20 people on this coven, 19 ward at crackle of university hospital are vaccinated. greg or she was just been admitted to the ward, says he was scared, the vaccine would effect another medical condition. he has rather than have a junior shipper got one of them you watch content of until now i didn't know how to vaccine would affect me. but anyway, i'm not an anti vaccine device because the question is now from my doctor how long after leaving the hospital can i be vaccinated? keith evans, when the movies are shipped right now, the case load here is manageable, but they're bracing as infection numbers in poland. surge, and my frustrated that people are not getting vaccinated. frustration is a difficult turn to to define. i just wish people trusted or medical experts more
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weak and weary. the staff try to get the patients moving again. up to half of the patience on this road will end up needing intensive care support. it's so frequent that the staff here at crackles university hospital has set up special pathways that go underground straight from this ward to the i see you doctors here say currently around a 5th of the people admitted with cove. it don't make it out of the hospital when i remember our 1st wave. we hat most sleep, very other people and a lot of them in thank it. died at to day. age of patients is different. we have patients who are 4050 years old. there's an ongoing discussion in poland about whether the reluctance to be vaccinated comes from longstanding, lack of confidence in public institutions, a hangover from the communist era, or whether the government's information campaign around the jobs was insufficient.
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only 56.5 percent of polls are vaccinated with 2 doses. and it wasn't hard to find people on the streets of krakow, who hadn't had it back to shark, whatever vaccinated people also get the virus and they are spreading the virus to left and carrying and suffering at the place where i was working. everyone who was vaccinated got severely ill, me, i wasn't vaccinated and i never got sick like any kind of harm needs given so, so, so civilian, i don't know what to say about vaccines because i'm not vaccinated. are you there something new in the world? and i don't know what the side effects might be. every makia effect, obama go home or goes, i love the golf, the steel production company, arsenal, metal, poland, is offering. it's 10000 employees. a bonus of just over 4000 euros. if they prove they're fully vaccinated, they say it's getting results. the response has, has been overwhelming because the program has only introduced on the 21st of december last year. and in the 1st 3 weeks, we received as many as 4 and
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a half 1000 applications. so it means that 4 and a half 1000 of our employees have been vaccinated. while private initiatives like that might have a local effect. increasing vaccination rates needs a nationwide effort. poland has passed the unwelcome milestone of a $100000.00 covey deaths and with the low vaccine take up. and with the 5th wave looming, hospitals like this one worn, the number of deaths will spike again. miss down the subject of the museums and concert halls the netherlands have been offering haircuts, and manicures in protest against corona vows restrictions. that's because the government recently east restrictions for small businesses such as salons, but not for cultural venues. they have been shopped since mid september, much to the dismay of many of the dutch ah, it's a different kind of into met. so at this concert hall and amsterdam,
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the orchestra plays 2nd fiddle to a pair of hair dressers. ah, yes, it was her phone. it's so beautiful too, to be here. now in these days, withers no possibility for opening the culture sector. the netherlands was put on to lockdown in mid december due to record covered 19 cases. hair dressers, beauty salons and gyms have now been allied to reopen museums, concert halls, and other cultural venues, have not in a protest, action called hare saloon. stages and galleries were turned into small beauty parlors or yoga studios. or at the famous vanguard museum. you could get your fingernails painted, organizing this to make the point that we think the cultural sector said the open museums, in particular, very se places to visit. the way we set this up is also,
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according to the rules. there's plenty of social different thing. there's lots of space left, the fresh air, and we thing we just really don't understand why we're close. and beauty salon is open. this concert had to eventually stop, but the barbara of seville would surely have been proud lou. and before we go, some good news from tahiti, a scientist to have documented a previously undiscovered coral reef in wonderful condition. much of the news in recent years we lead to carl degradation because of climate change. but a group of french scientists have not discovered a pristine reef at a depth ranging from 30 to 120 meters. it consists of giant rose shaped corals and is 3 kilometers long making while the longest than the world. it's thought the orders are deep enough to protect the coral from the bleaching effects of
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a warming ocean waters near the surface. you won't see the w. c. as remind of the top stories we're following for you. do a secretary of state antony blinkin is on his way to berlin for crisis talks on russia. ukraine tensions lincoln left. the key of earlier this morning after meeting with ukrainian leaders and assuring them he will keep walking to avert a russian attack that sets you up to date. i'll have an update for you at the top of the hour and don't forget, you can get a lot more news on our website, which is suppose a d w dot com and do follow us on instagram and on twitter handled as at dw news. i'm gab office in berlin. thanks for watching. with
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you. ah, italian government just demolished this man's father used to billy's
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father built it decades ago when the mafia was profiting off of the house. and more people here could soon find themselves homeless due to forces beyond their control, the mayor of castle, the printer is trying to put a stop to this focus on europe. next on d, w into the conflict zone with to sebastian. when it comes to the nuclear talks between iran and the international community, no country is watching as closely as israel. this we comp exam talked to the former, his railey defense minister, marcia. yeah. alon, who slammed the 2015. you pay agreement as an historic mistake. conflict in 60 minutes on d. w o
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is increasing every year many im gonna working on lunch with holiday destination drowning in plastic white wine and take a look at the car with every year year of the exports over 1000000 tons of plastic with there. another way, after all the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w, made for mines. ah .


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