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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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brushes warned, it'll pay a high price if it invades ukraine, as tension builds up at the border western powers, a threatening, tough economic sanctions against moscow. china is taking a hard line as it battles. a spike in corona virus cases will ask if it's a risk to global trade. and small packages contain big problems. we'll look at how se, asia, why do use of sasha is harming the environment. is the state of the business on robots in berlin? welcome to the program. the u. s. and it's western allies are threatening russia with severe economic consequences if it invades ukraine. they're hoping the prospects of further damage to an already pandemic hit economy could be enough to make moscow think twice a confidential sanction being considered. would be to remove russia from the brussels based international payment system, known us swift. it's an essential tool used by banks the world over to wire money
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to one another. in fact, trillions of dollars are transferred using switch between over $200.00 countries and territories. by around 11000 financial institutions is how it works well. for example, a business in germany wants to wire the money to an institution in russia. swift will coordinate the transaction using an intermediary bank in the united states. if russia were to be kicked out of swift, it would have serious implications for his ability to receive payments from abroad, including for key exports like oil and gas. but let's discuss that further with alexander lippman. he's a professor of russian and east european politics at the free university of berlin . thanks a lot for joining us. and can you just explain to was exactly how big a threat it would be to russia to be removed from swift? i mean, swift has been correctly correct, correct. compared to an atomic bomb on financial markets and in trade. and that is
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indeed true. if russia were disconnected from swift, it could lead to major interruptions and international trade, both imports and exports, and would make it highly problematic for russia to receive payments for the goods. it's a selling that's the implication for russia, but also it's all about international trade like you've talked about. so, would i not be some fullback for the countries outside of russia if they were to be removed from swift? indeed, on the one hand, countries which depend on russian value chains would suffer. russia is a major supplier for many commodities. and some of them are very difficult to find substitutes for. but what's even more important in the long run is if russia were kicked out of swift or other countries like china, would start thinking about developing new financial systems you a transaction system similar to swift, but independent from western influence. if this were to happen, we would find ourselves in a very fragmented financial world, much more costly and one way or the western countries have much smaller impact on
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international transactions. says what you're saying that that actually well might be a fairly sort of short sighted move to, to sanction. russia could actually change the way that the global banking system works. i mean this, the problem was sanction sanctions require economic connections between countries which are imposing sanctions, which are target of sanctions. and that's why every time one is using sanctions when essentially killing the chance to use them in the future. so if swift sanctions were imposed to day, we can, i could easily imagine that in say, 10 years or 20 years, swift will play much smaller role in international transactions overall. and then this pressure to will would simply disappear. so there are potential drawbacks to like he say, but we are saying some countries, a little more reticent to make this threat than others. germany in particular, i think the united states has being talked about a lot more as a potential sanction there. and why do we have this difference between allies? well, 1st of all, the united states, if it may say so, is generally more
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a trigger happy when it comes to sanctions. you as much often use as much more often use of sanctions in the european union and therefore doesn't hesitate so much to introduce new sanctions. but on the other side, european union is much more dependent on russia in terms of trade. there is more of russian investments of european investments in russia. and if her sanctions happen, and if rush is cut off from swift, the economic costs for countries like germany, it will be much higher than but then for the united states. okay, alex on the lipman from the free university, i fell in. thank you very much for bringing as your insight. thank you. now looking at china and the question of our, its rigid corona, various policies endangering global trade overseas business to say that baiting is hard line 0 cove, it strategy could ultimately lead to empty shells and stores all over the world. we got a taste of the possible impact in august when a single dot worker got infected with the corona virus in ning ball. the government
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reacted by closing an entire terminal in the world's 2nd largest fort, holding up 50 container ships and effecting global safe rate. now, china's current uptick in cases could prove even worse. right now there are 4 port cities that are under threat of lockdown. they're still running for there have already been delays to logistic centers because of tightened measures. experts at the p and institute for international economics, for example, say that china could actually end up broadening its measures if it's proven that it's sino farm. vaccines are not as sufficiently effective against the army con variant as they need them to be. so i've been speaking to our correspondent anti pates on hand, so i asked him what told china's tough pandemic approach was already having on its own economy? well, china as a 0 tolerance approach, cool liter, disappointing consumption growth this year. more serious economic damage more widespread stay intervention and more disgruntled crowds. week domestic, the man remains a major problem for china at the moment. according to officials,
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the tactics china's annual growth rate for consumption and investment both fell to single digit late last year from 10 digit growth in early 2021. due to the epidemic control in many parts of china. at the same time, china is facing nomic headwinds, including the shrinking population of poverty sector, slowed down the local government debt. it's a big challenge for the authorities to boost market confidence while maintain their own cov, it strategy we've been hearing about a concern. there is outside of china about what impact it's measures could have on global trade. exactly. i was sort of that, could it have what china us economy has been the main local motive of global growth in the last few years. and china is likely to remain the world's leading export or for the near future with strong external demand for things like consumer electronics, furniture, and other home comforts. but now millions of small and family owned private on
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businesses have crumbled. during the pandemic, we could expect renew disruption of supply chains. and the slow in chinese academy would certainly be a new hit to the global recovery. and if the slowdown were to be serious enough, some experts worried that it could even potentially plot the global economy into a new recession. so it's definitely a concern. yeah, and this is all about obviously how china interacts with the rest of the world. we've heard from president she, jim ping this week, he addressed the world economic forums, virtual davis event. what message did we get from him about how he sees china engaging with the rest of the world? if we compare on the speech with his words from a year ago at the same event, and we can find a big contrast, he was then talking about global governors, a very high profile gesture to the u. s. a. and the implication that the rise in the east and the full in the west. but this year the speech has been torn down to talk about his position, the new cold war,
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and his hope to maintain the smooth and stable global industrial supply chain and to refrain from high barriers that divide freight investment and technology. he also promised reform and opening up to return for investment. so we can see she's in pieces shipped to a lower profile this year. okay, so mm hm. so in taipei for us, thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the other global business stories making the news folks logon and basha planning an alliance to boost european battery production. the joint venture aims to short supply chains for battery manufacturers and secure batteries for europe's carmakers. the electric car industry is hoping to be less reliant on china . the asian owner of 2 german shipyards is found for liquidation. it comes about a week after getting hong kong ship outing subsidiaries in germany went bankrupt. shipyards had been hit hard by the impact of the pandemic on the global cruise industry. at 80 and t and verizon had agreed to delay wednesday's controversial
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roll out of new 5 g technology around us efforts. there was a roll from carriers who complained the network could interfere with flight instruments. me while international airlines had cut some flights to the u. s. or switched plane types and southeast asia, products like coffee soak or laundry liquid are often sold in little sashes. each one is a little more affordable than a big bottle or tin. however, these small packages create a big problem for the environment. e, mom cannot feed us his rounds. in this indonesian suburb, he's at trash collector. a lot of sash, it's land in his card. the small plastic packages are ubiquitous and southeast asia the single use package us up part and parcel of a mom can if his own lifestyle. he lives in a small house in target on zillah tongue,
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together with his older sister and his niece, laundry soap, shampoo, tooth paste, all supplied in single portion, plastic packs. even the spices for the food come in fashion bed. that as i said, if there is no sashay product, i don't know what to do. the sasha is very cheap. the amount is just enough for what meal and then got lucky if i could buy a big pack. i would buy laundry soap, bass, soap, dish, soap, sugar, and coffee. yeah. lisa, but unfortunately i only have a little money. and if i buy a big package, i'm afraid i can't buy other necessities. the important thing for me, the price of the sash is cheap, and i can cook every day who lack of a. it's a huge environmental problem. empty plastic sashes are all over. and then non recyclable, environmental is t some, a feeler thinks it's monstrous,
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that these packages are still being manufactured. she's fighting for a plastic free world. about 50 percent of global sasha production is based in south east asia. and the region is where most of the most sold a lot of the brands that are whose names are on this ashley packages. our brands of multinational fast moving consumer goods, who companies are all around the world. and they've originated in developed countries. they originated in europe in the united states were very familiar with these rang. the irony is that in europe and in the united states and in the u. k, you won't see sasha. you'll see these brands sell their products in bottles that are recyclable, but not session. the only place where i have a market sasha is in the developing country, ironically in a place where there's so little
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a capacity to recycle those sasha. uni lover is one of the top brands here, especially when it comes to shampoo and laundry soap. the company declined and interview, but it did right to say that it's working on producing sash. it's made of on the a one material in future and thus easier to recycle tougher reminder the top business story. we're following for you this hour with around 200000 russian troops, a master the ukranian board of the west threatens economic sanctions against moscow . if it invades, according to kicking rush or out of the swift bank transfer system, cutting the countries access to international money streams less over main visit. same here in berlin from o 2 head to our website, d to we dot com slash business. you can also find us on the data, we use youtube channel and on facebook post to next time ah,
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with ah, is germany addicted to china? d, w. richard walker, explorers, germany's china dilemma at the, of a new political era. there's meant to be a new strategy, but the so called a traffic light coalition is divided. the u. s. and other allies went germany to be much tougher. so what now can germany find a new way of dealing with china? in 30 minutes on d, w. b,
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welcome to the dark side where organized crime sets the tone video and garnished community. if we don't make any effort to understand and shed light on this system, we won't be able to effectively fight it all became from a big world, the global gangster network. in 75 minutes on d w b, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic corners, chat. hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w. travel off we go. i think everything jenny, think fair, some are big. i'm listening. so much different culture between here and there. so
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challenging for everything. ah, and to some of this, i think it was worth it for me to come to germany shop my got my license to work as a swimming instructor dish and now i teach children on the dose with what's your story? take part, share it on info, migrants dot net. ah ah ah, ah, this is the w is life from birth lead new s pledge is relentless diplomatic efforts
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to prevent russian aggression in.


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