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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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oh ah ah ah ah, this is dw news why from berlin?
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the united states of urges de escalation and ukraine, secretary of state antony blank and calls on russia to engage in dialogue to resolve the crisis, but says there will be consequences if moscow continues along the path under pressure. also coming out, the board in belgium sentence is the leader of a human trafficking brain to 15 years in jail. in connection with the death of 39 vietnamese migrants who stopped suffocated inside a truck. plus turkey is hailing a new home grown cobit 19 vaccine. as a big success, but doesn't really work with ah, i'm seeing so much counter. glad you could join us. the united states believes moscow could launch an attack on ukraine at any point. washington, a stepping diplomatic efforts to try to prevent
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a conflict. us secretary of state antony blinking has been chia for talk with president bloomers, lensky. he will also meet with his russian counterparts. circ a lever up later in this week and speak with the german, french and british foreign ministers. russia has deployed more than $100000.00 troops on the border with ukraine, but denies that it is planning and invasion. now, earlier blinkin addressed embassy staff in kiev. he said the u. s. is committed to protecting ukraine and preventing any escalation with russia. it's bigger than ukraine because what russia is doing with the aggression that it has already committed. and the threat of further aggression is to challenge some very basic principles that under the entire international system, inter necessary for trying to keep peace and security principles like one nation can't simply change the board has been other by force principles like one nation can simply dictate to another, it choices,
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including with whom it will associate principals like nations cannot exert spheres of influence to try to subjugate their, their neighbors, to their will. if we allow those principles to be violated with impunity, then we will open a very large pandora's box. and the entire world is watching what is happening here . let's bring in our key bureau chief mathias spelling for more on the story he is following this diplomatic visit for us today. hi, i'm a t s. we heard a secretary blink and they're really driving home. be urgency of the situation saying the whole world is watching. what do you craniums want to get out of this visit today? well, there has been a flurry of diplomatic activity here in kia for the last few days. the german foreign minister has been here 2 days ago yesterday there was the delegation from congress and all this points to the fact attention to that the, the, the secret services of the western countries and of ukraine are really very,
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very aware of something that might happen in the next few days, and as long as people come visiting, as long as it talks are going on, an attack might still be delayed. there might be still some room for dip for a diplomatic resolve or some kind of a passed to a diplomatic resolve. and this is what her, these visitors, including blinking are trying to, to, to bring on the way now to engage russia in talks. ers, so that are they will not shoot how real does the threat of a russian invasion actually feel to ukrainians. people are of course aware of the situation, but for now people still follow their usual routine. you don't see panic buying in the supermarket. you don't see people on the streets rushing to by dollars the
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currency, the foreign current currency exchange rates are still pretty much stable. so there is no panic. but a people are very well aware that something could happen and a have been for the past 8 years and some people have been preparing to act in case russia would indeed, and i have met some of them. this is how marta use give has been spending her weekends in the past few months. she has joined ukraine's territorial defense forces of volunteer brigade designed to support the army and the hinterland. in the case of an attack, marta is 51 and has no prior military experience. all this stuff that you could just see on the movie ones, the comment artist, you know, they seems very simple. but in general, when you're starting to do it, it's quite difficult. you need to know how to do it correctly,
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not to be and then just for yourself and for your colleague skills. very basic, very important skills. every saturday she swaps as urban home for a training camp. during the week. she works from home for a company that conduct pharmaceutical studies and a dillard life. she shares with a family and more than a dozen stray cats she has taken in it's almost impossible to imagine what will happen if i have to leave it. if i have to just fire to end, it will be destroyed. if good happens, i'm trying to be ready for this because definitely i don't want to present it was, is a on the price of being leave onto occupation. if war breaks, i would be volunteer. troops would work behind the lines to secure buildings,
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provide logistics to the army, and possibly even deal with hostile inter trace. and there are questions about how effective these troops will be marked as commander. the new middle order look is an architect. he doesn't have any prior military experienced high micro, ashton. yeah. well you, we are not services that were on duty every day. we are civilians who have other jobs, but nevertheless i have training for 3 years now and it has already had quite an impact on the when you know, get the one thing's for sure. the weekend warriors have attracted a lot of attention. martyr tirelessly explains motivation to join a list from all over the world, even if that means that her faith now well known also to the enemy. it's important not to sketch on because i am in my country,
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i'm not doing anything wrong. and i'm just trying to protect my country. so it's like through some my sites nobody doubts that. russia's troops are militarily superior to ukraine's defense forces. but marta and a fellow volunteers, i determined to make an invasion as difficult as possible. you know, but yes, it's remarkable to see civilians they're preparing for the threat of a russian attack. something that the u. s. essentially said could happen at any point if we look at the diplomatic side of efforts here the u. s. secretary, secretary state is going to russia as well this week to meet with his counterpart there. so it a lab ross, what is your sense, how much space is there really for diplomacy at this point? it's very hard to say, i mean, one of the things that put in has been doing for years now is that he's always
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sought to stay unpredictable. so we do not know what his immediate goal is. we know, of course, his long term goes. he wants to extend the sphere of influence to regain some of the sphere of influence that the soviet union had any wants to bring ukraine back into it, but wish our, his priorities, which are his tactics. this is the big question, is everything already decided in moscow or not? and i think girl, these talks, of course, they are meant to find out. oh, where is the point where we can still reach an agreement with russia or, or is everything already decided? much yes, building a reporting there and she has. thank you. now, a belgian court has sentence the leader of a human trafficking ring to 15 years in jail. in connection with the deaths of 39 vietnamese migrants. currently, more than 20 people are standing trial and are charged with running across channel
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people trafficking operation. the bodies of the migrants were discovered in a truck driven from belgium to the u. k. in the summer of 2019 the 31 men and 8 women inside had suffocated to death. several suspects have already been convicted and jailed in britain and vietnam for their role in the case. d w correspondent terry schultz is in bruce felt following that verdict for us to joins us for more. hi, terri, a tell us more about this case and this ruling well, so me the case was very interesting because of the large number of defendants. as you mentioned, 23 people were found to have been taking part in this criminal organization, or a should say were accused of taking part in this criminal organization. and they range from mere taxi drivers who allegedly ferried people between c houses and the harbor. up to the ringleader, this 45 year old man bo van, hong,
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who now has been convicted since to 15 years in prison, and find 920000 euros. we should also mentioned that of these 23 people. several were acquitted today. all of them taxi drivers who were found to not have knowingly taken part in the criminal organization. terry, why is this case getting so much international attention? well, as you mentioned, to me, the case spanned several countries. the victims were hooked into the system in vietnam and then they traveled to europe arriving in various european countries. they were then gathered here in belgium. they drove to france at one point, and then were put on ships to the u. k. from zebra port, not far from where i am now in route. but, but i think the real reason that this case sticks in people's minds is how much we learned about the victims and how they met their deaths. as they realized in this refrigerated container that, that they were running out of air and that no one was going to come and save them. they started texting their loved ones, telling them they could no longer breathe,
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apologizing that there wouldn't be there to take care of them and saying, i love you for the last time. those heartbreaking texts were shared in the court trial. and so we really got to see the inside of this really horrific, horrific case. and do you think, terry, that this verdict will have any impact on human trafficking operations? well, we've seen cases like this before. heartbreaking cases where large numbers of people many children meet just terrible ends having made this impossible decision that life in their homelands was even worse. so i think is safe to say that until war and persecution are no longer present in the world, we still, we will still see people making this difficult decision. all we know today is that with these verdicts to day in bruise, at least one network which took hundreds and hundreds of thousands of euro's from these people and sent them to certain death is now out of business with the perpetrators in prison. des terry shows reporting there from bruce. thank you so
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much for that update. let's take a look out some other stories making news around the world is really police have evicted a palestinian family from a disputed property in the flash point east jerusalem neighbourhood of shaked europe and demolished the building. at least 18 people were arrested during the pre dawn operation. similar evictions in may of last year, nighted and 11 day war between israel and palestinian militants and gaza. the committee investigating the attack on the u. s. capital a year ago has issued subpoenas to rudy giuliani and 2 other lawyers for former president donald trump. the lawyers publicly pushed from baseless claim of voter fraud following selection. to see the committee is demanding. the lawyer sit for depositions in february 18. t and verizon have agreed to delay activating
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some of their 5 g services. after us airlines warranty could cause catastrophic disruption to air travel. they say the new technology might affect cockpit instruments and render many aircraft on usable. and colombian, full politician ingrid baton floor has announce that she will be running for president on a centrist ticket. 20 years ago. betancourt was abducted by the farm, the country's largest rebel group, and held captive in the jungle for more than 6 years. she returned to politics last year and has promised to fight corruption and economic disparity. francis president m on one my call has addressed the european parliament. in his remarks, he laid out the political strategy and aims for the french presidency of the council of the you. that includes how to fight the pandemic, the rise of aggressive foreign powers and climate change. here is some of what the french president had to say for the me, i'm a pretty good panoramic is showing this solidarity isn't a weakness. it's
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a force greater than any other because it allowed us to save lives, protect, job. it allowed us to get together a vaccine for us in europe is the spirit is already, there are 2 that lead us as europeans to be the most open in the world. as far as ex voting vaccine, as a gift, and i hope that our presidency will continue that work. let's bring in a russell's bureau, chief allison phenomena. she is covering this 4 star in strasburg for us. i, alexandra a. what was my cons message to the european parliament? me, what can we expect from this french presidency? well, i think that his main message to the european parliament was to day to say that this is a moment of truth for the european union. because all the principals said that the european union has been built upon the promise of peace, the promise of democracy,
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the promise of progress. all that is under threat when we look what is going on in the are through terry and regimes in the europe neighbourhood. or when we talk about the still existing inequality within the block. and a he told the m a piece. it's now it's the time for you rope to change itself to live up to the challenges and to a fired sir. you know, the gender inequality, for example, to be more independent to make sure that you have remained free, even though nobody's gonna help the european. so that was the essence of his speech today. how much is his presidency being overshadowed by the fact that there are big elections coming up in france? well, pretty much, many people here many and emma peas in stress book or but also officials in european capitalists are worried that francis a u presidency could be overshadowed by the election campaign and election in
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france and many of fear that said the beginning of march or mid march, all the european activities and promised by the french government could come to a stop because my call would need to focus on his re election campaign. he has not announced here that he is seeking to be re elected, but we expect that to happen very soon. and i was under, we know that president, my car has these big visions for europe, or can he achieve those goals? well, you know, when we talk to his critics, they tell us that he has a very ambitious agenda. but to that, this agenda amounts to a mission impossible when we take, for example, his promise to move forward with the recipient migration packed. that has been a topic for, for many months yet now and to the leaders have not been able to agree on
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a new migration hag or at least during the last 4 rotating presidency. so many here us are skeptical though, whether american will be able to achieve his promises, which if his goals are brussels, bureau chief, alexander phenomena reporting there from strossberg for us. thank you very much. you're watching dw, still to come on our show, new zealand and australia rush supplies to tonga, following reports that drinking water is running out. the pacific island nation is facing an unprecedented disaster after last weekend's volcanic eruption. and su nami, we'll have that story for you in a moment. first, like many countries, turkey is grappling with a major serge of kobe infections fueled by the armor chron variant. the government
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is pursuing an ambitious vaccination program which now includes a homegrown vaccine turk of act. the new job received emergency approval last month . but some experts say its effectiveness is not yet proven. our correspondence julia han reports from miss stumble ah, queuing for a world prim. yet at this a stumble hospital, people have been receiving the taco vac vaccine. since the beginning of the year, the 1st cove at 19 jap, developed and produced in turkey to co opt. you can do to go, i have more trust until callback than in other vaccines because it's made by my own country. it is still there to go up to more. i wish they had launched to go back sooner. i would have gotten it for all my shots school. i've looked them to believe me. some of them i haven't been vaccinated at all until today. i waited for turco box because i trust our turkish scientists more than those abroad. a sham was induced soon for president reggie ty, about one talk havoc is
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a symbol of national strength with its own vaccine. he says turkey is one of the most innovative progressive countries in the world and no longer dependent on others. the government a celebrating toko voc as a great success. but how effective as the vaccine and doesn't protect against all me crohn and other potential virus variance. many medical experts here in turkey remain skeptical. it is in shanna from the countries independent doctors union, criticizes the fact that hardly any data on took of us has been published. that is why she isn't recommending the new vaccine. political success, she says, seems to be more important to the government than scientific accuracy. formally, they are, i can't evaluate how effective this vaccine is, because i don't have the necessary information. the results of the phase one and phase 2 studies have not been published. we also know next to nothing about phase 3
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interview until we have the scientific fact, we can't consider this a vaccine, but just some kind of liquid on the head argument. so you see on as in many countries, only crohn is behind the number of new infections, rapidly surging. here in turkey, the lexi nation rate is comparatively high. about 85 percent of adults have received at least 2 japs. but the uncertainty surrounding took havoc is causing concern to call a cock. we don't know much about. took havoc yet. that's why i don't think it's very safe reading that i wouldn't take it because i haven't seen scientific data and studies about it. her mom quoted out of the didn't saw what was that old little vision room. we're going to change golden rule. i will get my 3rd dose of by and take to day. i don't trust the turkish. maxine, i have my doubts. glasses require renew them, nor a teen ye has overseen toko vox development. he says,
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the warriors are unfounded. the turkish vaccine is a safe and effective as others. it can limit the image of it, which is what we have all figures and off studies shows what we do not have the slightest concern or doubt in terms of its effectiveness being vaccinated as better than not being vaccinated at all. if turco voc helps us convinced those who are unvaccinated, that would be one of our greatest achievements will cause a lose warrior over the next few months. as many people as possible are expected to also get their booster shots with turkey's own vaccine. and soon, according to the government's plan, to collect will be delivered to other countries to help them in the fight against cove it let's catch up on some other developments in the pandemic. the world health organization says the pandemic is nowhere near over. and vaccine inequality could lead to new variance. france has reported more than 460000
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positive cases over 24 hours a new one day record. and australia is calling on backpackers to help ease its labor shortage. fueled by the on the con variant, the government says it is waving its $630.00 visa application fee for backpackers arriving on work and travel thesis. the international effort to deliver aid to tonga is ramping up earlier. the government of the pacific island state released its 1st statements since last weekend volcanic eruption, and su nami, calling it an unprecedented disaster with the countries only internet cable cut communications remain limited. asha spewed up by the volcano was covering much of the island and making it impossible for plains to land at the airport. but ships from australia and new zealand are on the way carrying relief supplies, including urgently needed drinking water. but because of the enormous distances,
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the vessels are not expected to reach tongue until friday. earlier i spoke to jonathan bytes, who was the acting un resident coordinator to tonga. i asked him what his biggest concerns for the delivery of aide are right now. those a couple of things. one is the water situation. so we're very concerned in case population run out of water usually does plenty of water in, in tongue, but they rely on rainwater. and at the moment it's toxic, and they can't use any of the water in the, in the tanks. so they have to rely on balls and the people at the head of the n d m. o, the disaster management operation. i spoke to him today and he's worried that the bull holes wouldn't be sufficient for the whole population. shops are also running out of supplies of food and water. so what is the key thing? and we're glad that you see land is on its way with a lot of a lot of
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a lot of water carrying water, but also the ability to disseminate water. so that's the most important thing is they can treat see water and turn it into potable water. so that will make a big difference. and then the other thing is the assessment hasn't finished yet. so we don't actually know the situation in some of the very remote outlying islands, a pop by region which may be affected and we got reports. but as you mentioned that a couple of low lying islands that have been pretty devastated with all houses destroyed. and even true trees are rooted and the whole population has had to be evacuated. so right, we have a quick football up to date for you now. the german cup reigning champions birth the adornment were knocked out by 2nd tier son polly. the underdogs beat ortman to one while another one just like a team in cologne, was also knocked out by a club,
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one league below them, as hamburg beat them on penalties elsewhere, both on the and cars were stamped their tickets to the quarter final now we have a good news story for you from the galapagos islands were dozens of giant turtles had been released into the wild from breeding center. after 8 years of coming of age in captivity. it was time for their big day. the animals were 1st taken by truck and then air lifted by helicopter to their new habitat, which they will share with for other giant turtle populations. and it looks like they are already starting to come out of their shout. one more item for you before we go, we're gonna leave you with something cool, very cool. hundreds of russian orthodox christians and the city of qu, being god, have been plunging into icy water to celebrate epiphany. this ritual commemorates the baptism of jesus in the river. jordan,
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which probably wasn't quite as freezing as this, although it may not look like it, a bone chilling bath is believed to be good free reminder now of our top story here. d, w. u. s. secretary of state antony blanket has urged moscow to use diplomacy and dialogue rather than aggression in order to resolve any differences over ukraine. lincoln was speaking in chia at the start of a new diplomatic push to prevent a possible russian invasion of its neighbour. r show made in germany is up next with a look at marketing is image really everything that you ah,
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who is consumerism? good or evil? how does the candy wrapper from germany end up in a river in malaysia is, does muddy just the type of rice or the brain in packaging? why do we reach for certain products? is all about marketing made in germany on d, w. o broadcast, natural cooling without moving the environment and what the sophisticated design chips in our new tech zera alba t t has been focusing on green and affordable housing. and whether the harsh desert climate, the eco africa in 60 minutes,
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dw, ah, we'll go to the dark side. where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to us all o peak will this week on d w a


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