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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 4:00am-4:16am CET

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oh, frankfurt, a hot international gateway to the best connection, self road, andrew hill, located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the whole world to experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by fraud lou ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin doubling down on diplomacy to prevent
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a war and ukraine. german foreign minister adelaide burbock visits. bosco warning. russia will pay high price for any invasion, but tensions remain high with russia now sending more troops. the neighbouring bell roofs, also coming up. emergency put supplies for tonga, australia's prime minister pledges age for the sonata head country. other pacific nations are also rushing to send supplies by ships and yemen. civil war escalates a rebel drone attack in the united arab emirates is followed by deadly air strikes . and so not by the saudi led coalition. ah, i'm ami and east, it's good to have you with us. we begin with diplomatic efforts to prevent a russian invasion of ukraine. on tuesday, german 4 minister adelina burbock was in pasco,
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for talks with her russian counterpart, sir gala roth. she described a russian troop build up on ukraine's border as a threat, not only to ukraine, but to all of europe. this was always going to be a frosty encounter. germany is new, foreign minister, and i lena bear book on the home tough of sag gala. ralph, one of the world's longest serving foreign ministers, she had a plain accusation that russia is d, stabilizing europe. in the next volume happens over the past few weeks. more than 100000 russian troops, equipment and tanks have been deployed near ukraine for no reason. it's hard not to see that as a threat. laval through the accusation, right back, commodity. but i, it's even if we don't threaten anybody with anything, but we do hear the threats address to us. i hope it only to reflect certain emotions that certain powers inside within the western camp. in the west,
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the north stream to pipeline connecting russia to germany is increasingly seen as a diplomatic front line. in berlin, german chancellor, olaf saw its, gave the clearest signal yet that he's open to sanctions on the pipeline. if russia attacks ukraine, class of his clears it. in the event of a military intervention against ukraine, they'll be a high price to pay and that everything will be up for discussion. with salts was nato secretary general un stoughton back treading a fine line between the willingness for dialogue and the determination to act when they toys a ready under natural laws already to engage and listen to concerns rashaw may have, but we will not compromise on core principles the stakes are rising and the d. o political game that is challenging, the stability and power balance in europe. things are moving fast. next up,
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us secretary of state antony blinking will be in kiff and berlin this week before his own one on one with sag a lot of engine eva on friday. and preferably the international effort to deliver aid to tonga is ramping up world health organization chief pedro's odd, numb debris, s says the w h o is quote, ready to support the government and to provide help to people affected earlier, the government of tang released its 1st statement following last weekends. volcanic eruption and synonymy calling it an unprecedented unprecedented disaster. but the country is only internet. cable cut communications remain limited. images taken by a new zealand surveillance flight show ash, covering much of the pacific island nation. ashe is also making it impossible for plains to land at the airport. ships carrying relief supplies are on their way from australia and new zealand, but because of the enormous distances that will still be
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a couple of days before the vessels reached hunger. australia's prime minister scott morrison says his country is focused on providing aid to the people of toner, to very small island community in toner. and there are a lot of strains of tone into st. and who have family and friends and ministrations of visited this so they would be expecting us to do everything we can to stand with apis, civic family, and taller and their face feel community and their beautiful community. and i'm sure they'll be supporting each other, but they need us now, and they getting help. anytime a pacific nation has called on us for support, we have always said yes. and so i'll be talking to the prime minister, i hope light di communications allowing, and that we can run through whatever else they might need. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. the canadian province of quebec has introduced new restrictions on alcohol sales for the
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unvaccinated stores, selling liquor and cannabis will now only be accessible. the people who are vaccinated against coven, 1900 back, has been hit hard by a waiver. on the prom cases, the committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u. s. capital as issued subpoenas to rudy giuliani and 2 other lawyers. former president donald trump are to getting the lawyers publicly pushed trumps baseless claim. a fraud of voter fraud. following his election defeat a committee is demanding. the lawyers said for a deposition in february, 18 and t and horizon have agreed to delay activating some of their 5 g services. after us airlines warned that could cause catastrophic disruption. air travel, they say the new technology might affect flight instrument and render many aircraft unusable. at least 12 people have been killed in an air strike on yelman's capital . so now, according to the rebels,
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saudi led coalition launched the strike laid on monday in retaliation and fed a previous, a previous attack carried out by the who these again, united arab emirates, the u. a. e, as part of a military coalition, has been at war with yemen to these for 7 years. conflict has left about 2 thirds of yemen, population dependent on foreign aid. ice flat bread fresh from a stone oven. it's the specialty of elbow keys, bakery and downtown san. well, some staff members are busy baking. others are chopping wood for the oven. they use to heat with gas that made their job much easier. oh, there's no gas because at the war we don't even have any for a bakery here. and then i'm, i have to buy firewood at the wood market and if there is none, there, i have to go to the valleys outside of santa. none of i will help. i will go ahead and uh huh. after 7 years of war, conditions in yemen,
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capital santa are getting horsed by the day. saudi arabia is block and gas imports . in the military coalition bomb centers, airport in december. that made getting access to humanitarian and medical aid even harder. hospitals depend on medical supplies from abroad. the devastating impact of the war is most evident in the children's ward. among is 11 years old. she severely malnourished and fighting to stay alive, but the doctors here are overstretched. amo's mother says there's little the staff can do. i where i lead yet with the blood. we've been here for 5 days and it's not getting better of you if you she's getting medicine and pain relief, you know, which is very expensive for us. i think that's all we can do to stop us about man, if i you, she one and 10 children and yemen is malnourished. some 400000 and all in order to beg bread for the children of his country. baker belong
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a shut abbey. as to head out to the valleys, he is not the only one looking for wood, the gas shortage and the capital has driven many, empties to the valleys. the fire, what business is gloomy? mitchell has added a little at the profit between the vehicle owners and the wood cutters, while a load is worth around $100.00, lay the ab had out in belgrade, 100 lot of lava belong a shot. abby has found a good tree to fell. he heads back with a decent load, a boy. those who don't own a car to get to the valley's have to make do with the wood market in santa many women come here in particular none of them wants to speak on camera, but home, but she had, it shows us her kitchen the bakery is too expensive for her, so she makes spread for her family at home with
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a meager means available to her back and, and the keys bakery the now got enough firewood to get through the week. the artist looked at it tells me in my staff, a lot of time and energy driving to the valley and getting the wood. and it all has to be paying for the whole body of hulu. but he'll carry on working as long as he can making bread in a country where more people are going hungry than ever before. with little hope of change and sight. now to the state of press freedom in hong kong. in recent months, the city has seen several well known media outlets shuddered. that's as china's crackdown on descent moves its focus from democracy. activists to journalists, fear of being arrested, has prompted several journalists to abandon hong kong for safer places to work abroad. d, w. 's joyce lee met with some recent arrivals in taiwan just 2 months ago. alan still had hope for his future as
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a journalist. he brought his prescott with him when he moved from hong kong to ty pay. but they are now worth us after the hong kong use out less. he worked for shut down at mid pressure from beijing. ah, i've been a reporter for 6 years old. the news outlets. i've worked for a gone one after the other. it feels like my identity is frightening away today. this is the 3rd time allen, which is not his real name lost his job in just 6 months. he was an investigative reporter for apple daily, but the police detained several editors and a paper closed. i used to work closely with the people arrested. it's terrifying and the threat feels so imminent. at 1st i thought things would get better after a while, but then you heard of former colleagues being brought to the police station and going missing. it's like the clearing, frontline journalists pro democracy publications like apple daily stand,
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news and citizen newest went dog after enormous government pressure authorities have insisted debt press freedom remains protected. a recent survey by the hong kong foreign correspondence club found otherwise more than 70 percent of the journalists that they were worried about being arrested to all prosecutor to for their work under the national security lol. nearly half the respondents were considering leaving the city song. she whole flight to taiwan 6 months ago, shortly after he was sagged by the public broadcaster, i'll g h k. he host at a popular satari kotia, which is why the authorities targeted him lay all this year that sees i for i left, i was counting down my days and like when is it my turn to be charged all huddled with with the gala, but no one has the answer, i'm tired, so not yourself, not your editor in chief and not the police on seagate, on it. stressful to live with such uncertainty. eli lilly montalvan though you're
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group secret gama you'll. i've been gold sound. she whoa now has his own youtube channel. he post clips and comments on hong kong, current affairs, toyota buck though a b, y now have the freedom that people in hong kong don't have for jojo, like i feel obliged to speak out for them. they go gulker, jo, i still collaborate with people in hong kong at all, and i must consider their safety under the security rule that they are unfortunate fate, y'all hosing in. all so, so who the lawyer they got the bunker? allen's as his 1st priority as his mantle house, after all the trauma. but he plans to keep reporting to stories of overseas, hong kong and us being a journalist is more than just the job title. it's also a way of life to seek the truth. to think critically and to care for the underprivileged, we can see things through these lenses and continue reporting even without a job titles. but a will be a struggle for allen to build a readership without resources. it's
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a fate shared by many of his fellow journalists back in hong kong. only day haven't gotten out yet. the european parliament has a new president, members elected conservative, roberta, med sola from malta, as their new leader. at 43, she's the youngest person ever to hold the job. and she's only the 3rd woman in the european parliament was set up in 1958 men. so last exceeds italian, david says solely who died last week. rule of law, free speech are brussels bureau chief alexander, fall nomine, met with roberto, met sola, and asked her about her priorities as the new president of the u parliament. first of all, it's a great privilege and an honor to have been elected by my colleagues to day to serve as president of this house as the president. it has been a very interesting campaign with negotiations discussions, but of course, within the shadow of the passing of former president ob, it's solely the 1st thing i will do is to on his legacy. and i will carry the
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responsibilities that he has left us and me and my colleagues with in order to truly reform this parliament. as you said, give it a fresh face, a more forward looking, become more efficient and effective in the way we do work. but also become more visible and more effective in the way we communicate. i would like this european parliament to be much better present in all member state capitals in all the schools. so that when children look to the european parliament, they can see something that represents their ideas and something that will ultimately protect them. that's if you're up to date, stay with us for d w business, that's up next. don't forget you can always get the latest on our website. that's the w dot. com can follow us on instagram and twitter to our handle. there is at the w news. i'm ami anita, thanks for watching. the news .


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