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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 2:00am-2:16am CET

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culture between here and there. so challenging for everything. ah, in december i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. shove my got my license to work as a swimming instructor here. dish and now i teach children windows to swing a. what's your story? take part. share it on info, migrants dot net. ah mm. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin doubling down on diplomacy to prevent
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a war and ukraine. german foreign minister, analynn a burbock visits moscow warning. russia will pay a high price for any invasion, but tensions remain high with russia now, sending more troops. the neighbouring bell roof, also coming up surveillance plane sent back the 1st images of the damage on tomba. the cook, pacific r archipelago. government says they're facing an unprecedented disaster after saturday's volcanic eruption, and nami plus, we report on the plight of hong kong journalists. many of them forced to move abroad by beijing's crack down on press, freedom in their city. ah i'm ami use if it's good to have you with us. we begin with diplomatic efforts to prevent a russian evasion of ukraine. on tuesday, german 4 minister in a bear,
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bach was in moscow for talks with russian counterpart, sergey love ross. she described a russian troop build up on ukraine's border as a threat, not only to ukraine, but to all of europe. this was always going to be a frosty encounter. germany is new, foreign minister on a lena bear book on the home tough of sack gala ralph, one of the world's longest serving foreign ministers. she had a plain accusation that russia is destabilizing europe. and the next volume happens over the past few weeks. more than 100000 russian troops, equipment and tanks have been deployed near ukraine for no reason. it's hard not to see that as a threat. laval through the accusation, right back, commodity provides even when she don't threaten anybody with anything. but we do hear the threats address to us. i hope it only reflects certain emotions that certain powers inside within the western camp. in the west,
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the north stream to pipeline connecting russia to germany is increasingly seen as the diplomatic front line. in berlin, german chancellor, olaf saw its, gave the clearest signal yet that he's opened his sanctions on the pipeline. if russia attacks ukraine, claus to his clears that in the event of a military intervention against ukraine, they'll be a high price to pay. and that everything will be up for discussion with salts was nato secretary general, again stilton bags treading a fine line between the willingness for dialogue and the determination to act. so they toys a read them on the ne dollars already to engage and listen to concerns rashaw may have, but we will not compromise on court principles. the stakes are rising and the d. o political game that is challenging, the stability and power balance in europe. things are moving fast. next out,
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us secretary of state antony blinkin will be in ki if and berlin this week before his own one on one with sag. i love rav engine eva on friday, and earlier we spoke to raphael loss. he's an analyst with the european council on foreign relations. we asked him if the different parties within germany's new governing coalition are on the same page about how to respond to russian aggression . we see the coalition partner certainly is left coalescing around the same message, i think for the longest time, all of shows, jeremy's transfer was reluctant to put notes for him to on the table as a deterrent towards where you're rushing aggression against ukraine. back in december he said that motion to was a private sector project, didn't have any political geopolitical relevance. today in his oppressor with was installed in brick. he said that everything would be up for discussion. if russia attacked ukraine, a message at the greens and the f t p,
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the 2 other coalition partners off germany's new quarters and government em have been emphasizing for a while now. and it's, and it's great to see that the call issue seems to be landing on the same page when it comes to this effort to dissuade mom moscow's. i renewed aggression against the graeme. that was raphael loss of the european council on foreign relations. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. the canadian province of k back has introduced new restrictions on alcohol sales for the unvaccinated doors, selling liquor and cannibal will now only be accessible. the people who are vaccinated against coven 19 back has been hit hard by a wave of alma kang k a t and t, and arise and have agreed to delay activating some of their 5 g services. after us
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airlines warned it could cause quote, catastrophic disruption to air travel. they said the new technology might affect flight instruments and render many aircraft unusable. colombian politicians ingrid betancourt as announced she will be running for president on a central ticket here 20 years ago. but then cor, was abducted by the park of the country's largest rebel group, and held captive in the jungle for more than 6 years. she returned to politics last year and has promised to fight corruption and economic disparity. british prime minister force johnson has denied suggestions. he lied the parliament about a lockdown breaking party in his office. he said no one warned him. it might violate strict over 19 rules. he's under growing pressure to resign over several gatherings that were organized by staffers. findings from a government inquiry are due as early as this week. the government of target has released its 1st statement following last weekend's volcanic eruption and synonymy,
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calling it an unprecedented disaster. with the country's only internet cable cut communications remain limited. images taken by a new zealand surveillance slide show ash, covering much of the pacific island nation. the ash is also making it impossible for plains to land at the airport. ships carrying relief supplies are on the way from australia and new zealand. but because of the enormous distances, it will still be a couple of days before the vessel reached hunger. we spoke earlier to sean casey from the world health organization. he's the health cluster coordinator for the pacific region. we asked him what the main concerns are for people effected on the small islands and how the international community is trying to help. at this point, the small island, as you mentioned in the high group, mongo island. when we island the, the buildings are almost completely destroyed on those islands and the populations
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are having to be relocated actually. so that's underway and that's being led by the government telling them more broadly that the whole country is covered in ash. and that is contaminating water supplies. so the most urgent need for the entire population is really access to water. and for, for some communities, it's going to be shelter and reconstruction. and we have very little communications with tom at the moment. the internet cable is cut and international calls are impossible. and so we're relying completely on satellite communication, which is very patchy and very difficult at this time. but we are, we are able to communicate, but in very short bursts. john casey, from the world health organization talking to us from fiji members of the european parliament have elected a new president. choosing the conservative politician roberto had solar from malta . she's only the 3rd woman to lead the parliament since it was established in 1958
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. but saw us exceeds italian, david says soley, who died last week, had done deal roberto missoula, the new president of the european parliament elected on that day. she turned 43, making her the youngest person ever to hold this office. bo milda in her sydney or norah. i will bernard brothers responsibility with which you haven't trusted me in we yet. i may them not. i will do everything in my power to represent the you and the european citizens. well neil ruby met sola is a trained lawyer and a political conservative as della korea at the eu has led her to the top of the european parliament as the 1st woman in 20 years. her special interests include civil liberties and the rule of law. she is known for her confidence and her clear stance on matters. we must fight back against the anti you narrative that takes
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hold so easily and so quickly. disinformation and misinformation further amplified during the pandemic fuels easy cynicism and cheap solutions of nationalism. on the eve of her election, she organized a service in honor of her predecessor, italy is prime minister, maia druggie, and francis president. in man on my call for among the guests. sent a left politician, david saw sorely passed away suddenly last week. just ahead of the end of his term now to the state of press freedom in hong kong. in recent months, the city has seen several well known media outlets shuddered. that says china's crack down on descent moves its focus from democracy. activists to journalists, the fear of being arrested has prompted several journalists to abandon hong kong for safer places to work abroad to w's. joyce lee met with some recent arrivals in
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taiwan just 2 months ago. alan still had hope for his future as a journalist. he brought his prescott with him when he moved from hong kong to ty pay. but they are now worth us after to hong kong use out less. he walked for shut down amid pressure from beijing. i've been a reporter for 6 years old. the news outlet, so i've worked for a gone one after the other. it feels like my identity is fading away to. this is the 3rd time allen, which is not his real name lost his job in just 6 months. he was an investigative reporter for apple daily, but the police detained several editors and a paper closed. i used to work closely with the people arrested. it's terrifying and the threat feel so imminent. at 1st i thought things would get better after a while, but then you heard a former colleagues being brought to the police station and going missing. it's like the clearing, frontline journalists pro democracy,
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publications like apple daily stand, news and citizen news went dog after enormous government prussia authorities have insisted debt press freedom remains protected. i recent survey by the hong kong foreign correspondence club found otherwise more than 70 percent of the journalists that they were worried about being arrested or prosecuted for the work under the national security lol. nearly half the respondents were considering leaving the city song. she whole flight to taiwan 6 months ago, shortly after he was sagged by the public broadcaster, i'll g h k. he host at a popular satari kotia, which is why the authorities taca to tin lay all this year. that sees i for i left, i was counting down my days and like when is it my turn to be charged all huddled with those the gala. but no one has the on settlement. i thought yourself not your
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editor in chief and not the police on seagate. on it stressful to live with such uncertainty. eli lilly montalvan though your group secret gama, your husband, goal sound, she whoa now has his own youtube channel. he post clips and comments on hong kong current of ass, dora. but though at the i now have the freedom that people in hong kong don't have for jojo, like i feel obliged to speak out for them. they go gulker though i still collaborate with people in hong kong at all. and i must consider their safety under the security rule that they are unfortunate fate yell holes in or so. so who the lawyer, they don't bunker allen's as his 1st priority as his mental house, after all other trauma. but he plans to keep reporting to stories of overseas, hong kong and us being a journalist is more than just the job title. it's also a way of life to seek the truth, to think critically and to care for the underprivileged. we can see things through these lenses and continue reporting even without a job titles. but a will be
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a struggle for allen to build a readership without resources. it's a fate shared by many of his fellow journalists back in hong kong. only day haven't gotten out yet. now, a choice piece of real estate in rome is still on the market after failing to attract no bidders. the villa aurora was built in 1570, and its unique selling point is the only ceiling mural painted by the artist caravaggio. current occupant as being forced to sell after an inheritance dispute with her late husband's children. starting bid was set at 353000000 euros perspective buyers will also need to invest 11000000 euros to bring the property in line with 21st century building codes. washing dw news. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. german foreign minister, online banking at talks, and the russian capital with her office at numbers, sergey la ra, at the top of the agenda was the russian troop build up on the ukrainian borders
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