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tv   Made in Germany - Marketing - Is image king  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 1:30am-2:01am CET

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oh, to the dark side, where intelligence agencies or pulling the strings, were organized crime rules. where conglomerates make their own laws? shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to whistle peak wolves this week on d w. ah, ah ah
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ah, ah, symbols represent ideas, ideas that move us influence thus and persuade us. take the mercedes star. the 3 points were designed to convey the company's aspirations from mercedes on james, one day, dominate the land air and see when we look at the start today, we think of expensive engineering and look serious tradition. so when it comes to marketing is image really everything. that's our topic today on made. now we've heard it so often it's become a mean. it's only champagne if it comes from the champagne region in france. but similar branding battles are going on everywhere all the time. like between india and pakistan over basmati, rice, or between italy and germany over balsamic vinegar. these aren't us arguments over who gets the call their products. what rather these discussions entwine questions
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of identity and economy. one job in pakistan, the rice has been harvested and is now being taken to be mill. $3600000.00 tons of rice will be shipped around the world this year. 20 percent of it bus marty rice. but the pakistan is have a problem with their neighbor, india wired and abide by roberto, a debate indian buyers in dubai. muskrat and saudi arabia purchase rise from us and sell it under their own brand names here. model house is li, been doing that for a long time ago, but adam company or buckingham, they buy large amounts from us and then they put it in their own brand packaging. and literally, sometimes they even do the filling in packaging here in pakistan to open the radical basmati rice from pakistan sold as
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a product made in india than anger as people hear the rise exporters association of pakistan has taken the indian competition to court because the case is ongoing, they declined our request for an interview, but the pakistani se branding isn't the only problem. far, mother alba see when farmers and pakistan want to start planting seeds for basmati rice and they face a shortage of seeds on the market. and prices go up high, you got, i'm out there. the ha, my, the boss is still at the machine. the me i get home was school my the before harvesting, we have desperate fertilizer in past designs. yes. who could buy good ronnie? father, money, america computed that we don't have enough of the proper machinery itself. so 10 to 15 percent of the problem is lost during harvest. obelia gray gonna pick husking, come near was, may be how many of us would not manage a deal. and even more is lost during drying, husking and processing or sunday bornea. and just because we don't have the newer
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technology goal. oh wow. bin inventory. well, the senator warner in saudi jesus. and all that makes rice production were very expensive. somebody that he says the indians enjoy better conditions, which gives them a competitive edge. meanwhile, in germany there is a similar dispute. the town of keel is home to vinegar, manufacture valley. my boss tail down is battling competition from italy, a land known for its touching tomar sammy cove bell wanted to use the name for his balsamic vinegar to and he went to court and your cousin, that's a live flu. we buy fresh fruit that's grown within 200 kilometers of us and have lots of small suppliers on with. and yet in big industrial producers who buy grapes from all around the world are allowed to call their product balsamic goals. but we can't, our shows are who so that makes no sense to me. i said to myself, that can't be item of washington. i was determined to get my way. i'm jasa. dr.
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myers, william cope 1st name. and his stubbornness paid off like david taking on goliath barrel one his case at the european court of justice. now he sells his specialty balsamic vinegar to top chefs and retailers across europe. his balsamic o age is for up to 3 years and these oak barrels and has no chemical additives. desert industry, the industrial consortium, balsamic or demo dana is all about market power and lots of money feel good. it's also about industrial firms that turn out huge amounts of boss armico and just 8 weeks magnum by sod. we have an artist in a process. you're an industry, we all don't hug. why shouldn't we be allowed to call hours that we so storage doesn't martin too often? good branding has consumer appeal and that goes for foods too. and that means good branding rings, producers, a good price. bottles didn't get anguish,
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but why are we prepared to spend more money on our product, which says it's made in germany dabbled or for a french champagne or something like that on deck one of these cyclic, it's because we use the brand is a kind of short trout short cut on an odd up good song of bin notes. it's not possible for us to try on every suit in a clothing store and support taste testing every sparkling wine before we buy them and vine a. so we look at the brand the cove and behind this brand stance the promise of mark. this product is good. these are split up to scoot back in pakistan. farmers believe their boss, mattie rice is undervalued and that their government has let them down. the candy intellectually challenge is doing the challenges we're facing internationally, are related to marketing to production costs and the use of technology. ahmad a. hi, joe, was the government has not done anything to create a platform to represent the rice producers of pakistan. the he'd be gone, nikia get it blue form, but i did jasa and we still face other problems with respect to the cost of
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production or the high cost of electricity was de la agatha. and the lack of tax breaks in our export process for you. sure. yes, whoa, she was both father explored, gavin is. this factory also only sells its rice within pakistan. it lacks the financial resources to export the rice directly. so middle men sell it in india or the gulf states. so most customers will never realize this balance. marty comes from pakistan, hemoglobin lucky those. obviously pakistani basmati is the best rice in the world while it's significantly better than indian rice in terms of quality, aroma, and cooking though, basically borders. so we have a problem when the indians sell it under their name issue out in july, we are expecting that is we hope i solve this problem soon, wasn't a good leader in germany. this battle has already been fought and won in court. so now this vinegar maker can compete with the italians on a level playing field. he
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up in hunger, we'll get gun slomo for retailers where we are on regular store shelves and for customers. if we're not caught, balsamic o, the no one will buy out of it. so that's why we've decided on the new label. german artist, balsamic. cultural ex. bye saw me cool whether it's german vinegar or pakistani rice. the right branding is a big factor in the sales price. now i look and see where you're a consumer or all consumer is the relationship between us and the goods and services we buy, falls under consumption. what then is consumerism? the simple definition is that consumerism is the culture that facilitates consumption. but that's a pretty value free description for a term that's become so loaded with negative connotations. our reporter and dress no house explains what is consumerism. shopping till you drop
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more, more often and always looking for the next kick. this also applies to intangibles, which is music, films, and sex. consumer behavior reveals here socio economic status. you are what you buy. i consume. therefore, i am for economist adam smith. consumption was the sole end and purpose of all production. in the 18th century goods were mass produced in factories with the 1st time. ordinary people could now buy nice things, textiles, jewelry, cosmetics, it was a consumer revolution. the 19th centuries, advertising pillars and electric signs promise to luxury for all in countries including germany, france and the us. the 1st department stores opened temples of consumerism. after the 2nd world war, consumers spending growth, the so called economic miracle cars,
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refrigerators and washing machines became widely affordable. but consumerism as a down side, depleting the planets, resources, and destroying the environment. success of consumerism is dangerous. it activates the brains pleasure center, but can lead to shopping addiction and chronic debt. getting caught in the consumption trap. oh, criticism of consumerism beginning the 19 sixty's. consuming less and sharing goods with others instead of owning them. today, the sharing economy is growing more and more popular with young people. the internet has also changed consumer behavior. algorithms reveal what customers want . websites offer only certain items and manipulate the flyers. in spite of these excesses consumption is and remains the most important factor for
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economic growth went buying, power grows. so as the economy, especially during times of crisis. analysts focus on the consumer confidence index, which measures people's spending, mood and consuming, can be fun, even if consumers of itself doesn't make you happy in the long run. there are selling products on the market and then there's marketing. there are a lot of ways to let people know about your product, launch parties, tv ads, social media campaigns, but especially food blogs have become sources of recommendations for users. a survey of germany is most popular. food blogs shows a baking site to be the most successful, followed by one offering simple recipes. a blog featuring vegan dishes comes in 3rd . obviously, users aren't just interested in how to make the food a but what goes in it with this in mind at one supermarket in cologne,
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wants to lower bloggers away from their screens and into their store full of goods not yet available to by turning the bloggers into touch shoppers and via their food blogs into marketers. you can miss my name's missy. i'm a food blogger, and i love developing new ideas and recipe. dina acceptance and before and after scanning her membership code, she's free to browse the aisles of this. go to market and find new products for those recipes products that aren't available at regular retail. this message is up to the label. looks like elder flower or dill vo, but it's actually cola plant this intriguing. i'm going to try it out. 3 months ago, missy, from them ark joined the 2600 testers comprising the go to markets clientele. how about a smoothie for dogs? this is my place and this is my part time huge. i'm an elderly lady, 13 years of age. so she's
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a bit picky about what she eats and i'm always glad to make her happy. i'm glad. i hope she will be with this. and this happened to me smit by shop of the customers, will find insects in both dog food and in little treats for humans too. if missy wants to know the contents of a drink, she can try out the digital information screen. this hard seltzer contains carbonated water infused with fruits and alcohol. the go to market also tests other purchasing incentives like this robot that guides you through the store. now we have something very special. our sound shower that certain me whits your appetite there. i'll enjoy this. being monitored by cameras doesn't bother her, like all the other testers. she's given her consent next up for missy reagan and
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lactose free power bars and some new designs. as this one looks interesting, armand's bananas oat states, coconut oil with the sample packets. if you don't like them, they won't feature in the store michelin that i'm drawn to what really catches my eye visually. it's all about things that match my color profile or color scheme. that's what i like to buy. best coverage, gather the food blogger scans, each selected product with her phone at the end, she's presented with the total bell and links for rating. the products signs i have 62 years 30 credit and my shopping is 61 years 42 cents so time to complete my purchase. she pays 13 euros a month for her membership, which allows her to take home products worth $55.00 heroes plus each rating is rewarded with bonus credit. the checkout process is completely digital. does ankles
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aloofness. i always find it an exciting shopping experience lawyers. i discover new things and also get inspiration for my food blog and my own cooking. i can see stuff that will be on the market soon. all the isn't available elsewhere. how from good go to market was it in austria? and last june opened its 1st german branch. cologne was chosen due to its reputation as a cosmopolitan city home to a lot of young and internet savvy people. the craft, ling startup is also based in cologne. like other food suppliers, its owners pay up to $2800.00 euros to get their products on to the shelves of the tests. supermarket. coughlin kicked off its test range with ginger shouts, but is now i did chilled vague and power bars, and it's paid off. the affordable to my advantage for ross with go to market is that we have a real sales situation for the 1st time. i often with other market research options
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it's just surveyed on an online screen or on the street, but they're not physical sales situations. to talk to. missy funder mark has arrived back home as a food block as she takes her time to rate her shopping. thus, as it did what it said, it would, does, i was open up, but no more than that meal ish in common, like i just still like watching tv and because of the extra emotional appeal, not all the music and extra imagery that they used to optimize product presentation ha, here from here it's me making me effort to go to the store and i do have to spend a bit of money on them. but when i have it in my hand, it's me deciding whether it appeals to me or not. it vanishes in the hon. tighter, obviously, a semester of us. me. so entre is do after they can maybe do with a small, a drinks contingent. there are significantly more beverages than food items or
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cosmetics. but the stuff you do get is always interesting name. come as emma into the sun. there is the odd disappointment, isn't a bit artificial, aren't ok. she definitely wants to saver being a tester for a while yet. yeah. i wouldn't buy that. ha. foster producing and consuming invariably comes disposing and in a world economy geared towards convenience. especially plastics or a mounting problem. the global production of plastic surge in the last 70 years to 360000000 tons in the year 2020 asian countries drove that growth in the last 2 decades led by china. what to do with all the waste waste management has become a booming cross border business with very dark corners. my colleague, a d t,
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roger, go pull reports. these containers sitting in a port in manila almost triggered a war. they were full of garbage including used adult diapers. and the philippines refused to let them into the country prison. reagan determined just told, you know, that he has one week for his war after rotting in the sun for nearly 6 years. canada finding could twist back and burned it. it made headlines everywhere and review the dark underbelly of global plastic waste network. it's a dr. would corruption run by private traders and fly by night establishments and interpol found that it could be worse. we often find the same names linked to other crimes, money, wandering tax evasion, fraud. it's all the same criminals and the currency driving it all. is plastics. crap. i want to find out more about what's going on. but everybody on speaking do
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seems to be answering in court. so how does the global plastic way straight even work? and how can we get out of this mess? and good china? by the ninety's, china was becoming the world's manufacturer every day, shipping containers carrying all sorts of products with journey to the us in europe . but when they returned empty, they became a serious financial opportunity. the west consumed oh, collected its west and shipped out of sight to china in january cycles, what it could and sent back new products for more consumption. and this cycle was on repeat and it was dirt cheap. for example, one u. s. trader told me that even in 2010 what it costs around $85.00 to dispose of a ton of waste domestically and costly. 35 to ship a ton of the china. could there be, as we did the usually when low grade or contaminated plastic was sent to china.
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either cheap labor was needed, assorted. i'd had to be dumped and burned within a few years. several chinese towns near landfills and innovations, side salad, complaining of polluted air. and water. cancer rates rose so by 2018 china had had enough effectively banned all plastic waste inputs. and the world had lost as number one recycle. but china was per bed. the recycling industry was established and the country was now producing enough waste domesticated supply. its own draw materials for recycling so cost than the rest of the world is scrambling. some waste was burnt within the countries, but shipments of garbage still needed to find new destinations. and they found them soon enough in countries coasted china lake militia, individual pilot hank june,
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is a camp. dana, with green piecing militia, the country that became the leading and border at the time. green fees, along with citizens. and governments of some southeast asian countries are now demanding that the west stop using them as the waste dumps of the world. especially the rich, richer country, or just lots of ways identify it to the global soccer and, and of course, shipping the problem to globally. but here's where it all got really lucky. you consciously cycle eddie? lastly, nick and griggs, that you can tell by looking at the bottom of the container and each grade needs to be recycled on his own in a specific reciting plans. it only makes sense to recycle hydrate, plastic life, a shampoo bottle powder detergent container because what comes out on the, on the side still has value. but things like styrofoam that food comes in can never be recycle. which means that only amused once mrs. you know, let's say a container full of plastic. you honey grossman, looks into corruption and environmental related businesses around the world. the
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government is going to pay. i don't know what, $5000.00 i'm just making the gross to recycle it. and then the company says, okay, we're not actually going to recycle it. so we're going to keep a $1000.00. and then we're going to spend $500.00 to send the container. we're going to need somebody $1000.00 in indonesia to make it disappear. and then we'd still have to have $1000.00 profit that something like that. and companies in asian countries are willing to take the plastic in local waste collection is much less developed here. and so clean plastic can be used to feed the upcoming recycling industries. but here's where laws can be broken. the massive convention is international treaty that stipulates which plastics can and can't be traded. it says for example, that contaminated a low grade, plastics need special permission from the receiving countries. governments before they can be shipped. my independent investigators found that plastic tree does have
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discovered ways to bypass this 1st, where shipment can be mislabeled and passed through customs checks in the west. and then companies and developing countries who offer to take in low grade or unsorted plastic, find ways to smuggle it back to local authorities. even if checks take place they can be evaded. and so the most obvious one which corruption comes into play is to bribe officials or to allow you to import that west. once aloud into the country, traders, me to find a way to make money from the bad plastic investigators found unsuitable disposal, including into rivers, landfills and plantations, along with cheap labor to be the main modus operandi. so basically the same things that happen in china, but there's even more criminal energy in this the criminals are relying money laundering techniques, and this typically would take the form of a legal waste company that would engage in both legal and illegal trades and then
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mix the payments across these 2 business lines. i also have foundation has investigated the role of money laundering at tax fraud across the waste trade industry. proceeds from the illegal ways trade could be up to $12000000000.00 annually. amber waste trafficking, many of the profits remained. and the exporting countries with importing countries only generating part of the profits from resale or re use of certain waste from 2021. the basel convention toughened regulations. more types of plastic were banned . but environmental asleep, distilled doesn't go far enough. if we leave the door slightly open, some one won't go straight. viet cong domains group fights for environmental justice. in november 2021 in the lobby, the german government to halt waste exports to vietnam. on average, a boston and germany generates up to 2 kilograms of trash body. so can the european
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union div with its own waste output you? it's supposed to have the best voice, my natural infrastructure in the world. and we know these shipping countries where the waste management structure is not so dropped if we don't have the countries to which we ship, it definitely do not have his groups as western countries have to develop that. owen recycling systems like china did the demand for some high grade recycled plastic has been soaring lately. even beating virgin plastic out of the competition . in some cases, as more asian countries clamped down or ban imports, the big question is, where will all the plastic go in the future? so what can be done 1st, why deleting policies and stricter enforcement and western countries have to invest in their own recycling industries to clean up their own meth?
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but to treat all that waste domestically, the thing that needs to be cut down at the source is the amount of plastic we produce, consume and throw it away in the west. in a phrase, less is more, especially in a world of inescapable mass marketing. you might want to think before you act, but also before you transact, that was made. thank you very much for watching. catch us again here at the same time next week for me it's good bye and take care. ah ah ah ah ah,
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welcome to the dark side where organized crime sets the tone video is garnished and if we don't make any effort to understand and shed light on the systems, we won't be able effect only fight in all the kensington lake morals. the global gangster network in 15 minutes on dw illegal gold mines. as far as the i can see, mozambique, city, money, money, national park is on the verge of collapse. the provincial government now wants to step in with reconnaissance and mining licenses. but we'll work global 3090 minutes on d. w. o.
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every day counts for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect habitat? what to do with all our waste we can make a difference by choosing smartness solutions over stains, said in our ways global ideas, the environmental series in global 3000 on d, w, and online or i think is everything challenging for some our big a muslim. so much different culture between here and there. so challenge for
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everything. ah, to some of this i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. shove my got my license to work as a swimming instructor and issue now i teach children to adults. hello, what's your story? take part. share it on info, migrants dot net ah ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, dublin.


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