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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 12:30am-1:01am CET

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how does a tv wrapper from germany end up in a river in lisa? is basmati just the type of rice or the specific brand? the brain in packaging? why do we reach for certain products? is all about marketing. made in germany is 60 minutes on d. w. o. don't choose extinction. said your species before it's too late. stop for humans to stop making excuses and start making changes. ah, ah, ah,
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ah, welcome to global 3000. a tuneful traditions, how brazilian weavers, the weathering the corona virus crisis through sol where fortune is lie, be keeping instead of gold digging in mozambique and living in peace. how jews and arabs enjoy successful co existence in a small village in negative in 2020 israel had a population of 9200000, including 6800000 jews, and almost 2000000 muslims. around half a 1000000 were members of other fates, christians or drews. but there are widely varying positions and opinions within the israeli population. and they not just based on religion or ethnicity. the country
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has a young demographic and there were loads of kids. 28 percent of the population, a younger than 14, with an average of 3 births per women. israel has the highest fertility rate in the western world. there's talk here of a demographic competition, which population group will be more powerful in future. but there are places that offer hope where young and old jews and arabs pulled together. we take a look at a small village in the negative desert. 5 year old azaria was born with down syndrome, epilepsy and chronic respiratory insufficiently. you don't need to cry. his mother mico shelf here is an orthodox jew. his physiotherapist is an arab muslim israeli, a photo. oh, look at all this is ginger hom. it is working with him all the time with his it,
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with his, with his abilities are that he has he's, he's a happy guy, but he, he went naturally develop on his own. oh man is actually above his it, he's a man that believes in dignity, but a yarmouth so young sharma thought also fit the my long term goal is for us ria to be able to walk on his own some day. mom said it'll take a lot of time and strength, but i'm sure he'll manager time ever hello trouble. he's a great little guy. thought, ah, here muslims, jews, and christians are united by one desire to help people with disabilities limped their lines with dignity. this special facility has grown into an entire village with its own swimming pool and small ranch that are used for therapeutic purposes. id negative lies in the negative desert. it was the brainchild of a man whose life story is as unusual as the facility he founded. dot on a mac, and it's rarely general his son at on had autism and multiple disabilities when he
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died and 2007 at age 23 and hard for me. so number one goal was envelope him with love giving the best trip ever. that was number one i bought and number 2 was changing. israel society make his will a better society, less discrimination, less aero, again, thick in the coil is a member of the military strength and determination were mainly what counted in his younger years. dot on armand took part in operation and temper the rescue mission, which freed over $100.00 is railey hostages at uganda and timber airport. in 1976, though he was celebrated as one of the heroes of in timber after the birth of his
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son, alma couldn't help but be hurt by is rarely societies, treatment of people who didn't fit with the countries vigorous self image made there with them. we study and put me in his position like their father come from judge the wall from you. not from that place or fed general admire generally with a lot of power and with one, all them 1000 of people with do exactly what do ask them, tried to put yourself in my shoes. so we decided the years to build a village which will be the best micro course, most of for love nico shaheer and her son are day visitors, knowing that azaria is being well cared for. here allows the mother of 9 children to work part time as a police instructor and hebrew teacher,
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effective. but some people with disabilities live here in edina, g. f. a dance can even find employment in the workshop. seattle, i. there also cared for by young volunteers from germany. on apply 1st time here is almost done. another thing she experienced was the military escalation between garza based hamas and the israeli army. last, me an id negative. this was especially threatening as the village lies very close to the gaza strip. here in southern israel, there were days when people had to seek shelter in bunkers dozens of times a day thought they kicked them despite unworthy. we experienced heights the staff of different origins and religions were united by warm and kind of nice union. when
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this was for mr. moore, this is a place which shows the tolerance and other such value as a possible listen. the village has become one of the biggest employers in this otherwise economically troubled region. it provides hundreds of secure jobs. i work side to side with muslims and jewish religious bullshit person. and you learn that the, the religion you practice is not what, what's important. your heart is was the 14th mohammed, the physiotherapist hopes with all his heart, that one day assario will be able to stand on his own 2 feet go quick, right? the nigger had our, the mega, we have no religion. our only goal is working ports, bettering the children situation so they can make progress and pale at them. i always say we could be a country wide role model for coexistence. many decal young people with and without
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disabilities, secular people, and people of various religious faiths. working together side by side, all sharing a belief in the value of human dignity. for many people digging for minerals is the only means of earning and living conditions. a tough and profits often low. our report stefan murray took on the challenge of tracking down illegal gold diggers in the chair, money, money, national park, in mozambique there attempts to make a living or having a devastating effect on the environment. the to money, money, mountains looked like an untouched paradise. but antonio governor knows better. he is once again on the trail of illegal gold prospectors. usually the streams around here are clear, but not this one. so there must be an illegal mine somewhere upstream in the middle
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of mozambique to money money national reserve. his rangers detain every gold mine as i catch the center said, don't you know this is a nature reserve? no, i only arrived yesterday. i heard others were here with another be don't you know this isn't allowed? no, i didn't. a friend told me i should come. ah, ah, so he didn't know either. right, right. where the other mozambie against the gold diggers are called game perils. the rangers see this group for the 1st time and call the police and the repeat offenders face time in jail because the national park wants to win over the gold minus, organized by the arm, was wandering, going to damage to. so when we find somebody for the 1st time home to we try to educate them ah, this voluptuous impact, we talked to them about the negative impact of illegal gord milan. this luminaires
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highly val. and we also tell them about alternatives and opportunities neither, for example, in tourism me, it now says her daddy, but also about development projects in agriculture, in nature conservation. and then for, for you, debbie will board our bread and the a little gleneagles said was all the game pair us are a serious problem for the national park. thousands of people last everything beauties, cyclone eat. i in 2019. now they're looking for gold and precious stones using the most rudimentary methods just to get an income. as a result, forests are being cut down and toxic mercury as contaminating the waters. so the national park is seeking to provide alternative sources of income. is better to barter is one of the 1st beneficiaries of a job creation scheme. he trained as a veterinarian and now helps farmers look after their cattle. the park is working with a conservation project called mosque bio,
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to create jobs for people who live in the areas bordering the park. before to barter became yvette he to was a gold prospector more than she had to do this years. i used to do it too, but then i began to have doubts even understand that you can't always be a gold digger here. october did mean the morrow, j. gout get the less there is work until one day. it's totally depleted. and if there is nothing about what should i live on, guam or guilt, what well was, that's why i started working as a vet in and it's been well worth the effort aged our dividend even give valid. been since 2017, the park has created hundreds of jobs in agriculture. everything from organic coffee growing to sustainable beekeeping and livestock farming. but for many gold is still more repealing. new mines are always popping up. this one blocks an important elephant path on the edge of the park, and i saw it team from the ministry of mineral resources and energy is on site.
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last week, police evicted some game para's and burned down their camp or bessie martini, the ministries inspector general wants to make sure the mind remains closed. but at the same time, he also wants to make a deal with the minus was open those articles in life on to north lou, lou more former or we want the people here to keep mine and going through what in an organized manner, their benefits, both them at the end, the government, the by sizes, the associate source for corporate to do this, they need to form co operatives. then we will, we have a program that helps minors set up their own co, operative and corporate fever, gap our lives down myoglobin, leon, cup us. if we also teach the methods that help them to work more effectively, there more than without having such a negative impact on the environment. pacifica, scripture desirable only ambient to see what this can look like we had did, said sarah, one of the 5 mining cooperatives in monica province,
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and the only one in the buffer zone bordering the park. good luck enemas and beacon can become a member, but they have to hand over a 3rd of their proceeds as taxes and fees. the gold is mind and sold legally. the tunnels are safe and the ministry has donated simple tools. however, some mine is used highly toxic mercury to bind gold dust from the mud. a board member and the co operative ellis sail macomber says it's the only way to stay competitive because the legal miners don't care about environmental regulations so they can push down the price bear noise going on. so just on why are we as a co operative left behind, but again, well we have going to work out the people. we have to register them, monitor the worker, pay taxes and the government to use for god. yeah,
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chena. so when there's a problem, for example, if one of our members has an accident in a mine, we have to take them to the hospital. nadine and merge them was a kid. so it's very difficult to compete with the illegal mind ability, like i phone professor. meanwhile, antonio and gov any is meeting one of the 15 beekeepers supported by the park and by the conservation group. mars buyer. he is unsure about the mining work in said sarah the use of mercury is a serious violation of the rules. but the mining cooperative has at least prevented hundreds of illegal game perils from coming to the park to look for gold. still think of any doesn't want another cooperative here. he prefers to talk about the success of sustainable agriculture, which he hopes can be expanded into the image ah, a quasi window with agricultural projects. fantasy of which be keeping is just one
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example. this. we have been able to reduce the negative impact humans have on the environment by almost half dumbed out as he started. aw, or for one thing. like we currently see that deforestation is decreasing oh, disorders to me though this, what is it? now? these successes are sorely needed the mind blocking the elephant path where the police burned down the camp is fully operational again, by the very next day. the game heroes will not stop looking for gold because they are poor and need the money. i'm debating on board if they start was from digging here. all the people will starve to death by mining that we can at least buy some food and p scroll fees up for school v. i cannot stress that enough. if up of the illegal prospect is will surely continue searching for gold. it's more dangerous than working in a co operative but also more lucrative. they're small and made of plastic
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sashes. these little packets might be handy, but they quickly land in the garbage bin, and they don't ross. in all web special, we chant the journey of such a sashay from the origins of the raw materials it's made from to its ends on the rubbish heap. we find out why the number of sa chaise is growing and why they're so lucrative for businesses. and so disastrous for our planets. find out more at d, w dot com slash plastic o brazil is among the countries hardest hit by the corona virus pandemic. according to official figures of the south american nations, 210000000 residents. more than 22000000 have been infected with the virus. and more than 600000 have died of coven 19. that's one of the highest death rates in the world. and it's not just people's health that's been affected, but also their livelihoods, though sometimes necessity, is the mother of invention,
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da again, then when they picked their organic cotton, the women of via the chicken chino, feel a close kinship with their ancestors. they sing the old songs while harvesting, just as the slaves once did. even now during the pandemic. oh dan i doing now, but i am. oh, did grandma? i do know that they will have diseases emptying it though verona virus crisis was hard on us, but we couldn't always sings gathered during our harvest. now that we've been vaccinated, we can continue because we're protected all laughing in the garage. many in this region don't like to be reminded of their slave heritage. but for these women it's an important legacy boys. if he hasn't bianca gammon and we want to preserve the traditions and culture of the palin so far we've succeeded his yeah,
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i'm happy that we still harvest the way our ancestors did buys. i changed school down to ga mason don't, but i mean more for the said badge at all. oh ha ha ha ha. via did she could she? maria is located in the north of the state of mina jr. ice. it's a region that's always been arid and poor. the women 1st remove the seats from the cotton. they then spin it also by hand. let us know that it is. we make everything from bed sheets to dish towels and bath towels ivy. even the suits are men where we women have always weaved these things. i sometimes 15 women work spinning cotton at the same time we updated our fears. well, at the start of the pandemic sales of their wound fabrics plummeted. that was a problem for the cotton spinners. here they still had to earn a living. oh, are they that they came up with
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a solution while working on their arrow error trees which provide a bark the used to make die? well, thank you. posit with what we do, everything we do with join giddy as you've been someone santa, we seem to lift their spirits or by this tradition makes us feel better by look more like a 3 year term turned on. yet are you sound their high spirits brought fresh inspiration. i mean, the women launched an online campaign, hoping they're singing might boost sales, just like their traditions spinning by hand. dying with arrow error bark and above all, their time honored songs. yep, local bass and then it occurred to us that we could sell our song, his name. we've been successful with the bar and it's helping us, whether the pandemic, even alameda, and the ideas catching on. many men contact them by voice message, ordering fabrics for their wives and a song to go with it a while. ha,
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the women now sent melancholy verses about the hardships of rural life to their recipients by voicemail for their ga. it was an immediate success and order started coming in from as far away as germany, france, and portugal requesting fabrics and verses from the descendants of slaves. invited the checking t. nora. they've sold more than 700 fabric quarter so far, far more than before. and they've sent 7000 song poems name. you sound good, you got only gone. gone. it makes it really happy bad california. but what is the queen now? so fabrics that we even send abroad. that makes my heart leap for joy portal. they see it. i leg, what is the orlando are embroidery is appreciated by people in other countries. like what is up better for you? it's lovely that was selling so much now because people like how was it in as per
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se a be so i like camping austin, family tradition, handy cramps and traditional song. a surprise hit. meanwhile, the women from via did she katina have plenty to do. new orders keep pouring in with requests for a song like one for a romantic partner, undid was no more altos or lovers day soon, another packages sent on its way. this one to rio de janeiro, dc pu santo has received a gift from her husband for birthday. the surprise also includes a song poem written, especially for her say, ha, say de la la moines. look, eddie d, z. you are loved and are good to all people, a verse that warms her heart. oh so you go there, but as a soon this is so beautiful. go back to now
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a poem by mail. and we're going to be my city lab and my husband gave them suggestions for it. i say leon, the, we've done the lego on it. i'm now imagining the woman who said to me that some were lacking dog in how she singing as her as some were leg though in the sag there was a look dog mcclare. oh, that is a thing. yeah. bailey is the woman who sang it is a 1000 kilometers away, sitting on a rock walker. she's already preparing her next song poem on her cellphone. it seems that for many people, music is a special joy right now. all the more during the pandemic. oh, good deal. with the old sleep songs, a caring hope, especially in difficult times, i had sent them st. walkie as a village elder. i'm happy that our culture is being appreciated. please hold,
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while roy nick isn't dads valesa for the women by the chicken tuna, the pac demik has brought some benefits o and new versus to say, a this week's global teen comes from south africa. i have a global team who ah, ah, my name is binding billy. call. 18 years old from cape town, africa. mm.
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ah, my mom is a domestic worker and my dad works for the construction. me. i really love going to school, but i don't like the idea of freaking out in the morning any in the morning. my favorite subject of school eas, afrikaans, in accounting. i love of a frequency could as soon as i was africans, primary school, it's actually gets loud to flow more and i get better marks in really good mark may . now somebody go out to be a good one and provide me with what i love to do. my free time is lasting, me, ah, it's the pace for ever,
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and it keeps me calm and collected every time i feel stressed and need to be calm and everything. i'll go to this to do and decency. ah, when i go as i want to do media studies and one of the options of actually being in content, but i'm actually more passionate about doing media studies. my hope is to one day be able to go study overseas, find a job overseas, and be successful independent women. me. ah. the big challenges for the world is most of all poverty and lack of housing. people are struggling out there. people are starving out there. what we'll maybe
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change that is if we may probably give a political part is a chance and see if what change we can bring them with. i think my life is actually much better because when my back grandparents and everyone are still alive and was like in a parted era. so he was very difficult for them to get the opportunity that i have to day. so i think i have it much better. mm hm. and that's all from us that global 3000 and this week. thanks for watching. and we'd love to hear from you right to our sat global 3000 at d. w dot com and check us out on facebook to d w. global ideas. see you next time. blue. ah,
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with ah, with who
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is consumerism? good or evil? how does a tv wrapper from germany end up in a river in malaysia? is basmati just the type of rice or the specific brand? the brain in packaging? why do we reach for certain products? is all about marketing made in germany. in 30 minutes on d. w. welcome to the dark side. where organized crime sets the tone. video is garnished community if we don't make any effort to understand and shed light on the system, we won't be able to effectively fight. it became some of the global gangster networks in 75 minutes on d w o.
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a scary money. effects of climate change. i've been felt worldwide before a station in the rain forest continued. carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what impact will they have? because change doesn't happen on its own. make up your own mind. aah! w. played for mines in the battle against cove it the only common variant is putting healthcare systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying
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once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax data and reports? you know, weekly coping 19 special every thursday on d w. hello guys. this is the 77 percent the platform for africa. you'd be speech issues and share ideas. you know, all these channels, we are not afraid to pass and dedicate toughie. young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent. now every weekend on d w ah .


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