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tv   Special Program - Climate crisis Can the courts save our planet  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 12:15am-12:31am CET

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the agenda was the russian troop build up on the ukrainian borders stoking fears of russian invasion. don't forget, you can always get d w news on the go. just download our app from where you get your apps. that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world, as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you're part of a new story, you can also use the d w app to send us photos and videos of what's happening. that's it. you're up to date for now and just a moment, a special program on the climate crisis. don't forget, you can get the latest on our website. that's d, w dot com. you can also follow us on instagram and twitter or handle. there is at dw news, i'm ami and he says, thanks for watching. sh
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ah, where i come from, we have to fight for a flight breast and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one tv channel and a few newspapers with official information. as a journeys i had work on history of many cameras and their problems are always the same for do socially inequality. a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption would gone the ford to stay silent when it comes to the defense of the humans on seaman whitefield. those who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny perez and i work at b w. ah ah, a ah,
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i'm suing 33 countries because our home is burdening it over. i have sued the german government for doing too little for climate protection and putting the livelihoods of my generation and future generations at risk. ah, i went to call to get out of the justice for my daughter. and ultimately on december, the 16th 2020, she became the fast passes in the world to have at pollution on her justice to the case. and as the family we believe justice ah. ready
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come from the i come from the north sea island as long as we live right on the coast. and of course we've been hugely impacted by climate change. the fact is surrounded by water. that's the way it is. on an island, the sea levels are rising, and we've reached the point where you start asking yourself, what's it going to look like in 30 years or 50? in concrete terms, in the next few years, we're expecting to see an increasing number of storm surgeon and they're already starting earlier and getting stronger and stronger. stack of papers on the special feature on line is that we don't get our water supply from the mainland. of the dune chains are being enrolled and which means that salt water could get into the interior of the island. the worst case scenario is that the salt water could get into the fresh water land, making it unusable for decades or more. we would effectively no longer have
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a water supply. ah, my name is rebecca. and she had one of the worst cases of asked my ever recorded in this country. and through my research, i found out the application as much as i might feel effected. my daughter, it affects me and it turned out to be that night she died. the air pollution was one of the highest ever in the area. my daughter becoming that chronically ill changed white eyes even when she was here. we didn't live in quotes, a, a normal life. no. my life was rushing up and then always having my phone near me in case high school ran to say how long had collapsed her illness was literally 28 months. so he started in october, you know, signs of a cold,
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a cough that sounded like whooping cough. and her friends had mission. all her fast coma or seizure was in december. and then before we bring to guide, she was gone. ah, in 2017, it was very hot. there were a lot of fires that here and especially where i live. it's very said to go pass me those places that i used to love and to see that everything gets burned. and i wondered, so we now there are, these are years what's going to happen in 20 years when i probably want to have a family when i want to make my life will i have the future that my parents have?
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maybe i'm not going to have that future. so that scares me a lot. if there's something i can do to prevent that, i'm going to the way even if it means that i have to put 33 countries in the course . ah, to put it take what the politics must move with the tiles. and that's what these lawsuits are all about, about forcing politics to get moving. ah ah
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politico politicians are intelligent people, but maybe they allow themselves to be influenced by interest guides, which may explain why serious measures against climate change have sown had often been put off for another 10 years, the nation or until some new government came into power. and isn't with love, i love, but now it's time to act. if we don't, it might soon be too late. i only vent versions which made us no longer mine. i monga oak is my home. it's where i live and where i work. it's my life. it's the life of my parents. so it's impossible for me to imagine that in 30 or 40 years longer ok, it may no longer exist that it might have been swallowed up by the waves. ah. ready
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don't come and that was when the people from german watch got in touch with me and said that they were preparing a case for the federal constitutional court and asked me if i wanted to get involved. and of course i was totally up for it to like foreign farmer i'm. we took the whole issue of climate change and especially the threats to all generations. but especially the young generation, to the german constitutional court. and we won there. and essentially, the court ran does a historic judgement really by saying that yes, climate protection is a human rights and the government essentially, all governments that are bound by human rights have a duty to not postpone climate action. and that decision forced the german government in, we bumping and revisiting its climate law and essentially took 3 days for the new
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figures to appear out of thin air. done on looking hello. we were all completely over the moon where the ruling was groundbreaking. historically, our efforts hadn't been in vain when we'd really achieve something and we're a little bit more out of our team and of ourselves. office guns, the team was his owner. ah, legal action network or a group of lawyers. so we got in touch with them and they ever seen and been very supportive because 6 kid women never be able to put the law suit to the court of human rights alone. they click on these and for, for the plaintiffs. in this case, 6, portuguese young people have appealed directly to the european court of human rights and said that it is unreasonable that we 1st have to sue in 33 states. yes, in stapo g, i'm calling to sue in all the states takes too long, and we don't have that much time in climate protection,
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thoughts or long. mm hm. english. what's the story at vibe? i think that is a very interesting case. it's very important. and if the court actually comes to a good order, it could change everything. it could change everything in europe. and that's, that's very high hopes. i have only glimpsed at the responses by government. they're very disappointing. i think they completely ignore, ah, the scientific facts. so every child in the u. k, who die suddenly has an inquest. and i remember doing the child death review which you have in a bar. i they so to do the review of your child's death. this was discussed there that it has to do with something in the air. you can get all the evidence together, but you need somebody credible to go to court or speak on your behalf.
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ah said there were moments in court when i felt like that is my daughter you're talking about. but i purposely took her picture into court. so her picture was there where all the expert witnesses were. and i wanted them to remember that this was a real human being. there were talking about, you know, she was a big sister. she was a daughter, she was a grand daughter. she has cousins, and i was very much loved and she was cared about this. robert, us in that one on clog and soon i believe there will be an increase in national lawsuits and that trend has already begun. there are lawsuits in ireland in great britain, in norway, in italy and france. so everywhere there are now national lawsuits against the you member states, but also against states outside the european union. hope basically world wide host . the oak isn't all noon. and candidate, white glee,
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mclaren gifted far climates lawsuits do exist world wide, but world wide is always a shortened formula here. there are no climates lawsuits in china yet. so, and as far as i know, there are none in russia and similar regimes. so the climate law suits are now still a phenomenon of rule of law. community liquor combined with commercials is climate protection is a global problem and, and climate protection requires very, very big solutions. we are dealing here with a problem that demands the restructuring of industrial society. and this major transformation is not something that can be driven by individual court rulings tried on unlike being and the environmental law field always a tales that you lose often. but i believe right now there is the wind is blowing from behind me. the interest of stakeholders in the industry has shifted very much in not only in germany, but also elsewhere. the investment community has
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a different set of eyes on carbon investments. that's very important. that's a very important change in the past 2 years, and that gives me hope as well. is there so much money around if we put it where it needs to be, then the communication. when i look at the history of our country, i see that we've always been a country of innovation. and if we're lucky, it might to put it bluntly save our skins this time till i do think people need to be accountable at one area where they could be accountable is to do something about cleaning up the ad i saw for all she suffer. she does that as my battle right now is trying to get the government to implement them a lot. we are worried and we are trying to do everything we can, but we don't feel like we are the voice of his plan. if then it's really an emergency and not just something we had to do later.
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ah, good legal goals. mine is as far as the i can see, mozambique, city mani, mani. national park is on the verge of collapse. the provincial government now wants to step in with reconnaissance and mining licenses, but we'll work global 3000 on d. w is consumerism good or evil? how does the candy wrapper from germany end up in a river in malaysia?
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is basmati just the type of rice or the specific brand, the brain in packaging? why do we reach for certain products? it's all about marketing. made in germany. in 60 minutes on do w. oh, i don't shoes. extinction made your species before it's too late. stop for you, humans to stop making excuses and start making changes ah, ah ah
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