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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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games and play insurmountable obstacle ah, blue girls football on the p starts february, 4th call and d, w. mm mm. ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight, a doubling down on diplomacy to prevent
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a war in ukraine. the german foreign minister, angelina bare bar held talks today with her russian counterpart in moscow with russia now sending troops to neighboring bell roofs. the threat of an invasion of ukraine is higher than ever. also coming up. these are the 1st images that the world have seen of the devastation in tonga, after saturday's massive volcanic eruption. the government says it is dealing with unprecedented disaster. and a violet escalation in yemen, civil war. the saudi led coalition watches deadly air strikes in santa after a rebel drawing attack. in the united arab emirates, plus south africa returns to something like normal, despite being badly affected by the over crime variant corona, virus infections and deaths. there are going down. so what lessons can europe learn?
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ah, i bring gov. it's good to have you with us on this tuesday, we begin tonight with a doubling down on diplomacy in an attempt to prevent a war in europe backyard. today, germany's foreign minister under lena bear book, described a russian build up of troops on ukraine's border as a real threat to european security. she was speaking after meeting with her russian counterpart, sidney lever off in moscow of germany and his western allies are in the middle of a diplomatic push to reduce tensions over ukraine. they are insisting that russia will pay a heavy price for any attack of its neighbors. this was always going to be a frosty encounter. germany is new. foreign minister, alina bab, book on the home tough sack, a lever off, one of the world's longest serving foreign ministers. she had
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a plain accusation that russia is de stabilizing europe. next, nothing happens over the past few weeks. more than 100000 russian troops, equipment and tanks have been deployed near ukraine for no reason. it's hard not to see that as a threat. laval through the accusation, right back commodity besides litany them when she don't threaten anybody with anything. but we do hear the threats address to us. i hope it only reflects certain emotions that certain powers inside within the western camp. in the west, the north stream to pipeline connecting russia to germany is increasingly seen as the diplomatic front line. in berlin, german chancellor, olaf saw its, gave the clearest signal yet that he's opened his sanctions on the pipeline. if russia attacks ukraine, claus to his clears, that in the event of a military intervention against ukraine, they'll be a high price to pay. and that everything will be up for discussion with salts was
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nato secretary general un stalsen back treading a fine line between the willingness for dialogue and the determination to act like toys of a read them under 9 dollars already to engage and listen to concerns rashaw may have but we will not compromise on court principles. the stakes are rising and the dio political game that is challenging, the stability and power balance in europe. things are moving fast. next out you as secretary of state antony blinkin will be in keith and berlin this week before his own one on one with sag oliver off in geneva on friday, and from a from rural this. i'm janelle, by raphael, los, she's with the european council on foreign relations. it's good to see you again. you were me the every day here because this situation is changing every day. what
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your read all the talks that were held to day in moscow between the german and russian foreign ministers. there are upon desolate movement currently in europe, as to as to ukraine. crisis heats up on an empty book. as it is her russian counterpart of moscow to day, the press conference and that the 2 gave after the initial consultations on a nearby book, it had the right marks. i think she spoke about the foundation of the european security order to helsinki final act, the paris charter, she mentioned the fortunes of alexander bonnie and the angel memorial. but at the same time, she had to watch the russians. she expressed a desire from the side of the german government for substantive and stable relations with russia. so i think in her remarks, we found this, this thought, we know that nato does have quite a surround of deterrence and, and to taunt off providing a strong response to russian aggression,
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but also be willing to engage them. s. s, nato secretary general in short to set. i'm trying to teach them to listen to rational concerns and to discuss risk reduction measures, arms control, and so on. and what we saw, the day we had the german foreign minister in moscow. we had the new german chancellor at nato headquarters b. these are, this is the highest ranking you can get from germany dealing with a crisis of this level. are we getting the same message here that's coming from this new government? i mean, is germany going to walk the walk and not just talk the talk when it comes to punishing russia? if an invasion of ukraine takes place, we see the partners certainly enough coalescing around the same message. i think for the longest time, all i've chose, jeremy's transfer was reluctant to put not into on the table as a deterrent towards where you're rushing aggression against ukraine. back in
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december, he said that offering to was a private sector project. he didn't have any political geopolitical relevance today, and his oppressor, with what they installed and broke his head that everything would be up for discussion. if, if russia attacked ukraine, that's a message at the greens and the f t p. the 2 other quality partners of germany's new coalition government happen emphasizing for a while now. and it's, and it's great to see that the coalition seems to be landing on the same page when it comes to this effort to destroy the mountain. moscow's renewed aggression against the queen were brought here is, is it clear here? i mean, are we getting this message from this new german government? if russia invades ukraine, germany will unilaterally kill the nord stream to pipeline. is that message clear? i think a journey is locked into anything you know, naturally,
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but it would do so certainly, and consultations with us nato allies with nato partner such as sweden and finland, and certainly with ukraine as we've heard. antony blinking m s. s and traveling to europe this week as well. he's going to keith tomorrow. he's going to be in berlin on thursday and then presumably will meet his russian count upon say gala ruffin geneva on friday. so that's a full cold press to diffuse this crisis. and anything that drove me what decide what certainly not be the natural, but rather and consultation office of trying to that context reveal looks with the european council on foreign relations, raphael, we appreciate your time, your insights tonight. thank you for the european parliament has a new president tonight, members elected conservative roberto met solum from malta as their new leader. now at the age of $43.00,
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she is the youngest person to ever have this job. she's only the 3rd woman since the european parliament was created back in 1958 met, solicit scenes, italian, david cecily, who died last week and haven't arrived, was seen. and we're brussels bureau chief alexandra phenomena. she met with roberta mancilla and she asked her about her priorities as the new president of the you parlor a festival. it's a great privilege and an honor to have been elected by my colleagues to day to says as president of this house as their precedent. it has been a very interesting campaign which negotiations, discussions, but of course are within the shadow of the passing of form of precedent of its authority. the 1st thing i will do is to on a his legacy and i will carry the responsibilities that he has left to us and me and my colleagues with in order to truly reform this parliament as he said, give it a fresh face and more forward looking become more efficient and effective in the way we do work,
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but also become more visible and more effective in the way we communicate. i would like this european parliament to be much better present in all men, the state capitals in all the schools. so that when children look to the european parliament, they can see something that represent their ideas and something that will ultimately protect them are. let's take a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. at least 10 people have been killed in flash floods that were triggered by heavy rain in the capital of madagascar. disaster officials say more than 500 people have been displaced by the flooding. the city remains on high alert for more wet weather with a cyclop forecast to hit the east coast later this week. major u. s. airlines are warning that a new 5 g service due to be deployed on wednesday could cause quote, catastrophic disruption to air travel. they say a t and t, and verizon's new technology might affect flight instruments and render many aircraft unusable. the telecom companies,
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they have allowed for buffer zones around airports, but the carrier see, those buffer zones are not enough. britain prime minister boys, johnson has denied suggestions that he lied to parliament about a lockdown breaking party held at his office. he said, no one warned him that it might violate strict coven 19 rules is undergoing pressure to resign over several gatherings that were organized by his staff findings from a government inquiry or do earlier or as early rather as this week. where the government of tonga has released the 1st details of damage caused by saturdays volcanic eruption and su nami, there's extensive damage on 3 islands in the group with all or most homes destroyed . now the islands, a tata, mongo, and for noir swan are being evacuated. communication has been limited after the countries only internet cable was cut. aid is now on its way by c to the remote
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pacific islands, but you can just see here on this map the distances are enormous. the close is 8 organizations in fiji are 800 kilometers away. new zealand, z right there has dispatched a naval ship carrying water and other supplies on a 2000 kilometer journey. australia is also preparing a major, a delivery, but it is more than 3000 kilometers away. planes are unable to land right now because of a blanket of ash covering the runway of tong us major airport. the 1st images of the devastation taken by surveillance plains are now beginning to emerge. they look like o c p a theta graphs. but it's because if a blanket of ash, which now covers everything in sight on some of tongue days, $169.00 islands in the south pacific,
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these images were captured by a new zealand defense force reconnaissance flight. it's as close as outsiders concurrently get after a massive bo cannick eruption and soon army hit tonga at the weekend. satellite pictures show the capital nuku a loafer before the eruption and after the ashes, proving quite problematic. not just for a war turns annotation because tom collected water from the roofs of household. but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, and other flights of they need to clear the runway supplies are already on their way. you see, linz h, m, n, z at as wellington is one of 2. royal navy ships heading towards tomba,
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with water supplies survey teams, and a helicopter. australia is also sending help, including humanitarian aid, with regular communication line. still down, tonga is almost cut off from the world. no one can be sure what thou find when they get there. or want to bring in sean casey, he's with the world health organization. he's the health cluster coordinator for the pacific region. he's joining me tonight from fiji. it's good. we appreciate you taking time to talk with us tonight. is the people on tango? what's the biggest threat to them right now? thanks for having me. at this point the. the small island, as you mentioned in the high group, mungo islands island, the,
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the buildings are almost completely destroyed on those islands and the populations are having to be relocated actually. so that's underway and that's being led by the government up to that more broadly. but the whole country is covered in ash, and that is contaminating water supplies. so the, the most urgent need for the entire population is really access to water. and for, for some communities it's going to be shelter and reconstruction. and as you mentioned, we have very little communications with talking at the moment. the internet cable is cut and international calls are impossible. and so we're relying completely on satellite communication, which is very patchy and very difficult at the time. but we are, we are able to communicate, but in very short bursts in so we've got these 1st photos, these 1st images that the world is seeing now of the devastation that we're going to be showing this to our viewers. what did you think when you saw those 1st images
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i it's it's, it's disturbing to see at the level of destruction to see the these green islands. i mean, i've been to tongue several times. it's a very green last place. beautiful, beautiful items. and it really does that look like everything is covered in ash and it changes the whole image of the country from what you from what you imagine it to be it's, it's, it's, it's a sad situation. but the government of tom is really taking the lead. they jumped right into action, deployed their own ships, their own national emergency medical team to the most effective areas. and we have support on the way. so hopefully this, this recovery effort can proceed in the coming days. and we know that getting helped to the people target is the 1st priority, but toner, because of its geography, has this, this lecture re of being a, a country, a place that is coded free. there is no corona virus. on this,
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on the main island does. proving or providing aid to the people. does that also put public health at risk? that's right to tony is one of the very few countries in the world at it that is still covered for you. there's no cover cases locally at all in the country. and it's the responsibility of everybody that's involved to do our best to, to manage that risk. so at this point, we don't immediately expect that personnel will be deployed into the country that may change over the coming weeks. but with, if it does, it would require as significant risk mitigation measures. but target has stayed covered free by very carefully managing its borders and taken great precautions. and i don't think they want to compromise that. and at this point they're, they're using their own resources to respond and, and very effectively, particularly our island. so we don't expect that lots of personnel will deploy,
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perhaps none into the country, but the supplies that are needed are already on the way. what that is good to hear . sean katie from the w h l. joining us tonight from fiji. sean, thank you. thank you. well, as the world, as all of us go into the 3rd year of the corona virus pandemic, we focus to night on south africa. it was the 1st country to sound the alarm about the o micron corona virus variant. now the wave has passed and other countries are looking to learn from south africa. now data shows how omicron causes a spike in case numbers because it's much more infectious than previous variants. south africa's 4th wave was therefore sharper and shorter. crucially, the omicron wave is resulted in fewer deaths than previous waves as important. there were also fewer hospitalizations. now this has led some medical experts to
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conclude that omicron could be when you look at this curve could be less dangerous . but others have warned that many cases may have gone unreported or undetected. so the real numbers, real numbers of cases and deaths, it could be much higher and they are warning not to underestimate. omicron as a milder barrier to day is an important day, was the pillow honey born in 2 years ago, financial problems and the pandemic forced him to close his bar and dressed rent and kate towns, kylie chuck township. but now he's fine in the re opening over. it does cost us a lot of things that we need to put your eggs and different buckskin. and also you need to try and think outside because i mean, for me, i don't cast a storm from whatever bed situation that, i mean i only knew, propose a tip. i got things that i can do instead of complain. after nearly 2 years, most lockdown restrictions were lifted, including in that he could,
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a few tourists have once again been pouring into the country. they had been mass cancellations following the discovery of the army. crowd variant life is slowly getting back to normal. here in cape song was decreasing numbers in you cobra infections data from south africa suggests, although all micron is much more infectious, the amount of people that were admitted to hospitals was much lower than during previous waves. many. yeah, hoping that we're seeing the beginning of the end of the pandemic. i always that i want even. yeah. but the, the name holbert. that is what we're wishing for the day next. everyone is going, i've been allowed collect thing going. i applied and we've been up to 90 now, and i hope that we could eventually define the things you know who is married to see slash enjoyments. this actually happened as the i'm so happy that the business is booming. people to start making money out of officially open when last as these
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tyesha touch it with them business. i'm glad that we can get to come here and enjoy . many scientists also optimistic despite the low vaccination rate by religious dwarf gang plaza says that many south africans had already and infected with the corona virus before the only true waste hospital data show that a prior corona, virus infection, or vaccination, provides protection against severe illness. also with the army tron variant, women and i'm as if you are too nice to be here. dear tide will partridge allah's entered address you tomorrow tom would again didn't. or if you get to a situation like this, where nearly every one has had it or has been vaccinated, then you can relax. of course, on the other hand, it is summer here, and the big school break took place over most of the 4th wave vacation was shorter in europe. school is starting again, and it's winter when people spend much more time together indoors or the selfish
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winter home. if he makes those are considerable differences. that's why you can't just say, we expect things to go like they have in south africa, dusty. but toggling darden idea of oddness a little iffy in a suit, africa, pies, or hopes that the pandemic could become endemic. as with other corona viruses, if most of the population has a basic immunity from previous infection or vaccination, higgins to galati off know thus feel only america officials with the booster info at home. com. i still have hope that we can get around regular booster shots. i can well imagine that if everyone has basic immunity, possibly with a specific army from booster, and another variance doesn't come as a nasty surprise, then we can keep our immunity up by nature means via regularity. infections with a corona virus, and dusky at andrea ag macy could be the infect, you own a midstream called of yours owns of imitators zone of. and i truly have isaac and
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advocacy in buells early because no one wants to think about more mutations right now in the middle restaurant and bar. certainly not illness. he believes he already has big plans and wants to expands to other cities. he believes that the prospects was on africa once again. ah well known to hamsters hong kong, independent mc hong kong says it will coal more than 2000 hamsters after a coven 19 outbreak was traced to a pet store, a shop worker, a customer, and a love and hamsters tested positive for the delta barrier. so the authorities have now banned the importing and the selling of all small animals. it's still not clear whether the humans caught the virus from the hamsters. my colleague, matthew more he's been following this story and all those hamsters that are about to die. what more can you tell us? i don't think either of us thought we would be talking about covert carrying
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hampstead when it began the day brent but so it's probably a good idea to start the beginning. this all came emerged when the shop worker tested positive and he traced the shot bar. can he find that one of the customers? it also tested positive, saw the trigger, a mass testing campaign of the animals to and that's when they established that there were some positive cases in the hamsters and the hamster, some of those homes that were imported from the netherlands. and what followed was the drastic decision to call and i cracked down on the hamster community really more than 30 shops and hong kong that sail hamsters or no to be closed. anyone who bought a ham star since december 22nd, when the hamsters were imported, has is being asked to hand it back to the authorities to have it euthanized. and it stunned a stunned hong kong as frankly, and it's led to this bizarre spectacle of public health officials urging an telling a fit residence not to cast the hamsters. i'm serious and, and urging people to who may have gone to the shop in question to, to,
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to quarantine. let's take a lesson to what they had to say to day about while this was necessary. is quite large amount of animals. dances are tested with positive results and um, with their shopkeepers, which as a more frequent exposure to on the answer in death, almonds weekend nights with the possibly debt, the shopkeepers was, in fact, was actually infected from the the hamsters. right. so don't tiff stamps. tours, kill the hamsters. i'm wondering though matthew hung up the visuals, they're not ruling out animal to human transmission. here. you would think though that with all the tracing apps that they would've thought immediately that this was a person to person transmission. but they're saying the hamsters may have been involved while they're saying that naturally the knob of the story isn't that i mean that they're not willing at home. but equally, there's still no evidence that has just passed on the viruses to humans. and that's
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really important. not just for, i mean it's important for understanding of the virus, but it's also really important for pet owners around the world to kind of radio following their story closely. and you know, while this is a kind of thought, controversial area where the have been cases of owners passing a virus on to their pets, there's not been recorded cases of pitch passing on to their owners. and the u. s. center for disease control says that the risk of that is really low. yeah. mean, it is amazing that this is happening in china even more so considering that china has a 0 covert policy that it is following right now. right? and this is basically an extension of mainland china as 0 corporate policy. and you know, just a day officials in beijing were encouraging residents them to wear masks and gloves when opening international mail. because they see that the 1st on the concussion, beijing may have been delivered in a mail letter from canada critic,
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see that there's a pattern here, generally with china. and the story in hong kong today. and the jang of china, blaming coven cases on outsiders. right? i'll leave it there and then the international health experts have said that, you know, that theory, the meal theory is more theory than fact. and as you know, a well sim, see whether you know that me come to be the case as well. with that, the color home. yeah, i mean people have a right to be concerned over animals, but there's no proof that if you open a letter you're going to catch. covet 19 matthew moore's always. matthew, thank you're watching the w news kick off is off. next, i will be back at the top of the hour with more world news, followed by the day to see that
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