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this is dw newswire from berlin, a new diplomatic push german foreign minister adelina barbell colds talks with her counterpart in moscow to try to diffuse tensions over ukraine as fears grow of a russian invasion. also coming up the 1st, the images begin to emerge of tonga after saturday's massive volcanic eruption. they shall, serious damage but the full extent is still unknown. ships carrying supplies are still days away. d w reveals how athletes and other visitors at the upcoming olympic games in beijing could be at risk because of flaws in and out. china says they must download and another boon for the bonus they get. as byron munich strike a, robert levin dorski is named 5th as best men player for the 2nd year in
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a row. ah, i'm suby so much gonna, thanks for joining us. german foreign minister on alina bab walk, says there is no alternative to good relations between moscow and berlin. as she was speaking, it talks in the russian capital with her counterpart, searcy love. among the topics on the agenda are the russian true build up on the ukranian border and fears that russia could invade its neighbor. barbara said they would be discussing a host of issues, including ones that cast a shadow over their bilateral ties. so let's go right to moscow, are corresponding, emily, sherwin is following these talks for us. hi, emily. there is a press conference going on with those survey, lovegrove and annual in a burbock. tell us what has been said so far so far. it seems like a both fair book and love roth came out of these talks of feeling rather positive, especially considering the huge tensions that we've seen between the west more
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generally and russia in recent weeks and months over are over ukraine lover of called the talks useful he said that it's very important for russia to have good relations with germany, or of course, emphasizing the importance of trade relations with germany as well. and bear book also said that she hoped for stable relations. she said that despite the huge differences in opinions on us, some issues including on human rights, you mentioned the opposition politician, alexey navine. there's also a lot of issues where of russia and germany have common ground and simply issues that need to be discussed. because russia's an important player on the world stage, she mentioned for or both, both the ministers mentioned afghanistan and syria. also environmental cooperation seems to have been a big topic today, which perhaps is unsurprising because a bare book is of course, from the green party in germany. they also did discuss it seems and at length the
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elephant in the room, which is ukraine and russia's demands for, for security guarantees. i'm from from the u. s. and from, from nato. and i know lena bear book said coming into these talks that she wants to revive the normandy piece, talks on ukraine. and it seems that, and, you know, russia is all ears when it comes to that and is also prepared to move forward on those piece talks. so a positive tone, but we have to say the foreign minister underline a variable came into this meeting with a difficult task. there has been dialogue to this point on ukraine, but there haven't been, hasn't been any breakthrough until now. so what influence could germany or europe have in these negotiations? well, i lena bear book was talking very much about european security, and it seemed that she was implying that russia very much plays a part in that. now the concrete outcome that we saw was the potential renewal of
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these norma d talks, but it's important, i think, to point out that these norman, the talks have been ongoing for years and they've been kind of deadlock for years as well. so the question is whether this is all just talk and whether there can be any concrete outcome, even if those talks about peace in ukraine and about the peace process are renewed . so far. we've just seen essentially russia accusing ukraine of breaking the rules set up by these talks and vice versa. and yes, so it's hard to know whether there will be actually any concrete outcomes, especially because rushes emphasized again and again that the us is the main partner that they want to negotiate with when it comes to security guarantees, particularly on the eastern expansion of nato. well, what about the european threat of sanctions if there is a russian incursion on ukrainian sovereignty?
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me and how is that going down in moscow for i think the russian side, in the past few weeks has just been turning the temperature up and up. and we seen that again today with the russian side, talking about there being more military exercises planned, this time joined exercises with bella. ruth, so the russian side is very much leaving the threat of military action on the table and they're using that for leverage. i think on the other hand, the west we've seen, you know, the u. s. and the e you talking about sanctions, but it's also a little bit vague. we've seen, you know, different states talking about different options. and i think one of the goals from the russian side is also to show that, you know, we know what we want. whereas the west is divided and weak d, w 's, emily, sure, of uncovering these talks for us and moscow. thank you for that update. now to some other stories from around the world,
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the european parliament has chosen it's new. president roberto met sola, a lawmaker for malta. she will be succeeding, david, saucily, who died last week that sola was set to take over the position prior to subtly death. she is the 1st woman to hold the position in 20 years, and only the 3rd in history yet and who the rebels have claim responsibility for a drone strike and abu dhabi that killed 3 people and wounded 6 others, the united arab emirates as bowed reprisals for the attack which targeted an oil refinery. but who these are at war with a military backed coalition by the u. e in yemen, medics in sudan, se several protesters were shot dead demonstrations against military coup leaders. thousands of people turned out for the largest of the protests in the capital cartoon. mondays rallies come. i had a visit by the us delegation. this week meant to revive efforts to return the country to civilian rule. the
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government of tomba has released the 1st details of damage caused by saturday's volcanic eruption and su nami, there has been extensive damage on 3 islands in the group with all or most houses destroyed the islands. a tata mongo, and finally for are being evacuated. communication has been limited after the countries only internet cable was cut. well, aid is now on its way by sea to the remote pacific islands, but the distances are enormous. now if you look at this map of a closest neighbor at the closest organizations in fiji or some 800 kilometers away, that was new zealand has also dispatched a ship that is carrying out water and other supplies on a 2000 kilometer c journey. australia is also preparing a major delivery, but it is more than 5000 kilometers away. planes are unable to land right now because of a blanket of ash covering the runway of target main airport. the 1st images of the
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devastation taken by surveillance plains are starting to emerge. they look like old sepia photographs, but it's because of a blanket of ash, which now covers everything in sight. on some of tongue is 169 islands in the south pacific. these images were captured by a new zealand defense force reconnaissance flight. it's as close as outsiders concurrently get after a massive vo, cannon corruption, and soon ami hitch tonga at the weekend. satellite pictures show the capital nuku a loafer before the eruption and off to the ashes,
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proving quite problematic. not just for water and sanitation because tom collected water from the roofs of households. but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, and other flights, they need to clear the runway supplies are already on their way. new zealand h m, n. s. wellington is one of 2 royal navy ships heading towards tonda with water supplies survey teams, and a helicopter. australia is also sending help, including humanitarian aid, with regular communication lines still down, tonga is almost cut off from the world. no one can be sure what they'll find when they get there. so what more do we know about the situation on the ground and tongue following those 1st surveillance flights? i asked shane cronan, vulcan ologist from the university of auckland. yes,
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i think now a picture of quite some damage certainly is to nami, have created quite a damage and they've been around 2 centimeters or bashful over the main inhabited island of topper and a similar amount of ash in the nor on the positive side of the coins or that damage is not as much as we would've expected for such a large explosion. and i think it's been quite lucky for the people of tonga, that a lot of the ash has actually fallen into the ocean. and in places where there aren't islands. now, not to undermine the seriousness of it because there are some places and target some low lying places where this nami impact has been quite major to the corona virus pandemic. now, south africa was the 1st country to sound the alarm about the on the cross variance . now the wave is passed and other countries are looking to learn from its experience. data shows how the cranberry causes
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a spike in case numbers because it is highly infectious. a lot more than previous corona virus variance. as you can see, south africa. the 4th wave here was far sharper, but also shorter and crucially be on a cron wave has so far resulted in fewer deaths than previous waves. there were also, if you were hospitalized ations this time around, you can see that the data here that is lead some experts to conclude that i'm a crohn is less dangerous. but others have warned that many cases may go unreported or undetected. so the real numbers of cases and death could be much higher. they are warning not to underestimate on the crown as a milder variance. to day is an important day for c panel, honey barnett. 2 years ago, financial problems and the pandemic forced him to close his bond dress to rent and kate towns calisha township. but now he's fine in the re opening. over does caught, that's a lot of things that we need to put your eggs and different buckskin. and also you
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need to try and think outside the bose because i mean, for me, i don't test the storm from whatever bed situation that i mean i always knew propose a tip. i taught things that i can do instead of complain. after nearly 2 years, most lockdown restrictions were lifted, including in that he could, a few tourists have once again been pouring into the country. they had been mass cancellations following the discovery of the army. crowd variant life is slowly getting back to normal. here in cape song was decreasing numbers in you, coven infections data from south africa, suggests. although all micron is much more infectious, the amount of people that were admitted to hospitals was much lower than during previous waves. many. yeah, hoping that we're seeing the beginning of the end of the pandemic. i always that i want even. yeah, but the,
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the name colbert. that is what we're wishing for the day next week. everyone going out in the cloud connect thing. going outside of the with daddy now the how long and i hope that only god is actually the final thing over this marriage to see slash enjoyment. this actually happened. and so i'm so happy that the business is booming. people to start making money out of officially open way lost with as these tyesha touch it with them business. i'm glad that we can get to come here and enjoy . many scientists also optimistic despite the low vaccination rate by religious dwarf gung plaza says that many south africans had already an infected with a corona virus before the only true wife hospital data show that a prior corona, virus infection, or vaccination, provides protection against severe illness. also with the army tron various women, and i'm as if you are too nice to be here. dear tide will popish, allah's entered address. gamma tom would a game content, or if you get to
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a situation like this, where nearly everyone has had it or has been vaccinated, then you can relax. of course, on the other hand, it is summer here, and the big school break took place over most of the 4th wife. vacation was shorter in europe. school is starting again, and it's winter when people spend much more time together endorsed. or the selfish winter will know if he makes those are considerable differences. that's why you can't just say, we expect things to go like they have in south africa. jessie backlog, montagna, early of oddness, a little iffy in africa. pies or hopes that the pandemic could become endemic. as with other corona viruses, if most of the population has a basic immunity from previous infection or vaccination, higgins to galati or flu does feel reg, america, officials with the booster info at home. com. i still have hope that we can get around regular booster shots. i can well imagine that if everyone has basic immunity, possibly with a specific army from booster,
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and another variant doesn't come as a nasty surprise. then we can keep our immunity up by nature means via regularity. infections with corona, virus, and dusky at andre ag macy could be the infect, john mitchell, being caught one of your sons, of even the texas zone off. and i truly have eyes at hutton, and advocacy for jim buells leave. no one wants to think about more mutations right now in the middle restaurant and bar. certainly not illness. he believes he already has big glance and wants to expands to other cities. he believes that the prospects was on africa once again. ah, we can speak now too shabby. matthew, he's a professor of vaccine ology at with water sand university in johannesburg. thank you for joining us. now you tweeted that south africa has reached a turning point in the pandemic. what did you mean by that?
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thank you for having me side. think ext feedings. busy during the course of this wave, who trust dominated by army kronen, very much shows a decoupling of infections i and severe disease and death. re su correctly reported this time dawn, especially in the province we trust initially to be sent off to on the con, upgrade to halting robins. the number of hospitalizations that transpired was one that compared to what to inspire children to cause an adult, the radiant radio, and many of us hospital like they play sessions this time rom actually what they refer to it. it's again, pretty infections in that people who are being admitted for other reasons. and we're just going to include testing positive. but more striking was what counted to make the number of people that have died jude and of course of this particular race in a hotel province, contribution to less than 5 percent of all of the cove at 9 in that that def transpired. since the thought of the pandemic i, in contrast the delta v agent way, if we trust o e v us rate contribution to 50 percent, all okay,
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the depth that the sun's bytes and the thought of the been done mix in a complete decoupling of infections, severe disease and death. and that is despite the relatively low vaccination rate in south africa, if you look across africa only around 10 percent of people are fully vaccinated. so what do you think this on a cron wave might mean for other african countries? yes, i used to spite very modest vaccine company child, but unfortunately in ed for i didn't do what yes transpired in south africa and probably many of the african countries is that a large percentage of the population he ever developed community and particularly protection against the vietnamese and get because of possible picture. so just prior to the onset of the army conway, when we had conducted the a cedar survey, maybe decimal places in south foster where it gets for presence of india body as a proxy of pot infection. we showed that in this province and the same thing with applied to most other parts of the country. 70 percent of people at tech should have been infected. jordan, of course,
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are to for 3 raves. so the number of people that don't develop community against covert 19 in particular against severe disease and death, it's far higher than the number of people that are been vaccinate that in settling, such as our own. and the same thing probably exists across the continent. ok, we're more than 3 got this little population. busy average about community through the course of pos infection. what about in countries where there are where there's a high number of people who have been vaccinated to how worried do you think that they should be about this on microwave? but i would expect a similar sort of decoupling to materialize because it doesn't continue lives and death calls into question out of the value of vaccines. and i do believe that it seems and as has been shown in effect studies in studies from south africa, vaccines. these vaccines, if not performed to rog and protecting against mildly future damage on the ground. but when it comes to protecting against have yet to see supplies of it seemed to johnson and johnson vixen. it's examples stoke on foot high levels of protection
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against severe disease and death. so even in countries where they haven't been moto, i lots of infections in the falls, but rated right. i've seen companies i want to anticipate the same sort of decoupling to materialize backs and ologist happy mothers speaking to us her to hattiesburg. thank you very much for sharing your insights with us today. thank you . a new book claims to have solved a lingering mystery in holocaust history. for decades, it was unclear who betrayed the amsterdam hiding place of teenager on a frank and her family to the nazis. the authors of the new book said their research points to a surprise suspect. her short life, one of millions, ended in the holocaust. german born school girl anna frank. for more than 2 years, the teenager lived with her family in attic rooms, hidden behind
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a bookcase and nazi occupied, amsterdam. keeping a diary of their ordeal until the family were discovered and sent to the baron to the bergen belsen concentration camp. now a research team think they've cracked the puzzle of who betrayed them. that way investigated about 30 more than 30 scenarios. and i think rick can say with quite a certainty that about 2928 of these scenarios are virtually impossible. the scenario said that the notary arnold from the birth are well known in amsterdam and it over lists of people in hiding. and that's an old that list was yet. ruth. 263 prince across the, the home of the annex. the team believes vandenberg, who himself was jewish, disclose the francs hiding place to save his own family from deportation and murder . the director of the ana, frank house museum, says it's a fascinating hypothesis, but needs further investigation. what thing, what,
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what this new theory is bringing us is not just information about what has happened here in the 4th of august 9044, but very much also about the behavior of people, the choices they have made, decisions they have taken during a very difficult period of time, the mystery of who betrayed the frank family may never be definitively solved. but the research succeeds in highlighting the complexities of a dark chapter of history. thousands of athletes, officials and reporters travelling to china for the upcoming winter olympics risk having their online communications hacked through the official app for the event and turn out security researchers from the organization citizen lab and canada are also warning that the app could even be used for censorship, after they discovered a list of banned words, the chinese authorities have asked everyone taking part in the olympics to install
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the my 2022 app at least 2 weeks before traveling to beijing. it is aimed at tracking and tracing for corona virus, but also has a chat function and features like weather reports and check ins and venues and data abuse. internet security expert oliver leno has been looking through the investigation. he has more on this exclusive story for us oliver. tell us more about what citizen lab has discovered here. but yeah, the, the app has a secure way to run a regular t in the encrypted communication. so in detail, it is about the proper verification of is outset, if it cates and because of this weakness or heck hust can still more or less easily private data. for example, the passport data audio messages from the at the chat function that is included in the app and, but also the huge data such as the explanation status of a can be leaked. and i understand there are also concerns about chinese authorities
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having access to the information that could be hacked or so what exactly would authorities be looking for? yeah, maybe they, they look for for private communication, for example, they interested in and, but they have also included censorship. list in this app. so there's a file that is called illegal words. and this has find out the citizen lip. a day has not been able to find any evidence that they just as actively used in the app. but there are more than 2000 votes in chinese and, and simplified and traditional correct us. and also in t beaten. and we go and for example, you can find the word the term. will you for who do you koran? and i think the an onset question is, what such a list has to do with an ad for the olympic games? okay, so we're talking about
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a vulnerability in the app. and this list of terms that could possibly be censored . i mean, oliver, is this the pricing? we do know that china has hosted to previous olympics like in 2008. yeah, of course the china is the state of surveillance business known. it's a country of digital center censorship, or even the b, b, c. and we w is blocked in the country on internet and why are satellite but this is in china and so didn't pick game. so are in the bible. so it's a special area for, for the, let's and for, for all the participants. and i think they don't expect such a surveillance there and, but this head isn't up, has find out is much more the so they find the vulnerable vulnerability that can be used from heck us from, from 3rd parties. and additionally, december ship list are, i got the impression that, that many of the participants are not very well prepared for this event in terms of
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digital safety and the citizen depth and research and g o has to come with such a research, which could probably be the job of national security auto to authorities or the national under the committee's d w. internet security expert oliver speaking to us. so thank you so much for that reporting. thank you. and we do have more details on this. our citizen lab investigation on our website. d, w dot com to swartz now in football. so the member can sango will become the 1st female referee to officiate. a mens africa cup of nations match later today. the 35 year old will take charge of the match between them. bob and guinea with an all female refereeing quartet another tournament. first look and sango was already a 4th official during the tournament, and has extensive experience officiating top women's matches, including at the world cup and the olympics. byron munich, striker robert leben dorski has been named,
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fif us best men's player for the 2nd year in a row lab. and off he became the 1st man to score 41 goals and upon to think a season last term and has not stopped scoring since he controversially missed out on the ball on to or to leave a message in november, but has now again claimed the other major, individual football let's get a reminder now of our top story. german foreign minister on alina bab, bog says there was no alternative to good relations between moscow and berlin. she was speaking, it talks and the russian capital with their counterparts are gay. love, rough among the topics on the agenda are the russian troops build up on the ukranian border and fears that russia could invade its neighbor. coming up next, our documentary series close off looking at rising temperatures in lapland statute with
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ah, with
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who are. not only is the ice spinning, everything has been changing in lapland, since when to, to form to signs are clear to see a saw me. people, how long will they be able to preserve their way of close up next on d, w. o. and sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning packs like global ideas. we will show you
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how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for, for the amount of class it is increasing every year. many im gonna working on landfills with the only work very holiday destinations drowning in plastic white. we, we, wine at the cause it every year europe exports over $1000000.00 tons of plastic with. is there another way after all the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w,
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