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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2022 7:00am-7:15am CET

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long even in time i had us, i was it's with port by choice in this car. because given a way to transmit, my name is in the gush moment and i will i dw ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. the 1st image is begin to emerge of target. after saturday's massive volcanic eruption, they show serious damage,
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but the full extent is still on known ships carrying supplies are still 3 days away . also coming up after meeting with ukrainian leaders, german foreign minister, i'm a lena bear balk, heads for moscow to try to diffuse tensions as fears mount of a russian invasion and a mystery of who betrayed the hide out of honor. frank and her family to the nazis . a new book identifies what it calls the most likely suspect. ah, i'm get her both as welcome to the program. the u. n says the pacific island nation of tonga suffered significant damage and saturdays volcanic eruption. the remarks come as the 1st images start to emerge after new zealand and australia sent surveillance plants to the area communication has been limited after the countries
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only internet cable was cut. new zealand is also sending ships carrying water and other supplies. the plains can't land because of a blanket of ash at the main airport. a prelude to a vile interruption. on friday, the hunger tongue hung to hot by volcano, sent plumes of smoke and dash shooting into the sky activity that soon decreased. it will prove to be a brief rest vice. the next day, the volcano rumbled to life again in an explosion so powerful. it sent shock waves around the world. before and after satellite images show had the volcano sea level krazer had disappeared following the blast. with regular communication lines to tongue across all the worlds been relying on stuff like phones and images to get a sense of the disaster are we are still waiting to receive
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information from tara, what is much needed, but we know for sure that there will be needful clean water because of the options and which really they mention causing lots of our troubles to the water supplies in taurus, most of the people collect water through rain. this is something very dangerous for them to consume. a new zealand have sent surveillance flights to help assess the scale of the damage, especially on target islands, where there are fears the devastation could be immense. joining us now, it's shane crone at a vulcan ologist from the university of oakland. showing that we know more about the situation until after the surveillance flights by new zealand and australian plains. yeah, good morning. we do, we doing a lot more and also some of the satellite imagery that's been collected through the
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you in the program. and so we've seen extensive damage due to those, you know, me and also ash fall across most of the islands. thankfully, the school is not too thick. so mainly around to seem to me to think on the 9 island upon the top. and some of the other islands to the north had looked like they have a little thick ash and. and then this unami damage is mainly confined to 2 or 3 very low lying islands with this major damage. most of the others have relatively well major damage, but not the let's say it's not a big thing. a lot of we have the housing is. so we spoke at 24 hours ago and then you were somewhat optimistic that damage and tone by itself from the reception was not that bad. i use still optimistic about that. i think the damage is
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slightly more than what i was expecting and the school damage is about what we were expecting. so that 2 centimeters, a bash is not enough to, to damage structures, but obviously needs to be cleaned from the, from the s trip. and also it, it needs to be the word supplies need to be secured. and as your previous correspondence mentioned, around 80 percent of tongue and, and use ryan water supplies, particularly outside the main and the main settlement of neutral. ok. is there any danger of more eruptions you think is there is and so we're working on very simple scenarios. the largest of the scenarios would be the concern that the upper part of the volcano is now very unstable. so after the initial reaction, the top part of the volcano now is,
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is going to be fractured. it's changed shape a lot. and the concern is a new magnet rather than that of all kind of system. it could, it could cause more instability and therefore more exposure being. so that's the worst case scenario we're planning for. the other scenarios would be that the gas brit magna has now been arrested from the system. and so that the next lot of magma may have an easier path to the surface and the your options may be slightly smaller . so those are the 2 scenarios we're looking at. and because there's no monitoring possible on the volcano at the moment, we really are relying on having frequent visual observations via satellite imagery to see what is happening at the same con and then volcanoes from the university of
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oakland. thank you. thanks for the interest. again, germany is foreign minister, natalie, and babble has told ross i will pay a high price if it invades ukraine. bab oak is heading to moscow for talk today to try to diffuse what she called a highly dangerous situation. as russia continues to build up of troops at the border, at a meeting with ukrainian leaders on monday, she said berlin would do all it could to guarantee t of security. fear. so for russian invasion of ukraine have jangle nerves here in the region. after visiting a memorial to anti government protesters who died in 2014, on the lena bear box as any solution to the conflict, must come through dialogue, not arms, meeting ukraine's foreign minister to me. ciocca labor burbock offered an explicit gesture of support for ukraine. zoe, danny kate, solidarity ganita, european solidarity for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. del
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hyena, that is not up for debate, not for us, and not for me personally, but any further aggression would have a high price. his emphasised that to day once again, as titian island, one price rushes building up, its troops on the ukrainian border. both the european union in the us have threatened to impose further harsher sanctions if russia goes ahead with an invasion. for years ukraine has called on germany to the liver, arms to help boost its ability to defend itself. calais by says russia doesn't share ukraine's corporate of attitude towards defusing. the tensions one is a mild costume of so plenty positive. we have a very constructive stance on this matter. but unfortunately, my, our constructive nurse isn't mutual on russia's part, was vocal issue. burbock will now meet with russian foreign minister, circ a love rovan boss go. she's keen to revive for way piece talks in the normative
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format, which includes germany, france, ukraine, and russia. by germany is dredging support for ukraine, but belinda poses major arms shipments to the country and has been pursuing the controversial north stream to gas pipeline. with russia. we asked a rough, our loss of european council on foreign affairs. how much credibility foreign minister bab oak now has in p. if you're on pointer discussions in berlin, over the past couple of days had been dominated by all the things that jimmy's not willing to put on the table to diffuse as crisis name need not shame to arms transfers and swift or financial transfer system. now one of the above because as offered her ukrainian counterpart to day, essentially german help and to beef up ukrainian cyber defenses and east of energy partnership. now that might be interesting for ukraine in the long term, but it certainly will not help them and a short term facing
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a substantial russian build up of forces along its border that has hurt german credibility and ukraine. germany has some capability, i think, to potentially deter russian aggression against ukraine. i'm but has shown very little results actually make use of those capabilities. a 2nd. now some of the other stories making headlines today. hootie rebels in the yemen have claimed responsibility for a drone strike, an abu dhabi that killed killed 3 people. the united arab emirates about reprisals for the attack which targeted an oil refinery duties are at war with a military collision in yemen that is backed by the way, medics in sedans say several protesters were shot dead at demonstrations against military cool leaders. thousands of people turned out for the largest of the protests in the capital cartoon. monday's rallies come ahead ahead of a visit by u. s. delegation this week meant to revive efforts to return the country to civilian rule. a new book claims to have solved
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a lingering mystery in holocaust history. for decades, it was unclear who betrayed the amsterdam hiding place of teenage direst on a frank and her family to the nazis. the authors of the new book say their research points to a surprise, suspect her short life, one of millions, ended in the holocaust. german born school girl, anna frank. for more than 2 years, the teenager lived with her family in attic rooms, hidden behind a bookcase and nazi occupied, amsterdam. keeping a diary of their ordeal until the family were discovered and sent to the bergen belsen concentration camp. now a research team think they've cracked the puzzle of who betrayed them. that way investigated about 30 more than 30 scenarios. and i think we can say with quite
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a certainty that about 2928 of these scenarios are virtually impossible. the scenario said that the notary arnold from the birth are well known in amsterdam, i handed over lists of people in hiding. and that's, and on that list was yet earth to 63 princess rock. that the home of the annex, the team believed found and back who himself was jewish, disclose the franks hiding place to save his own family from deportation and murder . the director of the anna frank house museum says it's a fascinating hypothesis, but needs further investigation. i think what, what this new theory is bringing us is not just information about what has happened here in the 4th of august 1944, but very much also about ah, the did the, the behavior of people, the choices they have made, decisions they have taken during a very difficult period of time, the mystery of who betrayed the frank family may never be definitively solved. but
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the research 16 in highlighting the complexities of a dark chapter of history. organizes of next month's winter olympics and bay. jing of confirm that tickets will not go on sale to the general public. that's part of measures to combat the spread of coven. 19 tickets for chinese fans will be distributed to targeted groups rather than put on general sale that's on top of china's decision announced last year to bar. all international spectators begging will become the 1st city to host summer on the winter olympics. when the games begin on february full by a munich striker, board of dorski has been named chief as best men's player for the 2nd here in a row. the pole missed out on the ball on door, which was given to leona messy in november. that is now again claim the other major, individual football on the many football fans,
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was stunned when robert lemon dusky was overlooked in the voting for the balance door. after a record $41.00 goals in abundance, the season robert lay randolph ski. but now there by a munich forward can again say he is the best men's footballer in the world. the fee for prize is broadly equal to the palace door in terms of prestige. and after a 2nd straight, when the poll thank the by and staff who flanked him and fell on my prout. i feel happiness because another thing this dorothy blank also to my team and to my coaches because you all her walker tour toilet again. leon missy had taken the ballon door, but in women's football field pos alone, as alexia, protests reign supreme by adding fee for glory to her that was the men's coach of the year prize went to chelsea's german bus. thomas torkel, after he sealed a champions league triumph just for months in to the job again. but the night
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belonged to live and dos, gay who would not be denied around this time. it was wonderful that unless it's from me and the early news team here in a berlin don't go away the op next d, w a business. and also of course you can stop the dead on our website for some d, w dot com and on instagram and twitter to i'll handle that is abdi w news. got f as in berlin, many thanks ah .


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