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tv   Close up - On thin Ice - Rising Temperatures in Lapland  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm CET

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is a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone, operation, the criminal economy, where conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive work through what's vague, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, whose benefits and why are they a threat to was all opaque worlds this week on d w?
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oh he a heard of reindeer trucking across lapland, the traditional land of the saw me the animals know exactly where they're going. they're following ancient migration roots to their calving grounds in the valley. but here in the arctic circle, the temperatures are rising rapidly and these free range reindeer are under threat job. those are the biggest challenges. winter. first, there's heavy snow then rain. then it ice is ova, making it impossible for the rain dad to get to the like, and they say so then natural diets get avia. yanna la reindeer are resourceful. they can dig up food 2 meters below the surface as long as they can easily remove the snow. but in the last 20 years, the weather conditions in winter have become unpredictable. darker me, yet them it gets mad or from him again one year there was
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a ton of snow. the next year it rained and was more what s and not that was followed by a normal winter liquor. it's different every year, as the nature is off kilter. known thing around it, fail in a 3rd em. mm. ah ah ah ah ah. a herd attempts to crossed the ice, but the ice isn't strong enough. and adult reindeer goes under lapland. traditional spring floods occur as early as november. this bridge is destroyed as a result. a man shovel snow in shorts. one day there snowfall and minus 20 degree
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temperatures. and the next day, there's a thought reindeer cover, great distances when they roam in swedish lapland part of the region. the indigenous saw me call saw me reindeer, often bring traffic to a standstill, even on the european route, e 10, which passes through cyrano. the area is home to some 300000 reindeer boned exclusively by saw me. lars. ola young oak is feeding the one year olds, reindeer are hearty creatures. but if they work bed extra mos in like in every day, they'd no longer survive the winters here. the indigenous saw me were struggling even before climate change began complicating their lives. and it seems some neighbors would even be happy if the reindeer died out. recently when lars only young oak was relocating his heard a car stopped november down 3 go for i wrote my i mean
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a very not slept the driver yelled at me from about 20 meters away. if you let your reindeer roam here, we'll shoot them. how aggressive i thought and oh, this is thoughtful, he's passing short was off. if i run into one of ye, reindeer hood is alone in the forest like it'll be your turn. no, no regret worth that of the crew. 8 o reindeer shootings are common. the owners get a small compensation, but these incidents are always unsettling from her whom her out. if for a minute, i hurt we used to racism. but though my father used to take all kinds of abuse her, especially he a close to the big mines in corona and yellow vera is that since the gary is case the hates, go to even worse. several for you. it took 10 years to resolve the curious case which revolved around hunting and fishing rights on this land. the area of approximately 5000 square kilometers,
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stretches from cyrano to the norwegian border. it's almost always blanketed and snow, but for the indigenous saw me people and their reindeer, it's home. in the end, the supreme court of sweden ruled in their favor. the saw me flag at the awful us of farm with icelandic horses. that's been around for 25 years. but a closer look reveals that some of these horses have humps a bit like camels. they're actually elk that are spending the winter at the farm after harsh weather. and 6 meters of snow left them unable to find food. the farm owner wouldn't have dreamed of turning them away. this is his land and his responsibility. mati blend bag fought over the hunting and fishing rights to it for a decade and welcomed the supreme court judgment of the minnesota vanessa
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illness. and we've been living here since the scandinavian eyes retreated already. we live with and from our reindeer. oh, so archeologists appeared as witnesses in the trial against the swedish stable about hunting and fishing rights. now they said it's hard to find evidence of another people that treat their resources as respectfully and carefully resolution . so the food of monte blend bag traveled 1000 kilometers to the court and stockholm, where the case was argued. he was joined by marlene branch durham, a saw me reindeer, herders and lawyer thought their yell on. the state says it is the formal unearthed land and has a right to su, hunting and fishing license is skitta. but the sammy say these were our rights before the state came to be at the header, but a lot more was at stake than hunting and fishing rights. the case brought into sharp focus, sweden's attitudes towards its indigenous people. the traditional region of the saw me is rich in resources such as or timber, wind, power,
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and hydro power. so of course, the state wants to profit murray, hayden bork, represented the swedish state in the lawsuit. they assessed that some thaw amana, you know, by the way, the saw me use, the land is hard to reconcile with today's demand. for wind turbines, knotty mining, and also tourism, or the there is frequent conflict that or death. that's why it's important to clarify the rights issue, the up put america for the saw me. it was an historic moment. their rights to their own land were finally acknowledged by the supreme court. in the past, these nomadic indigenous people have had little to celebrate. they pat to watch their land be claimed by new roads, mines and wind turbines. if
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of in made been known problem, people are increasingly realizing it can't go on like this school gonna cause higgs . the forests are being chopped down and natural resources plundered if the extra theater of the it's not only a problem for the sammy home, but for the whole world, the pool that we're destroying the planet we live on. here the leg, humans are strange predators. medically they're destroying themselves. good at taylor was whether the colleagues river is one of just a few free flowing rivers in sweden. teeming with sammy monte blynn. beg doesn't want to see any weirs and dams outside his front door, nor wind turbines in the distance. he sees these industrial incursions and to nature as green colonialism. he doesn't understand why they have to be here so far removed from where the consumers are. york moke in the arctic region is the sammy's
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unofficial capital. once a year, a line forms at the town's only cash dispenser on the 1st weekend of february when the winter market takes place. the traditional yoke, mac market, has been held annually for more than 4 centuries. in the wake of the ruling, the mood among the sammy is celebratory. and sweden's royal couple has come to visit a gesture of respect for the indigenous people who have lived here for millennia. long before sweden became a monarchy yoke, moke elementary schools welcoming committee was visibly nervous to begin with. but king karl the 16th gustavo himself. a grandfather soon put the children at easy. ne, on the on the on the lead realtor group will gather round everyone. everyone happy? oh well come on. it's cold. let's go
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in time then for story our with the king again. lushu queen sylvia wore a traditional saw me dress one that she'd been presented with nearly 3 decades prior on her 1st visit to the area. oh. ready when the anthem of the saw me was performed, the royals stood. they seemed to enjoy the visit. us. yeah. okay, so my still yeah. and the king pulled out all the stops. he bigger. good for there, so big green for what grows blue for the water yellow for the sun,
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for solar and red for fire, warmth and love of them, or shall it have them with the colors of the saw me black one for although the king didn't go on about the cold, he clearly wasn't immune to the chill of minus 13 degrees or scott, if i to mic cannot have francis called it here before and mc of get, i'm wearing this lovely dress, but obviously something over a 2 jour manase my voucher. do you learn how to cope with the cold over time or especially from the sammy summoner. ok, so was girl a little you can learn from indigenous people, we should listen to them and not just in sweden that the couple ended their visit with a stroll through the market. no doubt, a pleasant change from the formality of their usual engagements for the locals. the visit was a welcome gesture of support. they want to protect their region from exploitation.
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it's an advantage to have the royals on one side. one day later, there was a fridays for future gathering in the arctic circle totally la, that climate activist, greater tune back came to meet with the saw me and she said to learn from them. but 1st, they listened to her. you seen that us in a kit middle? yeah, we're in the middle of an acute environmental and climate crisis. you 19, if the last 20 years were the hottest, since records began in sweden, the average temperature in january was 5 to 10 degrees higher than it used to be delivered to you get all their var mara, the crowd that came to see gret, a tune back was almost as big as the one for queen sylvia. every one was eager to catch a glimpse of the young woman who didn't mence, her words with donald trump. but she didn't want to hug the limelight and made sure
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that local activists also got a chance to speak in the arctics. we witness what's happening 1st. told it happens faster here in business. people are leaving heights against the time of crisis, and they are often the ones who are the hottest and the most. so out, and as they are leading to fight against it. and so of course it's, it's very connected raised fists, an unusual sight here in the arctic circle. hello. the temperatures may be rising, but the region remains a cold one. there are still days when the temperature falls to minus 38 degrees. the iron ore line from cyrano to narvik, still runs regularly, and between trains,
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reindeer, chris crossed the tracks there everywhere here. even trotting along the roads, trailed by buses, and joined their right of way. mm . but even in lapland, winter comes to an end. it can take just days for all the snow to melt away. it's midsummer. and this group is on its way to the mountains by foot laden with massive bundles of fabric. similar ventures have taken place in the alps, although those were made by helicopter. but that uses a lot of fuel they're
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headed to sweden's southernmost glacier, where they planned to install a fabric sheet to protect the ice from the sun and prevent further melt of the he logs glacier. one month later, the glacier is 500 meters wide and 50 meters thick, but shrinking all the time. at this time of year, the sun shines for 16 hours a day. the sheet is barely visible to the naked eye. mountain guide, eric thor, points it out with her thoughts. but if the hunt be by there will put it in like this, a crank up there. and then if you look along the edge of the snow to the right where it goes down with, there's a white sheet of this. i'm going here. very familiar with law obama said to meters of ice have melted around it. the goal was to render the glacial melt visible.
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how much longer can the glacier last it get to speak t fought in. and how many more years does it have your longest cover said law see it in god. i cannot to valuable to any all for the fun thing. they don't have building fi. sadly, it will be gone by the time i am 50 only in about 30 years. so it is nika. i'm on phillip smart shift, lucas. unless we extend the project and protect the glacier in winter months, so it makes it through the summer. somebody tonka. so that's a big hole in the mainland affair. wasn't a gun in the summer? ah. the plight of the he logs is well known. more and more people want to see it before it's too late.
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ah, in late september, the sun shield is packed away. nothing is left behind. every one involved is a volunteer. no one is paid. ah, the idea of protecting the glacier with a sheet was devised by eric hoose and a friend who's an expert on glaciers devil and miss cedric bell. mad. it was a disaster up here. let's make it had been a very warm summer lapse and the glacier had melted. a lot of la frame for the sheet collapsed, but ultimately it managed to protect 3 to 4 meters of ice hydro and a salmone. the team rolls up the fabric and begins to trek home 1st up the mountain to a hiking trail. then down to the valley until next year,
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when they'll do it all again. ah, the aka yara is among the largest reservoirs in northern europe. victoria harness never thought she'd get to take a dip in it. a few years ago, she and her son nila, came looking for a spot where they could build the house ever since she was a child. she's come every summer to the la pony, an area where only the saw me live. this is no ordinary lake. it's used for power generation. so it's depth fluctuates by up to 2 dozen meters, depending on demand. when lots of people in stock home are using their washing machines, for example, the water level goes down. the saw me are compensated, but it's a source of resentment. any one who wants to
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build a house here at the foot of the aka mountain, which means old woman and the local saw me language must be aware that the banks are unstable viola for his them that we are looking for some way to build a house for the had a yes if it's beautiful here and many people would like to live by the water on them. high come on, but she can't take up with them. the water level is low right now. yeah. but next week it could shoot up again to then i la moda had of them got victoria harness kent. her son, choose a spot well up the slope. ah, 5 years later the house is ready. there's still no running water and electricity.
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but victoria harness k's husband mika has brought along some solar collectors. she admits there is one plus side to the rising temperatures, cynthia, this a whole month, it was still in the past. taking it dip and the lake would have been unthinkable. man, no one swam in it, so it is so give out madam only but this summer was so unusually woo that we managed to go in for 10 minutes over the head. reminded me of that. you could never have done that before. but the magazine that you can tell how cold it is from the color of the water. yeah. that it looks green cuz that's how it looks when it comes directly from the glacier to get it. oh
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they some math in the summer is drawing to a close giving way to autumn it mid september. the area around kevin, a kaiser sweden's highest mountain is covered with cloud berries. turning it golden yellow goon held venus. rose fist served as director of the tar full of research station for about 20 years. she made international news after drawing attention to the mountains rapidly melting glacier. decades of rising temperatures, greatly reduced the height of its southern peak. it even lost its status as the country's highest peak. it doth 8 am. this ami tend to say no to everything that poses a threat to them. but again, whether it's forestry minds or wind energy, hot the but they have no evidence to back up their positioning at the leg domain, which is what we scientists can provide. and then they're all rip of sheka
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decades earlier, she was a scientist collecting samples daily from the glacier for her boss. 8 years ago, she began working together with local reindeer herders, a mutually beneficial relationship reindeer herders are deeply knowledgeable about nature. while researchers have technical know how to day the science has progressed and the saw me in the reindeer are key research partners because got it on to some muscle. normally f o research now has a practical application. the saw me have attach gps colors to their reindeer and will give data on smell levels and record their migration patterns of scale that her make it all the data is collated, hawk out of a hope of them. and we're learning together. we have to make you feel get
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em bottom in amar nay's. the 1st frost has arrived. time to bring the reindeer herds to the valley. the reindeer 8. well, during the summer months in the mountains, every autumn, the saw me take stock of their herds. here, investor barton, the calves are being counted. this is how it's always been done and yet not everything is the same. so me lawyer, molly brainstorm knows a site like this as becoming rarer. even here in these wide open landscapes space is running out. i was gonna say at the boss less room these days i'll put reindeer hurting is dying out. so
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a lot of these there are just too many opponents. then this long on that i was reindeer herding is almost impossible these days settled. my little believe at alpha except for a few kept alive to breed male reindeer general. it gets a live for just 6 months now. the population needs to be reduced. the state wants to cap their numbers. the saw me must slaughter more animals than they'd like to, but more and more land is needed to make way for roads and wind turbines. ya sort of their, it's difficult to see how these large scale wind farms can coexist with our reindeer heard said a thong. it's a big industry. what a in the steep it's asking us out. tell it's the what a path the swedish coast, 230 kilometers to the east reindeer wander about on the road. a common sight at this time of year. mark booked in is a huge wind farm and flagship project in europe. it supplies 8 percent of the
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country's electricity and it's set to grow one day there will be $1101.00 turbines . here they, it talks to me am til from tails though. when we 1st got approval to construct, mark bugged and mill, the tallest turbines were 200 meters via now they're 250 meters and higher than the harrigan too soon they'll be as high as 300 meters. as big as the eiffel tower. conditions at that height, our ideal, it's an international project funding comes from china, the rotors from germany and the u. s. one of the projects main clients plans to manufacture drinking, hands with the electricity that ground level. the turbines are surprisingly quiet. just recently, the press spokesman made an unexpected discovery while giving a group a tour. you get all day of us on digital salva, whatever you have of we found 20 reindeer dozing. underneath the rotor available,
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you re a model in general, other wild animals like to compound underneath turbines of that old, there are fewer insects and mosquitoes sector, mcgruder. not that all, but only a 3rd of the rotors are in place constructing this gigantic wind. farm means thousands of heavy trucks on the road. it's no place for reindeer, especially in spring when they have their young with them the mother, reindeer, or no bands of people or construction noise. they somebody that formerly got the elecom will say in a there are 2 phases, but in the construction phase, there's a lot of machinery in operation, allows you to, that's hard to put up with this water. and then the operating phase went in and that's when it's quieter again. but both on the offset, 10 years ago, the local saw me reindeer herders received financial compensation. the official amount was not disclosed. piece. 9 me back at amr. nice
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night is spaulding, and the reindeer are still being rounded up. the saw me now have the so right to decide whether others should be able to hunt and fish in their area. but worries remain and the biggest is climate change. their non south american, now it's insane. has them up. it's like a broken thermostat. well say a lot, sometimes it's too hot and they ben, it's too cold. yeah, the carl though, so then the rest don't miss to so dad, it's dramatic and unprecedented. they are so that i'm off with the saw me are faced with a dilemma. they're being asked to give up land in order to prevent further climate change. they think others should be making sacrifices to oh me. yeah, through for now you'll have to get that debate. thanks. what nature can give us? give them the 2, that's what we need to concentrate on. instead of plunging it,
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what assess national? her nephew, carl johan would see is a reindeer herder and a professional camera man who documents saw me culture and traditions. he's lost hope about the future of free range, reindeer hurting. he believes he'll be the last in his family to do it. grandma for my yoke sat vod vod a not it depends what you mean by reindeer herding. i ain't that answer for me. it's not reindeer herding. if you buy feed and give it to the animals all winter, the way they do in many parts of finland. cool, like with castle horses and pigs that they ought to confer reindeer herding is based on the animal's being able to move freely in nature and find their own food. and that's going to be very difficult in the future at a valid problem august. if i'm deal, ah, it would be tragic if reindeer hurting and saw me traditions were to die out with only wind turbines and industry left in their wake and incalculable loss for this
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roggette beautiful part of sweden. ah, do you like it? do you want it? okay, buckler put the pedal to the metal and let's ride with read 90 minutes on d, w. o.
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these places in europe or smashing in the records stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you are record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin another week. another try it talks to avert
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