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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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aah! fax, does ada and reports release to know weekly cooper 19 special. every thursday on d w. ah, ah ah ah. ah, this is dw news live from berlin another week, another try
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a talked to avert of war in europe, backyard. germany's foreign minister met to day with ukrainian leaders amid rowing fears of a russian invasion talks with russia failed last week. but germany's unrelated bare bach wants to try again. also coming up tonight, a natural disaster now cut off from the rest of the world. a fiber optic cable bridge to tonga has been severed in the wake of that volcanic eruption and world men's tennis number one. novak joker bitch is back in serbia, after being deported from australia, fans in belgrade to see them there, welcoming their hero. i burnt. gov. it's good to have you with us on this monday. it didn't work last week. maybe it will this week, that is the positive approach that germany is taking to talk with russia. aimed at preventing a rush,
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an invasion of you crates. germany's foreign minister on the lena bear box took that message the key of to day. and she held talks with her ukrainian counterpart and underlined germany's support for ukraine sovereignty. now the 2 disgust rushes troop build up on the ukrainian border and he is called for berlin to supply it with weapons. spear boxed on travels to moscow on tuesday. and today she had reassuring words for her ukrainian host. zoe daddy kate solidarity, anita european solidarity for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine . you know, that is not up for debate, not for us, and not for me personally by any further aggression would have a high price. his emphasized that to day once again christian, i'm in one heis. i for more now i'm joined by raphael loss from the european council on foreign relations is good to have you on the program. let me ask you
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about the german foreign minister. she said that she is counting on reviving for way peace talks in the norman, the format, that's how it's known and it includes germany, france, ukraine, in russia. what is most advisable with you? would you say with these kinds of negotiations even think their work? i mean, saw, and a normandy form. it has not yielded substantial results. all sides are not happy with what they've yield. it's all flaw. certainly russia is ukraine. is that still broiling crisis and france and germany and have not been in a position a to, to play a meaningful role? as russia has been a building up and withdrawing forces along the ukrainian border last spring. and now we see the bill up and that russia is engaged in again and which started in november and december of lossing is continued. we see i'm substantial formation is off of russian forces along the ukrainian border sort of circle meant of ukraine
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am. and one can certainly hope that that the normandy for form it well can be revived and it out about the back focus trying. but i'm not optimistic that her engagement with, with ukraine you lead us and rush lead as well. will your results in the coming days when you le, let's stick with the ukrainian leaders for a moment? i'm wondering how much credibility germany has right now in key of germany has not been in favor of supplying ukraine with serious weaponry. germany has refused to kill the nord stream to guess, pipeline which connects it to russia. i mean, how did you go to here with those facts on the table and say we are with you against russian aggression your own pointer discussions in berlin over the past couple of days had been dominated by all the things that jimmy's not willing to put on the table to the fuses crisis, namely not shame to arms transfers and swift or financial transfer system.
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now, one of the above because as offered her ukranian counterpart to day, essentially durham health and to beef of ukrainian cyber defenses and east of energy partnership. now that might be interesting for ukraine in the long term, but it certainly will not help them and a short term facing substantial russian build up of forces along its border that has hurt german credibility and ukraine. durham has some capability, i think, to potentially deter russian aggression against ukraine, but has shown very little results actually make use of those capabilities. and it seems, if we look at what happened the last week, we had the us russia meeting. we had nato russia meeting over see, with russia, we didn't see ukraine, really, any of these tables, these discussion tables. and yet we're talking about a war on ukrainian territory, possibly happening. i mean, how do you explain this irony that the country that is going to be possibly invaded
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has not been at the 1st round of talks? i think on the, on the, on the plus side we see a lot of engagement with the new toy lions across the atlantic ocean. we see natal partners nato allies and getting partners such as friend, sweden as well. and ukraine has been involved in a lot of confrontation as well. we see this not today with, with the german foreign minister. i'm talking with the ukranian count about that. and discussions between american and russian and ukrainian officials, model nato l as in gauge and ukraine as well. so they have a certain ongoing consultation process with ukraine. of course. unfortunately, there's a certain perception that you're right to find out that that discussion. so happening over the heads of ukrainians. now there's also some perceptions and injury in other parts of europe. that discussions between the us and russia happening over the heads of europeans, particularly joseph or l. u. so called minister was quite unhappy to, to,
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to notice that the fact that you're not playing any sort of meaningful role. i think the worries are, are going to look played here. because russia is engaging, mostly with united states. it sees a top as a, as a peer up united states and wants to be seen for reasons as a peer snoopy off and also plays a role here. and not, it's not, it's not, you know, particularly willing to engage with, with europeans on, on those kinds of issues related to the great, great european security order that, that's a very important point to make their raphael last with the european council on foreign relations. mr. las, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank a prosecutors in ukraine. have a set bill equivalent to $35000000.00 in their treason case against former president petro porsche jenko. he appeared in court on monday hours after returning
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to kiya, one of ukraine's richest men for a shanker, denies any wrong doing, and says the charges are trumped up against them and that he wants to help defend his country against the possible russian invasion. pietro pro shingo, flew back to ukraine with hefty charges of treason against him. and yet, outside key of airport, thousands of his supporters stood cheering with no c o b and i salute enough 6 to 30 could hear after meeting his fans, parole, shinkel was taken to court for a hearing. he's under investigation for allegedly financing bubble groups in ukraine's turbulent don bass region. the ukrainian government considers them terrorists pro shinkel has insisted from the beginning that the accusations are unfounded and were invented by his successor
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to defame him up for lou, mom say, all right, it's an absolutely thank case of somebody we will make the suspicion public for you every one will have the opportunity to enjoy the sneak nonsense. we will see that there is nothing there. people, blatchley shall thumb who show him the money. i. if pershing was found guilty, he could be imprisoned for up to 15 years ago. but the former president does not expect these charges to hold water. he says he has returned to defend his country against russia. russian troops and military tanks have been building up near ukraine's border for weeks, many including paro, sankoh, the invasion. ok, let's take a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. a chord in turkey has acquitted german journalists, the solitude of terror related charges. she was detained back in 2017, and accused of membership of an outlaw left wing group in what was seen as
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a politically motivated case against her. she was released from custody in 2018 and returned to germany. reports from sudan saying several protesters have been shot dead by security forces at demonstrations against last year's military coup. thousands of people turned out for the largest of the protests in the capitol car too. when these rallies come ahead of a visit by a u. s. delegation this week to try and revive talks on the return to civilian roof . in the united states, the push to protect voting rights is the focus of demonstrations on this. martin luther king day. the son of the assassinated civil rights leader called on president biden and war makers to enact nationwide voting guarantees. several states have passed laws, which observers say, will make it harder for minorities to cast there. but communications with the pacific island nation of tonga, remain limited since saturday's volcanic eruption and soon ami. it's believe the
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underwater cable that connects the archipelago to the rest of the world was severed during the twin disasters. there is still no official confirmation of injuries, death, or serious damage in tonga, but that assessment is based on limited information and outline coastal areas. they are completely cut off at pre lou to a vile interruption. on friday, the hunger tongue hung to hot by volcano, sent plumes of smoke and dash shooting into the sky activity that seemed to creak. it would prove to be a brief rest spice. the next day, the volcano rumbled to life again in an explosion, so powerful. it sent shock waves around the world. before and after satellite images show had the volcano sea level krazer had disappeared following the blast. with regular communication lines to tongue across all the worlds been relying on
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stuff like phones and images to get a sense of the disaster or we're still waiting to receive information from tom or what is much needed. but we know for sure that there will be needful, clean water because of the options and which really i mentioned causing lots of our troubles to the water supplies in taurus, most of the people collect water through rain. this is something very dangerous for them to consume. australia, new zealand have sent surveillance flights to help assess the scale of the damage, especially on tongue as i was are islands where there are fears the devastation could be immense. or more now i'm joined by professor bettina shaw. she's a vulcan knowledges at the lube big maximilian university in munich, professor, it's good to have you on the program. i understand you have actually studied and
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done research on the volcano that erupted there on tioga is explained to as should we have expected an eruption with this much power. well, in a way, we could have expected that. but we know from the records that actually every 1000 years, the volcano is capital for using such a route that the in passivity actually is very hard to focus here. it came from the very efficient make thing off the point. my mom, the cold water, which made that in. and when you see the images that we're seeing right now of all just these clouds of ash going up into the air. what does that tell you about the situation on the ground on the island?
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it's a very good question. that's something we've all the entire community wonders about . it's very hard to grasp and we're all waiting for, from getting insights from the main slides. and we know that that 29 is triggered by the rug. it's tom. well, we know that it hits the others running islands. we don't know yet. the full width of that you saw that we know that it was ash full. they have cell phone records of small pebbles as long with that, but we don't know the quantity so that can be very threatening. and we still waiting to hear for, for details on that. and do we know how prepared is tom go for this kind of this caliber of a natural disaster. so this jennifer, i'm reckon they're not too well prepared. but on the other hand,
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and it's very hard to prepare for such an extreme event. and we have, as many we have found in record that happens every 1000 years, so the last will happen 1100. so to prepare for these extreme events makes it very difficult for since i'm in itself, that might have been prepared. but now, coupled with ash, with more than one type and also, i mean, we're told her is in the world, you know, around the pacific area, this, this ring of fire. i mean, this is where we expect to see this type of unsettled movement and behavior. if you will, underneath the earth surface, right? yes. so that the reach has a very active on it says toner, coming out of the pacific play to subtracting beneath the pacific one. we have
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about every 100 kilometers in the, on the sea, or we have a mess of okay. no, the what was seen on the grounds and this little islands, but just to the top of a giant volcano which now interrupted so so we know that this region is very active . it's part of the pacific ring of fire. so we can expect this, however, just rarely in this extreme violence professor bettina shore, joining us tonight from noon professor, we appreciate your time and your valuable insights. thank you. thank you. there have been rallies across the u. k. the protests against a proposed law that critics say is an attack on the right to demonstrate the controversial police and crime bill would grant police greater powers to act against disruptive protests. critics say it would also make it more difficult to
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hold peaceful demonstrations. andy smith as rehashing in his head, his 1st words to his wife emma a scientist, to day should be walking free after 2 months in prison in southern england. and he smith could never have imagined that she would ever be behind bars. oh my gosh that i love her. she's, i'm so proud of her, aren't i? i you know, we have, we have really young nieces who are that that their future is not going to be the same future that we had. right. and we have, we have to fight for that fusion, her crime. she blocked motorway. she is part of an environmental group that is pressuring the government to insulate british homes to save energy. they say it's the cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. terrifying i was coming down to my lawyer. i like that we can tighten
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by blocking roads for hours, has enraged motorists. the british government has vow to put an end to it in a statement, the home office tells the w. freedom to protest within the law is a fundamental part for democracy. but the police must swiftly deal with the selfish minority of protested, whose actions and danger the public. the u. k. government is targeting environmental activists. it wants to stop disruptive, protest, public nuisance will be new offense carrying a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison, or an unlimited fine. and that's highly controversial. en deos and human rights groups have states many protests. they see the bill as an attack on democracy itself. and even conservative legal observers, like the former attorney general, are concerned the most problematic all the parts which give to the home secretary
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very significant. how was to determine what constitutes serious disruption. whereas normally that would be a master left to the police. ah, emma smart and a fellow protest is know that that is wrapped in as controversial, but they see no other way and to continue breaking the law. no, it's our fundamental right the if our government is failing, that we can hold that government to account and these are elected representatives. they are supposed to be protecting the people. and if they are failing at that, then it should be all right, stand out and protest. and the response of them to imprison of us is absolutely, it's true, kenya. for the moment, the protest as a happy to be outside. but with a new build, it seems only a matter of time until they will be behind bars again. now to the found pandemic, here are some of the latest developments in the corona virus. pandemic. france has
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reported its biggest one day jump in hospitalization since november of 2020. and that was before vaccines were available. health officials say the expect omicron hospitalizations to peak by the end of january. germany's top public health body says the country has now exceeded 8000000, confirmed koby. 19 cases. since the start of the pandemic, and canada has become the latest country to approve visors anti viral pill against coven? 19 it's a year since brazil started vaccinating people against coven 19 now, with about 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated. the campaign is being seen as a success, especially for a country whose president played down the threat of the pandemic. julia wilson, otto has also downplayed the current omicron wave even as case number's rise. brazil has one of the world's highest corona virus. death tolls. people are hoping
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the high vaccination rate will mean fewer deaths. this tar the army kron wave has hit brazil. the number of people infected has jumped dramatically despite a shortage of tests, leaving many cases on reported. notice a little i am running from one place to the next to try and get tested. i had contact with people who are positive, but i don't have symptom. my early last year, brazil was facing an overwhelming number of coven deaths. it has the world's 2nd highest corona virus death toll after the u. s. but with the latest wave of the disease, there's a big difference. most people here and now vaccinated that civic will be doing. i got cove it last year. and so it's very hard to remember that time. it was very complicated, a desperate time when we didn't know what would happen. it was uncertain. and this
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vaccine gives us the possibility to keep going back to court and walk around. 70 percent of brazilians are fully vaccinated in big cities. authorities say the figure is up to 99 percent. experts say the success is down to brazil, strong public health system and the history of successful vaccination campaigns. those factors have bolstered public trust in the corona, virus vaccine. despite the president's attempts to undermine it. john both scenario has openly rejected the vaccine and repeatedly spread misinformation. now he's down playing the danger posed by the i'm a crohn, waive and says there won't be another lock sound or extra restrictions. we're building rule with health sam says and a huge pressure people, a high ping, at least the high vaccination rate, will help her teeth on the crunch impact organizers of next month's winter olympics . and beijing have confirmed that tickets will not go on sale to the general public
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as part of measures to combat the spread of coven. 19 after last years announcement that international spectators would be barred from attending. today's decision brings confirmation that tickets for domestic fans will be distributed to targeted groups rather than put on general sales. aging will become the 1st city to host a summer and a winter olympics when the games begin. on february, 4th, world men's tennis number one. novak joke of which is right back in belgrade after being deported from australia following a long legal saga is returned to serbia. came on the day. the australian open got under way without it's 9 time champion. back home as to a tumultuous few days. no, that jokers which arrived in serbia having been deported from australia could not having been vaccinated against covey. 19. 2 but he was greeted at belgrade airport
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as a hero, his fans and serbia believe he has been mistreated by the australian government. after organizes of the australian open said he was allowed to come because of a covey infection in december. this is a shame what it is to lower killer failure, the saying what the rope has come to handle that you need the thought before to do something to take the vaccine. i myself election. i did a double check, but i think that no one should be forced to pull something up with you as the judgment sentence was his freedom of choice of speech. on the other side of the world, the australian open gotten away without it's 9 times champion. winds for the likes of rafa, no doubt. and naomi osaka meant it was almost business as usual for spectators. i think a very highly ah anticipated decision making. i think it was kind of drag. all that along. that's great. that we kind of put it behind us. the best project, which is great jazz player, i'm just glad the focus is now on what we're all evil yet. estallion,
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i think joke of each meanwhile has much to ponder. he may, will need to be vaccinated from may's french open to his bid for a record men's 21st grand slam title is in further jeopardy and time is ticking. when not o artists want to see their works, hang in galleries and be preserved forever. our next dory takes us to hong kong, where one man had spent the past decade, creating huge drawings on the beaches, only to have them washed away with the tight. it's more than just an artistic statement. it's also a message in the sands to protect hong kong natural beauty. ah, instead of a beach, he sees blank canvas with just a wooden pole and a garden rake derek. you'll convert these close to 10 into the giant works. oh you know,
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big from here i have use of the landscape like the rocky beaches and streams of water. my point. so my drawing some of the patents i st. paul ah, derrick young creates. he's works of art hard on the shoreline. oh. allowing them to be washed away by the incoming c o, a race against time and tide. i see all the way i always photograph my drawings and capture with a drawing since they more accessible now from me. and when the tide washes my drawings away, is that a pity homeless? i don't think so. it's part of nature. high tide and low tide, really part of nature. derrick young has been hurting his craft for 10 years. over that decade,
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he's learned to love hong kong natural beauty. and unlike his drawings, he doesn't want it to disappear. so i thought they're going to come in on kong nature parts will become less and less with further developments on something like that would change. places like completely died with residential buildings and pollution. there won't be as nice people come hello. hello. derrick young drawing lines in the san for his art and for hong kong environment. for wouldn't it be nice to be on the beach right? you're up to date, i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to proceed with
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. you know,
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not only is the, i mean everything has been changing in lapland, since winter supportive signs are clear to see a long will they be able to preserve their way of close up next to on d w. o. oh, well go to the dark side where we tell agents, agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off where organized crime rules and genuine news. a global network of companies, banks,
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and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation, the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive work through what's vague, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is walked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind, whose benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d w o
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