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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CET

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where i come from, we have to fly for and sleep with and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one tv channel and a few newspapers when efficient information as a journey, i had work on the trip of many countries, and their problems are always the same for do frozen inequality. a lag in the freedom of the press and corruption. we can't afford to stay silent when it comes to the defense of the humans unseen and white, you're both will have to side to prevent trust enough. my name is jenny perez, tonight work at b w. ah, this is 11 years aisha coming up today. the only cron variance march across the world to most populous countries. china capital b jane has been just a,
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it's fast case of the omicron band ahead of the upcoming winter olympics with a 0 covert strategy in place. how do authorities plan to control infections in the city? plus india has begun boost of vaccinations to fight increasing cases of the only tron baby. and we look at how that effort is going and coming up later in the program. ordinary people across asia dare to be different. beginning with the buddhist monks in thailand who are finding a new audience streaming on social media, but some don't like the approach and drawing lines in the sand. the hong kong office, who uses the local beach as a giant canvas. ah, i spammed you. welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. the chinese
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capital b ging reported it's fast case of the only kron variant over the weekend. authority of the infected individual hadn't traveled out of the city. it's a significant development for b ging, which is set to force the winter olympics in less than 4 weeks. china has adopted a 0 corporate strategy to ensure the games fos, off without offend damage health care. the policy has seen millions of chinese citizens across the country being tested daily and a mixture of locked downs and travel restrictions. the latest case in beijing has prompted authorities to tighten the rules yet further. so how confident is the city of keeping cove it'd be here's correspondent, far beyond chris man, i would say still relatively confident and he and paging us even on the weekend when the 1st case was detected and all the bought bars are still opened. the paps, or even the night clubs and we're open am and the only noticeable changes actually
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at the testing that the cues in front of the testing stations are much longer. however, so far all the tests came back negative and and yet what abating did a state increase the travel restriction? so for example now and you dont only have to do a negative test before you enter the city. but also after arriving, you have to do one more test, it has to be negative, otherwise you are required to do a current tenant isolation. and also am actually either a residents are, are required not to order males from outside delivery from outside because the authority said that they could pull out that the army crankcase arrived from the city through a partial delivery from canada. however, there's no real significant scientific evidence for that. what is also wadding authorities in virginia is a large cluster of covered cases in the city of 10 gin, just a 150 kilometers away. nearly 300 cases have been reported here and the local government has carried out at least 3 rounds of mass testing on it's 14000000 residents so far
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. and here now are some other developments in the pandemic across the region. japan's government is looking at imposing a quasi state of emergency on the capital talk here within the week to hold a sharp rise in cases with its new policy novak's no ride public transport in the philippines. capital manila is now off limits for anyone who isn't fully vaccinated and in the ball has begun. giving booster shots, it comes a day off the largest 24 hour increase in new cases in more than 6 months. and the piles neighbor, india began giving booster shots to its elderly population and frontline medical staff a week back. and before that, vaccinations were opened to teenagers between 15 and 18 years old. the government is hoping to steve off a recent increase in covert infections driven primarily by the army kron variant. the good news on that front has been that the past 2 days have actually seen
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a drop in total corporate cases in the capital delhi and financial hub mom buy. it comes as india marx one year since it began, it's covered 90 vaccination drive. a drive in which nearly 70 percent of adults have received bought shots of a vaccine. the challenge now is to not only increase that number, but also cover as many indians as possible. finally, if they're done, india is now vaccinating children older than 15 years as well. even though schools at north once again ever could be. so just through the banshee, these 10th graders hope this will make a difference on the way the test managers are unable to mentor students as well in online classes and the student is gone concentrate either vaccine is once we are all vaccinated, we can return to the drawing room and do better in our studies for loving. i'm happy to get back to see and also not schools will do your bernie and i'll be able
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to see my friend must have been learning in the classroom was much better than it is online. it's a good thing that schools are closed right now to prevent the spread of the corona virus, but they need to reopen now that we're vaccinated. we have examinations coming up and it isn't just teenagers who are excited. healthcare and frontline workers are eligible for the thought doors as well. india is calling these precaution noses. the vaccine has been crucial for ivy and not just because she's giving shots herself. when the pandemic 1st drop are be centered or no, a 1000 kilometers away to live with his grandparents in the state of be hard to keep him safe while she continued to walk in the hospital at the bottom. and it's only after i got both shots that i called my son back a whole year. i lived away from him. i only saw him on video calls. it was a huge challenge for me. now with her, don't you know,
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i feel safer against me. crohn as well, but there are questions around the efficacy of india moved to program. most adults and india have received the astrazeneca vaccine and the government requires them to get the same kind for that heard those. but studies have found that mixing and matching works better for boosters and that astrazeneca is amongst the least effective as opposed short and importing are the whack themes is not the only be out expert, the india is failing to utilize. it will have nothing to explain why i really don't think we should, she has the pfizer and what are no, actually, they're very expensive compared to the actions that are available to us. but in dallas not using dyslexia, which is locally produced in its boasting program. so it does not make any sense to me for now, however, some protection is better than none. this 60 plus capital is happy be eligible for
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boosters and hopes to soon get the whole family jabbed. what 2 grand kids and i work for them and i would like them to you will be able to be back to me to them. it is dc what kept them out of the hospital last year and is most likely their best shot to keep it that way. ah, to buddhist monks and thailand have become social media stars with facebook life streams that combine traditional teachings with non traditional jokes and giggles. some of the countries religious conservatives, however, are not so amused. holiday home at the era of social media, even months are finding themselves adjusting to the new digital landscape. the long haul money every friday. prom aha pay while grandma know and prom a has some pon caputo deliver their mix of buddhist and modern life teachings. my a live stream, with a dose of humor,
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some consider unsuitable for months. a to have shot to fame in thailand. i evolved when i come away him and give me a call it like doing, we have to make it fabulous. awesome, and amazing. so that local want to keep watching and listening, buddhist teaching, math and teachings i, every other religion are good things. that it would be a shame if these teachings are ignored because people turn their backs on the lab because they're boring. will back method by they say young people often find a teachings, also called darma, outdated and necessity. although buddhism is a pillar of ty society, the role of the religion has largely become ceremonial than the pandemic stroke. sending people on line for practically every thing in life, including enlightened the months debbie was a success. each of their shows now attracts up to 2000000 views a time washing their lives. i will see adding some positive feeling,
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you know, as a leave that little bit of positivity in my day of the month. prominence on social media isn't very welcomed by more conservative buddhists. they want to to, to tone down what they see as inappropriate behavior. what by the, by monks behavior has to be respectable in the public eye. it does not have to change with the times to appear young people every quarter of my cong that would lead to the decline of buddhism, which has already existed for nearly 2600 years without the need to change. i, me and yemen. me among say it's not the teachings that outdated man. if i left it on what, how i might know this dharma supposed to only stay with the older generation. they will eventually die without reaching out to the young. what will be the place of religion in the future? religion will be abandoned, and i don't want that to happen back ingle, putting the mammy i'm been in. they've already seen progress as more and
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more young people attracted to enter the temple once again. not all artists want to see their work hanging galleries and be preserved forever. our next story takes us to hong kong, where one man has spent the past decade, creating huge drawings on the beaches, only to have them wash away. it's more than just an artistic statement. it's also a message in the sands to protect hong kong natural beauty. ah, instead of a beach, he sees a blank canvas with just a wooden pole and a garden rake derek, you'll convert these close to sand. into giant works about your big from here i have use of the landscape like the rocky beaches and streams of water. i point so my drawing summation patents,
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i st. paul ah, derek you creates. he's works of art hard on the shoreline, all allowing them to be washed away by the incoming, see a race against time and tide. i see all the way i always photograph, my drawings are captured with a drawing since they're more accessible now than me. and when the tide washes my drawings away, is that a pity homeless? i don't think so. it's part of nature. high tide and low tide to roll, part of nature. derrick young has been hurting his craft for 10 years. over that decade, he's learned to love hong kong natural beauty. and unlike his drawings,
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he doesn't want it to disappear. and so i thought they're gone, they're comment on kong nature parts will become less and less with further development and something like that would change places like completely to die with residential buildings and pollution. i won't be as nice for people to come on dare humor, drawing lines in the sand for his art and for home comes environment i and that's it for to there's over, there's more no website did ever dot com forward slash asia. you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well with you tomorrow, but we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner track
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hotspot for food, chair and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel off we go. are you ready to get a little more extra? ah, these places in europe are smashing all the records. step into good venture. just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern globetrotters discover some of europe wykard breaking sites on youtube. and now also in book form. he, ah, ah, china is big pandemic bounce back stores. the latest figures show the chinese
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economies growth slope dramatically during the course of 2020. while we'll look into why african swine fever continues to wreak havoc in europe and asia. we'll look at the impact is having for shoppers in thailand and taking the wind out of the sales of big energy here house. sammy heard it have defeated one of norway's biggest renewable project. this is due to be a business. i'm robots in berlin. welcome to the program. rising commodity prices, supply bottlenecks and power outages are slowing down china's economy. the latest g d. p figures show a nation whose pandemic bounce back has been put on hold. just take a look at the courtly figures for 2021 in q one. china recorded the massive 18.3 percent g d p growth. but as the year went on, as you can see here, that short saw a dramatic drop off and ending with the latest figures that we've just had. and
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