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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CET

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a battle against cove with the oma calling variant is putting health care systems around the world to test vaccination campaigns or accelerating while restrictions or intensifying once again. but or these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron fax data and reports, you know, weekly coping 19 special every thursday on t w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin,
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a former ukrainian president returns to key of to face treason, charges hetero, poto sankoh deny is the accusation saying there is a political vendetta against him, and he has strong opinions on russia's the build up of troops on his country's border. also coming up, assessing the damage in tonga after saturdays volcanic eruption, new zealand, and australia, sand surveillance, plains. most communication links with the island are still down and the world men tennis number one, novak brokovich lance in dubai. after his expulsion from australia. what is next for the serbian player? ah, i'm so me. so misconduct. glad you could join us. ukraine's former president petro potter shanker. has returned to his country after a month abroad. he faces charges of high treason and is under investigation. many
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of his assets have already been seized, but he is returning in his words to fight russian aggression against ukraine. pato sankoh says he wants to work with the current government to prevent a possible invasion. i said we can speak now to our t at 0 chief mathias billing as standing by friday. high mathias tell us at what has been happening today. so pro shanker has arrived at the airport hearing kicky of in the morning and he has addressed his hands at the airport. then he drove to court. there was a court hearing that began at 11 o'clock so an hour ago. he's now in court in front of the court. he again addressed his or his followers, his fans who had gathered there and who was still standing there and meeting their m her he has said basically that he has returned to work together with the current government. it facing this crisis or the russian troop build up at the border.
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but are his critics accuse him of using the situation to gain, to make some personal gains in this, in this critical situation for the country and, and, and setting himself as, as, as her, her as a hero. in this situation, he has been simone to court a month ago when he was outside of the country and he missed that hearing. and now this hearing today has been scheduled before, and he has announced that he would return and her we will see what comes out is this court hearing will be decided whether he will remain in custody or walk free possibly on bail. it is give us some background on pet on parish ankle and why his return now is so significant federal per sango or read or was the 1st elected president after the my done after the revolution hearing here in 2014. so in 2015, he assumed the presidency when the country was under attack,
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crimea had been seized by russia. and the don boss, or was, it was, was, was ruled by the separatist with russian support. so he has basically been the president that has been sitting over this over this escalation and over this war and who has been able, his supporters and some critics say to build up somehow a military infrastructure here in the country. um, but he was, he was defeated significantly, badly in the, in the last election, or when, as lensky, a former comedian where no prior experience in politics are one. elaine landslide victory, people had been discontent with a parisian cose achievements economically and also in terms of reform, anti corruption. now he comes back at a point where the country is again under attack with this russian military build up
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and where people are again unhappy with their president. because linens caswell has not delivered so far. what many people have expected? um, so that the next elections will be in 2 years, and this seems to be the begin of a power struggle between these 2 men. if no other person shows up in this, in this battle until that, and that is the german foreign minister and alina bareback, is also in kiev today. what can we expect from her meetings? where the most important thing is that she stopped in kia before heading to moscow . this is a strong signal to moscow that germany supports ukraine. however, ukraine is not happy with the way germany supports jamie blocks until now. any delivery of defensive weapons to ukraine, directly from germany, or from other countries where germany has a say, this is for example, buying from not or, or from other countries who have tra,
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want to resell weaponry. that was built in germany to ukraine. and germany is blocking right now. this would be probably one of the most important things. the 2 governments would discuss the foreign ministers, but it's unlikely that there will be any outcome today. i t a guarantee if not, he has billing or they're reporting. thank you. the pacific island nation of tonga has virtually lost contact with the rest of the world. after saturday's volcanic eruption cut the country's internet cable, the full extent of the damage to the country remains unclear. new zealand and australia have sent military plains to survey the situation from above other flights to deliver aid or also plant the underwater eruption on saturday sent shock waves across the pacific. soon ami warnings were issued from many countries as far away as peru. there 2 people drowned after unusually high waves, hit the west coast of the americas. ah,
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this is the aftermath of this you now, me that hit the shorelines of peru over 10000 kilometers away from the explosion in tona. the underwater eruption was so powerful that it was detected around the world. these satellite images show gas and ash being thrown thousands of meters into the earth's atmosphere. communication links to tongue that have been damaged, but the capital has sustained significant damage. says new zealand. prime minister jacinta arden, missus. we're these across her an urgency here. we want to make sure that we be on the ground as soon as possible. but for our navy be sues will take several days to reach toner. we need to find the balance and to get the quickly, but to make sure we also get the people and resources they need be as well. and in some cases, we have pots of trauma. we'd just not even being out to establish communication.
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people in easy lynn had they received no warning of this unami. even though the volcanoes explosion could be heard in some parts of the country. many were still out on the water on their boots, which have suffered severe damage. japan was also put on high alert. the thousands evacuated their homes coming to shelter as like this in order to stay safe over to recruit the when i heard this, an army would be as high as a meter, but we really don't know how high i could reach. i thought it would be best to evacuate, so i came here needed to refer these fishermen assess the damage over scenes echoed on coast lines across the pacific region. let's get a quick round up of some other stories. now. british counter terrorism, police have arrested 2 teenagers in connection with a hostage taking incident at a synagogue in the u. s. this weekend, the f. b, i identify the hostage taker as of 44 year old british national. the captor was
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killed by police after a 10 hour stand off. president biden has described the incident as an act of terror . no one else was hurt. and a winter storm has hit the east coast of the us. heavy snow blanketed washington d. c. hundreds of thousands of people were left without power in states including north and south carolina and georgia, due to snow ice and high winds. in florida, the storm caused a tornado that destroyed a trailer park to brazil. now, where the pandemic has killed more people than anywhere else in the world, apart from the us, the country was slow to buy vaccines. us after president jar ball, so narrow initially dismissed the corona virus as a little sloop. but brazilians are now being vaccinated in record numbers. the hope is this will keep the deaths down as armor cron spreads across the country. the army kron wave has hit brazil. the number of people infected has jumped
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dramatically despite a shortage of tests, leaving many cases on reported. notice a little i'm running from one place to the next to try and get tested. i had contact with people who are positive, but i don't have symptom my early last year, brazil was facing an overwhelming number of covey deaths. it has the world's 2nd highest corona virus death toll after the u. s. but with the latest wave of the disease, there's a big difference. most people here and now vaccinated the civic on the door. i got cove it last year. and so it's very hard to remember that time. it was very complicated, a desperate time when we didn't know what would happen. it was uncertain. and this vaccine gives us the possibility to keep going back to court and walk around. 70 percent of brazilians are fully vaccinated in big cities. authorities say the
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figure is up to 99 percent. experts say the success is down to brazil, strong public health system and the history of successful vaccination campaigns. those factors have bolstered public trust in the crone of virus vaccine. despite the president attempts to undermine it. jacob, both scenario has openly rejected the vaccine and repeatedly spread misinformation . now he's down playing the danger posed by the i'm a crohn, waive and says there won't be another lock sound or extra restrictions. we're building rule with health services under huge pressure. people are hoping at least the high vaccination rate will help reduce our microns impact the world's number one male tennis player, novak ciocca vetch has landed in dubai following his deportation from australia. a court in melbourne up held a government decision that the unvaccinated tennis star post
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a threat to public health. it is not clear where a joke of its plans to travel next. he had travelled to australia to compete in the australian open, hoping for an unprecedented 21st grand slam when after nearly 2 weeks of drama, novak joker, which touched down in dubai, now forced to watch the tournament. he's dominated for a decade from the sidelines. the fiasco has divided opinion in joke of which his home of serbia, the capital bell, great lit up in support of the star. the president levelled this accusation against australia. and then for 10 days there were tormenting there to save and torturing because it was not only intellectual with physical torture against an old joke which and the various old figures which was even worse. that was, oh, richard, come organize against the mosier co, rich, rich,
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and the guy just sort of forget it to one mind times australian open title. but for others in a country that has endured one of the world, strictest corona virus locked downs, joke of inches, admission to australia would have been foul play and has been timmy's. this is a place to be looked at there on site. and because of the cut restrictions and auto pay with me for children to have my choice to play baseball, they lump nitty to can they have seen me missing as a hero, to aspire to? i think faith joke, which is drama in court, has cast a shadow on the tennis court. now fans and players are to finally focus on the game and football sundays, but as they get action saw the 2 worst teams the season go head to head. but billy felt and 1st put on
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a lively show and the 2 to draw propelled bill felt out of the automatic relegation places. foot were 11 points, a drift of billy felt and desperately needed to win before this bottom of the table clash. but host bela felt with the 1st to get on the score sheet through their talk marksman messiah aku. gov. his 7th of the season. but billy felt in front after just 8 minutes foot were soon levelling through jimmy leveling. shortly after the half hour mark the equalizer. came down to pace after the visitors won the ball deep in their own half leaving collected the pass and simply outran benefits andrei sandra day, before keeping his cool in front of goal. one won the half time school and basement side. foot even went ahead. midway through the 2nd half hover nielsen. the goal scorer. literally 30 seconds after he came on as a substitute but it was another substitute to had the last se,
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gonzalo castro produced this thunderbolt as the game ended to, to castro the unlikely hero for bella felt. the form of germany international came out of retirement in december, a remarkable comeback, salvaging. a crucial point to bella felt in this relegation dog fights should manage their 1st point away from home this season. but it was too little for, it seemed destined for a quick return to the 2nd division. coming up next to china as economy is slowing down. what does that mean for the global economy, rob watts, as warranty, got the business stadium. hold
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. welcome to the dark side.


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