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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 8:00am-8:31am CET

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ah, ah ah ah ah ah, business dw news ly, from berlin assessing the damage and tom got after saturday's volcanic eruption, their museum and australia sent surveillance planes because communication links
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with the islands are still down. also coming up china steps of measures to slow transmission of the virus after the 1st case of our micron is reported in beijing and the world's men's tennis number one novak talk of age lands in dubai after his expulsion from australia. so what's next for the serbian tennis player? ah, i'm glad offers. welcome to the program. the pacific island nation of tonga has virtually lost contact with the rest of the world. after saturday's volcanic eruption cut the country's internet cable. the full extent of the damage to the country, it remains unclear. new zealand and australia have sent military planes to survey their situation from above. other flights to deliver aid are also plant the
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underwater eruption on saturday, sent shock waves across the pacific. synonymy warnings were issued for many countries as far away as peru and that to people to have drowned after unusually high waves, hit the west coast of the americas. ah, this is the aftermath of this. you now me that hit the shore lines of peru over 10000 kilometers away from the explosion in tona. the underwater eruption was so powerful that it was detected around the world. these satellite images show gas and ash being thrown thousands of meters into the earth atmosphere. communication links to tongue that have been damaged, but the capital has sustained significant damage, says new zealand prime minister, just into arden, mrs. we are these across her an urgency here. we want to make sure that we be on the ground as soon as possible. but for our navy be sues will take several days to
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reach toner. we need to finally balance in a to get the quickly but to make sure we also get the people and resources they need be as well. and in some cases we have parts of tama, we've just not even being out of establish communication people any zealand had. they received no warning of this unami. even though the volcanoes explosion could be heard in some parts of the country. many were still out on the water on their bullies, which have suffered severe damage. japan was also put on high alert. thousands evacuated, their homes, coming to shelter like this in order to stay safe. a, i heard this, an army would be as high as a meter, but we really don't know how high reach i thought it would be best to evacuate. so i came here, these are these fishermen assess the damage scenes echo to on
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cost lines across the pacific region. well that's been shown cronan. he's the vulcan ologist from the university of oakland shane book. can you tell us about this, the russian, just how powerful was it? yeah, i had it was, it was an extremely powerful event and sorry, it was very short lived. so when you compare it to other options, it's quite difficult. but essentially during the short, less than 10 minute long eruption, the power released was very similar to that of the 1991 iraq to buy when the philippines. and so it sent shock waves around the world. now literally so pressure waves, actually, atmospheric pressure wipes, they travel around the world and some parts the world on the other. on the other side of the quote from tom that makes you got to lot was 11 side of the trembling around the globe. so remarkable from that perspective. so,
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so remarkable with these 2 nominator generated. so what kind of damage from your experience, what kind of damage or can we expect that because we don't hear anything from tangle because communication links down. yeah, we have some, some recent information now, and the actual on tongue has being has been present but not as severe as we were appearing. and also the damage from the army actually less severe than we were expecting. so find no reports of fatalities. so it seems, even though the option was extremely powerful, that enormous damage has not yet been reported in tonga. and it's now just really waiting to see from the small low lying islands with anyone else has been affected . so this volcano began erupting intimately in december,
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but this major adoption seems to come with no advance warning. why is that? what happened to you? the reason is based volcano is located 65 kilometers from many major population seem to so and it's very isolated, no one lives on the on the volcanic island, it's extremely harsh environments. there is no car reef around it. it's back to the part of the seas and the elements i've been there. i came down on that island and extremely difficult to keep the equipment running. so the only way to monitor of all kind of like that is to your special like maintenance. and they are often mostly reactionary, rather than providing us a pre warning trained conan that have vulcan ologist and oakland. thank you very much. thanks for talking let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines today. sweden has deployed
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armored combat vehicles and soldiers to patrol the streets of the island of good land. the military says the deployment is a response to increased russian activity in the region. 3 russian ships recently sale through the great bel straightened denmark, former ukrainian president, petro pershing. co said he planned to return from warsaw to ukraine on monday. he faces arrest on treason charges at home. pershing co is being investigated for financing russian back separatists in the don bass region. while he was in office. he accused the current government of trying to silence the opposition party austria . so chancellor carney hammer has unveiled a revised plans for a proposed corona virus. maxine mandate, beginning in february in mid march at all, residents who don't complain, comply could face fines of up to 3600 euros. the government aims to have parliamentary approval on thursday and any as many years since brazil started
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vaccinating people against cov 19. now, with around 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated, the campaign is being seen as a success, especially for a country whose own president has played down the thread of the pandemic. jerbill scenario has also downplayed the current army. kron waived as case numbers are rising, brazil has em all the highest total death tolls from corona virus in the world. people are hoping the high vaccination rate that will mean fewer death. this time round the army kron wave has hit present. the number of people, in fact, it has jumped dramatically despite a shortage of tasks, leaving many cases unreported. notice a little i'm running from one place to the next to try and get tested. i had contacted people who are positive that i don't have sent him mike. early last year, brazil was facing an overwhelming number of covey deaths. it has the world's 2nd
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highest corona virus death toll after the u. s. but with the latest wave of the disease, there's a big difference. most people here and now vaccinated the civic on the door. i got cove it last year. and so it's very hard to remember that time. it was very complicated, a desperate time when we didn't know what would happen. it was uncertain. and this vaccine gives us the possibility to keep going back to court in or around 70 percent of brazilians are fully vaccinated in big cities. authority say the figure is up to 99 percent. experts say the success is down to brazil, strong public health system and the history of successful vaccination campaigns. those factors have bolstered public trust in the karone of iris vaccine. despite the president tends to undermine it. jail both scenario has openly rejected the vaccine and repeatedly spread misinformation. now he's down playing the danger
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posed by the i'm a crohn wave and says there won't be another lock sound or extra restrictions. we're building rule with health services under huge pressure. people are hoping at least the high vaccination rate will help reduce on the crunch impact beijing has reported its 1st case of the armstrong variant. it's the 1st local transmission in the chinese capital. the discovery comes less than 3 weeks before the begging olympic winter games. the 1st army crankcase hockey in mainland china was to take that in december since then, many citizen china of asked residents to stay at home and launched mass testing. china has capture all of our cases law with its strength to 0 cove. it of policy. lulu hey lynne, let's bring an hour, corresponded in beijing 5 and the earth ketchum a fiber. and we've now a seen the 1st case of the micron variant in beijing. tell us more about the
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current cov 19 situation in the country. yeah, i mean, not really much has changed since then, and the recent numbers are 163 local infections at the health authorities registered. and that is really a law and international comparison. but compared for a chinese standards compared with yesterday, it's significantly higher. the good news, however, is that there are no additional em cases here in beijing and also in shanghai. both are, you know, political and economic am capitals here. and yeah, it's really not quite clear how the 1st army crankcase and beijing got the virus. because we know her a travel history and she didn't leave the city however, she visited a lot of restaurants and shopping mall. she took the subway, but it's really not clear how she got infected in this quite worrisome. so with the winter olympics just weeks away, how confident are you authorities in china's ability capability of overcoming these
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challenges? i would say still relatively confident and he and begging this even on the weekend when the 1st case was detected and all the bought boss are still open to pops or even the night clubs and we're open am and ed the only noticeable changes actually at the testing that the cues in front of the testing stations are much longer. however, so far all the tests came back negative and m yes. what abating did a state increase the travel restrictions? so for example now and you dont only have to do a negative test am before you enter the city. but also after arriving you have to do one more test. it has to be negative, otherwise you are required to do or current tenant isolation. and also am actually though are a resident are, are required not to order mails from outside delivery from outside because or the authority said it, they could pull out that the army crankcase arrived in the city through a parcel delivery from canada. however,
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there is known rios significant scientific evidence for that father. what kind of impact does this half of the chinese economy right now where i mean the impact will show probably in the coming months or but also for last year. and we know that the economic recovery is really slowing down today. the authorities presented the last numbers for 2021 and, and the g. d p was growing 8 by 8 percent. it's quite high, but from the 3rd quarter to the 4th quarter, the growth is only roughly between one and 2 percent. it's really quite low and also goldman sachs. they a lot their prediction for china, for the ongoing year, from 4.8 percent growth to 4.3 percent growth, mostly due to am the army confed, but also the rear street are a crisis here in the country. 5 am customer there in beijing for us, are many things for him, some not to have a look at some of the latest development in the corona virus pandemic. japan hopes
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to curb a certain infections by administering booster shots after 6 instead of the originally planned 8 months. fewer than one percent of japanese have received their 3rd inoculation. france has bought people not vaccinated against go with 19 from much of public life. the government wants to provide further incentives for people to be inoculated as infection numbers arising. thousands of protesters have marched through amsterdam against cove 19 regulations and vaccination campaigns. despite the government loosening some restrictions in response to the public position. well, number one, male tennis play, another joke which has landed in dubai following his deportation from australia. a court in melbourne up held a government decision that the unvaccinated tennis star posed a threat to public health. it's not clear where doc, which plans to travel next days of drama followed joker, which is the rival in australia to compete at the australian open hoping for an
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unprecedented 21st grand slam when after nearly 2 weeks of drama, novak joker rich touched down in dubai now, forced to watch the tournament, he's dominated for a decade from the sidelines. the fiasco has divided opinion in joker, which is home of serbia, a capital bell, great lit up in support of the star. the president leveled this accusation against australia. and then for 10 days they were tormenting their to save and torturing because it was not only intellectual with physical torture against knowledge, your courage and the various something else which was even worse. that was oh richard, come organized against the moral joke. rich, rich and the guy to sort of forget that you one mind times australian open title,
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but for others in a country that has endured one of the world, strictest corona virus, lockdown, joke of riches, admission to australia would have been foul play and has been timmy's this is a paper saying that they're on the site and because of the current restrictions and i don't think it's fair that they'd be with the children to have night. my lease for my lump nitty the can they have they see me missing as in here to aspire to? yeah, i hate this herb has begged 9 of the last 14 titles. he's now night a chance to add to that hall not only this year, but potentially at the following 3 australian opens. unless an exception is granted . joke, which is drama in court, has cast a shadow on the tennis court. now, fans and players are eager to finally focus on the game. to us now, president joe biden took off his promising to help the country unite and end the
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corona vers pandemic. but as the 1st anniversary of his inauguration approaches, many of his goals still seem out of reach. some of his key policy initiatives are being blocked, my members of his own party. the lives of some of the poorest americans are failing to improve los angeles, a democrat hart land away from the palm tree lined streets. madeline merit looks after a self help project for homeless people. people in this tent colony are getting back on their feet. but the social worker wants radical change. today, we live in a system where wages are depressed, where people can afford to live. some of these folks on this block have jobs that they go to every day. but that doesn't mean that they can afford an apartment. madeline is part of the democrats progressive wing. she hoped that president biden would build a molten welfare state for the us. instead,
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she still volunteering for the homeless without help from washington. biden has been in office for almost a year. he managed to pass a historic infrastructure package and more financial help for americans during the pandemic. but his huge social spending and climate protection bellis stuck in limbo, blocked by members of his own party and with the congressional elections looming this year. biden could lose his majority and his power. i'm telling you, we're going to get this. madeline merit supported more radical reformers like bernie sanders. she reluctantly voted for biden, and now she feels let down. has he's always been much more of a smoother, much more of a handshake or much more of a i let you know, let's make a deal. we need a really strong and brave leader and unfortunately, i don't see that. and biden, for her biden, is already elisa,
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very different from bernie sanders, the idol of the idealistic left wing, as they wanted. sanders in the white house, and a scathing about the president of biden's kind of fiddling all america burns. it's, he's not there. he's not present and he feels checked out by dan is out of touch, lacking a conscience towards the people in this country who need a whole lot of help right now. it looks like optimism may have run out for many young voters, and so has their support for joe biden. environmental groups in germany have released a new report saying pesticides are causing or they're calling an ecological armageddon that says millions of people fall ill from faces. that poisoning every year. and the use of such chemicals is threatening not only global health, but also biodiversity pesticides protect crops.
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but they're dangerous to more than the pests that they kill. last october, 270 people died and been way in a cheerier, poisoned by an insecticide. fisherman poured it into this river, then collected the dead fish. people drink from this river and they use it washed. it was a tragic incident, but not an isolated case. people in asia, latin america, and africa, particularly affected by pesticides. recent figures show world wide more than 385000000 people fall ill from pesticides every year. more than 10000 people die. there is no protection against bessie sites for farmers normally. and there are many pesticides used which are prohibited since years in the european union. one particular high, highly hazardous pesticides, pesticides of high acute toxicity are still in use. the $1000000000.00 industry is
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dominated by a handful of corporations. together they reached a turnover of 31000000000 euros and 2020 and sales are growing right now. pesticide manufacturers are trying to get new authorization for glasses said in the you in the you, you, we are re importing in some way. these pesticides are by contamination. of fruit, which is brought on to european markets. there are statistics that about 25 percent of our food products contain some residues of pesticides. sometimes multiple residues strawberries are particularly contaminated with so or other fruits and vegetables. studies show a link to parkinson's disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, and allergies. moreover, pesticides get into rivers and lakes and pollute the ground water. many important
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insects die in the soil becomes less fertile. this results and even more fertilizer being needed an more pesticides, creating a vicious cycle people of enrolling in as it is across the u. k. who protest against the new bill they say, is an attack on the right to demonstrate a controversial police and crime build would grant police great pass to crack down on disruptive protests. but critics say it will also make it difficult to hold peaceful demonstrations. andy smith is rehearsing in his head, his 1st words to his wife emma, a scientist. to day, she'll be walking free. after 2 months in prison in southern england, andy smith could never have imagined that she would ever be behind bars. oh my gosh that i love her. had she felt so proud of her? i, i you know, we have, we have really young nieces who are that that the future is not going to be the
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same future that we had. right. and we have, we have to fight for that fusion, her crime. she blocked motorway. she is part of an environmental group that is pressuring the government to insulate british homes to save energy. they say it's the cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. terrifying i was coming down to my lawyers. i like that we can tighten by blocking roads for hours, has enraged motorists. the british government has vow to put an end to it in a statement, the home office tells the w. freedom to protest within the law is a fundamental part for democracy. but the police must swiftly deal with the selfish minority of protested, whose actions and danger the public. the u. k. government is targeting environmental activists. it wants to stop disruptive, protest, public nuisance will be new offense carrying
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a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison, or an unlimited fine. and that's highly controversial. en deos and human rights groups have states many protests. they see the bill as an attack on democracy itself. and even conservative legal observers like the former attorney general, are concerned most problematic. all the parts which give to the home secretary very significant powers to determine what constitutes serious disruption. ah, whereas normally that would be a matter left to the police. ah, emma smart and her fellow protest as no that is wrapped in as controversial today, but they see no other way and to continue breaking the law. the law is our fundamental right? the if our government is failing, that we can hold that government to account and these are elected representatives.
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they are supposed to be protecting the people. and if they are failing at that, then it should be all right, to stand up and protest. and the response of them to imprison of asked is absolutely, it's draconian. for the moment, the protest as a happy to be outside. but with a new build, it seems only a matter of time until they will be behind bars again. and some sports is now sunday's blunders legal action. so the 2 worst sized sofa go head to head, but be defendant, bottom side, foot put on the lively show and the to, to draw proposed be the felt out of the automatic relegation places. first were 11 points, a drift of bella felt and desperately needed to win before this bottom of the table clash. but host bela felt with the 1st to get on the score sheet through their top marksman messiah a cougar his 7th of the season. but billy felt in front, after just 8 minutes furred were soon levelling
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through jimmy leveling. shortly after the half hour mark the equalizer came down to pace. after the visitors won the ball deep in their own half leaving and collected the pass and simply out ran, billy felt angry and laddie, before keeping his cool in front of goal 11 the half time school and basement side stood even went ahead. midway through the 2nd half of our nielsen, the goal scorer, literally 30 seconds after he came on as a substitute. but it was another substitute to had the last, se, gonzalo castro could use this thunderbolt as the game ended to, to castro the unlikely hero to be la felt the former germany international came out of retirement in december, a remarkable come back salvaging a crucial point. the viola felt in this relegation dog fights
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should managed at 1st point away from home this season, but it was too little for a team destined for a quick return to the 2nd division. it wasn't he w news, he is a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you. austria. new zealand half has sent military planes to assess the damage of this weekend's. volcanic eruption in tonga of pacific island has firstly been cut off from the rest of the world after the eruption of damaged internet cables and blanketed the era and a cloud of ash. the full extent of the damage remains unclear. and that's it from me and the news team here and but, and don't go away though. ok, next is tomorrow to day. are science magazine looking at, exoskeletons, focus, patient leaves. us actually, that's it for me. thankfully ah ah ah
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ah ah, ah ah, with out out i was like you can take
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their toll. german robotics researchers are developing new systems to release stream on the body. neck, shoulders back. how do these exoskeleton fair when tested? tomorrow with, with 30 years after the soviet union collapsed, they were born in the middle of unrest. young people that now live in independent countries. what remains of the soviet ideology and how do they live with its legacy? the dream hope and reality of the breakout generation
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reporter today on d. w with soccer is the sportive colors and the children in this mountain village of the mall and every one, regardless of gender ah, where is blue? the color of her favorite sex is traditions prevent her from going to game playing ah, an insurmountable obstacle, little girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d w. ah, what's this be robots doing in the name of science with.


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