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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2022 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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ah, ah, soccer, the sport of many colors and the children in this mountain village noble wears blue, the color of her favorite sex is tradition to prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle. little girl football on the p starts february, 4th. paul d w. mm ah, this is dw news live from berlin. novak dock ridge leaves australia after losing
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his legal battle to stay. minutes ago a plane took off from melbourne, carrying the controversial tenant star 10 days after he arrived to compete in the australian open without 1st getting vaccinated against corbet. 19, although coming up, tonga is cut off after us to nami washes over the pacific island. officials in new zealand say the capital has sustained significant damage. ah. hello then i'm really mohammed, now like taco bell has left australia after losing his appeal against his visa cancellation. he was deported after judges upheld a decision by the immigration minister at the unvaccinated tennis star posed a threat to public health. it comes after a 10 day legal battle when talk of
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h. arrived to compete in the australian open. he was aiming for an unprecedented 21st grand slam when an unwanted returned for nova joker, which having trained at melbourne's rod laver arena just days ago, the reigning champion is leaving australia to the dismay of his crestfallen supporters. many of them serbian expatriates. oh, did anything with an offer on her but for others in a country that has endured one of the world's strictest corona virus. luck don's joke of inches admission to australia would have been the injustice and he's been to me. this is a paper being located there. on site and because of the cabinet restrictions and
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audience with little wonder then that the australian government busked in the glow of victory, strong boarders, had kept the country safe. during the pandemic. prime minister scott morrison said one, surprisingly the decision didn't go down so well in belgrade were joking, which is venerated. it was very easy for australian authorities to say, from the very beginning of the okay, only vaccinated on inoculated people could enter or australian territory. but it is a social and also the forgot. well,
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it is. and they wanted to create political prince alleged political principles, which were not principles of told in purely sporting terms, the decision leaves a superstar shaped hole in the australian open. the syrup has bugged 9 of the last 14 titles. he has no denied the chance to add to that hole, not only this year, but potentially at the following 3 tournaments should normal deportation. rules apply for no joke of which is also denied a shorter to reco 21st major title. the 34 year old said he was extremely disappointed, but that he would respect the ruling. one whose implications both sporting and political are seismic of one lesson joined by max walden, a b c. news janice, currently in melbourne. so mac struck which has now left australia. this clearly isn't a one of the games he was able to win. we also had a mixed view from australians there about whether he was treated fairly one of the australians you've spoken to been saying well, okay, i did, i do think there's
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a sense in the community that you know, hey, he was sort of trying to dodge the roles of paul in one of the melva newspapers today showed that and some 71 percent of voters believed he should be afforded and not allowed to dissipate in his family. and i've been that said there is, you know, quite a sizable contingent of bomb, serbian australian to really rallied around him, i guess is a bigger upset of sevien pride on any date, some sort of anti backed elements as well. i'm nevertheless, i do think there is that have been a general sense in the community given the strict code restrictions that in day yes, him not getting vaccinated in order to apply sort of flying in, in the vice. some of that wasn't a surprise that the court's ruling backed the government decision to deport him. look, i think it, it, it's probably surprising,
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given that they probably spend the last week looking for a watertight way to deploy him. and they, the initial decision was made by the fed, minnesota, on the ground that united medical exemption was not valid at the latter decision was held the immigration minutes. the decision on public interest grounds essentially kind of came to, to the end of the road in terms of his legal options by going to the high court, which would have been a very long legal process. and of course these trailing i was just about to kick off and could you just talk us through the possibility that he could face a 3 year band from australia? yeah, so technically in terms of the conditions of the cancellation, he's not supposed to be able to enter it for 3 years. nevertheless, the decision to cancel,
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we said that was based on minute daryl discretion and in day he can appeal on compassionate or other ground to the minute should he wants to return to his trailer and participate in future tournament invade over the next few years old and in melbourne, thank you very much for your time. thank you. well, let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. officials in china have confirmed the 1st locally transmitted case of the army kron variant in beijing. authorities are ramping up testing to contain any outbreaks, just weeks away from the winter. olympics. residents are being urged not to travel during the luna new year. holidays is in place in texas, say awful people taken hostage at a synagogue, have been released, and the hostage taker has been killed. the gunman demanded the release of a pakistani women, convicted of terrorism,
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who was jailed in texas for the president, for the u. s. president donald trump held a rally with supporters in arizona. he criticized us president joe biden for his current of iris policies on mosque and vaccine mandates, as well as loc downs. trump also repeated claims that he won the 2020 elections without offering evidence. hundreds of migrants are traveling from honduras toward the u. s. border. it's a 1st caravan from central america to make its way for the united states was here many say they all fleeing poverty, violence and natural disasters. u. s. president biden has backed age proposals to slow migration. now concerns are growing for the pacific island of tonga. after a tsunami with waves more than a meta high hit, the island, it was triggered by an underwater volcano eruption on saturday. internet has been
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caught and the full extent of the damage is unclear. snobby warnings have been issued across the pacific rim. ah, this is the aftermath of the sooner me that hit the shorelines of peru over 10000 kilometers away from the exclusion in tona. the underwater eruption was so powerful that it was detected around the world. these satellite images show gas and ash being thrown thousands of meters into the aris atmosphere. communication links to tongue that have been damaged, but the capital has sustained significant damage. says new zealand prime minister jacinta arden. this is weird these of course or an urgency here. we want to make sure that we be on the ground as soon as possible. but for our navy vessels it will take several days to reach toner. we need to finally balance the need to get the quickly but to make sure we also get the people and resources they need be as well
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. and in some cases, we have parts of toner. we just not even being out of established communication. people in easy lynn had they received no warning of this in army, even though the volcanoes explosion could be heard in some parts of the country. many were still out on the water on their bulls, which have suffered severe damage. one owner mourns the loss of the catamaran he had for over 30 years, probably in the to, to cargo for she and i will probably so since we released her unable to thought it was good shot to see boat david prove about over the serrado who's blowing strong, cool through the hub suddenly. whoo! japan was also put on high alert. thousands evacuated, their homes, coming to shelter has like this. in order to stay safe over to recruit the room. i
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heard this, an army would be as high as a meter, but we really don't know how high could reach. i thought it would be best to evacuate. so i came here needed to assess these fishermen assess the damage over will scenes echoed on coast lines across the pacific region. foreign this i'm joined by an a chin news editor at radio, new zealand in wellington, it's good to have you with us, anna. do you have any more details on the extent of the damage on the island of tonga? we have very little and it's, it's really an extraordinary event in terms of news gathering because normally with an have been live as we will be able to get a hold of people on the ground or we're able to go. why is what, what the prime minister told us because communication is extremely limited even at an official level with the presumably have satellite funds that we have been told from the new zealand high commission that until now that these significant
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significant damage on the for sure. and call offer that boats and large boulders basically been flung up onto the shore and into buildings by the water, sewage. we know that new qualify that the capital of trauma is covered in a thick film of the volk haneke dust. and but apart from that, we really can't, we really don't know what's, what's going on with it. we've heard even from tang his own, conceal it here in oakland that they haven't been able to get in touch with anyone in the, in the capital themselves. so that would be like the embassy fixedly. not being up to con, contact the home country and there were a whole lot of low lying islands all around the main island of toma top of that just no one at all has been heard from. so yeah, we, we really can't, we can't say very much about what the damage is, but we know that there's significant damage. so the come communication lines are still down effectively. how would you describe the eruption caused?
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that's an army in tonga. well, it's, it was basically an eruption that shook the world. you know, with the package that you had on just before was talking about the, the wave obviously, which spread out across the pacific rim. it was also heard, it created a what's called an atmospheric shock wave and it was heard 500 kilometers away in fiji is a very, very loud sort of canon blast kind of sound. and even as far away here, new zealand, which is 2300 kilometers from toner, people here described it as hearing gunshot, so loud bang with some of them even if they physically felt the impact of this sort of shockwave. and yeah, it's been, it's been very begging to put it into that sort of historical perspective. a bulk knowledge is here. shane cronin has told us effectively, it's at one in 1000 year, been the previous equivalent volcanic eruptions at that site. we're an 1100
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a day and then before that 200 a day. so that's the kind of scale of it. yep. and the key issue here is that this is still quite active. and a change from radio, new zealand in wellington, thank you very much for your time. thank you. now when to think of football and for they away game at the top of forming cologne by a munich welcome back. 6 of the 9 players who were unavailable due to coven 19 with captain manual manure, among them alone were no match for by inside, though with nearly complete, with a nearly complete roster as rob 11 dusky score to have trade in a foreigner route. this brought the strike his career goals tally to 300. the when leaves by and 6 points had endorsement at the top of the table and to his open to seek a saturday games line up on matched j. 19 beaver cousin prevailed against glovebox
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. and as be sold by and munich, dominated, cologne, and an onion berlin, they beat hoffen haim vaults bug hotel and did go las leipzig down stuttgart minds defeated. bolcom thought been drugged fryeburg on friday. and on sunday, alex berg will face frankfort. delafield will then battle foot. you're watching the adobe news live from berlin, his reminder of our top story, zavion, tennis, dont know if i talk of it has left australia after losing his appeal against his visa cancellation. judges of held a decision by the immigration minister that he posed a threat to public health, which came to australia without being vaccinated against 90. thanks for watching of next. his thoughtful, polite thought
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ah, internet knows all.


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