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tv   Doc Film - Opaque Worlds - The Struggle for Truth  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2022 9:15am-10:00am CET

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you watching d w news. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. judges in australia have upheld the deportation order against know that jacket of fans of the serbian tenant star expressed their disappointment at the root. he came to australia without being vaccinated against hope. 19th of next hour, documentary series doctor examines what can be done to stop this information online . there's plenty more for you on our website. we'll have more news at the top of the a michael ok watching. he just ah our interest, the global economy, our portfolio, d w business beyond. here, the closer look at the project,
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our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. get a step ahead. with the w business beyond on you tube. charlottesville, the united states, summer, 2017. when i was in charlottesville, there was this euphoria, this ecstasy part, fight club. it's part party. it's part riot. they were so happy to be with these people that share the same beliefs. hundreds of right wing extremists arrived in the city. one of them drove his car into a group of counter protesters, killing a young woman. because i've done so much research on far right groups. youtube thinks i'm a nazi and starts offering me these white supremacist channels and videos to look at. and that's the power that these groups have. now, they have a region,
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an ability to communicate with the masses that they never had before. the extremists organized themselves on mine further radicalize in each other on social media like the right wing extremist boogaloo boys. one night, one of its members used facebook live to broadcast to the world from his car, which was filled with weapons. police arrested him just in time. ah, the authorities themselves had become a target. a boogaloo boys member shot at a police building, killing one officer. they were all over facebook to organize violent attacks and police officers that left to long foresman officers dead. these events represent the radicalization of the united states groups like the right wing,
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radical proud boys overlap with donald trump, supporters before january 6th, i was looking at the social media of radical extreme s. and there's claims that cove it's a hoax. there's conspiracy theories that the election has been stolen, and then i realized the main stream, our republican party is putting out similar ideas all the time that fringe and the mainstream have converged. friday boy, o is u. s. society in danger of breaking apart. so tomorrow is going to be an amazing and spectacular day. in january 2021 from supporters stormed congress, claiming that the election was rate. you know, when you have that sort of, inability to agree on basic facts. i think that you face a future with a country that is very graham in germany to radicalization has found its way to the doors of govern. it's
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a new world at this point. mm. mm hm . iraq, a country devastated by years of war in 2006, a us special forces, unit storm, this solder city mosque, the strong old of a shiite militia. and in this engagement managed to kill 16 of their guys captures a whole bunch of them and left the scene. and they thought, well, they had done a great job until they got back to their base. oh little. as soon as the us soldiers left, the islamists sprang into action. those guys had come in, took the dead bodies of their fallen comrades, arranged him on prayer mats and made it look like the americans murdered these guys in the middle of prayer,
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an arm. they pushed it out into the internet all within the space of 45 minutes to that. by the time the americans back got back to their base was a game over. you need to be fascinated, have a really good story. and that's the secret. walsman worked for a long time in the u. s. department of defense. in 2017, he warned congress that propaganda could become more dangerous than military force . as a darker program manager, i was going all over the government trying to tell people, you know, i need to start taking a step seriously. there's going to be a big issue. it's going to be a big deal. you need to start paying attention. and yep, i got no response at all basically. is pretty. yeah, pretty sad. ah, washington, january 2021. soldiers guarded congress. a few days after the storming of the capital for nina jackowitz. it was a disaster waiting to happen. it's been a difficult week to be a disinformation researcher to see your worst fears coming. true to see that your
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government, in many ways, either embraced were ignored the warning signals that were just blatantly obvious on the internet for so long. and i guess that's the most heartbreaking part, the complete lack of preparation. jenko it's and her colleagues have shown how the attackers organized themselves, primarily with the help of private facebook groups. facebook groups are kind of like the creepy basement of the internet. they are a place where people can gather out of the scrutiny of the facebook content readers . this is where a lot of disinformation can spread. it's where extremism spreads. it's where these groups coordinate with one another. and i think it's been our biggest blind spot. facebook founder and ceo, mark zuckerberg, testified before congress in 2018. his company would later be held partly responsible for the 2021 attack on the capital. so very famously in 2018 when mark zuckerberg was on capitol hill being questioned by the senators, i,
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one of them asked him, you know, how do you make money it facebook as a free service? well, if so, how do you sustain a business model in which users don't fight your service center? we run ads. how do they sell ads? they sell ads based on the data that they're gathering of our clicks when we're using the platform or instagram or what's app. and in fact, facebook's cookies actually follow us around the internet as well. and using that data, which is a treasure trove of information, they sell that to advertisers and say, we can get people to click on your ads and buy your products. and that's why it's so important that we remain on the platform. they wanna suck us in. that's how they make their money and that's what they look after. over everything else above our democracy, about public safety. president, jo biden's administration wants to combat radicalization. i'm not wholly optimistic . like i used to be. it's not gonna be a flip of a switch,
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and suddenly the u. s. will be this information free. the roots of this problem are now really strong. paris, juliano de emily is a political consultant who has worked from multiple governments. he studies digital . populism is somehow the silicon valley of national populace month, because that in politics is based on, on rage against the establishment than the elite. it's been like that for 20 years . for 2 decades, silvio berlusconi dominated italian politics then came comedian bet, bakery lo and is 5 star movement. tracy creates a creature, a guy who's completely unknown outside the feet. that he, he was a web marketing expert called the general beth, because only a jewel at the beginning of the year, 2000. he understood that politics would be transformed by the internet and new
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technology. but he also understood that you couldn't do a virus party without a face. the entrepreneur met with grillo, a prominent comedian. and he tells him, you know, you keep doing your job and your shows and i, so your blog for you re, los internet presence shattered norms. what's true, what's fake. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what will hook people up. and that's kind of new in politics as a re driven says, i'm not into politics. i mean, to public opinion. the formula worked and the greatest blog becomes the most popular blog in italy. and one of the most read in the whole world, the entrepreneur and the comedian wanted more in 2007, the following is huge and they feel that something is happening. so they said, we have to show our strength. we have to move on to the next level,
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and so they call a press conference to say, look, we're going to do a big protest against your liter v. they in invalid. and they have to cancel the press conference because nobody shows up. italy's newspapers ignored the planned action, but traditional media were no longer important. that's where even the italian media starts realizing that that something's happening, something that they hadn't seen at all. ah gorilla was loud, shrill and anti establishment. the real only promise of the fivestar movement was la they will always try to trigger rage and fear because that's what works best glows one time up start movement would become a governing party in 2019 and
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a model for politicians in other countries. those kind of movement, they don't generate all the anger, the anger is there, it's in society, it comes even from real causes in many cases, but they bring him to the next level. hamburg is home to face books, german headquarters, internal documents show that a 3rd of the countries major. facebook groups are extremist, including those featuring races, content pro russian, propaganda or conspiracy theories. for the most part, the groups are influenced by a few highly active members who set their radical tone. political consultant, uvie shanella sees that as a danger for society ditched in. we're looking at the ruins of our communal coexistence in some we have to ask, how can we avoid drifting further apart as a society, not clifton. shanella volunteered with obama's 2nd presidential campaign,
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which set a new standard for its use of the internet. the long time come, but the light changes come tumor to find the social media narrative was still the digitalization would change the world for the better. it was a story of home change, old and new beginnings on. of course the arab spring also promised hope dictators were toppled with the help of social media dessert. which much you have thought this silicon valley idea of ultimate progress was not question critically marked in the years that followed. i realized that technology is never good nor evil, much the question is always who is using it and what do they do with it? at the end of the day, it's a tool, some in and back. so it, this means that the u. k. has voted to leave the european union. opponents of progress also used it as well. b veg jury,
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the real label of victory. but they said, oh, records and of divine from donald trump. van rickly by rex it in the election of donald trump. we're really to milestones at precisely these points. it became apparent that the public majority was blind to the incredible powers of mobilization, not in social media, from the you want from mention the of millions of people suddenly felt align. i'm not alone out there. there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of millions of people who think the same way i do of t. it was ultimately the birth of a new dynamic that we didn't see coming d, v of the happens, comes in in germany 2017 saw the right wing populace a f d become the 3rd biggest party in the federal parliament after an unusual campaign via, via the d, we will change this country. communications expert, granny's iden glance has analyzed it. las vegas in m owens i what we've seen,
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including in our own research, is that the a, f d a were seemingly able to recognize the potential of facebook campaigning very early on food earlier than others. the a, f d were able to show several faces. right wing extremism on facebook and ironic civility on t v because of the, of the hacker of by f d seem to have identified different groups in a very targeted way. and if you didn't and fed different information to them switch be facebook allows the electorate to be divided. each target group can be reached individually. you've gone and politics from a vague data for environment to evade the rich environment where you can really target in a granular way, even fairly small groups. and that has changed the game. obviously, some realize this too late when these movement started, contradict himself sports, sing different things to different people. a traditional politicians were like,
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you know, but look at these jokers. huh. and they did on the stand that be ecosystem had evolve completely. and that now you are in such a fragmented system that you're talking through a 1000 different channels. politicians were able to use the new channels to send out tailored messages. youtube is the main hub for right wing radicals. you're not kaiser has research the phenomenon was because in hon, value tubes, algorithms are insanely good at identifying thematically organized clusters class. in other words, groups with similar things. lottery indian though large sections of youtube, are completely a political and humans eat lots of music. lots of video game sleep and then you come to politics. in the us, you have left wing and mainstream means and then you have a right wing bottle of in germany. he basically only have the right wing bubbles,
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numeric to bother. after every right wing video, there comes in other one. this results in content bubbles which tend to get more and more radical of making dot and listen, these algorithms have to make their predictions based on some kind of data at home . and if a platform like that is used mainly by those who feel ignored, it's a problem probably sooner or later. right wing opinions get reinforced, and right wing channels get recommended. well, even if you started out with videos from a public broadcaster, and that's how you tube contributes to radicalization, raymond, on own so on the off these channels, things he don't come back to all the channels. and he was, he just go further in night. all the conspiracy theory. all right, wing channels. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. conspiracy theorists like the american alex jones are now banned from youtube. oh
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boy, you tube hut site, diem. youtube has done a lot of tweaking since then. i see that this community that's grown over the years of oxen. you can't just get rid of it. quick management, new youtube rules, only shift the danger. today we're embarrass and we're in a state of law and in a western democracy. but let's go online. we're not in a democracy anymore. we are in yemen, we're in a failed state. ah, the phone is commune the common these forms of escalating communication didn't come into being with the internet. you that and we know from psychology that the concept of an enemy can of course lead to very strong mobilization in defense of one's own values. stagen will be 0, can often mobilize much more strongly than positive ideas of actually standing up for something doesn't begin this most. the, this method was used in propaganda,
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the 20s, thirties, and forties. yeah. and it's being used today by populous parties were to veto the deeds. this is berlin's former propaganda ministry. here, beginning in 1933, joseph gerbils developed new methods of manipulation. oh girl. mean ha, ha, ha. the loan from there, the in the, in the better. and a humbling that idea that to millions of deaths and the division of germany following the war east, germany became a socialist dictatorship. the ministry for state security or stars. he was also responsible for foreign propaganda. deep undescribable and the ministry of the state secures, he covered west germany with disinformation campaigns. and with what today we call
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fake news. using the right dosage was key. the starcy weren't supposed to just outright lie with this function. it works when things have a core of truth to them exactly because the called the beta is, is west german politicians who had been nazi party members were accused of direct involvement in the holocaust. the styles he falsified documents and invented witnesses. the west tried to fight back an attorney about as can i course it wasn't a one way street, especially at the height of the cold war. western propaganda went from the other direction. the end of a storm. in the 1970s, the west relied less on propaganda. the east, more especially the soviet secret service, the k g b, which grew more active eastern european intelligence agencies use the aids epidemic to damage their cold war foes. their cargo b k. g. b spread the rim,
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it that the virus causing aids was created in a u. s. military laboratory, as part of an experiment on biological warfare. agents operation. denver was about making the world believe h i. v came from a lab at fort dietrich in the eastern us, and the acton is full in secret service records suggested went as far as the state security co financing a west gym and fill, giving fuel to the myth again. and again, putting it out into the world is that west german newspapers picked up the story and it became mainstream. the mangano had shocked and didn't look closely. you can see that the conspiracy theory wasn't invented by the soviet some of emerged independently as an activist circle son, and was ultimately just taken uplift, improved and strengthened by opposing intelligence services, icn ocean. we see similar dynamics today, nomics in ohio. shortly after the outbreak of the coven 19 pandemic. chinese
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information ministry began telling a similar story. you 2 posts to rehash the myth over and over again. monica richter is an american propaganda researcher. her work has exposed the just information operation. our research showed that the very 1st claim that coven 19 was in fact, by a weapon produced by the united states, originated in t v's vieza, which is a russian outlet linked to the russian ministry of defense. this conspiracy theory then was shared extensively by the russians, the chinese, the iranians, one u. s. blogger with a half a 1000000 subscribers also took up the idea that us soldiers could have brought the virus to, wou hon. the blogger claims to be a concerned citizen. just analyzing facts and asking questions. i don't really agree with people that say that the problem is fake news because fake news only the
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tip of the iceberg. the environment is so rich in information that everybody can pick their own facts and live in a completely parallel universe. such parallel universes have always existed in 2001, the 911 terrorist attacks and the you, sparks conspiracy theories all over the world. the alex jones. jo, because there's a war on for your mind. i'll tell you the bottom line. 98 percent chance. this was a government orchestrated control bombing. i've been telling you this was going to happen just 2 weeks ago. they need, this is a pretext to bring you and your family martial law. donald trump also weighed in on the very day of the attack. i said, how could i play even a play even a 767 or 747 or whatever it might have been? how could it possibly go through this deal?
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i happened to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously. fury surrounding 911 became breeding grounds for people with anti democratic ideals. now, oh, i trump and the world of conspiracies. the belief that $911.00 was an inside job planned by the administration of george w bush but president bush would subsequently launch his own attack on the truth. the bush administration was making an overtly openly fraudulent case. they put colon power in a chair at the united nations to lie to promote this notion that iraq had an active pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. powell also claims that
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a rach had supported al qaeda. it was so clear in that moment to any one who had spent time on the ground in iraq that it was a lie filled carnival that colin powell had agreed to participate in 2003 a you, us led coalition invaded iraq. saddam hussein was overthrown, and more than 100000 iraqis were killed no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. the supposed evidence was false. with the u. s. reputation fell even further due to human rights violations and crimes like those committed at the, the grip prison. and due to drone footage like this, published by wiki, leech, it shows an attack on mostly unarmed iran
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one of the victims was a journalist. the images were a propaganda gift to all enemies of the u. s. player worn through the days of the u. s. presenting itself as a moral role model. we're over, but it isn't the only country to wage war based on lies. when russia invaded ukraine and next crimea, i became increasingly interested in the disinformation campaign that ensued. i think it's absolutely accurate to say that ukraine was the testing ground. ah, it was all about muddying the information's face, making it impossible to distinguish what the reality was about what was happening
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and ukraine, the the ukrainians were painted as the aggressors blaming the victim as a very common tactic. there was a lot of what about them? and so claiming that the annexation of crimea was, in fact no different than the us invasion of iraq. for example, the putting pushed ahead with his goals annex in crimea. he was helped by finely tuned propaganda no longer about simply portraying one system as superior to another. russian disinformation today has a slightly different approach. it's about leveling the playing field by saying your son patty, is just as corrupt as ours, and you don't deserve to have the moral high ground. on the u. s. base platform, youtube, russian channels like to spread that message. alongside images of protests from the
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west. i think there used to be a misguided belief that in open information market truth will to ultimately succeed . and that is simply no longer true because that is not what generates the most activity. this totally unregulated and really unprecedentedly experimental, incredibly toxic brand new information ecosystem that is global, that we have built, arose and a matter of a handful of years. and we are suddenly trapped in it. above all authoritarian rulers benefit from the situation and its consequences reach as far as australia. many chinese live here becoming a target for propaganda from the ccp in sydney chung e. fong, as track their efforts during the pandemic. this you say typical case of missy
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information by the senate committee party. they didn't or our war to eliminate the real information and keep those information away from the public. they center the doctors and delete any information link to this outbreak. by covering up the outbreak, beijing put the world in danger. people continue to gather and then the who, what should i select of vitus right? what value fast for the 1st couple of weeks. but at that point, audience will meet in some people, will not be swallow tall, either part of china and other part of the walt what's behind the tactic is it's simply about deflecting attention from one's own mistakes. the i
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was considered a 1st senior official, defective publicly or for 14 years i've been working for the minister of foreign affairs the regime under she jane pain is a very ambitious and he made a long term plan is to turn china to be the number one superpower in the world. in 2049. with the help of overseas propaganda. teaching in may the speech at a public bureau meeting. he said that in the past that china has not been effective in leading the wilder public opinion. and then china will do more in the future invest more. i get some information from reliable source that
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australia is to be the test grand. above all china, once one thing from australia in chinese calendar i assume is very small power slaugh, economy, small population. but to a huge resources chinese communist party funds, influential media in australia. this is the pace enforcer in australia, very effective, and especially on chinese community. the most, the over low co chinese media here, generally controlled by fire china by city p. you know, so there is a huge army of oper again that him in here. this is tense him there walk law dip into washington society. 2 so mm hm. and sidney's chinese community have staged impressive marches in the city. they want visibility,
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including at universities where more and more chinese students are being educated. under president teaching thing, we have seen the chinese government grow bolder in its repression of basic rice. a chinese government is trying to send a message to chinese people who are living in other countries abroad. that if you criticize the chinese communist party, you pay a price chinese students can wind up in trouble if they criticize the regime, including policy regarding hong kong. and then we saw this really escalate and take off i in the last couple of years, particularly as you know, the protests in hong kong have reverberated around the world. elaine pearson wrote a report on the situation and what the students told us was that i can't criticize the chinese communist party. some of them described how they were threatened over social media apps sometimes in text messages. sometimes the messages came in the middle of the night, a classmate would say,
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i'm watching you people are very afraid for, for their family members back home. you know, they don't want to see, you know, their mothers or their brothers or sisters paying a very heavy price or potentially even going to prison or for their activities here in australia. when it comes to hong kong, the chinese government has the little tolerance with the university approached me when the hong kong government released its national security law. and i explained how this law is extremely troubling from a human rights perspective. the it will have a huge chilling effect on free speech in hong kong, but also in countries like australia and the university published an article. and within 24 hours, i started to get text messages saying that the article had been removed from online, prove, raising students attract their fellow students. the university bowed to chinese
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pressure. i was also pretty disappointed that the university you know, did not really robustly defend the academic freedom of one of its academics. part of the reason they failed to do that is because there is so much at stake. there is so much revenue that is coming from chinese students in australian universities. while austrian lawmakers are investigating the incident. i've noticed today that there has been in our reluctance from some of our government departments and also reluctance from some of our universities to use the c word. and you know, by that, of course, i mean china. i believe the free water should be aware of the nature of a c, c, p. it's purpose phase to dictate the whole whoa, that they did. they are not friendly in late, 2020,
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china commented on australian war crimes. enough. ganesh den was a tweet showing a fake damage. this worsened relations between the 2 countries and australia later put its naval fleet on alert. in europe, china resorts to other means a wind for chinese propaganda. i found it astonishing how caught off guard that was by russia and china in taking advantage of a crisis to push their strategic interests. we actually saw for the 1st time, the chinese adopting very similar disinformation tactics from the russians was basically authoritarian learning in real time. russia sent soldiers to italy to disinfect, aged care homes and china sent doctors, and ever greater numbers of masks, along with its own supervised tv crew chinese were absolutely hell bent on
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controlling the narrative. internationally demonstrate that chinese authoritarianism is much better poised to deal with the crisis like the pandemic than messy democracy. a lot of you saw modality opens the door for china. those narratives were in fact, effective. there was a period of time when italian public opinion polls showed that something like 52 percent of people, actually trust china. more than that, you in the context of, of the cobit response. ah, the e, you can't agree on counter strategy. there's a fear that angering beijing could disturb their trade relationship with china. politico had a write up that accused china of a global disinformation campaign. and so the next day we had e mails from the u. delegation in beijing saying that the chinese foreign ministry
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made vague threats about the publication of such a report voting very badly for you china relations. it's a problem for the use top diplomat joseph bureau. this basically led to a panic within the hierarchy, a stalling of the report. i wrote an email where i said that this amounted to appeasement of the chinese communist party. unfortunately, that whole thread of emails was subsequently leaked to the media to the new york times. specifically, richter's criticism was clear, self censorship set a terrible precedent issue says faith is engagement held to shape a more stable and prosperous world. foreign affairs g farro didn't criticize china, but instead the whistleblower who lead the e mails out the wish blowers there is another thing we cannot work on the basis
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of this kind of leaks. we are very damaging for our work. well, how to call with the check minister of foreign affairs in which he mentioned that you know, i was of that i was a problem. and unfortunately, you know, for a variety of reasons the checks caves to this pressure. and so i subsequently resigned the use priority seems clear trade over freedom. i'll clarify one thing. it's not that i'm asking the west to be in a war. the west isn't a war and has not yet realized it in western industrialized nations, the battle for power and opinion is being fought using technology, developed by british and u. s. companies. the parent company of scandal played to cambridge analytic a was among those to have profited as author, emma bryant has shown s, c l was set up in the wake of the iraq invasion. their 1st attempt to really get
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a contract was at the dfcs of big homes are in london, and they set up a sort of james bond style room and they use their to when really important defense contracts made them a hell of a lot of money. emma bryant can prove that cambridge analytical illegally used facebook data to influence voters. originally, the company's aim was to influence the rockies and afghans in the interests of the us as a whole, russian companies that came out of the war and tara, and then when the money from the wall went away, they then know, working, ah, you know, doing contracting in, you know, places around the world doing elections and actually abusing data working for, you know, human rights abuses. the researcher hoped her revelations would deter others.
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but these methods are being copied around the world and you know, all government so desperate to try and acquire. you know, tools to counter dis, information, they have got the idea that they have to join this arms race around. oh propaganda . how do you motivate, monitor and regulate your own population? the pandemic has given added urgency to these questions. right wing populists especially are adding fuel to fire like extra advisor, steve bannon, a star comparison, a study shows that 10 of the most popular fake news, facebook pages have been viewed 300000000 times as opposed to 70000000 views for the w h. jo and other health organizations. just 12 influencers are responsible for 65 percent of the false information about vaccinations, including an activist from the q and on movement. when alex kaplan as research,
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the digital world of conspiracy theories, i kept seeing you are on supporters repeatedly shop is like major apple fires of misinformation. you are seeing any backs influencers. they were starting to go on this karen shows where they had a friendly audience. urines borders within the united states and internationally by including germany attended anti lockdown protest. ah, when protestors stormed germany's parliament building the right stop. the que symbol was among those on display. this one is in the colors of imperial germany's war, flat cuen on followers believe in a so called deep state that abducted children and can only be stopped by donald trump. and i'm a family dr. hayes be democrats. we will knock out dark even where americans
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everyone is appointed. they have more time to serve the internet. and you know, with that, i think people were scared, people wanted answers for some q and on provided a way to get those answers. ah, he went on, supporters were among those storming the u. s. capital many were injured, and a female follower died after being shot by a police officer. we twitter after insurrection. they really went after like all the big influences on the platform. they're almost all gone on twitter like that, suggested to me that they knew who the influences were. and until, and just up to that point, didn't take action on them for use. twitter is made money from q and on. it was kind of a bit late. i mean, this infrastructure had grown so significantly that it already had tangible impacts on society only after the deaths of the capital. did politicians
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react? no one took responsibility. this isn't just about stupid people believing things that are not true. this is about, you know, self interested people utilizing this as a way to keep themselves rich regularly on your mind. and if you can hardly turn on the news without hearing somebody say the words miss information for me. okay. and then was just talking at the end of the day. well, the citizens, at least certainly in europe in the united states are on their own because nobody is coming to help them. you have to be proactive. that means you have to get out there. and you have to be messaging yourself, there's no mechanism to decide who's going to decide what the messages. but we
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can't even do that. you need to understand that people looking for recognition to be seen, to be acknowledged to be part of something. and you need to provide that for them. if you're not capable of doing that. i mean, there's no amount of regulation or, or, you know, criticizing that will, that will solve the problem for you. mm. a with a shift your guide to life in that digital world. explore the latest online trends. navigate your way through the digital jungle. get
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a global perspective. we'll be your guide and show you what's possible. you decide what really matters to you. more shift. in 15 minutes on d, w, a 77 percent is back in the gambia. the pandemic has hit this country hard. many young people lost their livelihood. edith kimani turns the mike on young ambien. what am i going to do to and leaving my grandmother standing in the seat? megan, or am i going into plastic tuition? go to week of life issues and crises like this week. the 77 percent with d. w. with
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